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Dishonest scaremongering over possible Brexit.

In your Comments page Alper Ali Riza Q C ( Sunday Mail , May 8) made a number of statements against Brexit most of which were inaccurate.

He states that British residents may be expelled from Cyprus if Brexit happens. This is not the case. There are separate agreements in place by which Britons will be allowed to remain in Cyprus and the much larger Cypriot population in the U K will be allowed to remain. This is dishonest scaremongering of the worst type.

He also says that Britain must accept as many immigrants from the Commonwealth as wish to come and that is the price Britain must pay for having had an Empire. This is not for him to dictate. It is for the British people to decide.

He also states that immigration has enriched the United Kingdom culturally and economically. Many people would dispute the need for Britain's rich culture to be enhanced and as for economic benefits, he should understand that real wealth is created by manufacturing industry, raw material extraction or tourism not plumbing, waiting tables or working as a lawyer.

Geoffrey Evans, Peyia

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Date:May 15, 2016
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