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Disgusted by anti-Welsh view; VIEWPOINTS.

I FELT absolutely disgusted reading the anti-Welsh letters complaining about Lleucu Meinir's protest (Viewpoints August 19 and 20).

It is such an insult to a person whose first language is Welsh to be told that having the right to receive services in one's mother tongue is a "manic preoccupation".

I would like to ask how a "forward-thinking Englishspeaking citizen" would feel if they lost the right to be able to use English in their own country? Many countries accept that being able to use their first language is a basic human right, and function quite easily bilingually if not multi-lingually. Why should this right not be fully accepted in our forward-thinking country? I accept that there are some Welsh translations which are very similar to their English counterpart.

This is not unique to the Welsh language however. The vast majority of English words are loan-words from other languages; for example cigarette, lingerie, naive, massage from French, to name but a few.

If all "internationally-useless languages" were trampled then there would only be a handful of languages left in the world. This would significantly reduce the cultural diversity of the planet. In the 21st century I find it hard to believe that such hatred can be directed towards a language and the people who speak it.

Lisa Morgan Newcastle Emlyn
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 25, 2010
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