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Dispatch systems drive mixer fleet costs down.

Efficiency in ready mixed delivery can be greatly improved through computerized dispatch; i.e. loads are shipped on time with the right mixes/admixtures; truck utilization is improved thus reducing plant and truck costs, according to San Antonio-based Ace-Co, one of the technology suppliers noted here. A more effective truck loading schedule will increase users' ability to meet daily production as well as showing where a dispatcher can add "that one more load."

With an appropriately scaled system, Ace-Co notes, order entry becomes more intuitive and streamlined; operational information is provided real-time to aid in management's decision making far ever changing job/plant conditions; interface to mapping software gives the driver exact knowledge of where the job is located; truck utilization tools provide greater productivity with fewer trucks required to meet the production/delivery demand; interface to GPS/truck signaling equipment lets users know at a glance a truck's present location and status and timing of next status; and, plant production rates are not exceeded or over extended.


Company's dispatch system can show where variables like delivery costs and overhead can be lessened and how they affect profit margin (spread) in a ready mixed operation. Its dispatch technology allows management to shrink trucking costs (number of trucks efficiently used in the operation for that day); decrease delivery costs (load the truck at the nearest plant to the jobsite); determine actual material costs (gauge a plant's accuracy, up-to-the-minute usage, i.e. cement costs); cut overhead (fewer employees/trucks required for that day's production needs); reduce labor, better manage production orders, decrease truck requirements, and improve plant productivity with fewer personnel; accurately see profitability real-time and where staff can improve; help make staff more efficient in decision making; and, increase cash flow by enabling faster and more accurate invoicing.

Screen displays indicate graphically order, plant production and truck status, and trucks available at a glance for quick decision-making (move/release trucks for better coverage, daily loads going out using fewer trucks, desired load times not exceeding plant production rate). A Truck Tracking screen displays the trucks hauling to each job, the current truck status and how tong that truck has been in that status as well as the expected time to the next status change. The Job List provides the dispatcher the progress and status of each job including next load time, quantity ordered, quantity on the road and quantity delivered. The Plant Demand screen provides the order taker with how many trucks will be needed at serviceable intervals as well as future truck requirements and plant demand. --800/676-4111;


All of the costs and constraints that go into making the "perfect" dispatch decision every minute of the day are not suited to the human mind. But the company's Dispatch Optimization technology can reduce delivery costs by rapidly planning and rescheduling truck assignments as the day progresses. These reductions in delivery cost dollars per load add up to significant savings at the day's end. And, when users start multiplying the cost of a "less than perfect" decision to yearly yardage, they can quickly realize the overall benefit of Dispatch Optimization. --205/879-3282;


Keystone Dispatch puts all the information ready mixed producers need to schedule and track trucks on one screen without obscuring the main dispatch screen or having to keep multiple screens open at all times. The Keystone Dispatch interface uses innovative sliders to give dispatchers the information they need while still keeping track of the main screen. Schedules can be viewed by the period users select to concentrate attention on the orders at hand. The technology enables dispatchers and management to know order and delivery status; from the initial order to truck return and at every point along the way.--800/548-9754;


Company has completely redesigned its ready mixed dispatch system using the latest software techniques. The new Insight Dispatch is a competitively priced product compatible with all batch systems currently on the market. It brings improved ways to enter orders, schedule deliveries; and calculate the number of trucks needed at any time. When conditions change, the system helps dispatchers reschedule deliveries and smooth out peaks on truck demand to optimize fleet utilization. Good decisions in dispatching, the company affirms, are based on good information. 888/672.0349;


Company programmers note that managing multiple trucks on a tight schedule, with road congestion and concrete delivery constraints, is a demanding task that necessitates advanced technology. In response to the challenges for dispatchers and plant owners, they have developed smart software solutions to maximize logistical efficiency and proactively manage ready-mix deliveries. With a centralized SQL platform, Marcotte Operation provides dispatchers with all necessary information in one easy to use interface. Accelerating order entry process, tracking truck deliveries and road conditions with iPhones or GPS, accepting last minute orders or finding opportunities for product returns are among many possibilities offered to concrete plant dispatchers and truck drivers with the company's dispatch solution. 450/652-6000;


A cloud-based Ready Mix dispatch solution, ConcreteGO is designed so producers can focus on customers, accessing information at the computer or on mobile devices; and less time on the ever changing challenges of a dynamic IT world. Open license model creates flexibility to add or remove trucks or users. SaaS model removes the need for IT infrastructure and saves time removing the complex choices of network design to support server/client models. Delivery Tracking technology allows ready mixed producers to transparently pass delivery status information to their customers. Similar to UPS and FedEx packages, it provides contractors a tracking number to see how much material has been delivered and site-bound truck status. For producers with a GPS-enabled fleet, contractors can simple click a link and see the location of their deliveries pinpointed on Google maps. --203/327-3649;
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Date:Mar 1, 2013
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