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Dissolution Theory and the Stages of In Vitro Testing Examined.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of E-Learning Course: Dissolution Theory and Practice (Certified) to their offering.

Topics Covered:

--Understanding Dissolution

The influence of pH, temperature and stirring on how well a solid will dissolve in a liquid. How a drug dissolves in the human body and how in vitro dissolution testing can be used.

--In Vitro Dissolution

The four stages of in vitro dissolution testing and the equipment used for the dissolution and sampling phases.

--Dissolution Equipment Set-Up

How to prepare dissolution media, standards, apparatus and sampling equipment prior to dissolution testing.

--Dissolution Testing

How to program the dissolution equipment, carry out media temperature checks, add dosage forms and remove samples. How to calculate dissolution results and when to retest.


There is a 16 question assessment associated with each lesson within the Course and we offer a Certificate Service in which Users who achieve 100% in the assessment associated with each Lesson of a Course are deemed to have passed the Course, and are posted a Certificate.

The flexibility of our Courseware design allows you to pick any number of Lessons from any part of the Lesson Library to develop your own customized training Courses.

There are over 100 Lessons in our catalog. Each Lesson will require the Trainee to spend approximately 30 minutes to review the content and about 15 minutes to complete the assessment.

Each month new Lessons are added to our Lesson Library.

Lessons are categorized for the following industries:

--Pharmaceutical Finished Dose Facility

--Active Pharmaceutical Industry / Bulk Facility

--Biotechnology Facility

--Medical Device Facility

Our lessons provide a total compliance training management solution for the regulated healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

We deliver solutions that address the major management issues resulting from increased government regulations.

We help our clients to manage risk and limit exposure to the adverse effects of:

--Stricter Executive Liability

--Larger fines

--Increases in the numbers of Warning Letters

--More frequent inspections & prosecutions

--Increased risk of non-compliance, and

--Greater regulatory emphasis on Training Systems and documentary evidence

Our solutions are based on an understanding of your business needs.

Our approach to training improves employee performance, regulatory compliance and operational effectiveness.

Our e-Learning Courseware provides the Pharmaceutical and Regulated Industries with training solutions designed to help you achieve and retain industry and regulatory compliance standards.

Our teams of industry subject matter experts understand and anticipate your training needs in line with emerging regulations. We provide content that is both technically accurate and current to industry practices and regulations.

Course delivery includes a wide range of options, from a standalone PC, to local area network, to delivery over the Internet or corporate Intranet.

Our Lesson Library is job-related and competency-based. This means that you can build a customized training program that is unique for each job function in your organization chart.

Assessments are included with each Lesson and are customizable, enabling the trainer to determine the pass level and to evaluate trainee comprehension.

Our Courseware installation can be validated and comes with complete System Documentation (including User Manuals, a Validation Plan and Installation and Operational Protocols).

Our Mission is to provide our customers with a business solution based on a stimulating, effective, and compliant learning environment.

Our Off-the-shelf programs are validated and frequently updated to reflect industry and regulatory developments.

Courseware lessons are job focused, competency based, and offer test sections to assess trainee understanding.

2-D & 3-D graphic modeling are used in the products for enhanced interactive and visual learning experiences.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 23, 2006
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