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Distraught owners call in police as Bugsy dies after kennel stay.

Dog owners called in the police and ordered a post mortem examination when their beloved pet, Bugsy the Chow-Chow, "went berserk" and died just hours after a stay in kennels.

Property developer Mr Peter Sherratt, and his wife Doreen, had put Bugsy in kennels while they took a two-week holiday to Gran Canaria, but when she was returned to the couple's home in Lapworth, near Solihull, she seemed extremely unwell.

"She raced into the house and drank three bowls of water," said Mrs Sherratt, aged 53. "And she was starving hungry. She ate twice as much as normal."

The following day, Bugsy started acting strangely.

Mrs Sherratt said: "She started howling, leaping on to the furniture, jumping over the beds, and foaming at the mouth."

The couple telephoned Mr John Barber at Sambourne Kennels in Jill Lane, Astwood Bank, near Redditch, where Bugsy had spent the previous two weeks.

Mrs Sherratt said: "I told John my dog was ill but all he said was 'she was all right when she was with me'.

"By this time, Bugsy was barely breathing and I didn't know what to do. I panicked and ran to ask a neighbour for help."

A neighbour and her gardener came to the rescue, but when the three returned to the house, Bugsy was dead.

A vet agreed to carry out a post mortem examination to discover the cause of death.

Mr Matt Valentine, from Arden Forest Veterinary Group, said: "Swabs have been sent off for further examination. By the end of this week, we should know how Bugsy died."

The day after Bugsy died, Mr Sherratt said he tried to call Mr Barber again, without success, so he contacted Redditch police.

A spokesman for Warwickshire Police, confirmed it had received a call from officers in Redditch requesting them to attend Sambourne Kennels.

He said: "According to our records an officer did visit the kennels on Wednesday, November 11. I believe they asked the owners to give Mr Sherratt a call."

Mr Barber refused to comment.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Nov 16, 1998
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