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Dismal Lime Street plans are uninspiring; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB.

AFTER years of fruitless wrangling over the fate of the Futurist Cinema, it must be obvious by now to those opposing its demolition that the battle has been lost.

The building is structurally unsafe. The cost of restoration prohibitive - and every proposal to preserve its crumbling facade has proved unworkable.

However, the proposed new look for Lime Street is drab, uninspiring and little more than a dismal row of uniform shop fronts.

This project must go ahead as a matter of some urgency, but is not acceptable in its present form. Perhaps the protesters should now move on and fight for a better Lime Street for us all to enjoy. We've waited so long for this Lime Street upgrade. Is this really the best scheme the developers can come up with? Everyone involved here - the Council, the press and the planners, must ensure that what replaces a much-loved picture house and its surrounds will provide a fitting tribute to its memory.

One final suggestion - wouldn't it be a nice gesture to recognise the worthy efforts of the protest group and at the same time, record the cinema's existence for future generations, to re-name that part of Lime Street between the Crown Hotel and The Vines public house "Futurist Parade"? Any thoughts on this proposal? Jim Moran, L25 Cheek of banks I AM no more a financial expert than the next man on the street, but when you hear about banks and their buy-to-let mortgages it makes no sense.

They are lending money to landlords (on the strength of the rent they will receive from taxpayers), which they won't lend to taxpayers - who not only pay extortionate rent, but also pay tax - enabling others to be housed rent free. How cheeky it all is.

It would serve the banks right if all savers withdrew their money and put it under the mattresses.

Add to this the ECHO reporting Mayor Anderson's PS1 houses are popular. With whom? Most of the city doesn't qualify for one.

They must think we are soft. M Dunford, Frodsham Make them listen I AM writing to you about people moaning about getting a fine at Liverpool Airport.

I myself don't use this airport because of the over-charging and parking.

The people have the power to stop all this - by not flying from Speke. Simple, hit them where it hurts (money).

The less people use the airport, the more they listen.

David Stewart, Everton Under attack I AM A CHAIR of the Merseyside Pensioners Association and we are worried about the recent attacks on pensioners.

According to the Government, pensioners are the only people not suffering form austerity and young people and young families are facing hardship, because pensioners are soaking up all the wealth.

I think the Government are trying to soften people up to taking away the bus pass, heating allowance, etc - by pretending that the money saved will be given to young people.

This is false, the money saved will be given to the rich, just like the money saved by attacking the sick and disabled and other disadvantaged groups.

The only people who are not suffering from austerity are the bankers and the rich, who have doubled their wealth since 2007. Us pensioners worked hard and fought hard for what we have now and are quite prepared to help young people fight for a better life and better future, where all people can enjoy their lives and the only people who suffer are the bosses and the bankers who are bleeding us dry. Ann Walsh, Norris Green Border controls FORTY years ago, when Mr Wilson allowed us to have a vote on EU membership, I was a young man in my 20s keen and active in politics.

I attended a large rally in Liverpool with the three main parties being represented by Messrs Heseltine, Thorpe and Jenkins.

I put up posters and put leaflets through doors, etc - the usual things that are done in major elections.

There were fewer than 10 countries in the EU and the very same scare stories that we hear now, were put about then.

We now have 28 members of the EU, including many poor Eastern Bloc countries who have to be supported.

Most of our trade is done with places not in the EU and, for the billions of pounds we contribute, we receive less than half in return.

Britain has been sold out by some people in politics, who go on ego trips and would have us in the euro, if they could.

We are safer in the EU, some say. Tell that to the people of Paris and Brussels.

Britain is a member of NATO and that would not change as it has nothing to do with EU membership.

Our fishing industry has been decimated while we have been in the EU and Rover and other car makers have long gone.

Many jobs are at present being lost in our steel industry, due to cheap imports from China. The only way to keep our country secure is to have control of our own borders.

Those brave people who gave their lives in two world wars for Britain, would turn in their graves if they could see what is happening today.

Danny Dougherty, MBE, Stoneycroft Timely tribute I ENJOYED a pleasant Easter Monday, though many would consider it misspent.

For much of the day and evening, I viewed a re-run of the 1966 General Election.

Continuous coverage from 8am until midnight on the Parliament Channel of that night of March 31/April 1 - all of 50 years ago.

Harold Wilson was re-elected as Prime Minister of a Labour Government - this time with a large Commons majority.

Presiding over the proceedings then was Cliff Michelmore, to whom this repeat screening was no doubt a timely tribute, following his recent passing at 96.

Derek Jeffery, Heswall The small print: Letters will not be included unless you include your name, full postal address and daytime telephone number (we prefer to use names of letter writers but you can ask for your name not to be published if you have a good reason). The Editor reserves the right to edit all letters.

The people have the power to stop all this - by not flying from Speke. Simple, hit them where it hurts (money). David Stewart, Everton


These images show new plans for Lime Street, set to be overhauled as part of huge regeneration project by Neptune Regeneration Liverpool See Letter, Dismal Lime Street plans are uninspiring)Picture: CHARLIE COLEMAN (Courtesy of Infinite 3D

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Date:Apr 6, 2016
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