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Distinguished Dance Teacher Preys On Students' Passion For Dancing And Fame.

A court proceeding exposes how distinguished Sydney dance instructor, Grant Davies, is preying on his student's passion for dancing and fame.

The court hearing on the case of an obsessed mother who sent racy pictures of her daughter to Sydney dance instructor, Grant Davies, exposes how the latter is taking advantage of his young students' passion for dancing.

During the trial, the court read out the exchange of lewd text messages dated November 2011 between Davies and the mother.

The mother described their messages as "joking and frivolous." At one point, Davies asked if the mother's daughters were naked. The mother responded saying that she will be sending photos of her daughters wearing G-strings on weekend. Davies then responded "why wait?"

The mother then sent photos of her daughter almost naked.

"That has made me excited and horny," Davies allegedly responded.

The mother, who cannot be named, told court that text messages between her and Davies went on for two years. She only stopped sending him such messages when Davies was arrested by police in May 2013 on charges related to child sex offences.

On Monday, Davies faced trial of 63 charges of child sex offences involving ten of his former students. The court heard that his abuse of his students went on for ten years.

Meanwhile, during a separate court hearing where the mother pleaded guilty of sending the racy photos of her daughters to Davies, the mother admitted to being ashamed and embarrassed. She said she knew what she did was wrong but did not know how to stop herself from doing so.

Psychiatrist Dr Antony Milch explained that the mother falsely believed that sending explicit photos of her daughter to Davies will boost her daughters' dance careers.

Such notion stemmed from the mother's own frustration with dancing, Milch explained.

Her own dream of dancing was shattered after she suffered anorexia. She was then forced to work as a stripper where she was sexually abused.

Describing to court the photos sent to Davies, Mich said that "they are extremely confronting and distressing."

"I think it is difficult to understand how any mother could take such images and provide them to other parties to disseminate the material," Milch said.

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Date:Aug 12, 2014
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