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Disloyalty: I swear it has no worth.

ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The inner world of religious people has never before been so distressing. We are in utter amazement. People keep asking me what is going on. I say: "We are going through a test. I believe that we are going through a test that is much tougher than other tests we previously passed." Then they ask what we should do. I say: "We should maintain our positions as Muslims. It is important to be patient and calm; to preserve our goodwill, keep our style under check and not be easily provoked." A friend of mine, who is a doctor, reacted by saying: "Aren't you exaggerating the notion of preserving our goodwill. Is it wrong that we are getting angry because of these insults?" I told him that it is our duty to preserve our goodwill. And I recalled a Turkish proverb, "He who stands up in anger, sits down with a loss." We should not resort any other means other than the rule of law and a functional, fair justice system.

Loyalty is part of the test we are currently going through. I can only say one thing to those who declare the Hizmet movement an enemy: If you swerve from justice and overstep boundaries because of your hatred, and if you are hostile towards the Hizmet movement, you will lose. However, what can I say to those who have been waiting for an opportunity to attack their old friends and act disloyally? They repeatedly appear on TV programs on pro-government stations, make statements to the pro-government newspapers. They will be welcomed by the pro-government media because they are playing into the hands of those who want to damage the Hizmet movement with their statements. However, within few months, they will be forgotten, because those who want to damage the Hizmet movement will think that these people, who have been disloyal to their old friends, may be disloyal again.

No one is free of error. Some members of the Hizmet movement may also make mistakes. We are all human beings; we think and act differently. As the prophet Muhammad said, "Two believers who lend support to each other are like a pair of hands that wash each other clean." We should warn each other of mistakes and try to correct them. Mistakes cannot be used as an excuse for betraying our friends.

What is friendship? Friendship is embracing each other with fidelity and trust. You may get offended or become heartbroken. Someone may distress you or hurt your feelings. You may also be pushed aside. Let's say that someone entrusted a secret to you when you were friends, or that you obtained some information about your friend's private life. How could you attempt to use their secret as tool for revenge? Moreover, you may speak easily misunderstood or misinterpreted words, thus paving the way for people who are loved and respected by millions to the gallows.

To be honest, I just can't accept disloyalty. Remaining silent and being patient and calm are okay; but those who stab friends in the back to curry favor in some circles frustrate me. When these old friends and moments of sincerely embracing others appear in my eyes, I feel like screaming, "I swear it is worthless to hurt your old friends!"

I would rather die than betray my friends. I would rather to be imprisoned in a cell and remain silent than abandon my friends. I want to be a rosebud in the garden of friendship instead of being a "zakkum" (tree of hell) in the garden of disloyalty. Loyalty is the rose of the garden of friendship. I am aware of the fact that the roses have also thorns, but I will endure the pain. I will not be offended or resentful; I will endure the thorns for the sake of the roses. I will endure, because for the past few generations, we have been longing for loyalty.

HE[pounds sterling]SEYyN GE[pounds sterling]LERCE (Cihan/Today's Zaman) CyHAN

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Publication:Cihan News Agency (CNA)
Date:Mar 19, 2014
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