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Kyrgyzstan wants to keep veterinary control on border with Kazakhstan fearing spread of infections. May 16, 2019 141
Pet owners receive warning as dangerous dog disease spreads through the country. May 14, 2019 585
Why globalisation has helped diseases spread; How humans interact with the changing environment is affecting the spread of infectious disease, as researchers Konstans Wells and Nicholas J Clark explain. May 13, 2019 821
Deadly dog disease spreads - warning to Coventry and Warwickshire owners; Previously the county was considered safe - but not anymore. May 12, 2019 669
Procurement Of Transmission Assembly Applicable For Cat 14m Motor Grader. May 11, 2019 141
Woman dies of rabies after rescuing puppy. May 10, 2019 307
How kissing can spread gonorrhoea. May 10, 2019 791
Stray dogs. May 10, 2019 155
Over 25,000 stray dogs shot in Kyrgyzstan annually. May 8, 2019 152
Treatment prevents sexual HIV transmission among gay men. May 7, 2019 358
Sex Education. May 6, 2019 566
Crackdown On Measles: Fines May Be Imposed On Anti-Vaxxers In Germany. May 6, 2019 586
Supply Of Reagents For The Diagnosis Of Sexually Transmitted Infections Carried Out In The Molecular Biology Department Of The Regional Hospital Center Of Orlans Mapa 2019-28. May 2, 2019 162
WCM-Q Grand Rounds discusses food poisoning causes, treatment. Medical condition overview May 2, 2019 346
WCM-Q Grand Rounds Discusses Food Poisoning. Medical condition overview May 2, 2019 597
POO-LITE REQUEST; HSE urges hand washing after toilet to cut spread of illnesses. May 2, 2019 168
Handwashing, personal care crucial in preventing food poisoning. Medical condition overview May 1, 2019 446
Curcumin ameliorates dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis in mice via regulation of autophagy and intestinal immunity. Yue, Wenjie; Liu, Yi; Li, Xiang; Lv, Liyuan; Huang, Jianping; Liu, Jie Report May 1, 2019 3834
Tuberculosis transmission in a hospitalised neonate: Need for optimised tuberculosis screening of pregnant and postpartum women. Zenhausern, J.; Bekker, A.; Wates, M.A.; Schaaf, H.S.; Dramowski, A. Report May 1, 2019 3642
Hepatitis A seroprevalence in Western Cape Province, South Africa: Are we in epidemiological transition? Enoch, A.; Hardie, D.R.; Hussey, G.D.; Kagina, B.M. May 1, 2019 4341
Immunisation after hepatitis B polyvalent vaccination among children in South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Shindano, T.A.; Mbusa, R.K.; Kabamba, B.M.; Fiasse, R.; Horsmans, Y. Report May 1, 2019 3846
Will global warming undo the hard-won gains of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV? Chersich, Matthew Report May 1, 2019 1658
Why is malaria on the rise again? Apr 27, 2019 841
Ignorance spreads like a disease; COMMENT 2nd floor, 9A Beckett Way, Park West Industrial Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, Apr 26, 2019 218
Malaria cases on the rise, communities must take charge. Apr 26, 2019 600
Kissing Bug Confirmed In Kent County, Delaware. Apr 25, 2019 550
Animal rescue. Apr 25, 2019 284
Singapore : A Faster and More Accurate Diagnostic Test for Mosquito-borne Diseases in the Works. Apr 25, 2019 376
Global Norovirus Treatment Market Prime Economies Expected to Deliver Major Growth until 2026. Apr 24, 2019 807
BHK Rabies Vaccine Market Insights, Trends & Future Development Status Recorded during 2018-2026. Apr 22, 2019 820
BHK Rabies Vaccine Market Offered in New Research Forecasted through 2026. Apr 22, 2019 835
United States : Quest Diagnostics Launches New Consumer-Initiated STD Tests Through QuestDirect. Apr 20, 2019 823
Study warns of measles outbreak. Report Apr 19, 2019 522
Avian influenza transmission at the animal-human interface in Bangladesh. Apr 17, 2019 334
For its health and yours, keep the cat indoors. Apr 17, 2019 474
For its health and yours, keep the cat indoors. Apr 16, 2019 451
Mosquito-borne diseases set to flourish as climate gets warmer. Apr 15, 2019 757
Petting zoos may transmit highly virulent pathogens to vistors, finds study. Apr 14, 2019 489
CM directs war footing measures to contain leishmaniasis in South Waziristan. Apr 12, 2019 267
CM directs war footing measures to contain leishmaniasis in South Waziristan. Apr 12, 2019 309
CM directs war-footing measures to contain leishmaniasis in S Waziristan. Apr 12, 2019 301
Rabies vaccine. Apr 11, 2019 316
How measles spread and other frequently asked questions about the disease. Apr 10, 2019 1607
Concerns over swine fever outbreak. Apr 9, 2019 774
Animal care shelters. Apr 8, 2019 288
First death in UK of new killer dog disease leishmaniosis that can infect humans; Leishmaniasis is a tropical disease caused by a parasite spread through the bite of infected female sand flies. Apr 6, 2019 961
Pakistan : Health Minister Visits Islamabad International Airport To Review Arrangements To Control Cross Border Diseases Transmission. Apr 5, 2019 385
Philippines : Rabies vaccination, massive in CDO. Apr 5, 2019 617
Repairing Of Transmission Pump Of Cat 992c Loader Sl. No. 49z01979 (l1) Of Piparwar Project Of Pipa. Apr 5, 2019 142
NHS minister reviews cross-border disease transmission arrangements at IIA. Apr 5, 2019 479
Impact of Existing and Emerging Auto Disable Syringes Market Trends And Forecast 2018 to 2028. Apr 3, 2019 1364
Georgia : Georgia horse tests positive for Eastern equine encephalitis. Apr 1, 2019 580
Measles--coming soon to a playground near you? A measles outbreak in Christchurch serves as a reminder of the dangers of this serious viral illness. Casey, Georgina Apr 1, 2019 696
Pre-exposure prophylaxis for the prevention of HIV infection: Ready for prime time: For prophylaxis to be effective, we must screen asymptomatic individuals during routine health encounters. Duff, Patrick Apr 1, 2019 1121
The Impact of Hand Hygiene On School Absenteeism: Diversey researchers put a number on the high costs of missing school and offer a solution to reduce missed school days. Teska, Peter; Gauthier, Jim Apr 1, 2019 1698
Sharps Injuries in a Tertiary-Care Eye Hospital Between 2006 and 2018/Bir Ucuncu Basamak Goz Hastanesinde 2006-2018 Arasindaki Kesici ve Delici Alet Yaralanmalari. Satilmis, Ozgur; Sahin, M. Nursu Apr 1, 2019 2648
Seroprevalence of Measles, Rubella, Mumps and Varicella in Health Care Workers/Saglik Personelinde Kizamik, Kizamikcik, Kabakulak ve Sucicegi Seroprevalansinin Degerlendirilmesi. Sengoz, Mihriban; Piskin, Nihal; Aydemir, Hande; Kokturk, Furuzan; Tekin, Ishak Ozel; Celebi, Guven; Apr 1, 2019 3120
Two Cases of Zika Virus Disease Diagnosed After Traveling to Cuba/Kuba Seyahati Sonrasi Zika Virusu Hastaligi Tanisi Alan Iki Olgu. Simsek, Sumeyra; Mistik, Resit; Menemenlioglu, Dilek; Kazak, Esra Apr 1, 2019 1802
A Case of Urethritis Caused by Cefuroxime-Resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae/Sefuroksime Direncli Neisseria gonorrhoeae'ye Bagli Bir Uretrit Olgusu. Akgun-Karapinar, Bahar; Sarsar, Kutay; Erdem, Fatma; Aydin, Derya Apr 1, 2019 1858
Framework Agreement On Surveillance, Prevention, Control And Eradication Of Animal Diseases, Animal Transmissible Diseases, Animal Protection And Environmental Protection, Identification And Registration Of Bovine, Porcine, Ovine, Caprine And Equine Speci. Mar 31, 2019 159
Shortage in vaccines may swell rabies cases. Mar 31, 2019 521
Dengue outbreak: 93 new cases reported in Balochistan's Kech. Mar 31, 2019 422
Antimicrobial Resistance. Radke, Vince Mar 29, 2019 805
Killer mosquitoes are heading to UK. Mar 29, 2019 115
Killer mosquitoes in Britain within 10 yrs. Mar 29, 2019 247
UK fears over bugs as climate warms up; disease carriers may spread. Mar 29, 2019 215
Providing Materials For Oral Prevention, Sexually Transmitted Infections (stis) And The Provision Of Teaching Materials. Lot 4: Female Condoms And Ist Educational Material. Mar 27, 2019 190
Dirty, sickening water spreads disease in three counties. Mar 26, 2019 4087
Tips for avoiding ticks and removing ticks from dogs as Lyme disease spreading bugs are on the rise; Ticks carry a nasty bite which can spread Lyme Disease, an illness which causes lameness and fatigue in dogs. Mar 25, 2019 702
Periodic Supplies Of Honey. Devices For Diagnosis Of Each Unit Donated Blood For Transmissible Infections - Aids, Viral Hepatitis B And C And Syphilis, For The Needs Of The Ctt For 2019 For 4 Detached Positions. Mar 25, 2019 425
Providing Materials For Oral Prevention, Sexually Transmitted Infections (stis) And The Provision Of Teaching Materials.lot 4: Female Condoms And Teaching Materials Ist Reference Number: 20199300045. Mar 25, 2019 187
Rapid rise in people with sexually transmitted diseases as thousands more being tested; Figures show the number of people seeking checks has risen by more than 50 per cent in four years with chlamydia and genital warts the most common problems. Mar 24, 2019 313
Leishmaniasis outbreak in KP, entomologists blames climate change for increase in vector borne diseases. Mar 23, 2019 670
Bovine TB: The silent threat on your cattle farm. Mar 22, 2019 984
Vital Signs: HIV Transmission Along the Continuum of Care--United States, 2016. Li, Zihao; Purcell, David W.; Sansom, Stephanie L.; Hayes, Demorah; Hall, H. Irene Mar 22, 2019 3541
BHK Rabies Vaccine Market Excessive Growth Opportunities Estimated to be Experienced 2018 to 2026. Mar 20, 2019 1128
BHK Rabies Vaccine Market to Witness Steady Expansion During 2018 to 2026. Mar 20, 2019 1103
Kerala boy, 6, dies after being diagnosed with rare disease. Mar 18, 2019 317
West Pokot celebrates reduced HIV transmission. Mar 18, 2019 420
BHK Rabies Vaccine Market Key Players, Growth, Analysis, 2018 to 2026. Mar 15, 2019 1130
BHK Rabies Vaccine Market In-Depth Globally Research Report 2018 to 2026. Mar 15, 2019 1145
BHK Rabies Vaccine Market Growth, Demand and Key Players to 2026 by Fact.MR. Mar 15, 2019 1103
Mosquito-Borne Diseases Treatment Market Showcases Positive Demand for Major Product Categories duri. Mar 15, 2019 880
Remarkable Transition of Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 Infection Patterns in the United States. Mar 12, 2019 559
United States : Tester Working to Combat the Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease With Legislation. Mar 8, 2019 385
Canada : Rabies confirmed in Taloyoak. Mar 7, 2019 189
To Catch Strey Dogs And Give Anti Rabies Injection In Bhiwandi City For The Year 2018-19. Mar 7, 2019 139
Diabetes registry to track spread of disease in Dubai. Mar 7, 2019 513
Auto Disable Syringes Market Detailed Analytical Overview by 2028. Mar 6, 2019 1364
Japan : Eisai Enters Into Agreement to Support International Ngo Association for Aid and Relief, Japans Activities in Sudan. Mar 5, 2019 488
Vietnam Says 'Drastic Measures' Needed to Fight Spread of African Swine Fever. Brief article Mar 5, 2019 356
How To Tackle Coccidiosis In Chickens. Mar 5, 2019 1275
DOH tells pet owners: Be responsible, vaccinate pets. Mar 5, 2019 210
State sprays cattle to eradicate diseases caused by tsetse fl ies. Mar 4, 2019 406
DOH: Dengue claims 5 in Bicol. Mar 4, 2019 248
How to Prevent Spread of Infectious Diseases in the Workplace. Mar 4, 2019 503
United States : Eisai enters Agreement to support International Governmental Organization Association for Aid and Relief. Mar 4, 2019 516
Rabies-free city remains a major challenge, says researcher. Mar 3, 2019 367
Correctional Health Care Services: Mental Health, Infectious Disease, Dental Care, Addiction Treatment. Book review Mar 1, 2019 127
Duo Use for Vaccine: It serves as treatment, too. Mar 1, 2019 156
Govt urged to market local remedy for leishmaniasis. Mar 1, 2019 697
Former intelligence officer confesses: 'WE DELIBERATELY SPREAD AIDS IN SOUTH AFRICA'. Ankomah, Baffour Cover story Mar 1, 2019 1914
How Aids became an 'epidemic' in Africa. Mar 1, 2019 2309
Something more sinister? Geer, Ben Excerpt Mar 1, 2019 1182
Novel Molecular Signatures of Chikungunya Virus in Puerto Rico. Lopez, Pablo; De Jesus, Omayra; Garcia-Justiniano, Jetsimary; Rivera-Amill, Vanessa Mar 1, 2019 4130
Mortality rate in patients on methadone treatment and infected with the human immunodeficiency virus and/or the hepatitis C virus/Mortalidad entre los pacientes en tratamiento con metadona e infectados con el virus de la inmunodeficiencia humana y/o hepatitis C. Lozano, Roberto; Domeque, Nieves; Peralvarez, Concepcion; Torrellas, Maria-Dolores; Gonzalo, Cielos Mar 1, 2019 1246
P>Leishmania infantum'un Etken Oldugu Bir Kutanoz Leishmaniasis Olgusu/A Case of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Caused by Leishmania infantum. Sirekbasan, Serhat; Polat, Erdal; Kutlubay, Zekayi; Engin, Burhan Case study Mar 1, 2019 1654
A Spatio-temporal mapping of malaria risk zones integrating Annual Parasite Index and Geographic Information System in Vadodara District, Gujarat (India). Bhatt, Bindu; Joshi, Janak P Mar 1, 2019 3561
Case Investigations of Infectious Diseases Occurring in Workplaces, United States, 2006-2015. Su, Chia-Ping; de Perio, Marie A.; Cummings, Kristin J.; McCague, Anna- Binney; Luckhaupt, Sara E.; Mar 1, 2019 6130
Donor-Derived Genotype 4 Hepatitis E Virus Infection, Hong Kong, China, 2018. Sridhar, Siddharth; Cheng, Vincent C.C.; Wong, Shuk-Ching; Yip, Cyril C.Y.; Wu, Shusheng; Lo, Anthon Mar 1, 2019 5883
Rectal Lymphogranuloma Venereum, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lopez, Laura Svidler; La Rosa, Luciana; Entrocassi, Andrea Carolina; Caffarena, Dolores; Santos, Bri Mar 1, 2019 1416
schistosomiasis: [shis"-, skis" to-so-mi'e-sis], from the Greek-skhistos (split) and soma (body). Report Mar 1, 2019 164
Distribution and Seasonality of Horizontally Transmitted Dengue Viruses in Aedes Mosquitoes in a Metropolitan City Lahore, Pakistan. Report Feb 28, 2019 3974
Belgium : Zoonoses: antimicrobial resistance shows no signs of slowing down. Feb 28, 2019 460
Italy : Antimicrobial resistance shows no signs of slowing down. Feb 28, 2019 459
Legionnaires' Disease at a Hotel in Missouri, 2015: The Importance of Environmental Health Expertise in Understanding Water Systems. Ahmed, Sana S.; Hunter, Candis M.; Mercante, Jeffrey W.; Turabelidze, George; Kunz, Jasen; Cooler, L Feb 27, 2019 3590
Eisai Enters Into Agreement to Support International Ngo Association for Aid and Relief, Japan's Activities in Sudan. Feb 27, 2019 1072
Timely interventions could help Parkinson's disease patients lead normal life. Feb 26, 2019 595
Ministry attempts to calm stampede for rabies vaccinations. Feb 25, 2019 589
EPIDEMIOLOGICAL PROFILE OF LEPROSY CASES ATTENDING TERTIARY CARE HOSPITAL IN VISAKHAPATNAM. Kumar, G. Ajay; Rani, M. Sailaja; Gowthami, I. Sree; Balachandrudu, B.; Dhanyasree, S.; Hanusha, K.; Report Feb 25, 2019 2342
BHK Rabies Vaccine Market Region Analysis by 2028. Feb 22, 2019 676
Dagupan targets to vaccinate 12,000 cats, dogs. Feb 22, 2019 306
BHK Rabies Vaccine Market Segmentation Analysis by 2028. Feb 21, 2019 730
BHK Rabies Vaccine Market Competition Analysis by 2028. Feb 21, 2019 729
Leishmaniasis disease outbreaks in KP. Feb 20, 2019 168
The Congo is already in a humanitarian crisis.. Ebola is now another layer to it; Aid workers fear deadly disease could spread in war-torn region. Feb 20, 2019 521
Mandera to spray houses in malaria control drive. Feb 19, 2019 346
Cordon fences maintenance key to animal disease control. Feb 17, 2019 251
Supply Of Vetpreparaty (extrabudget). Feb 16, 2019 115
Svay Rieng girl dies after contracting rabies. Feb 15, 2019 633
Use of disposables can reduce incidence of spreading deadly diseases - Dr. Farzana Memon. Feb 15, 2019 365
2 human, 24 animal bite cases listed in Zambo. Feb 14, 2019 221
Mayor declares dengue outbreak in Biliran town. Feb 13, 2019 289
Brexit vexing; Pet talk; Fear over pet passports. Feb 10, 2019 478
Brit pet owners face no-deal Brexit travel disruption; UK pet passports may no longer be valid for EU travel post-Brexit. Feb 9, 2019 512
Grifols wins US FDA's approval for Procleix Babesia Assay for screening of the Babesia parasite in donated blood. Feb 8, 2019 307
Grifols wins US FDA's approval for Procleix Babesia Assay for screening of the Babesia parasite in donated blood. Feb 8, 2019 303
Why notorious form of super-resistant gonorrhoea could be on its way to Liverpool; The city has seen a huge rise in the number of sexually transmitted infections. Feb 7, 2019 581
Researchers find new treatment for Chlamydia. Feb 6, 2019 418
Ecology of insecticide resistant vectors: consequences for the effectiveness of malaria control strategies. Feb 4, 2019 475
Dog bites. Feb 4, 2019 219
Pet passports won't work if there's a No Deal Brexit; This is because the UK would legally become an 'unlisted third country'. Feb 3, 2019 602
Citizen scientists and Mosquito APP. Feb 3, 2019 331
Is Leprosy Contagious? Feb 2, 2019 250
Indonesia : KLHK Welcomes the Three Guidelines to Face New Infectious Diseases and Zoonoses. Feb 2, 2019 696
Services In The Field Of Health Care Different (services For Carrying Out Preventive Research On Carrier Of Intestinal Infections Of The Budgetary Sphere Of Melitopol District). Feb 2, 2019 106
Vaccination and adolescent knowledge: health education and disease prevention. Viegas, Selma Maria da Fonseca; Sampaio, Fabiana de Castro; de Oliveira, Patricia Peres; Lanza, Fern Feb 1, 2019 5936
Clinical Characteristics of Ratborne Seoul Hantavirus Disease. Clement, Jan; LeDuc, James W.; McElhinney, Lorraine M.; Reynes, Jean-Marc; Van Ranst, Marc; Calisher Feb 1, 2019 1364
Success brings new challenges in circumcision campaign. Millard, Peter S.; Goldstuck, Norman Report Feb 1, 2019 744
Atypical presentation of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever: Lessons learned. Kruger, H.J.; de Wet, R.; Blumberg, L.H.; Weyer, J.; Lemke, F.G. Report Feb 1, 2019 3665
Ebola Virus Infection Associated with Transmission from Survivors. Boon, Saskia Den; Marston, Barbara J.; Nyenswah, Tolbert G.; Jambai, Amara; Barry, Moumie; Keita, Sa Feb 1, 2019 5306
Zika Virus Epidemic in Pregnant Women, Dominican Republic, 2016-2017. Pena, Farah; Pimentel, Raquel; Khosla, Shaveta; Mehta, Supriya D.; Brito, Maximo O. Report Feb 1, 2019 6968
Cumulative Incidence of West Nile Virus Infection, Continental United States, 1999-2016. Ronca, Shannon E.; Murray, Kristy O.; Nolan, Melissa S. Feb 1, 2019 1947
Lyme Disease Emergence after Invasion of the Blacklegged Tick, Ixodes scapularis, Ontario, Canada, 2010-2016. Kulkarni, Manisha A.; Narula, Isha; Slatculescu, Andreea M.; Russell, Curtis Feb 1, 2019 2494
Vector Competence of Aedes caspius and Ae. albopictus Mosquitoes for Zika Virus, Spain. Gutierrez-Lopez, Rafael; Bialosuknia, Sean M.; Ciota, Alexander T.; Montalvo, Tomas; Martinez-de la Feb 1, 2019 2475
Submicroscopic Malaria in Migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa, Spain. Pousibet-Puerto, Joaquin; Cabezas-Fernandez, Ma. Teresa; Lozano-Serrano, Ana B.; Vazquez-Villegas, J Report Feb 1, 2019 2506
Identification of Leishmania Species in Naturally Infected Sand Flies from Refugee Camps, Greece. Fotakis, Emmanouil A.; Giantsis, Ioannis A.; Avgerinou, Aimilia; Kourtidis, Sofoklis; Agathaggelidou Feb 1, 2019 2434
West Nile Virus Infection in Travelers Returning to United Kingdom from South Africa. Parkash, Vivak; Woods, Kate; Kafetzopoulou, Liana; Osborne, Jane; Aarons, Emma; Cartwright, Katharin Feb 1, 2019 1828
East/Central/South African Genotype in a Chikungunya Outbreak, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2017. Rahman, Mizanur; Yamagishi, Junya; Rahim, Rummana; Hasan, Abu; Sobhan, Abu Feb 1, 2019 1297
Little Evidence of Zika Virus Infection in Wild Long-Tailed Macaques, Peninsular Malaysia. Chua, Chong Long; Chan, Yoke Fun; Andu, Eva S.G. Soh; Rovie-Ryan, Jeffrine J.; Sitam, Frankie Thomas Feb 1, 2019 1676
Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Virus in Dogs, South Korea. Kang, Jun-Gu; Cho, Yoon-Kyoung; Jo, Young-Sun; Chae, Jeong-Byoung; Joo, Young- Hoon; Park, Kyoung-Wa Report Feb 1, 2019 1485
Fiji records 69 cases of leptospirosis, 4 deaths. Jan 31, 2019 302
Typhoid spreading due to contaminated water, SA told. Jan 31, 2019 610
Can you be too clean for your own good? Jan 29, 2019 661
Supply Of Reagents And Materials Necessary For The Detection Of Microorganisms That Cause Sexually Transmitted Infections And Gastrointestinal Toxiinfections In The Hub For The Osi Bilbao-basurto. Jan 28, 2019 121
Legislation would change STD criminal statutes. Jan 23, 2019 558
Provision Of Rapid Testing For Sexually Transmitted Infections. Jan 19, 2019 117
An Epidemic of DENIAL. Orient, Jane M. Jan 1, 2019 784
Myriad manifestations of dengue fever: Analysis in retrospect. Agrawal, Prabhat; Gautam, Ashish; Jose, Roshmy; Farooqui, Maaz; Doneria, Jitendra Report Jan 1, 2019 1833
Lamivudine's efficacy and safety in preventing mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B: A meta-analysis. Khalighinejad, Pooyan; Alavian, Seyed Moayed; Fesharaki, Mohammad Gholami; Jalilianhasanpour, Rozita Report Jan 1, 2019 5177
Complexity of the Basic Reproduction Number ([R.sub.0]). Delamater, Paul L.; Street, Erica J.; Leslie, Timothy F.; Yang, Y. Tony; Jacobsen, Kathryn H. Jan 1, 2019 3782
Variable Protease-Sensitive Prionopathy Transmission to Bank Voles. Nonno, Romolo; Notari, Silvio; Di Bari, Michele Angelo; Cali, Ignazio; Pirisinu, Laura; d'Agostino, Report Jan 1, 2019 7442
Multiple Introductions of Domestic Cat Feline Leukemia Virus in Endangered Florida Panthers. Chiu, Elliott S.; Kraberger, Simona; Cunningham, Mark; Cusack, Lara; Roelke, Melody; VandeWoude, Sue Jan 1, 2019 6456
Oral Transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi, Brazilian Amazon. Santana, Rosa Amelia G.; Guerra, Maria Gragas V.B.; Sousa, Debora R.; Couceiro, Katia; Ortiz, Jessic Jan 1, 2019 2465
ASK DR. ZAND. Jan 1, 2019 581
Chikungunya Masquerading as Acute Rheumatism in an Omani Traveler. Amin, Mohammed Al; Ibrahim, Shadin; Balkhair, Abdullah; Busaidi, Ibrahim Al; Gaifer, Zied; Taher, Ha Clinical report Jan 1, 2019 1729
Human rabies post-exposure prophylaxis relative to the disease epidemiological status/Tratamento antirrabico humano pos-exposicao em relacao a situacao epidemiologica da doenca. Fonseca Martins da Costa Andrade, Bruno; Santos de Melo Andrade, Taisa; Queiroz, Luzia Helena Jan 1, 2019 4314
A Survey Study on Self-Evaluations of Small Pet Practitioners about Exotic Pets in Istanbul in 2016. Sigirci, Belgi Diren; Ikiz, Serkan; Celik, Baran; Ak, Seyyal Jan 1, 2019 5395
An Unusual Dog Bite in an Infant with Penetrating Brain Injury and Scalp Loss. Shah, Sheerin; Bansal, Hanish; Mittal, Rajinder K.; Chaudhary, Ashwani K.; Uppal, Sanjeev; Garg, Ram Report Jan 1, 2019 1911
Sexually transmitted infections in children: a prospective cross-sectional hospital-based study. Clinical report Dec 31, 2018 2872
Short Communication - Confirmation of Rabies Infection by Mouse Inoculation Test and Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction in Suspected Samples of Cow and Mule. Report Dec 31, 2018 1968
TRANSFUSION TRANSMITTED HEPATITIS--A STUDY AMONG BLOOD DONORS. Rajan, Lekshmi Leela; Suma, M.S.; S., Harikumar Report Dec 24, 2018 3396
Half of Sarawak dogs vaccinated, says deputy chief minister. Dec 21, 2018 383
Ministry confirms locally-transmitted dengue case in Oman. Dec 13, 2018 209
Turkish Cypriots issue health warnings in wake of deadly floods. Dec 12, 2018 294
New Buzz About a Malaria Prevention Drug. Dec 9, 2018 958
HMC urges people to get HIV test to mark World AIDS Day. Dec 6, 2018 516
New bid to make sure sex is safe. Dec 6, 2018 244
Unsafe disposal of healthcare medical waste serious threat to community: Environmentalist. Dec 6, 2018 464
Provision Of Oral Prevention Materials And Sexually Transmitted Infection (sti) Prevention Materials. Dec 6, 2018 112
HMC marks World Aids Day; urges people to get tested. Dec 4, 2018 395
United Kingdom : Oxitec Transitioning FriendlySelf-limiting Mosquitoes To 2nd Generation Technology Platform, Paving Way To New Scalability, Performance And Cost Breakthroughs. Dec 3, 2018 664
Citrus sudden death-associated virus (CSDaV) e citrus tristeza virus (CTV) em onze porta-enxertos para laranja 'Valencia'/Citrus sudden death-associated virus (CSDaV) and citrus tristeza virus (CTV) in eleven rootstocks for 'Valencia' sweet orange. Fadel, Andre Luiz; Filho, Francisco de Assis Alves Mourao; Stuchi, Eduardo Sanches; Wulff, Nelson Ar Dec 1, 2018 3188
Deterrents to Immediate Antiretroviral Therapy Initiation by Pregnant Women Living with HIV in Hhohho Region, Swaziland. Mamba, Harriet T.; Hlongwana, Khumbulani W. Report Dec 1, 2018 4616
Premarital hepatitis screening: Attitude towards screening and the risk factors for transmission. Alharbi, Ibtehaj M.; Aljarallah, Badr M. Report Dec 1, 2018 4589
Experimental Transmission of Enterobacter cloacae from Fishes to Wounds of Skin by Using balb/c Mice. Hadi, Sabaa Hilal Report Dec 1, 2018 2118
Outbreak of Dengue Virus Type 2--American Samoa, November 2016-October 2018. Cotter, Caitlin J.; Tufa, A. John; Johnson, Stephanie; Mataia, Mary; Sciulli, Rebecca; Ryff, Kyle R. Nov 30, 2018 2547
Flu virus outbreak may hit country, warns NIH. Nov 30, 2018 290
Know how parasites cause sleeping sickness in people. Nov 30, 2018 314
Impact of T lymphocytes on clinical disease, immune responses and transmission of bluetongue virus in sheep. Nov 29, 2018 281
Hong Kong : CHP investigates case of invasive meningococcal infection November 20, 2018. Nov 29, 2018 450
Pollution spreading skin diseases, 472000 cases reported in 7 months. Nov 27, 2018 206
Singapore : Reducing Probability of Patients Catching Infection at Hospital. Nov 26, 2018 274
Singapore : Controlling the Spread of Hand Foot Mouth Disease. Nov 26, 2018 175
Shortage of anti-rabies vaccines. Nov 25, 2018 188
Canine Influenza Treatment Market Volume Analysis, size, share and Key Trends 2018-2028. Nov 23, 2018 1161
Selection Of Contractors Of Hiv And Sti Prevention Activities Among The Target Groups In Connection With The Implementation Of The National Program For Prevention And Control Of Hiv And Sexually Transmitted Infections In Bulgaria. Nov 22, 2018 285
MME inspects 441 livestock consignments. Nov 21, 2018 172
United States : Wicker Fights Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease. Nov 20, 2018 312
Philippines : Biliran anti-rabies council calls for dog bite prevention. Nov 20, 2018 440
Duke University Student Tests Positive For Bacterial Meningitis. Nov 20, 2018 478
To Catch Strey Dogs And Give Anti Rabies Injection In Bhiwandi City For The Year 2018-19. Nov 17, 2018 140
United States : Barrasso Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Tackle Chronic Wasting Disease. Nov 16, 2018 446
United States : Bennet Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Tackle Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer and Elk. Nov 16, 2018 404
United States : Senators Jones, Barrasso, and Bennet Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Tackle Chronic Wasting Disease. Nov 16, 2018 447
Spread of TB between cattle a bigger problem than badgers, say experts. Nov 14, 2018 897
Sarawak vaccinates 110,000 dogs against rabies. Nov 14, 2018 196
Brit dies from rabies after trip to Morocco; TRAVELLER BITTEN BY CAT. Nov 13, 2018 217
Brit dies from rabies after trip to Morocco; TRAVELLER BITTEN BY CAT. Nov 13, 2018 216
Brit dies from rabies after trip to Morocco; TRAVELLER BITTEN BY CAT. Nov 13, 2018 217
Brit dies from rabies after trip to Morocco; TRAVELLER BITTEN BY CAT. Nov 13, 2018 217
Brit dies from rabies after trip to Morocco; TRAVELLER BITTEN BY CAT. Nov 13, 2018 217
Jag warning as Brit killed by rabies from a cat bite. Nov 13, 2018 187
Brit dies from rabies after trip to Morocco; TRAVELLER BITTEN BY CAT. Nov 13, 2018 217
Brit dies from rabies after trip to Morocco; TRAVELLER BITTEN BY CAT. Nov 13, 2018 217
Briton dies from rabies after cat bite in Morocco. Nov 12, 2018 677
British tourist dies after contracting RABIES from cat bite on holiday in Morocco; The Brit was on holiday in Morocco, Public Health England has said. Nov 12, 2018 266
Why propagating fear in fight against HIV and Aids is toxic. Nov 9, 2018 474
Take Samples And Carry Out The Corresponding Analytical Tests Of Different Zoonotic Agents For The Surveillance And Control Of Zoonoses In Wild Fauna, And Other Infectious Agents Transmitted By Vectors In The Community Of Madrid. & Lt; ; P & Gt; Likewise,. Nov 6, 2018 214
Woodland owner against Surrey Wildlife Trust plans to fell thousands of diseased ash trees; Ash trees could be wiped out of the country due to the spread of dieback disease. Nov 5, 2018 895
Intimate partner violence among HIV-serodiscordant couples in Durban, South Africa. Mashaphu, S.; Wyatt, G.E.; Gomo, E.; Tomita, A. Report Nov 1, 2018 4404
Unusual case of father-to-son HIV transmission reported. Nov 1, 2018 288
Improvement in DCT Shaft Lubrication through CFD Method. Cao, Zhan; Chen, Yong; Su, Ting; Liu, Hai; Zang, Libin Technical report Nov 1, 2018 3443
Involuntary sterilisation of HIV-positive women in South Africa: A current legal perspective. du Toit, M. Report Nov 1, 2018 4619
Assessment of conventional PCR and real-time PCR compared to the gold standard method for screening Streptococcus agalactiae in pregnant women. Ferreira, Michele Berger; de-Paris, Fernanda; Paiva, Rodrigo Minuto; Nunes, Luciana de Souza Nov 1, 2018 4353
Prenatal development of the sound transmitting apparatus in different embryonic stages of Malpolon monsspesulanus (squamata-serpentes)/ Desenvolvimento pre-natal do aparelho transmissor de som em diferentes estagios embrionarios de Malpolon monsspesulanus (Squamata-serpentes). Dakrory, A.I.; Abu-Taira, A.M.; El-Din, E.Y. Salah; Mohamed, Y.B. Nov 1, 2018 4978
Supply Of Vehicles With An Automatic Transmission (vehicles With Adapted Controls Without The Right Foot) For Persons Affected By Industrial Accidents And Occupational Diseases. Oct 28, 2018 102
Africa's health: Matters arising. Oct 27, 2018 2109
I have sexually transmitted disease. Oct 27, 2018 151
Translocation of a Stray Cat Infected with Rabies from North Carolina to a Terrestrial Rabies-Free County in Ohio, 2017. Singh, Amber J.; Chipman, Richard B.; de Fijter, Sietske; Gary, Richard; Haskell, Marilyn G.; Kirby, Oct 26, 2018 2398
Taiwan CDC issues travel warning due to rubella outbreak in Japan. Oct 25, 2018 384
Infection Prevention and Control Week held at Al Emadi Hospital. Oct 21, 2018 397
Hac5363a Pharmacy Needle Exchange Service. Oct 20, 2018 197
Boy, 6, left battling potentially life-threatening sepsis 'after doctors misdiagnosed ruptured appendix as constipation'; Carly Oughton said her son Kayne "could have died" as the infection spread through his abdomen when his appendix ruptured. Oct 20, 2018 926
Philippines : Kalinga vet offices strengthen anti-rabies drive. Oct 19, 2018 261
Rajasthan govt on toes to get rid of Zika virus. Oct 18, 2018 381
Safe-blood: A cost and time effective blood test to detect multiple bloodborne diseases. Oct 18, 2018 395
Canada : Government of Canada takes action to address Lyme disease. Oct 17, 2018 279
HMC focuses on infection prevention and control. Oct 16, 2018 397
Argentina : INTA works on a new vaccine against bovine sadness. Oct 16, 2018 357
Anti Infective Vaccines Market Insights by Size, Status and Forecast 2025. Oct 16, 2018 684
Sarawak dog owner fined RM500 for moving pet without permit. Oct 16, 2018 255
Infection prevention & control a priority at HMC. Oct 15, 2018 502
Irrigating vegetables with wastewater spreads disease: Study. Oct 14, 2018 576
Picking your nose could be spreading this deadly disease; Experts have advised parents on what steps they should take to protect their children. Oct 14, 2018 295
STD-riddled insects: The other bug transmitting deadly infections as diseased ladybirds invade British homes; Male bees can transmit a fungus to virgin queens but the seminal fluid of males can also sometimes protect the queen, experts say. Oct 11, 2018 587
Speakers call for precautionary measures against malaria. Oct 11, 2018 406
Purchase Of Vaccines For Farm Animals. Oct 10, 2018 135
Rajasthan: 29 Zika virus positive cases. Oct 9, 2018 353
Kenyan research centre releases 15 MLND resistant crops. Oct 9, 2018 275
Threat to put down pup in quarantine bill row. Oct 8, 2018 480
'Disease Transmission lab' to focus on white flies , 12 species. Oct 4, 2018 207
'Disease Transmission lab' to focus on white flies ,12 species. Oct 4, 2018 167
Ghana,Switzerland : IOM Ghana Trains Community-Based Surveillance Volunteers to Prevent Spread of Diseases Across Borders. Oct 3, 2018 490
Man determined to walk again after blood infection from dog. Oct 3, 2018 487
UN initiative to help tackle mosquito-borne diseases. Oct 2, 2018 319
Philippines : Dogs get free services on World Rabies Day. Oct 1, 2018 326
The demographic and clinical profiles of women presenting with vaginal discharge syndrome at primary care facilities in South Africa: Associations with age and implications for management. Kufa, T.; Gumede, L.; Maseko, D.V.; Radebe, F.; Kularatne, R. Report Oct 1, 2018 3916
Tracing Outbreaks on Cruise Ships. Oct 1, 2018 367
Influenza Transmission Dynamics in Urban Households, Managua, Nicaragua, 2012-2014. Gordon, Aubree; Tsang, Tim K.; Cowling, Benjamin J.; Kuan, Guillermina; Ojeda, Sergio; Sanchez, Nery Oct 1, 2018 5490
Two Community Clusters of Legionnaires' Disease Directly Linked to a Biologic Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Netherlands. Loenenbach, Anna D.; Beulens, Christian; Euser, Sjoerd M.; van Leuken, Jeroen P.G.; Bom, Ben; van de Report Oct 1, 2018 3070
Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in Refugee Children, Germany. Perniciaro, Stephanie; Imohl, Matthias; van der Linden, Mark Report Oct 1, 2018 1982
INVESTIGATING THE LIFE CYCLE OF HAPLOSPORWIUM NELSONI (MSX): A REVIEW. Ford, Susan E.; Stokes, Nancy A.; Alcox, Kathryn A.; Kraus, Brenda S. Flores; Barber, Robert D.; Car Oct 1, 2018 11078
Parasitos intestinales en perros y gatos con dueno de la ciudad de Barranquilla, Colombia. Sarmiento-Rubiano, Luz Adriana; Delgado, Lucena; Ruiz, Julieannie Paola; Sarmiento, Maria C.; Becerr Oct 1, 2018 3467
Bullous pemphigoid complicating human orf disease. Sep 30, 2018 814
Poor awareness, expensive treatment responsible for 5,000 annual deaths from Rabies. Sep 29, 2018 644
Australia : Share the message, save a life on World Rabies Day. Sep 29, 2018 363
Porcine Reproductive And Respiratory Syndrome (prrs). Sep 29, 2018 278
Bluetongue in imported cattle. Sep 29, 2018 204
'Rabies causes 5000 deaths annually in Pakistan'. Sep 29, 2018 350
Blood sucker bats just got even scarier. Sep 28, 2018 109
Blood sucker bats just got even scarier. Sep 28, 2018 106
Genital Herpes Treatment Market to Hold a High Potential for Growth by 2027. Sep 28, 2018 630
Rabies in healthy, vaccinated dogs, a public health concern -Expert. Sep 27, 2018 557
Chicken price in Karachi going up because of a virus in Thatta. Sep 27, 2018 451
UK researchers make malaria breakthrough. Sep 27, 2018 409
UK researchers make malaria breakthrough. Sep 27, 2018 405
Canada : Fox Bite in Hall Beach. Sep 27, 2018 202
United States : MDHHS urging regular screening to help combat increases in sexually transmitted diseases. Sep 26, 2018 449
Your BODY ODOUR changes when you're around poorly people, bizarre study reveals; Researchers from the Monell Centre suggest that this change in odour may be a tactic to prevent the spread of the illness. Sep 24, 2018 270

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