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SC declares final its dismissal of De Lima's case vs. Duterte. Feb 8, 2021 753
Ombudsman orders prosecutors to review cases for withdrawal. Sep 23, 2020 557
DOJ clears Yanson siblings of carnap raps over missing buses. Jul 8, 2020 525
The Politicizing of Criminal Prosecutions. Krey, Patrick Aug 19, 2019 563
Judge buries claims over disputed cremains. Bondurant, Jordan Mar 25, 2019 836
Dismissal of church's suit against Baltimore County vacated. Mar 17, 2019 796
West Roxbury dentist dodges fee order in spat with Yelp. Murphy, Pat Jan 24, 2019 776
Civil practice - Motion to dismiss - Tortious interference. Jan 23, 2019 656
Disabled plaintiff must be customer to sue over website. Chaney, Matthew Jan 21, 2019 1188
Failure to exhaust remedies prompts dismissal. Oct 28, 2018 666
Nonsuit should come at start of de novo trial. Oct 28, 2018 658
Nonsuit on appeal to circuit court must await trial. Vieth, Peter Oct 23, 2018 818
COA: Taxi company not liable for passenger's death. Dryden, Lee Oct 16, 2018 790
SJC broadens 'Farak defendants,' dismisses thousands more Amherst drug lab cases. Olson, Kris Oct 11, 2018 662
Plaintiff could nonsuit after defendant's motion to dismiss. Sep 23, 2018 566
Section 704(b)(2): The Back Door into Chapter 7 for the Above-Median Debtor. Bartell, Laura B. Sep 22, 2018 18606
After state nonsuit, plaintiff states federal wage claim. Sep 17, 2018 493
City wins in discrimination dispute. Franz, Thomas Sep 13, 2018 1069
Decision alters strategic calculus in patent cases. Olson, Kris Sep 7, 2018 1738
Pay dispute properly dismissed for not mediating. Lightle, Rebecca M. Sep 7, 2018 606
Decision alters strategic calculus in patent cases. Olson, Kris Aug 23, 2018 1755
Borrower's suit over flawed appraisal dismissed. Donovan, David Jun 26, 2018 1087
Accept it's over. Smiley, Agenique Jun 14, 2018 1324
Use of taser sparks lawsuit, dismissal denied. Vieth, Peter May 23, 2018 1083
CAV: Reference to prior robbery didn't warrant mistrial. Lightle, Rebecca M. May 8, 2018 1377
Catholic Worker trial hangs jury. Brief article May 4, 2018 195
4th Cir.: Filed nearly a decade late, collusion claim dismissed. Lightle, Rebecca M. Apr 27, 2018 2090
Beekeeping authors get critic's lawsuit dismissed. Olson, Kris Apr 26, 2018 855
The doomsday sanction: Defendants' answer struck for discovery violations. Bantz, Phillip Apr 26, 2018 799
DA's appeal of murder reversal may be short lived. Olson, Kris Apr 19, 2018 970
Requirements for pleading trade secrets theft set out. Donovan, David Apr 12, 2018 883
After Boston Calling,' more aggressive dismissals urged. Olson, Kris Apr 5, 2018 2133
SCLW to ask court to reconsider FOIA decision. Bantz, Phillip Mar 21, 2018 1149
Supreme Court vacates important COA ruling in defamation case. Donovan, David Mar 20, 2018 826
Dismissal of Lawyers Weekly's public records suit affirmed. Bantz, Phillip Mar 14, 2018 531
ADA Title III website suits showing no sign of letting up. Olson, Kris Mar 1, 2018 2066
VINDICATION: Bundys Walk Free! Judge Gloria Navarro severely rebuked the federal government for "especially egregious" abuses in its persecution/ prosecution of the Nevada ranching family. Jasper, William F. Feb 5, 2018 2043
Hearing Periods Expiration Doesnt Warrant Dismissal. Lightle, Rebecca M. Jan 31, 2018 635
Race to the courthouse void due to bad faith. Donovan, David Jan 5, 2018 1027
Alleged B&B not a violation of covenants. Hamacher, Heath Dec 20, 2017 787
Shifting Requirements for Preservation of Error: Retreat from Reviewability Under Kozel v. Ostendorf. Weinstein, Morgan L.; Fields, Alexis Nov 1, 2017 3058
Bad faith not cause for dismissal of Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Olson, Kris Oct 26, 2017 1702
High court mulls parental disputes over school. Dryden, Lee Oct 26, 2017 796
How Qualified Immunity Fails. Schwartz, Joanna C. Oct 1, 2017 30955
A walk through the strike zone. Spector, Joshua Byrne May 1, 2017 4611
Constitutional Law - Eleventh Circuit's Misdiagnosis: Inmates Benevolently Allowed to File Claims Under the Eighth Amendment Lacking Deliberate Indifference - Magwood v. Sec'y, Fla. Dep't of Corr. Bosworth, Nicholas M. Mar 22, 2017 7816
The Importance of Being Dismissive: The Efficiency Role of Pleading Stage Evaluation of Shareholder Litigation. Hamermesh, Lawrence A.; Wachter, Michael L. Mar 22, 2017 32129
Invalidating issue preclusion: rethinking preclusion in the patent context. DeSalvo, Stephen C. Feb 1, 2017 18126
Joint and several jurisdiction. Dodson, Scott; Pucillo, Philip A. Apr 1, 2016 15844
Judicial dismissal in the interest of justice. Beety, Valena Elizabeth Jun 22, 2015 17295
No charges in sex abuse cases. Feb 14, 2014 305
Getting SLAPP-ed in federal court: applying state anti-SLAPP special motions to dismiss in federal court after Shady Grove. Saner, Katelyn E. Dec 1, 2013 19243
Cyber law - dismissing employer's claim under the CFAA against former employees who allegedly misappropriated trade secrets. Coffin, Abbey P. Case note Sep 22, 2013 4667
Orders on motions to dismiss for failure to state a cause of action - when are they final for purposes of filing notice of appeal? Gart, Carol A. Sep 1, 2013 2829
Iraqi accused of raping Iranian set free. Aug 23, 2013 586
Plaintiff's request ends suit against Vatican. Wooden, Cindy Aug 16, 2013 424
A personal statement. Fraser, Ronnie Column Jun 1, 2013 380
Judge drops three charges. May 10, 2013 169
Evidence - withholding original documents and producing copies for trial constitutes spoliation warranting adverse inference. Haviland, Jane T. Case note Mar 22, 2013 6761
Ruling from a vacuum: using common sense, psychology, and statistics to provide a more realistic and fair basis for deciding Blueford V. Arkansas. Larson, Kara Sep 22, 2012 8696
Mandate suit dismissed. Brief article Aug 3, 2012 144
Nursing law case on point. Tammelleo, David A. Case overview Jun 1, 2012 933
Anti-suit injunction: where defendants seek anti-suit injunction in Singapore, Second Circuit affirms the issuance of an anti-suit injunction, finding that the district court properly exercised its discretion in preventing a clear threat to its jurisdiction over the case. Apr 1, 2012 298
ITC dismisses S3 Graphics's patent-infringement lawsuit against Apple. Chuang, Steve Brief article Nov 29, 2011 297
Plaintiffs drop lawsuit against Vatican. Allen, John L., Jr Aug 20, 2010 698
Drop that camera! Doherty, Brian Brief article Jul 22, 2010 262
Messianic Group Loses Court Case. Brief article Jun 7, 2010 90
Israel Frees Terrorist Who Helped Kidnap-Murderers of Wachsman. Brief article Apr 6, 2010 88
FL: nurse used hospital's drugs for murder: hospital's motion to dismiss suit overruled. Tammelleo, A. David Jan 1, 2010 544
Holocaust-Vatican Case Dismissed. Brief article Dec 30, 2009 85
Withdrawn: why complainants withdraw rape cases in Namibia. Hubbard, Dianne Dec 1, 2009 1389
A.H. Belo Wants 'Dallas Morning News' Circ Scandal Suit Dismissed. Fitzgerald, Mark Aug 20, 2009 331
Google mistrials: a cornerstone of the American legal system is that judges decide what evidence a jury gets to see and hear. Now, with iPhones and BlackBerrys in their pockets, some jurors are doing their own research. Is justice being denied? Schwartz, John Apr 20, 2009 838
TX: deceased Pt.'s executrix sues Drs. & home: expert's affidavit did not meet statutory standard. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Apr 1, 2009 582
Nebraska court dismisses lawsuit against God. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 151
ANA news: ANA statement on the dismissal of the Sentosa nurse criminal case. Mar 22, 2009 369
Loans to be recovered. Hui, Ong Kian Brief article Dec 1, 2008 164
'Chicago Tribune' Libel Victory Upheld On Appeal. Brief article Aug 5, 2008 252
Commission drops case: judicial review still possible. de Valk, Alphonse Jul 1, 2008 1174
Does dismissal "without prejudice" always permit new suit? Tammelleo, A. David Sep 1, 2007 913
NJ: suicide not in course of employment: co-employee RN & others not proper parties. Tammelleo, A. David Aug 1, 2007 550
Does your order of dismissal do the job? Case law from the United States Supreme Court and the Seventh Circuit interpreting the federal rules can make it hard for settling parties to draft orders of dismissal that allow the judge to retain jurisdiction. Gunnarsson, Helen W. Jul 1, 2007 1079
Remediation and dismissal policies in counselor education: lessons learned from a challenge in federal court. McAdams, Charles R., III; Foster, Victoria A.; Ward, Thomas J. Mar 1, 2007 7989
The Florida Supreme Court dulls the edge of Rule 1.420(e). Randazza, Marc J. Nov 1, 2006 2820
VA: failure to timely move for voluntary nonsuit: motion for 'voluntary' nonsuit must be timely. Tammelleo, A. David Sep 1, 2006 576
Bananas of wrath: how Nicaragua may have dealt forum non conveniens a fatal blow removing the doctrine as an obstacle to achieving corporate accountability. Santayo, Paul Mar 22, 2005 12070
Discharge vs. dismissal. Brasco, Henry Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 244
Fraud on the court as a basis for dismissal with prejudice or default: an old remedy has new teeth. Kolinski, John T. Feb 1, 2004 5959
The proviso in criminal appeals. Penhallurick, Catherine Dec 1, 2003 10085
The misinterpretation of the dismissal for failure to prosecute rule. Waczewski, James P. Oct 1, 2001 6433
OH: Consent to dismissal `without prejudice:' dismissal `with prejudice' held unconstitutional. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 559
Court rules juries to decide on security. Weiss, Lois Statistical Data Included Dec 2, 1998 1585
The enforceability of release-dismissal agreements. McCormack, William U. May 1, 1992 2759

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