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Disney Press/Hyperion.

Disney Press/Hyperion

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Kent Redeker and Bob Stakke's Don't Splash the Sasquatch! (9781423152330, $16.99) tells what happens when a friendly but huge sasquatch who hates getting his fur wet sits by a pool after announcing his phobia. Unfortunately this creates trouble despite the lifeguard's best intentions. How can a water-phobic monster enjoy sunning himself poolside when wetness is the inevitable side effect? An engaging tale of tolerance and problems evolves. Minh Le's Let Me Finish! (9781484721735, $16.99) is illustrated by Isabel Roxas and tells of a young reader who is beset upon by nosy animals intent on ruining the end of the story. What kind of insensitive creature would do such a thing? Among the perps are prior fans of the tale who can't wait to 'reveal', gossips who can't keep their mouths shut, and more. How can a good book be enjoyed if all the prior readers are intent on disturbing the peace and spilling the beans? A fun story evolves. James Burks' Pigs and a Blanket (9781484725239, $16.99) tells of Henry and Henrietta, who love their soft green blanket, which makes life seem so much nicer. It's inconceivable that such an asset could present difficulties, but as the two sibling pigs discover trouble, it's up to them to solve it in a winning story of getting along. Jaime Temairik's Alice & Lucy Will Work for Bunk Beds (9781484708163, $16.99) tells of sisters who love sharing everything but a bed. The obvious solution seems to be bunk beds; but that costs money. They'll have to get jobs. And will their different ways of doing things help them achieve their goals? A gentle story offers many lessons as the two create goals and attempt to reach them through different means.

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Title Annotation:picture books
Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Jun 1, 2016
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