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Covid records lost after cyber attack; Accurate vaccination and recovery files are hit EXCLUSIVE. FERGHAL BLANEY Political Editor Jul 17, 2021 416
First Patient Dosed in Phase 1 Clinical Trial Evaluating CB-010, a CRISPR-Edited Allogeneic Anti-CD19 CAR-T Cell Therapy, in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory B Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Jul 14, 2021 607
China Regulator Approves Kyprolis for Injection for Adult Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma. Jul 12, 2021 478
Cocuklarda Evde Saglik Hizmetleri ile Cocuk Palyatif Bakim Unitesinin Birlikte Calismasinin Onemi/The Importance of Collaboration of the Home Health Care Unit and Pediatric Palliative Care Unit in Children. Harputluoglu, Nilgün; Çelik, Tanju; Karaarslan, Utku; Uysal, Sevil Report Jul 10, 2021 2749
A Case Report of Varicella Pneumonia in an Immunocompetent Adult. Ince, Nevin; Kilincel, Ozge; Tanisman, Isilay; Gurbuz, Ali Riza Clinical report Jul 10, 2021 1532
Successful fertility outcome in a couple with recurrent implantation failure and testicular cancer survivor: A case report. Das, Partha Sarathi Report Jul 9, 2021 2538
Dr Sim: SDMC to probe cause of Covid-19 infections recurrence at Semuja Immigration Detention Depot in Sarawak. Jul 3, 2021 435
SenlangBio initiates first-in-human trial in recurrent brain cancer. Jul 1, 2021 268
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 P.2 Lineage Associated with Reinfection Case, Brazil, June-October 2020. Resende, Paola Cristina; Bezerra, Joao Felipe; Vasconcelos, Romero Henrique Teixeira; Arantes, Ighor Clinical report Jul 1, 2021 3758
Pneumococcal Disease Outbreak at a State Prison, Alabama, USA, September 1- October 10, 2018. Sanchez, Guillermo V.; Bourne, Constance L.; Davidson, Sherri L.; Ellis, Mark; Feldstein, Leora R.; Report Jul 1, 2021 2552
Natural SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Kept Ferrets, Spain. Gortazar, Christian; Barroso-Arevalo, Sandra; Ferreras-Colino, Elisa; Isla, Julio; de la Fuente, Gab Report Jul 1, 2021 1492
A Novel Method Enables General Pathologists to Create Web Dynamic Forms for Synoptic Tumor Reporting. Qu, Zhenhong; Zhao, Keran; Jin, Jason Guo; Qu, Elaine; Lai, Zongshan Report Jul 1, 2021 5828
Breast Recurrence of Acute Myeloid Leukemia After Bone Marrow Transplantation: A Case Report About Myeloid Sarcoma of the Breast. Varol, Ecenur; Kiraz, Umay; Guler, Sertac Ata; Vural, Cigdem; Gulbas, Zafer; Utkan, Nihat Zafer Clinical report Jul 1, 2021 1854
Bristol Myers Squibb Receives Positive CHMP Opinion for Anti-BCMA CAR T Cell Therapy Abecma for Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myeloma. Jun 25, 2021 386
Managing relapses: MS flare-ups are unpredictable and discouraging, but you can learn how to cope with them. Uhland, Vicky Jun 22, 2021 3051
Keytruda Phase 3 KEYNOTE-826 Trial Met Dual Primary Endpoints of Overall Survival and Progression-Free Survival in Patients with Persistent, Recurrent or Metastatic Cervical Cancer. Jun 22, 2021 719
KP Heath directorate issues guidelines for Pfizer corona vaccine. Jun 16, 2021 165
KP Heath directorate issues guidelines for Pfizer corona vaccine. Jun 16, 2021 165
Dartmouth finds new way to fight a deadly cancer: Norris Cotton Cancer Center work targets type of pancreatic cancer. Jun 16, 2021 467
Agriculture Ministry tightens checks on imported cattle at Malaysia's border to prevent Lumpy Skin Disease. Jun 6, 2021 337
AstraZeneca and Merck drug cuts recurrence of high-risk breast cancer. Jun 4, 2021 304
Merck pleased with new Keytruda study, completes Organon spinoff. Jun 4, 2021 433
TOP NEWS SUMMARY: Biden seeks 15% minimum corporate tax in US and G7. Jun 4, 2021 1955
Gilead announces new ASCENT study data. Jun 4, 2021 251
Merck says Keytruda reduced risk of disease recurrence in Phase 3 trial. Jun 3, 2021 182
Current leprosy multi-drug treatment duration for MB patients (12 months) produces good clinical outcomes over many years. Lockwood, Diana N.J.; Butlin, C. Ruth; Penna, Gerson O. Editorial Jun 1, 2021 2566
Depression, Anxiety and State Guilt in Individuals under Quarantine in an Institution due to COVID-19 and the Related Factors. Koç, Aysegül; Tok, Hümeyra Hancer; Uzun, Lütfiye Nur; Ensari, Hülya Television program review Jun 1, 2021 7029
Respiratory Viral Shedding in Healthcare Workers Reinfected with SARS-CoV-2, Brazil, 2020. Amorim, Mariene R.; Souza, William M.; Barros, Antonio C.G., Jr.; Toledo-Teixeira, Daniel A.; Bispo- Report Jun 1, 2021 1984
AstraZeneca receives EU approval for lung cancer drug Tagrisso. May 29, 2021 319
Lantheus Receives US FDA Approval of Pylarify Injection, the First and Only Commercially Available PSMA PET Imaging Agent for Prostate Cancer. May 27, 2021 611
Explainer: What is 'black fungus' that is hitting India's COVID-19 patients? May 24, 2021 518
What is 'black fungus' that is hitting India's COVID-19 patients? Reuters News Service May 24, 2021 502
Genentech announces interim results from Phase III IMpower010 study. Clinical report May 19, 2021 244
ANGLE boosted by breast cancer study results. May 12, 2021 448
ANGLE boosted by breast cancer study results. May 12, 2021 448
The huge public health challenge around premature deaths from smoking, obesity and alcohol; British Heart Foundation Cymru says Wales must take action now to ensure the health inequality gap is not widened. By, Lucinda Reid May 11, 2021 520
A genuinely lovely, lovely footballing man; IRELAND SOCCER LEGEND ALAN M McLOUGHLIN DIES AT AGE of 54 Tributes pour in for midfielder after he loses cancer battle. OWEN CONLON Obituary May 5, 2021 1057
A genuinely lovely, lovely footballing man; 'A NIGHT IN NOVEMBER' SCORER ALAN McLOUGHLIN DIES AGED 54 Tributes pour in for midfielder after he loses cancer battle. OWEN CONLON May 5, 2021 1065
Diagnostic performance of [.sup.18]F-DCFPyL positron emission tomography/computed tomography for biochemically recurrent prostate cancer and change-of-management analysis. Chausse, Guillaume; Ben-Ezra, Noah; Stoopler, Michelle; Levett, Jeremy Y.; Niazi, Tamim; Anidjar, Ma Report May 4, 2021 4239
Do 5 alpha reductase inhibitors decrease the risk of recurrent gross hematuria in patients who have had a transurethral prostatectomy? Welk, Blayne; Reid, Jennifer; Ordon, Michael; Campbell, Jeffrey; Dixon, Stephanie Report May 4, 2021 2220
Simultaneous transurethral resection of the prostate and cystolithotripsy: A urological dilemma examined. Mekke, Sander; Roshani, Hossain; van Zanten, Paul; Palacios, Lorena Grondhuis; Egberts, Joost; Hendr Report May 4, 2021 2875
Age and gender differences in the prevalence of chronic diseases and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk scores in adults in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia. AlQuaiz, AlJohara M.; Kazi, Ambreen; Alodhayani, Abdulaziz A.; Almeneessier, Aljohara; AlHabeeb, Kha Report May 1, 2021 7115
Viral infections, COVID-19 and asthma: Preventing viral exacerbations of asthma. Green, R.J. Report May 1, 2021 1660
Active Case Finding of Current Bornavirus Infections in Human Encephalitis Cases of Unknown Etiology, Germany, 2018-2020. Eisermann, Philip; Rubbenstroth, Dennis; Cadar, Daniel; Thome-Bolduan, Corinna; Eggert, Petra; Schla Clinical report May 1, 2021 5533
Genetic Evidence and Host Immune Response in Persons Reinfected with SARS-CoV-2, Brazil. Fintelman-Rodrigues, Natalia; da Silva, Aline P.D.; dos Santos, Monique Cristina; Saraiva, Felipe B. Report May 1, 2021 5243
Genomic Evidence of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection Involving E484K Spike Mutation, Brazil. Nonaka, Carolina Kymie Vasques; Franco, Marilia Miranda; Graf, Tiago; Barcia, Camila Araujo de Loren Clinical report May 1, 2021 1693
COVID-19 Co-infection with Legionella pneumophila in 2 Tertiary-Care Hospitals, Germany. Verhasselt, Hedda L.; Buer, Jan; Dedy, Jutta; Ziegler, Renate; Steinmann, Joerg; Herbstreit, Frank; Report May 1, 2021 1444
Eczema Herpeticum in children with burns. Fatima Naumeri, Sushil Rijal, Abdul Rehman Rashid and Hafiz Mahmood Ahmad Apr 30, 2021 2525
Laboratory Modeling of SARS-CoV-2 Exposure Reduction Through Physically Distanced Seating in Aircraft Cabins Using Bacteriophage Aerosol--November 2020. Dietrich, Watts L.; Bennett, James S.; Jones, Byron W.; Hosni, Mohammad H. Apr 23, 2021 3018
GlaxoSmithKline wins FDA approval for JEMPERLI (dostarlimab-gxly) for women with recurrent or advanced dMMR endometrial cancer. Apr 23, 2021 194
GlaxoSmithKline wins FDA approval for JEMPERLI (dostarlimab-gxly) for women with recurrent or advanced dMMR endometrial cancer. Apr 23, 2021 193
Bulacan records 12 new deaths due to COVID-19. Apr 22, 2021 181
Scientist confirms Sipadan sharks' ulcers triggered by warm water spell. Apr 21, 2021 458
28 additional COVID-19 deaths reported in Bulacan. Apr 20, 2021 171
19 additional COVID-19 deaths reported in Bulacan. Apr 15, 2021 153
AstraZeneca early-stage lung cancer treatment receives China approval. Apr 14, 2021 163
US FDA Accepts Filing for Priority Review of Tisotumab Vedotin Biologics License Application for Patients with Recurrent or Metastatic Cervical Cancer. Apr 13, 2021 879
Investigational Combination of Aliqopa and rituximab Significantly Increases Progression-Free Survival in Patients with Relapsed Indolent non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Apr 13, 2021 375
US FDA Accepts Filing for Priority Review of Tisotumab Vedotin Biologics License Application for Patients with Recurrent or Metastatic Cervical Cancer. Apr 12, 2021 869
An Awakening Alarm for Dental Professionals in Pandemic of Covid-19. Chandak, Aditi Vinay; Godbole, Surekha Dubey; Balwani, Tanvi Rajesh; Patil, Tanuj Sunil Apr 12, 2021 2181
Greenwich LifeSciences Reports Robust Immune Response Phase IIb Data Supporting GP2 Clinical Outcome of 0% Metastatic Breast Cancer Recurrences Over 5 Years of Follow-up. Apr 9, 2021 403
Use of Real-Time PCR for Chlamydiapsittaci Detection in Human Specimens During an Outbreak of Psittacosis--Georgia and Virginia, 2018. McGovern, Olivia L.; Kobayashi, Miwako; Shaw, Kelly A.; Szablewski, Christine; Gabel, Julie; Holsing Apr 9, 2021 3374
Change your eating habits and help your body take care of itself; PART TWO: THE ANTI-INFLAMMA INFLAMMATION DIET In the second instalment of our inflammation special, registered nutritionist Jane Clarke explains why what we eat plays havoc with our health - and how we can fix the problem. Jane Clarke Recipe Apr 6, 2021 1297
Chang your eating habits and stay HEALTHier for life; HEALTH be your best PART TWO: THE ANTI-INFLAMMA DIET In the second instalment of our inflammation special, registered nutritionist Jane Clarke explains why what we eat plays havoc with our health - and how we can fix the problem. Edited by AMY PACKER Recipe Apr 6, 2021 1313
Single-Staged Buccal Reconstruction with Facial Artery-Based Bilateral Nasolabial Flaps for the Management of Severe Trismus in Oral Submucous Fibrosis. Kaur, Amrita; Ete, Geley; Paul M., Kingsly; Barreto, Elvino; Chaturvedi, Gaurav Apr 1, 2021 3118
Comparison of Drug Efficiency and Safety in Childhood Febrile Convulsions Depending on the Rate of Seizure Recurrency. Ehlil, Sevim Asli; Icagasioglu, Dilara Fusun Report Apr 1, 2021 305
Psychiatric Comorbidity, Length of Hospital Stays and Readmission Rates in Opiate Addicts Treated in Inpatient Service. Genis, Bahadir; Cosar, Behcet; Arikan, Zehra Report Apr 1, 2021 5789
Relapse of T-Cell Lymphoma as Isolated Brachial Plexus Neurolymphomatosis: A Case Report. Kibici, Kenan; Erok, Berrin; Atca, Ali Onder; Yegen, Gulcin Clinical report Apr 1, 2021 1679
Early Post-transplant Recurrence of Amyloidosis in a Patient with Familial Mediterranean Fever. Ozbek, Deniz Aral; Koc, Neriman Sila; Saglam, Arzu; Yildirim, Tolga; Yilmaz, Seref Rahmi; Erdem, Yun Apr 1, 2021 1858
Outcome of first relapse of Hodgkin lymphoma: single institution experience. Shaheen, Najma; Maaz, Ata Ur Rehman; Khan, Muhammad Saghir Report Mar 31, 2021 2644
Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, syphilis, and malaria among blood donors at tertiary care hospital blood bank. Qadir, Hira; Nasir, Nadia; Kouser, Shaheen; Mansoori, Huma; Qadir, Nida; Baig, Rozina; Qadir, Areesh Report Mar 31, 2021 1775
'Underreported'? DOH to now include positive antigen test results in COVID-19 tally. Mar 30, 2021 518
US Food and Drug Administration Approves Bristol Myers Squibb's and Bluebird Bio's Abecma for Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma. Mar 29, 2021 815
Do you have these conditions? You get vaccine priority. Mar 29, 2021 652
Aveo Oncology Forges Collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb to Evaluate Fotivda in Combination with Opdivo in Pivotal Phase 3 TiNivo-2 Trial in IO Relapsed Renal Cell Carcinoma. Mar 16, 2021 627
Oncoinvent Progresses Radspherin to Third Dose Level Cohort in Ongoing RAD-18-001 Phase 1 Trial in Platinum Sensitive Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Patients with Peritoneal Carcinomatosis. Mar 9, 2021 351
US FDA Approves Yescarta for Relapsed or Refractory Follicular Lymphoma After Two or More Lines of Systemic Therapy. Mar 8, 2021 544
First Patient Dosed in Phase 1 Dose-Escalation Clinical Trial of CRX100 in Refractory Solid Tumors. Mar 8, 2021 440
Case--Bilateral and recurrent pediatric cystic nephroma associated with DICER1 mutation. Caron, Cindy Pelletier; Turcotte, Bruno; Pelland-Marcotte, Marie-Claude; Schultz, Kris Ann P.; Harve Clinical report Mar 4, 2021 1787
Does adding local salvage ablation therapy provide survival advantage for patients with locally recurrent prostate cancer following radiotherapy? Whole gland salvage ablation post-radiation failure in prostate cancer. Nair, Shiva Madhwan; Warner, Andrew; Lavi, Arnon; Rodrigues, George; Chin, Joseph Report Mar 2, 2021 4849
Predictive Value of Duration and Frequency of Macroscopic Haematuria for Stage, Prognosis and Recurrence in Bladder Cancer Patients. Acinikli, Huseyin; Yejildal, Cumhur; Kireggi, Sinan Levent; Bayar, Goksel; Albayrak, Ahmet Tevfik; A Report Mar 1, 2021 4607
The Factors Affecting Recurrence and Prognosis in Patients with Low-grade Stage Ta Bladder Cancer. Ozbek, Mustafa Latif; Ozen, Mehmet; Oner, Suleyman; Kocamanoglu, Fatih; Gulsen, Murat; Mercimek, Meh Report Mar 1, 2021 3503
Oncological Outcomes of Bilateral Testicular Germ Cell Tumors and Evaluation of Prognostic Risk Factors. Selvi, Ismail; Arik, Aliihsan; Basay, Mehmet Sinan; Basar, Halil Report Mar 1, 2021 8089
Biologics in juvenile idiopathic arthritis-main advantages and major challenges: A narrative review. Adrovic, Amra; Yildiz, Mehmet; Koker, Oya; Sahin, Sezgin; Barut, Kenan; Kasapcopur, Ozgur Mar 1, 2021 7911
An SEIR Model with Infectious Latent and a Periodic Vaccination Strategy. Moneim, Islam A. Mar 1, 2021 5608
What Is the Risk of Reactivation in Patients with Resolved and Past HBV Infection During Immunosuppressive Therapy If HBV-DNA Negative before Treatment? Tokmak, Salih; Gumurdulu, Yuksel; Tas, Didem A.; Kara, Ibrahim O.; Guzel, Ahmet B. Report Mar 1, 2021 4369
Review of laboratory diagnostic tests for invasive aspergillosis. Deng, John Z.; Caceres, Diego H.; Klausner, Jeffrey D. Mar 1, 2021 6337
Localized Prostate Cancer Recurrence. Karnes, R. Jeffrey; Ahmed, Mohamed E. Mar 1, 2021 1023
Extrapulmonary Nontuberculous Mycobacteria Infections in Hospitalized Patients, United States, 2009-2014. Ricotta, Emily E.; Adjemian, Jennifer; Blakney, Rebekah A.; Lai, Yi Ling; Kadri, Sameer S.; Prevots, Report Mar 1, 2021 4428
COVID-19 Outbreak in a Large Penitentiary Complex, April-June 2020, Brazil. Gouvea-Reis, Fernando A.; Oliveira, Patricia D.; Silva, Danniely C.S.; Borja, Lairton S.; Percio, Ja Report Mar 1, 2021 1811
Expert perspectives on studies that analyze HPV vaccination and cervical cancer rates, combination immunotherapy for recurrent endometrial cancer, and talcum powder's role in ovarian cancer risk. Dioun, Shayan; Wright, Jason D. Mar 1, 2021 2815
Recurrent vaginal epithelioid leiomyosarcoma; a case report from Botswana and review of the literature. Benti, Tadele Melese; Mercy, Nassali; Eshetu, Alemayehu. B.; Iwuh, Ibe Enyeribe; Kassa, Mamo Woldu Report Mar 1, 2021 4305
What is the Role of the Neutrophil: Lymphocyte Ratio in Colorectal Cancer?/Kolorektal Kanserde Notrofil: Lenfosit Oraninin Rolu Nedir? Bhattacharjee, Debamita; Quirke, Philip Report Mar 1, 2021 9256
Pelvic Exenteration for Recurrent Rectal Cancer: a Single institution Experience/Rekurren Rektal Kanserlerde Pelvik Ekzantrasyon: Tek Merkez Deneyimi. Culcu, Serdar; Yuksel, Cemil; Kulturoglu, Mahmut Onur; Goksel, Fatih; Guner, Eda; Aksel, Bulent; Dog Report Mar 1, 2021 3678
Clinical characteristics of recurrent tuberculosis patients from a Jakarta hospital-based survey. Arozal, Wawaimuli; Diliana; Wikanendra, Gregorius Bhaskara; Rusli, Purwantyastuti; Rusli, Adria Report Feb 28, 2021 2075
OPEN PARTIAL NEPHRECTOMY FOR SMALL RENAL TUMOURS: TECHNICAL AND ONCOLOGICAL OUTCOMES. Qamar Zia, Mudassar Sajjad, Muhammad Akmal, Faran Kiyani, Muhammad Nawaz and Sohail Razzaq Feb 28, 2021 2583
Kintara achieves 'major milestone' by enrolling last patient in Phase 2 trial to treat brain cancer. Feb 25, 2021 152
Pet owners urged to take good care of their animals to prevent fungal disease. Feb 25, 2021 201
Loss of expression of Syndecan-1 is associated with Tumor Recurrence, Metastatic Potential, and Poor Survival in patients with Colorectal carcinoma. Jaudah Al-Maghrabi Feb 24, 2021 3373
Rare disease causes unusual amount of leg cramps. Dr. Eve Glazier and Dr. Elizabeth Ko Feb 22, 2021 563
Kintara Therapeutics enrolls last patient in Phase 2 VAL-083 trial for recurrent glioblastoma multiforme. Feb 18, 2021 643
Healthy gut, healthy body. Dr Ghayur Ayub Feb 16, 2021 982
Kite Presents New ZUMA-1 Cohort Analysis Evaluating Prophylactic Corticosteroid Use with Yescarta in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Large B-cell lymphoma. Feb 12, 2021 532
Ear tubes offer relief for many children with chronic ear infections. Ann, By; Hospital, Robert Lurie Children'S Feb 8, 2021 495
Ear tubes offer relief for many children with chronic ear infections. Lurie Children's Hospital Feb 8, 2021 489
Study of Oral Candidiasis in HIV / AIDS Patients and Their Antifungal Susceptibility Pattern. Hodiwala, Anahita V. Bhesania; Kar, Harapriya B.; Singh, Abhishek Feb 8, 2021 1921
ADC Therapeutics Completes Enrollment in Pivotal Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Camidanlumab Tesirine in Relapsed or Refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma. Feb 5, 2021 594
Finally, a Medication That Prevents Recurring Pericarditis. Feb 1, 2021 208
Evidence of Zika Virus Infection in Pigs and Mosquitoes, Mexico. Nunez-Avellaneda, Daniel; Cetina-Trejo, Rosa Carmina; Zamudio-Moreno, Emily; Baak-Baak, Carlos; Ciga Report Feb 1, 2021 2281
BCMA CAR-T Therapy Cilta-cel Accepted for Accelerated Assessment in Europe for the Treatment of Relapsed and/or Refractory Multiple Myeloma. Feb 1, 2021 485
Bayer Receives Approval in the UK for Xarelto to Treat Children with Venous Thromboembolism and to Prevent VTE Recurrence. Feb 1, 2021 309
IL-21 Is Associated With Virological Relapse of HBeAg Positive Chronic Hepatitis B After Discontinuance of Entecavir. Huang, Lihua; Zhou, Li; Gan, Jianhe; Yang, Wenlong; Dai, Yaping; Su, Tingting; Qiu, Yuanwang Report Feb 1, 2021 4908
IL-21 Is Associated With Virological Relapse of HBeAg Positive Chronic Hepatitis B After Discontinuance of Entecavir. Huang, Lihua; Zhou, Li; Gan, Jianhe; Yang, Wenlong; Dai, Yaping; Su, Tingting; Qiu, Yuanwang Feb 1, 2021 5101
Knowledge and practices regarding hand-washing among mothers of children less than five years of age in rural areas of District Sialkot. Almas, Sonia; Kawish, Ayesha Babar; Butt, Tahir Mehmood; Akber, Subhana Report Jan 31, 2021 3068
Recurrent bilateral frontal lobe lesion with maladaptive schema modes and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms: a case study. Zaman, Sabir; Arouj, Kehkashan; Irfan, Shahid Clinical report Jan 31, 2021 1907
72 per cent of deaths in Oman caused by four lifestyle diseases. By: Times News Service Jan 20, 2021 284
80% of deaths recorded in Tunisia are due to non-communicable diseases ( MoH). Jan 12, 2021 256
Test count error after HSE glitch. IAN MANGAN Jan 3, 2021 271
100 percent drop in firecracker-related injuries recorded in Central Visayas. Jan 3, 2021 214
Predictive Factors of Early Recurrence in Patients with Phyllodes Tumor of the Breast. Ravindhran, Bharadhwaj; Rajan, Sendhil Report Jan 1, 2021 2535
Efficacy and Safety of Bevacizumab-Combined Chemotherapy for Advanced and Recurrent Endometrial Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Chen, Hui; Liang, Minglin; Min, Jie Report Jan 1, 2021 4135
The etiology and risk factors of convulsive status epilepticus in pediatric patients of tertiary center in Saudi Arabia. Alyoubi, Reem A.; Aljaafari, Danah T.; Basheikh, Mazen A.; Yahyawi, Naseem Y. Al-; Bakry, Maria A.; Jan 1, 2021 3132
The COVID-19 second wave: A perspective to be explored. Editorial Jan 1, 2021 1282
Predictors of prostate bed recurrence on magnetic resonance imaging in patients with rising prostate-specific antigen after radical prostatectomy. Nasse, Nicola J.; Chernyak, Victoria; Shankar, Viswanathan; Garg, Madhur; Bodner, William; Kalnicki, Report Jan 1, 2021 5136
Global COVID-19 Pandemic: Prevention and Protection Techniques. Mohajan, Haradhan Kumar Jan 1, 2021 11179
Therapeutic Efficacy of Sorafenib in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Recurrence After Liver Transplantation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Li, Zhao; Gao, Jie; Zheng, ShengMin; Wang, Yang; Xiang, Xiao; Cheng, Qian; Zhu, Jiye Report Jan 1, 2021 5938
Therapeutic Efficacy of Sorafenib in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Recurrence After Liver Transplantation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Li, Zhao; Gao, Jie; Zheng, ShengMin; Wang, Yang; Xiang, Xiao; Cheng, Qian; Zhu, Jiye Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 6361
Frequency of various skin diseases in patients visiting the OPD of dermatology department at a tertiary care Hospital, Aziz Fatima Medical and Dental College Faisalabad. Saeed Ahmad, Nasir Mahmood, Subhan Ullah, Humayun Suqrat and Nisar Khan Sajid Dec 31, 2020 2373
Evaluation of the eating habits of breast cancer patients. Tuba Kayan Tapan, Zeynep Erdogan Iyigun, Serkan Ilgun and Vahit Ozmen Dec 31, 2020 2164
Legend Biotech Initiates Rolling Submission of Biologics License Application to US FDA Seeking Approval of BCMA CAR-T Therapy Cilta-cel for the Treatment of Relapsed and/or Refractory Multiple Myeloma. Dec 22, 2020 659
AstraZeneca Says Tagrisso Approved In US To Treat Early Lung Cancer. Dec 21, 2020 172
Biosecurity: Ogun Govt trains live birds market operators, poultry farmers. Dec 15, 2020 565
WCM-Q researchers prove efficacy of face masks in preventing COVID-19. Dec 14, 2020 632
WCM-Q researchers provide evidence for effectiveness of face masks in preventing Covid-19. Dec 13, 2020 656
WCM-Q research proves efficacy of facemasks in preventing Covid-19. Dec 13, 2020 613
OP-ED: Non-communicable disease: Incidence, threat, and surveillance. Dec 6, 2020 1442
Repeat injuries in childhood. Peters, S.M.; Davies, M.-A.; van As, A.B. Report Dec 1, 2020 6299
SARS-CoV-2 in Quarantined Domestic Cats from COVID-19 Households or Close Contacts, Hong Kong, China. Barrs, Vanessa R.; Peiris, Malik; Tam, Karina W.S.; Law, Pierra Y.T.; Brackman, Christopher J.; To, Dec 1, 2020 1626
Serologic Responses in Healthy Adult with SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection, Hong Kong, August 2020. Chan, Paul K.S.; Lui, Grace; Hachim, Asmaa; Ko, Ronald L.W.; Boon, Siaw S.; Li, Timothy; Kavian, Nil Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 1595
Immunoglobulin G4-Related Mastitis: An Unusual Case of Recurrent Breast Abscess. Bajad, Shruti; Tanna, Dhaval; Ekbote, Gayatri; Bindroo, Muzaffar; Kaur, Kanchan; Gupta, Rajiva Dec 1, 2020 1637
Endometrial CD56+ natural killer cells in women with recurrent implantation failure: An immunohistochemical study/Tekrarlayan implantasyon basarisizliklarinda endometriyal CD56+ naturel killer hucreleri: Immunohistokimyasal calisma. Babayeva, Gulchin; Purut, Yunus Emre; Giray, Burak; Oltulu, Pembe; Alakus, Rabia; Colakoglu, Mehmet Report Dec 1, 2020 2174
Postoperative Coronavirus Disease 2019 Infection in a Patient with Recurrent Colon Carcinoma: First Surgical Case Experience in the Pandemic/Nuks Kolon Karsinomu Olan Hastada Postoperatif Donemde COVID-19 Enfeksiyonu: Pandemideki Ilk Cerrahi Tecrubesi. Uludag, Server Sezgin; Gures, Nazim; Sanli, Ahmet Necati; Balkan, Ilker Inanc; Zengin, Abdullah Kaga Dec 1, 2020 2096
Surveillance post-radiofrequency ablation for small renal masses: Recurrence and followup. Lam, Cameron J.; Wong, Nathan C.; Voss, Maurice; Mironov, Oleg; Connolly, Michael; Matsumoto, Edward Report Dec 1, 2020 4261
Canadian experience of neoadjuvant chemotherapy on bladder recurrences in patients managed with trimodal therapy for muscle-invasive bladder cancer. Ajib, Khaled; Tjong, Michael C.; Tan, Guan Hee; Nason, Gregory J.; Berjaoui, Mohamad Baker; Erlich, Report Dec 1, 2020 4507
Ludwig's Angina: Case Series with Description of the Ultrasonographic Features of the Emergency Conditions. Delantoni, Antigone; Sarafopoulos, Apostolos; Tsiropoulos, Gavrill; Deniz, Hatice Ahsen; Orhan, Kaan Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 2280
Is Depression Associated with the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease or Vice Versa? Baysak, Erensu; Aricioglu, Feyza Dec 1, 2020 4489
Randomised Comparison of the Effect of 0.2% Glyceryl Trinitrate and 0.5% Topical Nifedipine in Acute Anal Fissure Treatment/Akut Anal Fissur Tedavisinde %0,2 Gliseril Trinitrat ile %0,5 Topikal Nifedipinin Etkilerinin Randomize Karsilastirilmasi. Akinci, Ozan; Abdulrahman, Sangar M. Faroq; Gungor, Ozlem; Yuceyar, Necip Serdar; Perek, Asiye; Ertu Report Dec 1, 2020 4158
Analysis of the Factors Affecting Recurrence and Postoperative Incontinence after Surgical Treatment of Anal Fistula: A Retrospective Cohort Study/Anal Fistulun Cerrahi Tedavisi Sonrasi Nuks ve Postoperatif Inkontinansi Etkileyen Faktorlerin Analizi: Retrospektif Bir Kohort Calismasi. Usta, Mehmet Arif Report Dec 1, 2020 5926
Computer assisted customized footwear and traditional micro-cellular rubber (MCR) footwear to reduce recurrence of ulcer for patients with loss of sensation due to leprosy. Govindasamy, Karthikeyan; Raja, N.R.; Gupta, Pankaj; Anand, Gaurav; Das, Premal; Darlong, Famkima; D Report Dec 1, 2020 4200
Cervical cancer recurrence patterns differ after surgeries. Remaly, Jake Dec 1, 2020 510
Malnutrition Prevalence Measurement and Nutritional Interventions in Internal Medical Departments of Turkish Hospitals: Results of the LPZ Study. Saka, Bulent; Altinkaynak, Mustafa; Erten, Sebile Nilgun; Akin, Sibel; Ozer, Firuzan Firat; Tasci, I Report Dec 1, 2020 3680
Coexistence of a septic state of unspecified etiology with an acute psychotic episode under treatment. Case Study. Timbalari, Anatolie; Untu, Ilinca; Bolos, Alexandra; Chirita, Roxana Dec 1, 2020 2503
Blepharitis: A Review on Human Clinical Trials with Synthetic and Natural Remedies. Viswambaran, Vyshma Kizhuppully; Anavadhya, K.A.; Chandrababu, Gopika; Babu, Amritha; Rajeev, Gayatr Report Dec 1, 2020 3552
Peak Expiratory Flow Rate In Children with Multiple Neurological Disorder. D, Malarvizhi.; Gayathri, G.V; Aamir P.N., Mohammed Report Dec 1, 2020 1605
Role of Tumour Markers CEA and CA19-9 in Colorectal Cancer. Sreedhar, Rashmi; Jajoo, Suhas; Yeola, Meenakshi; Lamture, Yashwant; Tote, Darshana Nov 16, 2020 3741
DOH updates classification of Covid cases. Nov 13, 2020 429
Genmab A/S to conduct Phase 3 study of epcoritamab in patients with relapsed or refractory DLBCL. Nov 5, 2020 188
Genmab A/S to conduct Phase 3 study of epcoritamab in patients with relapsed or refractory DLBCL. Nov 5, 2020 184
Genmab A/S to conduct Phase 3 study of epcoritamab in patients with relapsed or refractory DLBCL. Nov 5, 2020 189
Head-to-Head Phase 3 Trial of Enhertu Versus T-DM1 Initiated in Patients with HER2 Positive Early Breast Cancer at High Risk After Neo-Adjuvant Therapy. Nov 3, 2020 355
Impact of COVID-19 on Out-Patient Services --Physiotherapy's Perspectives. Sirohi, Priya Report Nov 2, 2020 2842
The Spatial Allocation of Hospitals With Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms in Korea: Are We Prepared for New Outbreaks? Kim, Hyoungah; Kim, Dohyeong; Paul, Christopher; Lee, Chang Kil Nov 1, 2020 6428
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Glucosamine Supplementation Linked to Lower Mortality Risk. Nov 1, 2020 212
VITAMIN D'S Winter Immune Benefits. Myers, Julie Nov 1, 2020 1496
Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of delirium in older adults with COVID-19. Literature review. Aguilar-Navarro, Sara Gloria; Duarte-Flores, José Octavio; Granados-Valdéz, Mary Cruz; Suing-Ortega, Nov 1, 2020 6148
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Clinical syndrome of childhood asthma based on key indicators detection. Feng Junfang; Cao Chunlan; Xu Xiaoyan Report Oct 31, 2020 3648
Frequency and pattern of Paediatric Heart Diseases: Five years experience at The Children's Hospital, Multan. Muhammad Sohail Arshad, Hafiz Muhammad Anwar-ul-Haq, Mudasser Adnan and Arif Zulqarnain Oct 31, 2020 3265
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Veracyte findings from genomic breast cancer test study published in JCO. Oct 30, 2020 270
Potentially fatal superbug in Hong Kong public hospitals and it's not Covid-19. Reprint Oct 25, 2020 514
Pediatrician urges regular vaccination to maintain Nigeria's polio zero status. Oct 24, 2020 257
Tackling Childhood Asthma: The View From Qatar. Oct 23, 2020 982
AstraZeneca's Tagrisso gets FDA acceptance for sNDA for NSCLC treatment. Oct 20, 2020 229
European CHMP Adopts Positive Opinion for Kite's KTE-X19 for the Treatment of Relapsed or Refractory Mantle Cell Lymphoma. Oct 20, 2020 523
Covid is here to stay even if we develop a vaccine -- here's what that means; With the worldwide spread of the disease increasing, it's unlikely the currently available measures can do more than bring that spread under control. By, Hans Heesterbeek, Utrecht University & Daniel Smith Oct 13, 2020 1098
Breast Cancer: The Latest News in Risk Prediction and Treatment: Gene profiling helps predict the risk of recurrence, and newer drugs help women with advanced-stage cancer live longer. Oct 1, 2020 964
Put a Stop to Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections: During menopause, a woman's estrogen level drops, making her more susceptible to a urinary tract infection. Oct 1, 2020 821
Coronavirus Disease 2019 Infection and Nursing in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis Treatment. Demirag, Hatice; Hintistan, Sevilay Oct 1, 2020 3850
Mycobacterium Avium Paratuberculosis: A Disease Burden on the Dairy Industry. Garvey, Mary Oct 1, 2020 6282
Frequency of skin diseases and associated factors in a tertiary care hospital in Karachi. Muhammad Waqaruddin Sheroze, Syed Ali Haider Zaidi, Behzad Mehmood, Muhammad Waqaruddin Sheroze, Eru Sep 30, 2020 2727
Combined intralesional and intramuscular sodium stibogluconate appears more effective in the treatment of localized cutaneous leishmaniasis lesions, An experimental study. Hamad Ayed Alfahaad Sep 30, 2020 2641
How Covid-19 outbreak has worsened non-communicable diseases burden. Sep 30, 2020 2226
Psychosocial risk factors of cardiovascular disease in Pakistani adolescents and young adults: A Systematic Review. Saleem, Muhammad; Durrani, Areeha Khan; Adeeb, Muhammad; Siddique, Ali Raza Report Sep 30, 2020 2641
TOP NEWS: Astra's Lynparza Gets EU Ok For Ovarian And Prostate Cancer. Sep 21, 2020 229
Seattle Genetics, Genmab Present Data from Tisotumab Vedotin innovaTV 204 Pivotal Trial in Recurrent or Metastatic Cervical Cancer at ESMO Virtual Congress 2020. Sep 21, 2020 584
Analysis shows AstraZeneca Tagrisso demonstrated improvement in CNS DFS. Sep 20, 2020 232
COVID-19-Threat to Dentistry-How to Overcome? Kanathila, Hema; Pangi, Ashwin; Bharathi Sep 14, 2020 3812
Genentech: Enspryng 'significantly reduces severity, risk of relapse' in NMOSD. Sep 10, 2020 405
Respiratory infections high among children during cold seasons. Times News Service Sep 9, 2020 465
Hospitals, labs told to explain incomplete case reporting system. Sep 6, 2020 609
World 'falling behind' on goal to cut chronic disease deaths. Sep 4, 2020 461
AnPac Bio announces results from lung cancer prognosis, recurrence study. Sep 4, 2020 252
Cervical cancer recurrence--can we predict the type of recurrence? Moreira, Ana Sofia Linhares; Cunha, Teresa Margarida; Esteves, Susana Sep 1, 2020 4687
Radiomics-based nomogram using CT imaging for noninvasive preoperative prediction of early recurrence in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. Zhu, Hong-Bo; Zheng, Ze-Yu; Zhao, Heng; Zhang, Jing; Zhu, Hong; Li, Yue-Hua; Dong, Zhong-Yi; Xiao, L Sep 1, 2020 8438
Prognostic Factors Affecting Short- and Long-Term Recurrence-Free Survival of Patients with Rectal Cancer using Cure Models: A Cohort Study. Hosseini, Seyed Vahid; Rezaianzadeh, Abbas; Rahimikazerooni, Salar; Ghahramani, Leila; Bananzadeh, A Sep 1, 2020 4520
Does a Distal Surgical Margin Closer than 10 mm Increase the Risk of Recurrence in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer in a Mid-Distal Location?/Orta-Distal Yerlesimli Lokal Ileri Rektum Kanserinde 10 mm'den Yakin Distal Cerahi Sinir Nuks Riskini Artirir mi? Tumay, Latif Volkan; Guner, Osman Serhat; Zorluoglu, Abdullah Sep 1, 2020 5711
Acute Cerebral Stroke with Multiple Infarctions and COVID-19, France, 2020. Zayet, Souheil; Klopfenstein, Timothee; Kovacs, Robert; Stancescu, Silviu; Hagenkotter, Beate Sep 1, 2020 1476
Molecular and Therapeutic Effects of Fisetin Flavonoid in Diseases. Sari, Ezgi Nur; Soysal, Yasemin Sep 1, 2020 5481
Are Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers for Hypertension a Gleam of Hope or not Against COVID-19 Infection? Aydemir, Duygu; Ulusu, Nuriye Nuray Sep 1, 2020 960
NAFLD may predict arrhythmia recurrence after AFib ablation. Wendling, Patrice Sep 1, 2020 904
Oral Supplementation with Ultramicronized Palmitoylethanolamide for Joint Disease and Lameness Management in Four Jumping Horses: A Case Report. Gugliandolo, Enrico; Barbagallo, Alfio; Peritore, Alessio Filippo; Cuzzocrea, Salvatore; Crupi, Rosa Report Sep 1, 2020 4886
An unusual cause of female secondary infertility: Hypospadias / Kadinda sekonder infertilitenin nadir bir olgusu: Hipospadias. Tug, Niyazi; Sargin, Mehmet Akif; Yassa, Murat; Toklucu, Guldeniz Sep 1, 2020 1210
Detection Rate of [sup.18]F-Fluorethylcholine-PET/CT in relation to PSA Value in PCA Patients Referred with Biochemical Relapse. Takesh, Mustafa; Allh, Khaldoun Odat; Zechmann, Christian M. Aug 31, 2020 4994
Study on Periplaneta americana (Blattodea: Blattidae) Fungal Infections in Hospital Sewer System, Esfahan City, Iran, 2017. Khodabandeh, Maryam; Shirani-Bidabadi, Leila; Madani, Mahboobe; Zahraei-Ramazani, Alireza Report Aug 31, 2020 6168
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Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis and Scheduled Pretransplant Plasmapheresis: A Timely Diagnosis of Nail-Patella Syndrome Avoided More Futile Immunosuppression. Trimarchi, H. Aug 31, 2020 2765
Discovery and Validation of a CT-Based Radiomic Signature for Preoperative Prediction of Early Recurrence in Hypopharyngeal Carcinoma. Li, Wenming; Wei, Dongmin; Wushouer, Aihemaiti; Cao, Shengda; Zhao, Tongtong; Yu, Dexin; Lei, Dapeng Report Aug 31, 2020 4218
The Utility of Diffusion and Perfusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Target Delineation of High-Grade Gliomas. Fei, Qian; Qian, Lu-Xi; Zhang, Yu-Jie; Guo, Wen-Jie; Bian, Xiu-Hua; Yin, Li; Yan, Peng-Wei; Wang, Ti Report Aug 31, 2020 5851
MEASURING PREPAREDNESS OF MBBS STUDENTS TO THE CLINICAL EXPOSURE DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC. Humaira Fayyaz Khan, Tahira Sadiq, Rehan Ahmed Khan, Daniyal Ahmed Kamal, Shabana Ali and Raheela Ya Aug 31, 2020 3492
DOH: Over 4,000 COVID-19 cases removed from tally due to validation process. Aug 24, 2020 370
Frequency of retinal re-detachment after removal of silicone oil Tamponade in cases of proliferative vitreoretinopathy. Zaheer, Waqas; Iqbal, Kashif; Usman, Maria Report Aug 14, 2020 2454
Seres Therapeutics Touts Positive Topline Results from SER-109 Phase 3 ECOSPOR III Study in Recurrent C. difficile Infection. Aug 14, 2020 377
ANTI-PD-1/CTLA-4 Bi-specific Antibody of Akeso Granted FDA Fast Track Designation for Recurrent and Metastatic Cervical Cancer. Aug 14, 2020 286
Diabetes mellitus and COVID-19: A review and management guidance for South Africa. Coetzee, A.; Taljaard, J.J.; Hugo, S.S.; Conradie, M.; Conradie-Smit, M.; Dave, J.A. Aug 1, 2020 6086
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy and New Approaches in COVID-19 Patients/COVID-19 Hastalarinda Mezenkimal Kok Hucre Tedavisi ve Yeni Yaklasimlar. Ozkan, Serbay; Koyuturk, Meral Aug 1, 2020 4641
The Effects of COVID-19 on Immune System and Diabetes/COVID-19'un Immun Sistem ve Diyabet Uzerine Etkileri. Beydogan, Alisa Bahar; Colak, Dilara Kamer; Bilge, Bilge Nur; Bolkent, Sema Aug 1, 2020 5010
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Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases: Sustained-Release Dihydroberberine Protocols for Diabetes, COVID-19, and Other Inflammatory Diseases. Dyke, Knox Van Aug 1, 2020 4711
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Infective Endocarditis Cases Detected While Investigating the Etiology of Fever of Unknown Origin/Nedeni Bilinmeyen Ates Etyolojisi Arastirilirken Saptanan Infektif Endokardit Olgular. Aktug-Demir, Nazlim; Ural, Onur; Sumer, Sua; Kiratli, Hatice Esranur Report Aug 1, 2020 2174
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The Blood Gene Expression Signature for Kawasaki Disease in Children Identified with Advanced Feature Selection Methods. Hu, Bing; Li, Yun; Wang, Guilian; Zhang, Yanqing Report Jul 31, 2020 4250
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The Effect of Humid Environment on Skin Disease Recurrence in Patients with Eczema Dermatitis. Xiaoguang Su, Yaohui Ma, Qing Wang and Yunpeng Ma Jul 31, 2020 252
Coxiella Endocarditis as the Cause of Recurrent Fever and Brain Abscess in a Patient with Complex Congenital Heart Disease: A Case Report and Literature Review. Ziogas, Ioannis A.; Evangeliou, Alexandros P.; Tsachouridou, Olga; Arvanitaki, Alexandra; Tsona, Afr Report Jul 31, 2020 2758
Bristol Myers Squibb, bluebird bio Submit Biologics License Application to FDA for Idecabtagene Vicleucel (Ide-cel, bb2121) for Adults with Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myeloma. Jul 31, 2020 709
AstraZeneca granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation for Tagrisso in new indication. Jul 31, 2020 204
AstraZeneca granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation for Tagrisso in new indication. Jul 31, 2020 208
Seres Therapeutics reports Q2 EPS (28c), consensus (26c). Financial report Jul 28, 2020 207
Can Pets Transmit Covid-19? Jul 25, 2020 195
Big backlog, little supply also hounded us-RITM. Jul 17, 2020 561
Increases in Health-Related Workplace Absenteeism Among Workers in Essential Critical Infrastructure Occupations During the COVID-19 Pandemic--United States, March-April 2020. Groenewold, Matthew R.; Burrer, Sherry L.; Ahmed, Faruque; Uzicanin, Amra; Free, Hannah; Luckhaupt, Jul 10, 2020 4084
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Nigerian men are more at risk of Non-Communicable Diseases than women, study finds. Jul 1, 2020 679
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Treat VIN while preventing recurrence. Rossi, Emma C. Jul 1, 2020 1107
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Determining the Significant Prognostic Factors for the Recurrence of Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Using a Competing Risks Approach. Saeedi, Anahita; Baghestani, Ahmadreza; Maboudi, Aliakbar Khadem; Farhangi, Hamid Jul 1, 2020 3446
The Next Generation of Lyme Disease--A Focus on Gestational Transmission. McKeon, Michelle Jul 1, 2020 3404
Potency of Selected Berries, Grapes, and Citrus Fruit as Neuroprotective Agents. Tan, Shih Jen; Ismail, Intan Safinar Jun 30, 2020 10247
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75% of Nigerians at risk for non-communicable diseases - Study. Jun 30, 2020 661
Where to now? Jun 14, 2020 1138
Outcome of upper respiratory tract infections in healthy children: Antibiotic stewardship in treatment of acute upper respiratory tract infections. Ejaz Ahmed Khan, Mazhar Hussain Raja, Shehla Chaudhry, Tehreem Zahra, Salman Naeem and Masuma Anwar Jun 10, 2020 3272
Frequency and Awareness of Risk Factors of Non-Communicable Diseases among University Students in Saudi Arabia. Mohamudha Parveen Rahamathulla and Mohemmed Sha M Jun 10, 2020 3283
Patients with upper respiratory infections dominate Kiambu hospital. Jun 8, 2020 345
UK journal reports cutting-edge immunodeficiency discovery involving Sidra Medicine study. Jun 3, 2020 594
Retrospective analysis of prognostic factors affecting the recurrence and disease-free survival following surgical management of gastrointestinal stromal tumors. / Cerrahi tedavi uygulanan gastrointestinal stromal tumorlu hastalarda nuks ve hastaliksiz sagkalima etki eden faktorlerin retrospektif analizi. Senol, Kazim; Ozdemir, Gul Daglar; Akat, Arif Zeki; Kama, Nuri Aydin Jun 1, 2020 6003
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In Patients with Recurrent Pilonidal Sinus, Should the First Approach be Crystallised Phenol or Limberg Flap?/Nuks Pilonidal Sinus Hastalarinda Ilk Yaklasim Kristalize Fenol mu, Limberg Flep mi Olmali? Senturk, Mustafa; Yavuz, Yusuf Jun 1, 2020 2573
Emerging intravesical therapies for the management of bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG)-unresponsive non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer: Charting a path forward. Chehroudi, All Cyrus; Black, Peter C. Jun 1, 2020 7930
Use of Red Blood Cell Distribution Width, Platelet Distribution Width, and Mean Platelet Volume Values as Diagnostic Markers in Patients with Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis. Avci, Deniz Jun 1, 2020 3397
Clinicopathologic Results of the Surgical Management of Thyroid Gland Pathologies. Yumusakhuylu, Ali Cemal; Asya, Orhan; Gundogdu, Yavuz; Oysu, Cagatay Jun 1, 2020 4275
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Generalized idiopathic atrophodema of Pasini and Pierini misdiagnosed as relapse of disease in a patient with borderline tuberculoid leprosy. Pradhan, Swetalina; Dash, Gaurav; Sirka, Chandrasekhar; Naik, Subhasini Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 1529
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