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Disease and vitamin C: an extract from "A Unified Theory of Human Cardiovascular Disease."

Until now, therapeutic concepts of human cardiovascular disease (CVD) were targeting individual specific risk factors. On the basis of genetic, metabolic, evolutionary, and clinical evidence, we present here a unified pathogenetic (basis of a disease) and therapeutic approach. With this introduction to a lengthy and detailed report on several years of investigating heart disease., Drs. Matthias Rath and Linus Pauling marshall their evidence.

Ascorbate deficiency is the precondition and common denominator of human CVD. Ascorbate efficiency is the result of an inability to synthesize ascorbate in combination with insufficient dietary intake . . . the consequences of chronic ascorbate deficiency in the vascular wall are loosening of the connective tissue . . . thus human CVD is a form or pre scurvy.

The researchers have also linked accumulation of cholesterol and other fats in the blood stream and in the vascular wall. Premature CVD, they say, is unknown in animals that produce high levels of ascorbic acid from within their own bodies.

In the absence of conclusive trials, the above suppositions remain theory. Clinical confirmation, they say, should abolish CVD as a cause for mortality in this generation and future generations to come.
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Author:Rath, Matthias; Pauling, Linus
Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Mar 22, 1992
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