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Distribution of living foraminifera in Disenchantment and Yakutat Bays, Alaska.

The goal of this research is to use the distribution of living foraminifera to identify biofacies models that can be used to gain insight into the fjord sedimentology and stratigraphy. During June 2004, short (40-cm) sediment multicores were collected aboard the R/V Alpha Helix in Yakutat and Disenchantment Bay as part of a program to understand fjord processes. Sediment samples were stained with Rose Bengal and fixed with a 4% buffered formalin solution to determine whether any foraminifera were living at the time of collection. Preliminary results show low diversity assemblages of Spiroplectammina and Elphidium in Disenchantment Bay, which may be a function of proximity to melt water released by Hubbard Glacier. Sites in Yakutat Bay, distal to Hubbard Glacier, contain Elphidium, Cassidulina, Buccella, Nonionella, Fissurina, Adercotryma, Cribrostomoides, Spiroplectammina, and Reophax, This increased diversity and the presence of planktonic species, Neogloboquadrina pachyderma, is consistent with greater marine influence from the Gulf of Alaska.

* Zellers (1), S.D., D. Cruz (1) and E. Cowan (2). (1) Department of Biology and Earth Science, Central Missouri State University and (2) Department of Geology, Appalachian State University.
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Title Annotation:Geology and Geophysics, Senior Division
Publication:Transactions of the Missouri Academy of Science
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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