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Displaying the merchandise.

Customers walking into a store that carries beverage alcohol are often faced with overwhelming selection. The selection of products on display acts as a natural narrowing of choices, greatly influencing buying patterns. But which types of alcohol, and how many cases of each, to put on display varies among different types of retail establishments.

The chart on the opposite page came from the most recent Promotrac data, a quarterly stocking study that provides competitive merchandising information within chain and independent retail outlets across 25 metro markets. The study has been conducted for over 25 years and includes a panel of 900 retail locations four times per year. Metrics reported include incidence of brand-level display, product size promoted, number of cases in display, price on display, location of display and presence of manufacturer POS.

First we looked at the share of cases on display for beer, wine and spirits at each retail channel. Wine commands a disproportionate share of the display space in each store type, though that difference is less pronounced in liquor stores than in drug or grocery retailers.

Liquor stores command the largest share of spirits, while grocery stores skew more toward beer than the other two channels. However, all three channels are displaying more wine than the other two categories (between 45 and 50 percent).

In this particular study, 44 drug stores, 145 grocery stores and 361 liquor stores were found to have product on display. Of those 550 total outlets, 502 displayed spirits, 485 displayed beer and 493 displayed wine. The average number of cases displayed within a location varied greatly (18.5 spirits, 12.4 beer, 27.3 wine).

Looking at the category share in stores found to have product on display. wine is the most prevalent alcohol category found in drug stores, beer is most common in grocery stores and spirits found most often in liquor stores. Overall in stores with displays, all three categories were on display more than 88 percent of the time.

For more about Promotrac and other products offered by the Beverage Information & Insights Group, please visit and

Category Share of Total Number of Displays by Channel

Channel   Spirits  Beer    Wine   Total    Share   Share   Share
           Cases   Cases  Cases   Cases   Spirits  Beer    Wine

Drug         429    432     724   1.585   27.1 %  27.3%   45.7%

Grocery    2.012  1.732   3.730   7.474   26.9 %  23.1%   49.9%

Liquor     6.834  3.850   8.991  19.673    34.7%  19.6%   45.7%

TOTALS     9.275  6.014  13.445  28.734    32.3%  20.9%   46.8%

Channel  Total

Drug     100.1%

Grocery  100.0%

Liquor   100.0%

TOTALS   100.0%

* Totals may not equal 100% due to rounding

Category Share of Stores with Display by Channel

Channel   Stocking  Stocking  Stocking  Display   Count    Count
          Splrils     Beer      Wine     Hase    spirits    Beer

Drug        88.6%     88.6%     93.2%       44       39      39

Grocery     86.9%     97.9%     97.2%      145      126     142

Liquor      93.4%     84.2%     86.1%      361      337     304

TOTALS      91.3%     88.2%     89.6%      550      502     485

Channel   Count  Spirits  Beer    Wine
          Wine    Cases   Cases  Cases

Drug        41      429    432     724

Grocery    141    2.012  1.732   3.730

Liquor     311    6.834  3.850   8,991

TOTALS     493    9.275  6.014  13.445

SOURCE: The Beverage Information & Insights Group's Promoting
quarterly study, comprising 900 retail locutions in 25 metro
markets For More information visit and
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