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Dishonesty in the Workplace.

Author: Richard C. Holliger, PhD Publisher: London House Press, 1550 Northwest Highway, Park Ridge, IL 60048; 1989, 64 pages, softback: $12.95 Reviewer: Joseph A. Hendrix, CPP, Northern Regional Manager of Corporate Investigations for Electronic Data Systems Corporation in Southfield, MI, and Member of the ASIS Standing Committee on Crime/Loss Prevention

Dishonesty in the Workplace is a well-written and comprehensive study of employee dishonesty, a topic that has been debated for years with little agreement among experts. There are as many theories as there are people studying the problem.

This is the first work I've come across that successfully combines several of these theories into a single, workable format. The workbook was designed to provide managers with the information needed to "understand, detect, and prevent deviant workplace behavior." It encourages awareness and involvement on the part of an organization's leaders.

The workbook is divided into 10 chapters, each addressing a separate but related question associated with employee theft and workplace dishonesty. Each chapter concludes with an exercise or list of discussion topics designed for classroom use.

Hollinger starts by defining the problem and its economic, social, and ethical impact on a firm. Next comes the issue of the employees involved and why they do what they do. He discusses ways to prevent employee dishonesty and what employers could be doing to make the problem worse.

The book reviews developing a company policy on employee theft and what to do if an employee is suspected of theft. It concludes by pointing out the importance of the supervisor's playing an active role in a corporation's response to theft and dishonest behavior.

This book was written as a tool for corporations in training leadership personnel to take an active role in theft prevention. Although it stops short of stressing the involvement of all employees in theft prevention, it is well worth the cost.
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Author:Hendrix, Joseph A.
Publication:Security Management
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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