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Mayor Karachi advises people to adopt preventive measures on Eid-ul-Azha against Congo Virus. Jul 15, 2020 291
Mayor asks people for preventive steps against Congo Virus. Jul 15, 2020 263
COVID-19 and herd immunity. Jul 14, 2020 796
Davao de Oro confirms first 2 cases of local transmission of COVID-19. Jul 14, 2020 272
Taiwan races against time to vaccinate cattle in Kinmen. Jul 14, 2020 344
More die as mysterious illness spreads to Liberia capital. Jul 13, 2020 440
UN: Further outbreaks to emerge sans active government measures. Jul 12, 2020 788
Lumpy skin disease expands on Taiwan island near China. Jul 11, 2020 210
No huge difference in preventive strategy if COVID-19 is airborne: Health Minister. Jul 11, 2020 527
Boris to make masks compulsory in shops in England next week; New laws will be introduced in a bid to slow the spread of the disease after lockdown easing. By, Neil Shaw Jul 11, 2020 471
Snare crisis decimates SEA's wildlife, increases risk of pandemics. Jul 10, 2020 430
EDITORIAL - Community transmission. Editorial Jul 10, 2020 452
Hong Kong To Shut All Schools After Virus Cases Spike. Jul 10, 2020 258
Spinal stenosis caused by epidural and paraspinal abscess due to brucella infection. Akpinar, Orhan; Guzel, Mustafa Clinical report Jul 10, 2020 1709
Palace appeals to public: observe health protocols due to possible air transmission of COVID-19. Jul 10, 2020 419
Hong Kong to shut all schools after virus cases spike. Jul 10, 2020 271
DOH cautions public over possibility of airborne COVID-19 transmission. Jul 9, 2020 419
DOH: Tacloban City, 4 E. Visayas municipalities able to control COVID-19 local transmission. Jul 9, 2020 225
DOH 10 declares COVID-19 local transmission in Iligan City. Jul 9, 2020 417
Local transmission of COVID-19 reported in Negros Occidental. Jul 8, 2020 471
WHO expert: Possibility of airborne transmission of COVID-19 cannot be ruled out. Jul 8, 2020 344
COVID spike due to community transmission DOH. Jul 8, 2020 871
Coronavirus could be airborne, says World Health Organisation; Covid-19 could be spread by particles in the air, not just coughs and sneezes. By, Neil Shaw Jul 8, 2020 466
Emerging Evidence Of Covid-19 Airborne Transmission -- WHO. Jul 8, 2020 476
WHO expert: Possibility of airborne transmission of COVID-19 cannot be ruled out. Jul 8, 2020 341
COVID-19 cases keep rising due to more tests, ignored measures - DOH. Jul 8, 2020 1118
PH still in first wave of COVID-19 transmission - Duterte. Jul 8, 2020 284
Preventing deadly zoonotic diseases. Jul 8, 2020 591
COVID-19 local transmission reported in Surigao mining firm. Jul 8, 2020 270
Hong Kong reports 24 new COVID-19 cases following a spike in locally transmitted infections. Jul 8, 2020 217
WHO acknowledges 'evidence emerging' of airborne spread of Covid-19. Reuters News Service Jul 7, 2020 555
Is the coronavirus airborne? DOH says there's 'not enough' proof. Jul 7, 2020 425
Neglected zoonotic diseases: World Zoonoses Day, 2020. Jul 7, 2020 538
UN warns of outbreak of more diseases like Covid-19. Jul 7, 2020 711
5 myths about mosquitoes Mosquitoes: Standing water in a bottle cap could hold 500 eggs. Marie Wilson Jul 6, 2020 669
Five mosquito myths (no, they can't transmit COVID-19). Marie Wilson Jul 6, 2020 677
13 tiny but deadly creatures. CM Guest Columnist Jul 6, 2020 353
5 myths about mosquitoes. Marie Wilson Jul 6, 2020 669
'Threat of COVID transmission may bar faithful anew from places of worship'. Jul 5, 2020 269
FG Launches COVID-19 Online Course On Infection Prevention And Control (IPC). Jul 5, 2020 561
UAE to develop national plan to fight zoonotic diseases, pandemics. Staff Reporter Jul 4, 2020 309
FG Launches COVID-19 Online Course On Infection Prevention, Control. Jul 4, 2020 428
NIH issues advisory for Eid-ul-Azha. Jul 2, 2020 267
How to stop Lyme disease from ticking hold of a dog; record pets. neil mcintosh Jul 2, 2020 428
Ministry alert over reports of new strain of swine flu in China. Jul 1, 2020 625
Coronavirus-infected coughs can spray 12ft away if you don't wear a face mask, study warns; A new study has discovered that coughs can potentially travel up to 12 feet, around 3.6 metres, if unobstructed -much further than the new one-metre social distancing guideline. By, Gregory Kirby & Shivali Best Jul 1, 2020 934
Protect your pets during warm weather. Submitted by Office of Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle Jul 1, 2020 371
Deployment of SAF, soldiers is part of solution to stop spread of COVID-19 - Eleazar. Jul 1, 2020 438
Cimatu to move isolation centers out of Cebu City barangays to prevent COVID transmission. Jun 30, 2020 344
COVID-19 impact: Why it's time to beat negativity in the UAE. Sharmila Dhal, Assistant Editor Jun 30, 2020 1512
NEEDLE STICK INJURY AND AWARENESS OF ITS MANAGEMENT AMONGST DENTAL INTERNS IN LAHORE. Bushra Mazhar, Shoaib Younus, Uzair Bin Akhtar, Ali Altaf, Mehwish Munawar and Malik Ali Hassan Saji Jun 30, 2020 3829
Britain has 48 hours to disrupt coronavirus transmission as country on 'knife edge'; Sir Jeremy Farrar, a member of SAGE, has said that Britain has 48 hours to disrupt transmission or Covid-19 may spread out of control once more. By, Will Metcalfe Jun 29, 2020 476
COVID-19 cases could swell to 60,000 by end of July, UP research team says. Baron, Gabriela; San Juan, Alexandria Jun 29, 2020 845
Steelcase partners with MIT researchers for safer workplaces. Jun 29, 2020 281
Sensor-based Casa Milano fauceets help prevent spread of disease. Staff Report Jun 29, 2020 758
100 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK; A look back at how The Sunday Post reported the news through the years. This week: June 13, 1920. Mystery surrounds a brutal murder, an Army officer walks free, a killer disease spreads and a president-to-be on the rise. Jun 28, 2020 532
Local infections spread as 22 new cases confirmed. Jun 28, 2020 387
DOST, RITM prepare study on transmission pattern of COVID-19. Clinical report Jun 27, 2020 213
Livestock vaccination to prevent spread of diseases, enhance production - CAS Kilimo. Jun 26, 2020 533
COVID-19: Saudi transmits infection to 18, including parents. Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent Jun 26, 2020 283
Dental Practices during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Guide for Dental Health Professionals. Nauman Rauf Khan Jun 25, 2020 769
COVID-19: Utmost Need to Protect Frontline Health Care Workers in Pakistan. Zohaib Ashraf, Muna Malik and Muhammad Irfan Malik Jun 25, 2020 860
Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Health Care Workers: A Cross Sectional Study. Zaina Jabeen, Aysha Rani, Sohaib Ahmed, Sadaf Ghaffar, Tazaeen Hina Kazmi and Wasim-ud-Din Jun 25, 2020 2081
Fetomaternal Outcome in Women with COVID-19 in a COVID Designated Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan. Shamila Ijaz Munir, Amna Ahsan, Sofia Iqbal, Summera Aslam, Tayyaba Tahira and Sodat Alqai Medical condition overview Jun 25, 2020 2456
How COVID-19 is Affecting Apprentices. Shamaila Hassnain and Naureen Omar Survey Jun 25, 2020 2269
WHO urges countries to beef up anti-coronavirus steps as disease still spreading. Jun 24, 2020 736
Traditional jeepneys likely to be safer from virus spread than air-conditioned ones - Ibon. Jun 24, 2020 594
Combating COVID-19: Oman's technological prowess praised by WHO. Jun 23, 2020 544
After Covid-19, Typhoid rears head in K-P. Ahtesham Khan Jun 23, 2020 553
Drive up, get pet vaccines Saturday. Submitted by Kane County Animal Control Jun 23, 2020 208
Fears second wave of coronavirus with 'super-spreading clusters' could kill 60 people a day; 'As we get to a lower level of infection, significant super-spreading clusters pose a significant risk'. By, Chris Kitching & Raina Wilson Jun 23, 2020 374
Lockdown slowed spread of fatal hog disease-BAI. Jun 22, 2020 557
COVID-19: Panic in Bayelsa as infection spreads to two more LGAs. Jun 22, 2020 312
LETTER FROM HOME. Todd, Mary Jun 22, 2020 481
Perfect by design: newborn twins Pioneering scientists save from cruel genetic disease; parents' joy as experts halt spread of illness. Janet Boyle Jun 21, 2020 965
COVID-19: Panic in Bayelsa as infection spreads to two more LGAs. Jun 21, 2020 438
Rate of spread of infection shrinking. Jun 20, 2020 424
Rate of spread of Covid infection shrinking in UK. Jun 20, 2020 324
OP-ED: The empathy divide. Jun 19, 2020 1708
More Seoulites volunteer to test for virus. Jun 19, 2020 509
Cats and dogs 'could spark a second wave of coronavirus cases' experts now warn; There has been conflicting advice on whether pets can spread the disease but pet owners are being urged to keep their cats indoors and their dogs on a lead as researchers call for animals to be tested. By, Lorraine King Jun 19, 2020 644
Philippines still needs over 82,000 contact tracers. Jun 18, 2020 404
WHO: Look beyond virus case numbers, study clusters. Jun 17, 2020 799
Quezon mayor fears 'community transmission' of COVID-19. Jun 17, 2020 279
Infection clusters show signs of spilling over into other regions. Jun 17, 2020 505
Azerbaijan might extend lockdown in case of surge in COVID-19 infections. Jun 16, 2020 749
Mexico temporarily forbids temporary agricultural workers from going to Canada as COVID-19 infections spread. Jun 16, 2020 238
Saudi Arabia: Woman transmits COVID-19 to 3 families at gathering. Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent Jun 16, 2020 173
Local transmission of COVID-19 confirmed in Ormoc City. Jun 16, 2020 188
Local transmission blamed for recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Leyte. Jun 15, 2020 255
Cuddling pet cats or dog may put you at risk of catching coronavirus, SAGE warns; A SAGE report states that the risk of pets transmitting the virus to humans is 'medium' -although the risk was 'high' for those with underlying health problems or poor immune systems. By, Rachel Endley Jun 13, 2020 656
Asymptomatic cases may transfer COVID-19. Jun 13, 2020 376
DGHS finds Aedes larvae in 25% of Dhaka houses. Jun 13, 2020 323
WHO's advice. Jun 11, 2020 535
Gov't struggles to contain series of infection clusters. Jun 11, 2020 538
Farmers alarmed as disease kills livestock in Karachuonyo. Jun 11, 2020 342
Black market for patient plasma emerges in Egypt. LAILA MOHAMED Jun 10, 2020 571
IT WAS HERE IN FEBRUARY; Medical chief U-turns on claim virus wasn't here before March. VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Jun 10, 2020 698
Face masks combined with lockdown prevent future waves of virus; "Our analyses support the immediate and universal adoption of face masks by the public.". By, Neil Shaw Jun 10, 2020 583
Testing the weak link in Covid-19 fight. Jun 10, 2020 686
OP-ED: Lifting the lockdown: What are the options? Jun 10, 2020 2177
Leishmaniasis in Saudi Arabia: Current situation and future perspectives. Elfadil Abass, Zainab Al-Hashem and Lamya Zohair Yamani Jun 10, 2020 3943
Cries for help from Brit stuck down well for six days were mistaken for a ghost; Jacob Roberts, 29, was chased by a dog he feared had rabies before breaking his leg and tumbling into a 13ft pit while out walking in Bali, Indonesia. By, Ryan Merrifield Jun 9, 2020 415
Flu transmission on aircraft: What studies show. Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editor Jun 9, 2020 1320
'More awareness needed' LYME DISEASE SNP Government accused of failing to highlight risk of tick-borne infection. SEAN MCANGUS Jun 9, 2020 671
Virus spread needs to be mitigated during protests. Dr. Theodore Karasik Jun 9, 2020 908
Up To 41% Of Covid-19 Cases May Be Asymptomatic -- WHO. Jun 9, 2020 623
WHO says asymptomatic spread of coronavirus 'very rare,' but experts raise questions. Jun 9, 2020 510
Oman identifies three local strains of COVID-19. Times News Service Jun 8, 2020 1001
Should I Wear A FACE MASK? It has been dubbed patriotic and caring to wear a face mask during the pandemic, but not only can face masks be ineffective, they can help transmit the virus and worsen its effect. Spigarelli, Cathy A. Cover story Jun 8, 2020 2279
Government maintains rate of virus infection is still below 1; Higher transmission in north could lead to regional lockdown. Jun 6, 2020 368
COVID-19: How to wear your mask. Times News Service Jun 6, 2020 665
'Destruction of wildlife habitats linked to spread of diseases'. Jun 5, 2020 679
History of pandemics due to ship voyages. Jun 5, 2020 804
COVID-19 Monitoring and Response Among U.S. Air Force Basic Military Trainees--Texas, March-April 2020. Marcus, Joseph E.; Frankel, Dianne N.; Pawlak, Mary T.; Casey, Theresa M.; Blackwell, Rebecca S.; Tr Jun 5, 2020 2180
Blundering into disaster. Zahid Hussain Jun 3, 2020 1086
Virus transmission rate slows DOH. Jun 2, 2020 1081
DOH: COVID-19 mortality doubling time, transmission rate down. Jun 2, 2020 369
Frontier Airlines will conduct temperature checks for all passengers, crew members before boarding. Jun 2, 2020 544
Frontier Airlines will conduct temperature checks for all passengers, crew members before boarding. Jun 2, 2020 544
NIAID strategic plan details COVID-19 research priorities. Jun 1, 2020 522
Risks Related to Chikungunya Infections among European Union Travelers, 2012-2018. Gossner, Celine M.; Fournet, Nelly; Dias, Joana Gomes; Martinez, Beatriz Fernandez; Del Manso, Marti Jun 1, 2020 5884
Multihost Transmission of Schistosoma mansoni in Senegal, 2015-2018. Catalano, Stefano; Leger, Elsa; Fall, Cheikh B.; Borlase, Anna; Diop, Samba D.; Berger, Duncan; Webs Jun 1, 2020 6921
Origin of 3 Rabid Terrestrial Animals in Raccoon Rabies Virus-Free Zone, Long Island, New York, USA, 2016-2017. Brunt, Scott; Solomon, Heather; Leavitt, Hilaire; Lasek-Nesselquist, Erica; LaPierre, Pascal; Shudt, Jun 1, 2020 3069
Community Transmission of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, Shenzhen, China, 2020. Liu, Jiaye; Liao, Xuejiao; Qian, Shen; Yuan, Jing; Wang, Fuxiang; Liu, Yingxia; Wang, Zhaoqin; Wang, Jun 1, 2020 2294
Serial Interval of COVID-19 among Publicly Reported Confirmed Cases. Du, Zhanwei; Xu, Xiaoke; Wu, Ye; Wang, Lin; Cowling, Benjamin J.; Meyers, Lauren Ancel Jun 1, 2020 1508
Indirect Virus Transmission in Cluster of COVID-19 Cases, Wenzhou, China, 2020. Cai, Jing; Sun, Wenjie; Huang, Jianping; Gamber, Michelle; Wu, Jing; He, Guiqing Jun 1, 2020 1263
Severe COVID-19 disease most common in infants, teens. Splete, Heidi Jun 1, 2020 726
A Model Approach. Chordas, Lori Jun 1, 2020 619
CHESOLI and MAJE: Why post-Covid-19 mitigation must have disaster prevention at its core. Jun 1, 2020 685
More should be done to curb spread of Covid-19. Jun 1, 2020 541
Dr Noor Hisham: Malaysians in general have been compliant of SOPs, no exponential surge in Covid-19 cases. May 31, 2020 466
Waiting for a miracle? Government scientific adviser warns C-19 is here to so stay and vital vaccine may never be discovered. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR May 31, 2020 958
The clinical and demographical profile of Coronavirus illness: The tale of Tablighi Jamaat and Zaireen in Quarantine/Isolation center at Sukkur and Hyderabad. Ikram Din Ujjan, Bikha Ram Devrajani, Akbar Ali Ghanghro and Syed Zulfiquar Ali Shah May 31, 2020 2719
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic and Economic Impact. Tauseef Ahmad, Haroon, Mukhtiar Baig and Jin Hui May 31, 2020 3340
COVID-19 in children: Epidemiology, presentation, diagnosis and management. Khan, Ejaz A. Report May 31, 2020 2783
Application of Biosafety Principles in Laboratory Analysis of Clinical Samples from Patients with COVID-19. Gardezi, Syed Adeel Hussain; Ikram, Aamer May 31, 2020 2649
Dynamics of a Stochastic SIRS Epidemic Model with Regime Switching and Specific Functional Response. Koufi, Amine EL; Bennar, Abdelkrim; Yousfi, Noura May 31, 2020 4626
Knowledge, Awareness, and Health-Seeking Behaviour regarding Tuberculosis in a Rural District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Khan, Adeela; Shaikh, Babar Tasneem; Baig, Mirza Amir May 31, 2020 4361
Design of a Multiepitope-Based Peptide Vaccine against the E Protein of Human COVID-19: An Immunoinformatics Approach. Abdelmageed, Miyssa I.; Abdelmoneim, Abdelrahman H.; Mustafa, Mujahed I.; Elfadol, Nafisa M.; Murshe May 31, 2020 7472
Prevalence and Knowledge of Hepatitis B Virus Infection among Pregnant Women in the Ningo-Prampram District, Ghana. Kwadzokpui, Precious Kwablah; Akorsu, Elliot Elikplim; Abaka-Yawson, Albert; Quarshie, Solomon Sosu; Medical condition overview May 31, 2020 6519
It Is Complicated: The Medico-Social Journey of an Undocumented Pregnant Adolescent. Kest, Helen; Kaushik, Ashlesha; Tehreem, Bushra; Goldberg, David May 31, 2020 3277
Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Infections and Associated Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Risk Factors among School Children in Mwea Irrigation Scheme, Kirinyaga County, Kenya. Njambi, Elizabeth; Magu, Dennis; Masaku, Janet; Okoyo, Collins; Njenga, Sammy M. Survey May 31, 2020 7473
Quinine Sulphate Microparticles as Treatment for Leishmaniasis. Allotey-Babington, Grace Lovia; Amponsah, Seth Kwabena; Nettey, Thomas; Sasu, Clement; Nettey, Henry May 31, 2020 6478
Low Tuberculosis (TB) Case Detection: A Health Facility-Based Study of Possible Obstacles in Kaffa Zone, Southwest District of Ethiopia. Abayneh, Mengistu; HaileMariam, Shewangizaw; Asres, Abyot Report May 31, 2020 6271
Optimal Control Strategies for the Infectiology of Brucellosis. Nyerere, Nkuba; Luboobi, Livingstone S.; Mpeshe, Saul C.; Shirima, Gabriel M. May 31, 2020 9391
Dynamical System Analysis and Optimal Control Measures of Lassa Fever Disease Model. Onah, Ifeanyi Sunday; Collins, Obiora Cornelius; Madueme, Praise-God Uchechukwu; Mbah, Godwin Christ May 31, 2020 12040
CAN I CATCH COVID-19 FROM MY DOG? May 30, 2020 196
Cats can spread COVID-19 infection to other cats. May 30, 2020 238
'Monkeys run away with coronavirus test samples after attacking lab technician'; Alarms have been sounded as locals fear the infection might spread following the bizarre incident reported at the Meerut Medical College, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. By, Danya Bazaraa May 29, 2020 285
Molecular Identification of HIV-1 in the Presence of Hepatitis B Virus and Hepatitis C Virus Co-infections. Sayan, Murat; Ozguler, Muge; Yildirim, Figen Sarigul; Yildirmak, Taner; Gunduz, Alper; Dokuzoguz, Ba May 28, 2020 5136
Spreading a killer disease. May 28, 2020 191
NCR, Cebu City infections still high, UP experts say. May 27, 2020 827
Watch your pet for ticks to help prevent Lyme disease. Diana Stoll On Pets May 27, 2020 662
Viet Nam reports one Zika case in Da Naoung. May 26, 2020 478
Recto on repatriated OFWs: Treat them as heroes not carriers of disease. May 26, 2020 557
Dracunculiasis (Guinea worm disease) - Ethiopia, Disease Outbreak News 25 May 2020. May 25, 2020 1583
Study of Prevalence and Serodiagnosis of Dengue Fever in Febrile Patients Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital. Vidyasagar, K.; Venkatesha, D. Clinical report May 25, 2020 2632
'Granular' approach on lockdowns. May 24, 2020 1098
Korea reports 23 new virus cases, concerns linger over Itaewon-linked infections. May 23, 2020 698
Expert warns smoking increases transmission of coronavirus. May 22, 2020 421
Itaewon outbreak deepens generational rift. May 22, 2020 592
Korea reports 20 new virus cases amid efforts to contain sporadic infections. May 22, 2020 858
Effect of Increased Cleaning on Keyboard Bioburden and Employee Absence in an Office Building. Yui, Samuel; Ali, Shanom; Muzslay, Monika; Wilson, Peter Report May 22, 2020 2855
500 people in one part of Wales set to take part in groundbreaking coronavirus vaccine trial; The aim is to find a safe vaccine that will develop immunity against the virus and prevent the disease from spreading. By, Mark Smith May 22, 2020 881
Assessing the Role of Food Handlers in Hepatitis A Virus Transmission--Multiple States, 2016-2019. Hofmeister, Megan G.; Foster, Monique A.; Montgomery, Martha P.; Gupta, Neil Disease/Disorder overview May 22, 2020 1254
Illegal wildlife trade encourages spread of zoonotic diseases in Southeast Asia. May 21, 2020 680
Duque clarifies: PH now in 'first major wave' of sustained transmission. May 21, 2020 310
Duque: PH in 'first major wave of sustained COVID-19 transmission'. May 21, 2020 462
Eating together apart: Restaurants reopen as COVID-19 lockdowns ease. Compiled by Christian Borbon, Digital Content Editor May 19, 2020 586
Where to worry about catching Covid-19, and where not to. Faye Flam May 18, 2020 1077
Go files bill mandating PNP, AFP to assist DOH in contact-tracing. May 18, 2020 758
Villar seeks stricter implementation of NIPAS to protect biodiversity, stop spread of diseases. May 18, 2020 511
Mobile phone surfaces transmit coronavirus, says Dubai Police official. Ali Al Shouk, Senior Reporter May 17, 2020 494
Mobile phones transmit coronavirus, says Dubai Police official. Ali Al Shouk, Senior Reporter May 17, 2020 494
Talking could spread coronavirus as droplets linger for 14 minutes, study finds; Scientists used a highly sensitive laser light to demonstrate how loud speech can emit thousands of airborne droplets per second and lead to a new coronavirus infection if inhaled. By, Chris Kitching Report May 16, 2020 428
COVID-19 transmission rate slows down in Muntinlupa. May 15, 2020 347
Dengue. ARSLAN KHAN - Rawalpindi May 15, 2020 216
COVID-19 in Correctional and Detention Facilities--United States, February-April 2020. Wallace, Megan; Hagan, Liesl; Curran, Kathryn G.; Williams, Samantha P.; Handanagic, Senad; Bjork, A May 15, 2020 2365
Coronavirus local lockdown fears as north east 'R' infection rate is double London's; A model suggests the transmission rate is 0.8 in the north east and Yorkshire but 0.4 in London -as the government confirms it could order local shutdowns of schools or workplaces to stop a second spike. By, Dan Bloom May 14, 2020 457
COVID-19: Enugu PHCDA Working To Prevent Community Transmission. May 14, 2020 737
Exact day when UK will see zero coronavirus deaths has been predicted by experts; The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), an independent part of the University of Washington, builds statistical models of how the disease spreads, and factors in the current rate of decline in cases. By, Qasim Peracha May 14, 2020 541
PHCC urges residents to follow vaccination schedule of children. May 14, 2020 469
Effective contact tracing key to Qatar's COVID-19 response, says MoPH. May 14, 2020 780
Daily increase in COVID-19 cases doubles. May 13, 2020 643
What we still don't know about coronavirus origins. Jason Gale, Robert Langreth and John Lauerman May 13, 2020 1276
Despite easing lockdown, PH yet to control COVID-19 transmission. May 12, 2020 589
Pesky mosquito gets a taste of its own medicine. May 12, 2020 1984
COVID-19: Provost educates host community on preventive measures. May 12, 2020 600
COVID-19 local transmission is not yet under control --- DOH. May 12, 2020 547
DOH reminds public to be 'vigilant' against risk of COVID-19 transmission. May 12, 2020 432
Marikina records slowest COVID-19 transmission rate among NCR cities. May 10, 2020 450
South Korea reports 34 new coronavirus cases, highest in a month. May 10, 2020 490
Asda staff accuse two carers of 'spreading disease' after they visited store in uniform; Colleagues Mary Gibson and Lisa Willott had visited the Wolstanton store at the end of a demanding 14-hour shift for a 'quick sandwich' but were left feeling 'ashamed'. By, Stephen Delahunty May 10, 2020 386
COVID-19: FG Should Create Testing Centres In 109 Senatorial Districts Nationwide - Commissioner. May 10, 2020 745
Livestock dept, BAFRA prepare to combat African swine fever. May 9, 2020 860
Rats are infecting humans with new strain of hepatitis -and scientists are 'baffled'; A total of 11 people in Hong Kong have been infected with a strain of hepatitis E which was thought to only affect rats -leaving scientists stumped as to how the illness is jumping to humans. By, Anna MacSwan May 9, 2020 429
What data does the NHS coronavirus app collect about me -and will it work? The app has raised concerns about privacy -and about how effective it will be at tracing the spread of the disease. Here's everything you need to know; The app has raised concerns about privacy -and about how effective it will be at tracing the spread of the disease. Here's everything you need to know. By, Mikey Smith May 9, 2020 1540
Another rabies case reported within three days. May 9, 2020 382
Coronavirus: Jordan reports 21 new COVID-19 infections days after restrictions eased. Khitam Al Amir, Senior Staff Writer May 8, 2020 415
Forget aviation, it spreads diseases. May 8, 2020 216
Coronavirus Spreading Through Men's Semen, Remote a Experts. May 8, 2020 631
Coronavirus could be transmitted through semen - Study. May 8, 2020 460
COVID-19 Among Workers in Meat and Poultry Processing Facilities--19 States, April 2020. May 8, 2020 3702
Qureshi appreciates effective measures being taken by Oman to control spread of coronavirus disease. May 6, 2020 299
To address fears of prisoners from COVID-19 and minimize risk of transmission, UNODC donates medical supplies to Ethiopia's prisons. May 6, 2020 468
FCET Umunze Provost Sensitises Host Community On Coronavirus, Donates Relief Materials, Face Masks. May 6, 2020 548
Link Between Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases And Infertility. May 6, 2020 769
COVID-19: Easing Lockdown 'Ll Not Provide Herd Immunity- Expert. May 5, 2020 508
COVID-19 and quarantine orders: A practical approach. Botes, W.M.; Thaldar, D.W. May 5, 2020 3566
Intensive farming practices 'help bugs to spread'. NILIMA MARSHALL PA science reporter May 5, 2020 434
Cerus reports Q1 EPS (10c), consensus (10c). Financial report May 5, 2020 189
COVID-19: What it takes to move from lockdowns. Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editior May 4, 2020 1132
Protect nature, leave animals alone to prevent pandemics. Tudor Alexis May 4, 2020 821
Coronavirus: Danger as rural dwellers pose fresh threat. May 3, 2020 4769
ON BRINK OF A CRISIS; IRISH AID WORKER HELPS BATTLE KILLER CORONAVIRUS IN ETHIOPIAFormer nurse Mary tells of leading role in preventing spread of disease among thousands in refugee camps. May 3, 2020 964
Will warm weather slow coronavirus? John M. Barry, New York Times May 2, 2020 1172
Climate action, cooperation help prevent spread of infectious diseases. May 1, 2020 1139
Equinor case study: What the industry can learn. May 1, 2020 1356
Spillover: Most of the world's recent pandemics originated from animals; researchers are deploying disease modelling and animal surveys to identify new hotspots. Disease/Disorder overview May 1, 2020 765
Fighting COVID-19: One Radiology Department's Experience. Mamlouk, Mark D.; McCormick, Craig M.; Jun, Peter; Tang, James C.; Kim, Brian S.; Shen, Peter Y.; Ba May 1, 2020 2101
Measuring the Impact of Mobility Restrictions on Virus Transmission. Scherer, Lauri May 1, 2020 558
Preliminary Incidence and Trends of Infections with Pathogens Transmitted Commonly Through Food--Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network, 10 U.S. Sites, 2016-2019. Tack, Danielle M.; Ray, Logan; Griffin, Patricia M.; Cieslak, Paul R.; Dunn, John; Rissman, Tamara; May 1, 2020 2995
Interventional radiology and COVID-19: evidence-based measures to limit transmission. Chandy, Poornima Elizabeth; Nasir, Muhammad Umer; Srinivasan, Sivasubramanian; Klass, Darren; Nicola May 1, 2020 4398
Do No Harm: Plastics are playing a major role in giving healthcare professionals the tools and capabilities they need to battle the COVID pandemic. Romeo, Jim May 1, 2020 2264
Assay addresses Mgenitalium diagnostic abilities. Gaydos, Charlotte Report May 1, 2020 5437
Food Safety and Invasive Cronobacter Infections during Early Infancy, 1961-2018. Strysko, Jonathan; Cope, Jennifer R.; Martin, Haley; Tarr, Cheryl; Hise, Kelley; Collier, Sarah; Bow May 1, 2020 6335
Possible Transmission Mechanisms of Mixed Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection in High HIV Prevalence Country, Botswana. Baik, Yeonsoo; Modongo, Chawangwa; Moonan, Patrick K.; Click, Eleanor S.; Tobias, James L.; Boyd, Ro May 1, 2020 4085
Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings--Social Distancing Measures. Fong, Min W.; Gao, Huizhi; Wong, Jessica Y.; Xiao, Jingyi; Shiu, Eunice Y.C.; Ryu, Sukhyun; Cowling, May 1, 2020 6351
Candidatus Rickettsia xinyangensis as Cause of Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiosis, Xinyang, China, 2015. Li, Hao; Li, Xiao-Mei; Du, Juan; Zhang, Xiao-Ai; Cui, Ning; Yang, Zhen-Dong; Xue, Xiao-Jia; Zhang, P May 1, 2020 2350
Women's Awareness and Healthcare Provider Discussions about Zika Virus during Pregnancy, United States, 2016-2017. Williams, Letitia; D'Angelo, Denise V.; Bauman, Brenda; Dieke, Ada C.; Ellington, Sascha R.; Shapiro May 1, 2020 3235
A Neighbor-Based Approach to Identify Tuberculosis Exposure, the Kopanyo Study. Moonan, Patrick K.; Zetola, Nicola M.; Tobias, James L.; Basotli, Joyce; Boyd, Rosanna; Click, Elean Disease/Disorder overview May 1, 2020 2849
Zika Inquiries Made to the CDC-INFO System, December 2015-September 2017. Sell, Tara Kirk; Watson, Crystal; Meyer, Diane; Snyder, Michael R.; Ravi, Sanjana J.; McGinty, Emma May 1, 2020 1422
Novel Ehrlichia Strain Infecting Cattle Tick Amblyomma neumanni, Argentina, 2018. Fargnoli, Lucia; Fernandez, Camilo; Monje, Lucas D. May 1, 2020 1522
Case of Babesia crassa-Like Infection, Slovenia, 2014. Strasek-Smrdel, Katja; Korva, Misa; Pal, Emil; Rajter, Mojca; Skvarc, Miha; Avsic-Zupanc, Tatjana May 1, 2020 1294
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11 injured after bitten by stray dogs, lack of rabies vaccine create problems. Apr 30, 2020 242
Paediatric respiratory isolation: A challenge for a secondary care hospital! A service innovation project. Mohammad, Nadia; Mohammad, Shireen; Sohaila, Arjumand; Yousuf, Syed Mohammad; Vash, Pawan; Khan, Adn Report Apr 30, 2020 3889
Scots face up to new normal; Sturgeon asks the country to cover up in enclosed public places to help stop the spread of deadly disease. VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Apr 29, 2020 565
Blaze might be dying down but fire is still lethal. COMMENT BY JACKIE HYLAND Consultant in Health Protection at the Public Health Agency Apr 28, 2020 623
Doctors urge authorities to tighten lockdown to curb local transmission of virus. Apr 28, 2020 254
COVID- 19: domestic transmissions account for 74.78% of total infections (ministry). Apr 28, 2020 193
Deforestation may drive animal-to-human infections: Study. Report Apr 27, 2020 312
Year-round heartworm prevention critical to your pet's health. Diana Stoll On Pets Apr 27, 2020 661
CACOVID To Train Primary Health Workers To Curb Community Transmission. Apr 26, 2020 360
Herd immunity without a vaccine is nonsense. Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz Apr 26, 2020 882
Ebonyi govt. fumigates abattoirs, animal markets against COVID-19, other diseases. Apr 26, 2020 350
Why schools can't open until June 1 -and they will have to look very different; Schools were closed to help stop the spread of the disease but with parents having to care for children at home is putting a big strain on the economy. While teachers and other staff are worried they will be put at risk if schools reopen. By, Nicola Bartlett Apr 25, 2020 1527
Deputy health minister: Coronavirus infection still spreading in Azerbaijan. Apr 25, 2020 245
Risk of COVID-19 transmission in community still high. Apr 24, 2020 505
REVEALED: How the US intervened to save Ghana from Ebola under Mahama. Apr 24, 2020 999
What COVID-19 does to your body? Apr 24, 2020 1058
Beating Covid-19 needs faith leaders to bridge religion and science gap. Apr 24, 2020 1110
79pc infections in Pakistan caused by local transmission. Ikram Junaidi Apr 24, 2020 545
Infections spread, 7 more dead. Apr 24, 2020 1238
What COVID-19 does to your body? Apr 23, 2020 1056
We can't afford another Zoonotic disease now -National Park CG. Apr 23, 2020 469
Show our nurses respect; CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 Health workers accused of spreading the disease. KATHRYN ANDERSON Apr 22, 2020 499
Infection spreads faster as activity increases. Apr 22, 2020 990
Vets demand 'essential service' permits. Apr 22, 2020 527
Ha Noi should extend social distancing for another week: COVID-19 prevention committee. Apr 22, 2020 585
An All-Hazards Approach to Pandemic COVID-19: Clarifying Pathogen Transmission Pathways Toward the Public Health Response. Eddy, Christopher; Schuster, Richard; Sase, Eriko Guest commentary Apr 22, 2020 6098
Pandemic linked to destruction of wildlife. Apr 21, 2020 1100
The World cannot afford another Zoonotic disease now - National Park CG. Apr 21, 2020 513
Local transmission becomes dominant factor in COVID-19 spread: Mirza. Apr 21, 2020 393
Children not coronavirus 'super spreaders' as boy, 9, passed it to none of 172 contacts; A new study found that a nine-year-old boy who contracted COVID-19 in France did not pass the virus on, despite being in contact with more than 170 people. By, Shivali Best Apr 21, 2020 400
Do you need to clean food and packaging after you come back from a supermarket? The UK government has issued advice for the public relating to the transmission of the potentially deadly bug on food -it includes guidance on if takeaway orders are considered safe; The UK government has issued advice for the public relating to the transmission of the potentially deadly bug on food -it includes guidance on if takeaway orders are considered safe. By, Neil Shaw Apr 20, 2020 606
Testing kits drawback for Kenya. Apr 20, 2020 460
Coronavirus FAQS for pet owners. Apr 20, 2020 1307
Covid-19 provides a lifeline to wildlife conservation. Apr 20, 2020 1080
Nada Farhoud: 'The rise in bushmeat in Britain could lead to pandemic in future'; Experts have warned that the bushmeat trade could result in more zoonotic diseases being transmitted to humans. By, Nada Farhoud Apr 19, 2020 404
In My 31 Years Of Medical Practice, I Have Never Seen An Infection Spreading On A Scale Like This -UCH CMD. Apr 18, 2020 2852
Hantavirus. Zara Habib - Rawalpindi Apr 18, 2020 226
COVID-19 impact study: Losses may hit P2.5 trillion; ease economic restrictions. Apr 17, 2020 873
Timing of Community Mitigation and Changes in Reported COVID-19 and Community Mobility--Four U.S. Metropolitan Areas, February 26-April 1, 2020. Lasry, Arielle; Kidder, Daniel; Hast, Marisa; Poovey, Jason; Sunshine, Gregory; Winglee, Kathryn; Zv Apr 17, 2020 3429
Geographic Differences in COVID-19 Cases, Deaths, and Incidence--United States, February 12-April 7, 2020. Apr 17, 2020 3799
The pandemic deepens sectarian divide in Middle East. Apr 16, 2020 762
COVID-19: Can air-conditioning systems aid in spreading coronavirus? Dona Cherian, Senior News Editor Apr 16, 2020 973
All pain, no gain. Apr 16, 2020 1450
Olive trees safe so far from deadly pathogen spreading over Med. Annette Chrysostomou Apr 15, 2020 362
Africa lacks the capacity to handle virus outbreak. Dr. Azeem Ibrahim Apr 15, 2020 827
COVID-19: UAE coronavirus genome sequencing, what you should know. Shyam A. Krishna, Senior Associate Editor Apr 15, 2020 720
Do Mosquitoes and Ticks Transmit COVID-19? The National Pest Management Association Says No. Apr 15, 2020 448
Health security. Usama Malik Apr 15, 2020 792

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