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Sleeping too much can affect mental skills: Study. Oct 12, 2018 290
Singapore : Listeria detected in silverside. Oct 12, 2018 330
Sleeping too much affects mental skills. Oct 12, 2018 341
Sleeping too much can affect mental skills: Study. Oct 12, 2018 345
Bajaur citizenry demands distribution of anti-mosquito nets. Oct 12, 2018 195
Study finds how teens with type 1 diabetes can guard their hearts. Report Oct 12, 2018 638
Brachytherapy Devices Market is Registering a Healthy 4.2% CAGR between 2017 and 2022. Oct 11, 2018 107
Media to play effective role in raising awareness to cope with mental, psychological illnesses : psychiatrist stressed. Oct 11, 2018 334
Media to play effective role in raising awareness to cope with mental, psychological illnesses : psychiatrist stressed. Oct 11, 2018 389
Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy Treatment Market to Register High Revenue Growth at 2.8%. Oct 10, 2018 198
Sleeping too much can affect your mental skills: Study. Oct 10, 2018 320
Childhood asthma may up obesity later. Oct 9, 2018 336
Therapy dogs can spread superbugs to children in hospitals, doctors find. Oct 7, 2018 301
There's no need to stress out about trimming your dog's nails. Oct 7, 2018 822
Don't stress about trimming your dog's nails. Oct 7, 2018 822
People with heart disease risksmay develop Alzheimer's: Expert. Oct 6, 2018 564
Hong Kong : Update on cases of Legionnaires' disease. Oct 6, 2018 244
Sick or myth.. Most home remedies for the cold or flu don't work. Oct 5, 2018 378
Lack of medical residency spots hinders Alzheimer's care. Oct 2, 2018 810
Candidiasis mucocutanea cronica: una mirada al entendimiento genetico. Maya-Rico, Ana Maria; Cardona-Castro, Nora Oct 1, 2018 3585
Coffees Next Frontier: A Living Income. Freund, Kyle Oct 1, 2018 728
Mycobacterium caprae Infection in Captive Borneo Elephant, Japan. Yoshida, Shiomi; Suga, Satomi; Ishikawa, Satoshi; Mukai, Yasuhiko; Tsuyuguchi, Kazunari; Inoue, Yosh Oct 1, 2018 2367
Alopecia areata linked to mental health disorders. Kling, Jim Oct 1, 2018 475
A Deeper Understanding of Debt Management. Campbell, Mark B. Oct 1, 2018 1993
ERGONOMICS KNOWLEDGE AND PRACTICES OF DENTAL INTERNS IN ISLAMABAD. Mumtaz, Rubina; Haroon, Sheze; Sajjad, Sadia; Masoud, Saba; Hashmi, Junaid Report Sep 30, 2018 2950
Excess weight in youth can cause stomach cancer later. Sep 29, 2018 286
'It stinks like there's a DEAD BODY in the kitchen' son says 'unsafe' living conditions are making his mum's illness worse. Sep 26, 2018 436
Lower antibiotic resistance linked to higher levels of Bifidobacteria in infant's gut: study. Sep 26, 2018 543
Abbott receives CE Mark for first troponin test to help predict chance of heart. Sep 26, 2018 153
Most-popular weedkiller could be harmful to bees. Sep 25, 2018 130
Woman in house from hell - as rats destroy it from inside and out; Ceiling collapses into kitchen and rats overrun property. Sep 25, 2018 468
Smokers more likely to get MS and become disabled more rapidly, charity study finds; MS Society say the link between multiple sclerosis and smoking is "clearer than ever" after new evidence review. Sep 24, 2018 285
Height linked to varicose veins: Study. Sep 24, 2018 315
Smokers more likely to get MS & be disabled; Charity study highlights link. Sep 24, 2018 229
Deadly viral strains threaten humans. Are our health systems prepared? Sep 23, 2018 501
BeiGene presents results on anti-PD-1 antibody tislelizumab at CSCO. Sep 21, 2018 383
Ukraine : To the Day of Heart in the regional cardiac center to inspect the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Sep 21, 2018 229
Hormone that makes women fertile linked to breast cancer - study. Sep 19, 2018 477
Low levels of traffic pollution tied to heart damage : Study suggested. Sep 18, 2018 458
Fertility hormone link to breast cancer. Sep 18, 2018 168
Low levels of traffic pollution tied to heart damage : Study suggested. Sep 18, 2018 528
Human rights and mental health. Sep 18, 2018 1053
Hong Kong : Update on cases of Legionnaires' disease. Sep 18, 2018 244
Magnificent seven - and a gift of life. Sep 16, 2018 261
New virus linked to kidney disease revealed. Sep 15, 2018 192
Sialkot residents vulnerable to water-borne diseases. Sep 13, 2018 445
Canada : Food Recalls due to Salmonella. Sep 11, 2018 118
New study links stroke to dementia. Sep 11, 2018 462
Full Circle: A benefit for 'Ghelay'. Sep 9, 2018 287
Adequate night-time sleep could be a way to help prevent Alzheimer's disease. Sep 9, 2018 438
Toxic metals tied to increased heart disease risk. Sep 7, 2018 709
Canada : The governments of Canada and British Columbia are providing more than $71.7 million in innovative treatment options for people with substance use disorders. Sep 7, 2018 283
Existing antibiotic found to be effective against superbug. Sep 6, 2018 344
Existing antibiotic found to be effective against superbug. Sep 6, 2018 340
United States : Reilly Craft Creamery Recalls Ice Cream Because of Possible Health Risk. Sep 6, 2018 399
Defining the role and mechanisms of miRs in cartilage ageing and disease. Sep 5, 2018 272
Quality mental health services are essential. Sep 3, 2018 741
Maternal depression may affect child's mental health: Study. Sep 3, 2018 327
Stroke patients at 70pc higher risk of dementia: Study. Sep 2, 2018 358
Stroke increases dementia risk by around 70% : Study. Sep 1, 2018 336
Many years on metformin linked to anemia risk. Sep 1, 2018 731
Stroke patients at 70% higher risk of dementia: Study. Sep 1, 2018 351
OUTBREAK! Moyer, Lindsay Sep 1, 2018 398
Men at Risk for Osteoporosis: While the disease affects more women, it is also a significant threat to men. Sep 1, 2018 741
Food Storage and Fatty Liver: A chemical in plastics and food cans may increase the risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Abdelmalek, Manal Sep 1, 2018 754
Self-Help Strategies Can Ease the Discomfort of Hemorrhoids: You're more likely to develop hemorrhoids as you age. Sep 1, 2018 861
Prevent Foodborne Illness: Practice good food safety by knowing which foods to keep, which ones to discard, and how to store them properly. Sep 1, 2018 971
Paw Yeast Infections: You can avoid these itchy dog-paw invaders. Sep 1, 2018 754
A study of serum nitric oxide levels and pulse pressure in aging. Udayakumar, Rathna Kumari; Muthupandian, Anitha Report Sep 1, 2018 1822
Susceptibility of White-Tailed Deer to Rift Valley Fever Virus. Wilson, William C.; Kim, In Joong; Trujillo, Jessie D.; Sunwoo, Sun Young; Noronha, Leela E.; Urbani Report Sep 1, 2018 2370
Measles exacts a high toll among Europe's youngest citizens. Sullivan, Michele G. Sep 1, 2018 1077
Alopecia areata linked to anxiety, ADHD, dementia, and other disorders. Kling, Jim Sep 1, 2018 492
Relationship between human leukocyte antigen DRB1 and psoriasis in Iraqi patients. Zalzala, Haider H.; Abdullah, Galawish A.; Abbas, Mohammed Y.; Mohammedsalih, Hyam R.; Mahdi, Batool Sep 1, 2018 2711
Prevalence of celiac disease among school-age children in Corum, Turkey. Comba, Atakan; Eren, Nadiye Baris; Demir, Emre Sep 1, 2018 3866
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Hepatitis C Virus in Irula Tribal Community, Tamilnadu, India. Ramya, E.; Daniel, Joseph C.; Ramalakshmi, S.; Usha, R. Report Sep 1, 2018 5659
Fundamental Concepts of Azole Compounds and Triazole Antifungals: A Beginner's Review. Martinez-Matias, Nelson; Rodriguez-Medina, Jose R. Sep 1, 2018 6399
Molecular genetics of lung cancer. Cicek, Yasemin; Kosar, Pinar Asian; Ozturk, Onder Sep 1, 2018 4434
Is it a Cold or the Mold? Siek, Gordon; Kent, Veronica; Sherman, Joanne Report Sep 1, 2018 1591
Antimicrobial Resistance of Escherichia coli Isolates from Mastitic Milk and its Possible Relationship with Resistance and Virulence Genes. Ashraf, Aqeela; Imran, Muhammad; Chang, Yung-Fu Report Aug 31, 2018 4434
Clemson University opens Center for Human Genetics. Editorial Aug 27, 2018 935
Bad reactions to antibiotics land 70,000 children to emergency rooms -study. Report Aug 25, 2018 725
United States : Rapid development in Central Africa increases the risk of infectious disease outbreaks. Aug 24, 2018 426
HMC cautions against heat-related illnesses. Aug 24, 2018 655
Incoming students are urged to get vaccinated; warning against the dangers of contracting meningitis. Disease/Disorder overview Aug 22, 2018 377
How to keep a senior pet young at heart. Aug 22, 2018 442
Healing Stem Cells for Injured Elderly Muscles. Aug 19, 2018 954
Food Standards Agency recall smoked salmon which contains flu bacteria; The Food Standards Agency said Ewing Seafoods is recalling its Organic Smoked Salmon because it contains Listeria monocytogenes. Aug 19, 2018 200
Corneal Infections Associated with Sleeping in Contact Lenses--Six Cases, United States, 2016-2018. Cope, Jennifer R.; Konne, Nuadum Muriel; Jacobs, Deborah S.; Dhaliwal, Deepinder K.; Rhee, Michelle Aug 17, 2018 2515
Extrapulmonary Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Disease Surveillance--Oregon, 2014-2016. Shih, David C.; Cassidy, P. Maureen; Perkins, Kiran M.; Crist, Matthew B.; Cieslak, Paul R.; Leman, Aug 10, 2018 2652
Women with asthma may develop COPD. Aug 10, 2018 369
Poor sanitation threatens Katchi Abadies' dwellers health. Aug 9, 2018 440
Poor sleeping habit contributes to weakened immunity, mental health challenges a psychologist. Aug 8, 2018 247
HMC Cautions Against Leaving Children Alone in Parked Vehicles. Aug 7, 2018 656
HMC urges caution against heat-related illnesses. Aug 7, 2018 493
United States : Capito, Manchin Announce Marshall University Diabetes Research Grant. Aug 7, 2018 189
United States : Manchin, Capito Announce Marshall University Diabetes Research Grant. Aug 7, 2018 190
Are our children TOO CLEAN now? BUGS CAN HELP US TO STAY HEALTHY Experts say an obsession with hygiene could leave families vulnerable to more diseases. Aug 6, 2018 178
Are our TOO CLEAN n kids ow? Standards in hygiene have changed so much that it's leaving kids vulnerable to infection By Julie McCaffrey. Aug 6, 2018 1356
Are our kids TOO CLEAN Now? Standards in hygiene have changed so much that it's leaving kids vulnerable to infection By Julie McCaffrey. Aug 6, 2018 1356
Well-nourished generations. Aug 6, 2018 321
Japan hopes basic toilet can save lives. Aug 2, 2018 348
Japan hopes basic toilet can save lives. Aug 2, 2018 348
Investigation of the Antimicrobial Susceptibility Profile, Virulence Genes, and Epidemiologic Relationship of Clinical Salmonella Isolates/Klinik Salmonella Izolatlarinda Antimikrobiyal Duyarlilik Profilinin, Virulans Genlerinin ve Klonal Iliskinin Arastirilmasi. TekIntas, Yamac; Yilmaz, Fethiye Ferda; AydemIr, Sabire Sohret; Tunger, Alper; Hosgor-LImoncu, Mine Aug 1, 2018 3326
Inflammatory myopathy followed tattoo in immunocompromised patient. Nogrady, Bianca Aug 1, 2018 461
Treating Acne in Patients With Skin of Color. Alexis, Andrew F.; Harper, Julie C.; Gold, Linda F. Stein; Tan, Jerry K.L. Aug 1, 2018 3202
Study's evidence 'compelling'. Koob, George F. Report Aug 1, 2018 240
A New Perspective on Prevention of Viral-Induced Cancers. Aug 1, 2018 449
Detox diets. Etingin, Orli R. Aug 1, 2018 178
Street Medicine Programs Keep Homeless Populations from Having to Visit Emergency Rooms. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 270
Assessment of the Association Between Three Perplexing PPARA Gene Polymorphisms and the Risk of Coronary Artery Disease in a Population of Turkish Cypriot Women. Ergoren, Mahmut Cerkez; Terali, Kerem Aug 1, 2018 5095
Sensors Address Critical Healthcare Needs: Innovative sensors key to trend toward patient-centric care. Zaks, Susan Aug 1, 2018 880
Molecular Imaging in Atherosclerosis/Aterosklerozda Molekuler Goruntuleme. Tekin, Berna Okudan; Ozdemir, Semra Report Jul 1, 2018 5777
Interleukin-2 and Interferon-Camma Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Iranian Patients with Chronic Heart Failure. Mahmoudi, Mohammad Jafar; Harsini, Sara; Farhadi, Elham; Hedayat, Mona; Taghvaei, Mohammad; Mahmoudi Report Jul 1, 2018 3524
Association between rs6759298 and Ankylosing Spondylitis in Iranian Population. Mahmoudi, Mahdi; Carshasbi, Masoud; Ashraf-Ganjouei, Amir; Javinani, Ali; Vojdanian, Mahdi; Saafi, M Report Jul 1, 2018 2675
Modelos de avaliacao em saude mental: entre fatores de risco e fatores de protecao/Valuation Models in Mental Health: Between Risk Factors and Protective Factors/Modelos de valoracion de la salud mental: entre los factores de riesgo y factores de proteccion. Valente, Geilsa Soraia Cavalcanti; Cortez, Elaine Antunes; Cruz Sequeira, Carlos Alberto da Jul 1, 2018 4347
Glutathione S-Transferase M1 and T1 Gene Deletions and Susceptibility to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in Adults. Jun 30, 2018 3247
1.6m children living with asthma in Pakistan. Jun 2, 2018 226
Integrative dimensions of primary medical care. Macovei, Luana Andreea; Dobrin, Irina; Chirifa, Vasile; Rezus, Elena Report Jun 1, 2018 2068
Maternal Peripartum Serum DDT/E and Urinary Pyrethroid Metabolite Concentrations and Child Infections at 2 Years in the VHEMBE Birth Cohort. Huang, Jonathan; Eskenazi, Brenda; Bornman, Riana; Rauch, Stephen; Chevrier, Jonathan Report Jun 1, 2018 9786
Malignant paraganglioma in an African patient associated with a succinate dehydrogenase subunit B (SDHB) mutation. Shone, Dennis; Goedhals, Jacqueline; Pearce, Nicholas E. Jun 1, 2018 1558
Spotted Lanternfly. Jun 1, 2018 210
Bacteria Recovered from Cultured Gilt-Head Seabream (Sparus aurata) and their Antimicrobial Susceptibilities. Canak, Ozgur; Akayli, Tulay Report Jun 1, 2018 4748
Occurrence, molecular and antimicrobial resistance of Enterococcus spp. isolated from raw cow's milk trade by street trading in Meknes city, Morocco. Bouymajane, Aziz; Filali, Fouzia Rhazi; Oulghazi, Said; Ed-dra, Abdelaziz; Benhallam, Faouzia; Allao Report Jun 1, 2018 3993
The Levels of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (TNF-[alpha] G-308A) Genes and Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF G173C) Polymorphism in the Idiopathic Membranous Nephropathy(IMN) in Adults. Kareem, Hazim K. Abdul Report Jun 1, 2018 3082
GMOA calls for more vaccines as flu death toll rises. May 30, 2018 339
Association of a single nucleotide polymorphism in the TLR2 gene (rs3804099), but not in the TLR4 gene (rs4986790), with Helicobacter pylori infection and peptic ulcer. Mirkamandar, Ehsan; Nemati, Maryam; Hayatbakhsh, Mohammad Mehdi; Bassagh, Arezu; Khosravimashizi, Ar May 1, 2018 5685
Association of AIRE Polymorphism and the Susceptibility to Multiple Sclerosis in Iranian Population. Sadeghian-Rizi, Tahereh; Alsahebfosoul, Fereshteh; Kazemi, Mohammad; Khanahmad, Hossein; Jahanian-Na Apr 1, 2018 3138
Angiotensin Type 2 Receptor Gene Polymorphisms and Susceptibility to Preeclampsia. Soltani-Zangbar, Mohammad Sadegh; Pahlavani, Behnoush; Zolghadri, Jaleh; Gharesi-Fard, Behrouz Report Apr 1, 2018 3172
Evaluation of Social Reflex Resulting from Observation of Blood in the Urine/Idrarda Kan Gorulmesi ile Olusan Toplumsal Refleksin Degerlendirilmesi. Girgin, Reha Report Mar 1, 2018 4479
Early-Onset Isolated Bilateral Pheochromocytoma As a Major Clinical Manifestation of von-Hippel Lindau Syndrome Type 2C. Acar, Sezer; Tuhan, Hale; Demir, Korcan; Aykut, Ayca; Durmaz, Asude; Karaarslan, Unal Utku; Inci, Go Clinical report Mar 1, 2018 2484
Trastorno depresivo, trastorno de ansiedad y dolor cronico: multiples manifestaciones de un nucleo fisiopatologico y clinico comun. Mar 1, 2018 8056
Isolation and Identification of Staphylococcus aureus from Skin and Soft Tissue Infection in Sepsis Cases, Odisha. Mohanty, Anima; Mohapatra, K.C.; Pal, B.B. Report Mar 1, 2018 3121
ABO and RhD Blood Groups in Nasal Polyposis. Jelavic, Boris; Markovic, Josipa; Klaric, Sanja; Martinac, Marko; Selak, Sanja; Baudoin, Tomislav Mar 1, 2018 2339
Psychometric properties of a Brazilian Portuguese version of the Children's Revised Impact of Event Scale (CRIES-8). Magalhaes, Sabrina de Sousa; Miranda, Diana Kraiser; Paula, Jonas Jardim de; Miranda, Debora Marques Mar 1, 2018 5737
Phenotypic variability and genetic susceptibility of schizophrenia-evidence from a family study. Crama, Adina; Buzut, Marina; Gaina, Marcel-Alexandru; Chirita, Vasile; Bolos, Alexandra; Chirita, Ro Report Mar 1, 2018 3632
Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnosis of Single-Gene Disorders by Use of Droplet Digital PCR. Camunas-Soler, Joan; Lee, Hojae; Hudgins, Louanne; Hintz, Susan R.; Blumenfeld, Yair J.; El-Sayed, Y Feb 1, 2018 6227
Factores asociados a la susceptibilidad al consumo de cigarrillo en escolares de 10 y 11 anos en Cartagena, Colombia. Cogollo-Milanes, Zuleima; de la Hoz-Restrepo, Fernando Feb 1, 2018 4499
Caracteristicas cognitivas y oculares en enfermedad de Alzheimer. Sandra Johanna, Garzon P.; Marcela, Camacho M.; Jessica Andrea, Tapiero L.; Karen Daniela, Reina Jan 1, 2018 8447
Magnitude of Anemia in Geriatric Population Visiting Outpatient Department at the University of Gondar Referral Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia: Implication for Community-Based Screening. Melku, Mulugeta; Asefa, Wondimu; Mohamednur, Ahmed; Getachew, Tesfahun; Bazezew, Bayechish; Workineh Report Jan 1, 2018 5709
Hepatic Abscess in a Returning Traveler with Crohn's Disease: Differentiating Amebic from Pyogenic Liver Abscess. Gaut, Daria; Shull, Hannah; Bejjani, Anthony; Kahn, Daniel Jan 1, 2018 1960
Genetic Variants Associated with Hyperandrogenemia in PCOS Pathophysiology. Dadachanji, Roshan; Shaikh, Nuzhat; Mukherjee, Srabani Report Jan 1, 2018 10931
So What Comes First: The Obesity or the Insulin Resistance? And Which Is More Important? Noakes, Timothy David Editorial Jan 1, 2018 2820
Adiposity and Genetic Factors in Relation to Triglycerides and Triglyceride-Rich Lipoproteins in the Women's Genome Health Study. Ahmad, Shafqat; Mora, Samia; Franks, Paul W.; Orho-Melander, Marju; Ridker, Paul M.; Hu, Frank B.; C Report Jan 1, 2018 8113
Skin Cancer Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices among Chinese Population: A Narrative Review. Stephens, Philip M.; Martin, Brian; Ghafari, Ghazal; Luong, James; Nahar, Vinayak K.; Pham, Linda; L Report Jan 1, 2018 5355
Socioeconomic Status and Vulnerability to HIV Infection in Uganda: Evidence from Multilevel Modelling of AIDS Indicator Survey Data. Igulot, Patrick; Magadi, Monica A. Jan 1, 2018 12046
Antimicrobial-Induced Cytopenia and Bone Marrow Hypocellularity in Patients with Cirrhosis. Patil, Anupama; Khillan, Vikas; Thakur, Monika; Kale, Pratibha; Bihari, Chhagan Report Jan 1, 2018 4260
Epidemiology and Etiology of Acute Pancreatitis in Urban and Suburban Areas in Shanghai: A Retrospective Study. Fan, Junjie; Ding, Ling; Lu, Yingying; Zheng, Junyuan; Zeng, Yue; Huang, Chunlan Report Jan 1, 2018 5144
Susceptibility of pear cultivars to entomosporiosis. Marchi, Thiago; Oliari, Ires Cristina Ribeiro; Oliveira, Anna Claudia; Maia, Aline Jose; Piva, Rafae Report Jan 1, 2018 2219
Role of Helicobacter pylori in Rosacea. Emiroglu, Nazan; Cengiz, Fatma Pelin; Bahali, Anil Gulsel; Ozkaya, Dilek Biyik; Kucuk, Ozlem Su; Ons Report Jan 1, 2018 1912
Therapeutic Management of Acute Haemorrhagic Coccidiosis in a Cow. Saravanan, S.; Palanivel, K.M. Report Jan 1, 2018 963
Knowledge Level and Determinants of Neonatal Jaundice: A Cross-Sectional Study in the Effutu Municipality of Ghana. Adoba, Prince; Ephraim, Richard K.D.; Kontor, Kate Adomakowaah; Bentsil, Joseph-Josiah; Adu, Patrick Jan 1, 2018 5289
Bacterial Nosocomial Infections and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern among Patients Admitted at Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hospital, Eastern Ethiopia. Tolera, Moti; Abate, Degu; Dheresa, Merga; Marami, Dadi Report Jan 1, 2018 5259
Spinal Anaesthesia for Cesarean Section in a Patient with Vascular Type Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Carness, Jeffrey M.; Lenart, Mark J. Jan 1, 2018 2346
The rs13388259 Intergenic Polymorphism in the Genomic Context of the BCYRN1 Gene Is Associated with Parkinson's Disease in the Hungarian Population. Marki, Sandor; Goblos, Aniko; Szlavicz, Eszter; Torok, Nora; Balicza, Peter; Bereznai, Benjamin; Tak Jan 1, 2018 4923
Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Darjeeling Himalayas, India. Chawla, Amit; Chawla, Sowmiya; Pasupuleti, Srinivas; Rao, A.C.S.; Sarkar, Kripamoy; Dwivedi, Rajesh Jan 1, 2018 8283
Metagenomic Approaches for Understanding New Concepts in Microbial Science. Alves, Luana de Fatima; Westmann, Caua Antunes; Lovate, Gabriel Lencioni; de Siqueira, Guilherme Mar Jan 1, 2018 11781
Clustering Pattern and Functional Effect of SNPs in Human miRNA Seed Regions. He, Sha; Ou, Haiyan; Zhao, Cunyou; Zhang, Jian Jan 1, 2018 2802
Relationship of SNP rs2645429 in Farnesyl-Diphosphate Farnesyltransferase 1 Gene Promoter with Susceptibility to Lung Cancer. Dehghani, Mehdi; Samani, Zahra; Abidi, Hassan; Manzouri, Leila; Mahmoudi, Reza; Teshnizi, Saeed Hoss Jan 1, 2018 4915
Meta-Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies Identifies Novel Functional CpG-SNPs Associated with Bone Mineral Density at Lumbar Spine. Qiu, Chuan; Shen, Hui; Fu, Xiaoying; Xu, Chao; Deng, Hongwen Jan 1, 2018 7452
Whole Exome Sequencing Uncovers Germline Variants of Cancer-Related Genes in Sporadic Pheochromocytoma. Urbini, Milena; Nannini, Margherita; Astolfi, Annalisa; Indio, Valentina; Vicennati, Valentina; De L Jan 1, 2018 5106
Metabolic Pathway Genes Associated with Susceptibility Genes to Coronary Artery Disease. Lu, Heng; Chen, Yi; Li, Linlin Jan 1, 2018 6816
Human Genomic Loci Important in Common Infectious Diseases: Role of High-Throughput Sequencing and Genome-Wide Association Studies. Mboowa, Gerald; Sserwadda, Ivan; Amujal, Marion; Namatovu, Norah Jan 1, 2018 6845
Clinical Outcomes of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae Infections with Susceptibilities among Levofloxacin, Cefepime, and Carbapenems. Walker, Kristy J.; Lee, Young R.; Klar, Amanda R. Jan 1, 2018 4609
Molecular Characteristics of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococci Clinical Isolates from a Tertiary Hospital in Northern Thailand. Kitti, Thawatchai; Seng, Rathanin; Saiprom, Natnaree; Thummeepak, Rapee; Chantratita, Narisara; Boon Jan 1, 2018 4804
Overweight and Undernutrition in the Cases of School-Going Adolescents in Wolaita Sodo Town, Southern Ethiopia: Cross-Sectional Study. Teferi, Dereje Yohannes; Atomssa, Gudina Egata; Mekonnen, Tefera Chane Report Jan 1, 2018 7993
Use of Global Risk Score for Cardiovascular Evaluation of Rural Workers in Southern Brazil. Cezar-Vaz, Marta Regina; Bonow, Clarice Alves; Mello, Marlise Capa Verde Almeida de; Xavier, Daiani Jan 1, 2018 3496
The Curious Case of Cholangiocarcinoma: Opportunities for Environmental Health Scientists to Learn about a Complex Disease. Suk, William A.; Bhudhisawasdi, Vajarabhongsa; Ruchirawat, Mathuros Jan 1, 2018 5368
Workload Determines Workplace Stress among Health Professionals Working in Felege-Hiwot Referral Hospital, Bahir Dar, Northwest Ethiopia. Birhanu, Minyichil; Gebrekidan, Berhane; Tesefa, Getasew; Tareke, Minale Jan 1, 2018 5603
Comparable Enhanced Prothrombogenesis in Simple Central Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome. Nor, Noor Shafina Mohd; Saimin, Hanis; Rahman, Thuhairah; Razak, Suraya Abdul; Nasir, Nadzimah Mohd; Jan 1, 2018 4805
Epimutation and Cancer: Carcinogenesis Viewed as Error-Prone Inheritance of Epigenetic Information. Riley, Patrick A. Jan 1, 2018 2718
Differential Expression of Prostaglandin I2 Synthase Associated with Arachidonic Acid Pathway in the Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Russo, Anelise; Biselli-Chicote, Patricia M.; Kawasaki-Oyama, Rosa S.; Castanhole-Nunes, Marcia M.U. Jan 1, 2018 8626
Skull Base Osteomyelitis from Otitis Media Presenting as the Collet-Sicard Syndrome. Low, Wong-Kein; Lhu, Hui-Ling Jan 1, 2018 2231
A Novel STAT3 Gene Mutation Related Hyper-IgE Syndrome Misdiagnosed as Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Shrestha, Pragya; Sabharwal, Geetika; Ghaffari, Gisoo Jan 1, 2018 1966
Association of PD-1 and PD-L1 Genetic Polymorphisms with Type 1 Diabetes Susceptibility. Qian, Chenyue; Guo, Heming; Chen, Xiaohong; Shi, Aiming; Li, Sicheng; Wang, Xin; Pan, Jie; Fang, Che Report Jan 1, 2018 4045
Distribution of Microbes and Drug Susceptibility in Patients with Diabetic Foot Infections in Southwest China. Wu, Mingxia; Pan, Hang; Leng, Weiling; Lei, Xiaotian; Chen, Liu; Liang, Ziwen Jan 1, 2018 5285
Association between a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in the 3'-UTR of ARHGEF18 and the Risk of Nonidiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in Chinese Population. Li, Ding; Sun, Yan; Kong, Xiaochao; Luan, Changxing; Yu, Youjia; Chen, Feng; Chen, Peng Jan 1, 2018 3713
TGF-[beta] Polymorphisms Are a Risk Factor for Chagas Disease. Ferreira, Roberto Rodrigues; Madeira, Fabiana da Silva; Alves, Gabriel Farias; Chambela, Mayara da C Jan 1, 2018 6841
Polymorphisms in the SP110 and TNF-[alpha] Gene and Susceptibility to Pulmonary and Spinal Tuberculosis among Southern Chinese Population. Zhou, Ying; Tan, Chun-yan; Mo, Zhi-jiang; Gao, Qi-le; He, Dan; Li, Jiong; Huang, Rong-fu; Li, Yan-bi Jan 1, 2018 6224
SP110 Polymorphisms Are Genetic Markers for Vulnerability to Latent and Active Tuberculosis Infection in Taiwan. Chang, So-Yi; Chen, Mei-Ling; Lee, Meng-Rui; Liang, Yun-Chieh; Lu, Tzu-Pin; Wang, Jann-Yuan; Yan, Bo Jan 1, 2018 9162
A Novel Polymorphism in the Promoter of the CYP4A11 Gene Is Associated with Susceptibility to Coronary Artery Disease. Sirotina, Svetlana; Ponomarenko, Irina; Kharchenko, Alexander; Bykanova, Marina; Bocharova, Anna; Va Jan 1, 2018 8649
A Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 Polymorphism, MMP1-1607 (1G>2G), Is Associated with Increased Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis Including 21,327 Patients. Zhou, Zhonghan; Ma, Xiaocheng; Wang, Fangming; Sun, Lijiang; Zhang, Guiming Jan 1, 2018 11070
Polymorphisms in Vitamin D Receptor Genes in Association with Childhood Autism Spectrum Disorder. Zhang, Zengyu; Li, Sufang; Yu, Lianfang; Liu, Jun Jan 1, 2018 4306
ABCC4 Variants Modify Susceptibility to Kawasaki Disease in a Southern Chinese Population. Che, Di; Pi, Lei; Fang, Zhenzhen; Xu, Yufen; Cai, Minmin; Fu, Lanyan; Zhou, Huazhong; Zhang, Li; Gu, Jan 1, 2018 5643
Septic Pulmonary Emboli and Renal Abscess Caused by Staphylococcus aureus in an HIV-Infected Patient. Medina-Pinon, Isai; Reyes-Mondragon, Alan Ledif; Martinez-Resendez, Michel Fernando; Camacho-Ortiz, Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 1723
Why Asplenic Patients Should Not Take Care of the Neighbour's Dog? A Fatal Course of Capnocytophaga canimorsus Sepsis. Langguth, Patrick; Leissner, Lothar; Zick, Gunther; Fischer, Arno; Stuhlmann-Laiesz, Christiane; Rav Report Jan 1, 2018 2322
Massive Haemoptysis due to Obscure Aetiology: Perils and Management Dilemmas. Shreenivasa, A.; Vishak, K.A.; Sindhu, K.; Sahu, Kauslya; Chaithra, G.V. Jan 1, 2018 1509
Nonunion Humerous Fracture Infection Caused by Rhizobium radiobacter in a 24-Year-Old Healthy Patient: A Rare Case Report. Stamou, Aikaterini; Pavlopoulos, Charalampos; Roumeliotis, Stefanos; Samoladas, Efthymios; Xatzokos, Jan 1, 2018 2488
A Rare Presentation of Invasive Tuberculosis of the Central Nervous System in an Immunocompetent Patient in a Nonendemic Country. Martins, Rita; Casimiro, Carlos; Valverde, Ana; Campillo, Jose Jan 1, 2018 912
Brief Overview of a Decade of Genome-Wide Association Studies on Primary Hypertension. Azam, Afifah Binti; Azizan, Elena Aisha Binti Jan 1, 2018 11001
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Elephant Genes Give Clues To Cancer. Oct 19, 2015 496
Elephant Genes Give Clues To Cancer. Oct 19, 2015 509
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