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Articles from Disease Markers (January 1, 2014)

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A comparison of KL-6 and Clara cell protein as markers for predicting bronchopulmonary dysplasia in preterm infants. Wang, Keyi; Huang, Xianmei; Lu, Hui; Zhang, Zhiqun Report 4530
A new susceptibility locus for myocardial infarction, hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and dyslipidemia on chromosome 12q24. Wakil, Salma M.; Muiya, Nzioka P.; Tahir, Asma I.; Al-Najai, Mohammed; Baz, Batoul; Andres, Editha; Report 7194
Abnormal expression pattern of the IL-2 receptor [beta]-chain on [CD4.sup.+] T cells in ANCA-associated vasculitis. Wilde, Benjamin; Hoerning, Andre; Kribben, Andreas; Witzke, Oliver; Dolff, Sebastian Report 4700
Adiponectin as a biomarker of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women: controversies. Lubkowska, Anna; Dobek, Aleksandra; Mieszkowski, Jan; Garczynski, Wojciech; Chlubek, Dariusz Report 9269
Assessment of lipocalin 2, clusterin, soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor-1, interleukin-6, homocysteine, and uric acid levels in patients with psoriasis. Ataseven, Arzu; Kesli, Recep; Kurtipek, Gulcan Saylam; Ozturk, Perihan Report 4792
Association of the three common SNPS of cyclooxygenase-2 gene (rs20417, rs689466, and rs5275) with the susceptibility of breast cancer: an updated meta-analysis involving 34,590 subjects. Dai, Zhi-Jun; Shao, Yong-Ping; Ma, Xiao-Bin; Xu, Dan; Tang, Wei; Kang, Hua-Feng; Lin, Shuai; Wang, M Report 6151
Brachyury: a diagnostic marker for the differential diagnosis of chordoma and hemangioblastoma versus neoplastic histological mimickers. Barresi, Valeria; Ieni, Antonio; Branca, Giovanni; Tuccari, Giovanni Report 4766
Breast carcinoma progression and tumour vascular markers related to apoptotic mechanisms. Bilecova-Rabajdova, Miroslava; Urban, Peter; Gregova, Kristina; Varga, Jan; Fialkovicova, Viera; Kru Report 4627
Can serum glypican-3 be a biomarker for effective diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma? A meta-analysis of the literature. Yang, Sheng-Li; Fang, Xiefan; Huang, Zao-Zao; Liu, Xiang-Jie; Xiong, Zhi-Fan; Liu, Ping; Yao, Hong-Y Report 6216
CC chemokine receptor 5: the interface of host immunity and cancer. de Oliveira, Carlos Eduardo Coral; Oda, Julie Massayo Maeda; Guembarovski, Roberta Losi; de Oliveira Report 6069
Chemokines as potential markers in pediatric renal diseases. Simoes e. Silva, Ana Cristina; Pereira, Andre Barreto; Teixeira, Mauro Martins; Teixeira, Antonio Lu Report 6361
CLCA2 as a novel immunohistochemical marker for differential diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma from adenocarcinoma of the lung. Shinmura, Kazuya; Igarashi, Hisaki; Kato, Hisami; Kawanishi, Yuichi; Inoue, Yusuke; Nakamura, Satoki Report 5693
Clinical significance of survivin expression in patients with urothelial carcinoma. Chen, Hsin-An; Su, Chih-Ming; Hsieh, Hsiao-Yen; Tung, Chun-Liang; Hsu, Cheng-Da; Wang, Yuan-Hung; Sh Report 3726
Clinical use of ultrasensitive cardiac troponin I assay in intermediate- and high-risk surgery patients. Borges, Flavia Kessler; Furtado, Mariana Vargas; Rossini, Ana Paula Webber; Bertoluci, Carolina; Gon Report 6752
Clinical usefulness of novel serum and imaging biomarkers in risk stratification of patients with stable angina. Tsaknis, George; Tsangaris, Iraklis; Ikonomidis, Ignatios; Tsantes, Argirios Report 11863
Comparative plasma protein profiling of hemoglobin H disease. Leecharoenkiat, Kamonlak; Sornjai, Wannapa; Khungwanmaythawee, Kornpat; Paemanee, Atchara; Chaichana Report 4985
Comparison of different blood collection, sample matrix, and immunoassay methods in a prenatal screening setting. Pennings, Jeroen L.A.; Siljee, Jacqueline E.; Imholz, Sandra; Kuc, Sylwia; de Vries, Annemieke; Schi Report 3720
Diagnostic and prognostic role of preoperative circulating CA 15-3, CA 125, and beta-2 microglobulin in renal cell carcinoma. Lucarelli, Giuseppe; Ditonno, Pasquale; Bettocchi, Carlo; Vavallo, Antonio; Rutigliano, Monica; Gall Clinical report 4247
Different profile of serum leptin between early onset and late onset preeclampsia. Salimi, Saeedeh; Farajian-Mashhadi, Farzaneh; Naghavi, Anoosh; Mokhtari, Mojgan; Shahrakipour, Mahna Report 4144
Effective assessment of diabetes control using personal glucometers (CONTOURLINK, Bayer, Germany; CALLA, Wellion, Austria; LINUS, Agamatrix, USA). Chlup, R.; Doubravova, B.; Bartek, J.; Zapletalova, J.; Krystynik, O.; Prochazka, V. Report 5085
Elevated plasma stromal-cell-derived factor-1 protein levels correlate with severity in patients with community-acquired pneumonia. Tsai, Ping-Kun; Hsieh, Ming-Ju; Wang, Hsiang-Ling; Chou, Ming-Chih; Yang, Shun-Fa; Yeh, Chao-Bin Report 4620
EphB4 tyrosine kinase stimulation inhibits growth of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells in a dose and time dependent manner. Barneh, Farnaz; Moshayedi, Mona; Mirmohammadsadeghi, Hamid; Haghjooy-Javanmard, Shaghayegh; Sabzghab Report 3370
Expression of the matrix metalloproteases 2, 14, 24, and 25 and tissue inhibitor 3 as potential molecular markers in advanced human gastric cancer. de la Pena, Sol; Sampieri, Clara Luz; Ochoa-Lara, Mariana; Leon-Cordoba, Kenneth; Remes-Troche, Jose Report 6450
Expression of the microtubule-associated protein MAP9/ASAP and its partners AURKA and PLK1 in colorectal and breast cancers. Rouquier, Sylvie; Pillaire, Marie-Jeanne; Cazaux, Christophe; Giorgi, Dominique Report 3991
First-line gemcitabine plus cisplatin in nonsmall cell lung cancer patients. Li, Ying; Wang, Lin Run; Chen, Jian; Lou, Yan; Zhang, Guo Bing Report 4137
FT-IR analysis of urinary stones: a helpful tool for clinician comparison with the chemical spot test. Primiano, Aniello; Persichilli, Silvia; Gambaro, Giovanni; Ferraro, Pietro Manuel; DAddessi, Alessan Report 3101
Gene expression profiling of colorectal tumors and normal mucosa by microarrays meta-analysis using prediction analysis of microarray, artificial neural network, classification, and regression trees. Chu, Chi-Ming; Yao, Chung-Tay; Chang, Yu-Tien; Chou, Hsiu-Ling; Chou, Yu-Ching; Chen, Kang-Hua; Tern Report 7461
Genetic polymorphisms involved in folate metabolism and maternal risk for down syndrome: a meta-analysis. Victorino, Daniella Balduino; de Godoy, Moacir Fernandes; Goloni-Bertollo, Eny Maria; Pavarino, Erik Report 10575
Haplotype map of sickle cell anemia in Tunisia. Moumni, Imen; Mustapha, Maha Ben; Sassi, Sarra; Zorai, Amine; Mansour, Ikbel Ben; Douzi, Kais; Choua Report 4516
Hepatocyte growth factor levels in the saliva and gingival crevicular fluid in smokers with periodontitis. Anil, Sukumaran; Vellappally, Sajith; Preethanath, R.S.; Mokeem, Sameer A.; AlMoharib, Hani S.; Pati Report 3823
High nuclear expression of HDGF correlates with disease progression and poor prognosis in human endometrial carcinoma. Wang, Lijing; Jiang, Qingping; Hua, Shengni; Zhao, Mengyang; Wu, Qiangyun; Fu, Qiaofen; Fang, Weiyi; Report 3419
High SHIP2 expression indicates poor survival in colorectal cancer. Yang, Ju; Fu, Maoying; Ding, Yaoguang; Weng, Yajing; Fan, Weifei; Pu, Xiaolin; Ge, Zhijun; Zhan, Fen Report 4298
Hypertrophy of ligamentum flavum in lumbar spine stenosis is associated with increased miR-155 level. Chen, Jianwei; Liu, Zude; Zhong, Guibin; Qian, Lie; Li, Zhanchun; Qiao, Zhiguang; Chen, Bin; Wang, H Report 3998
Identification of differentially expressed serum proteins in infectious Purpura fulminans. He, Ting; Hu, Jiong-yu; Han, Jian; Zhang, Dong-xia; Jiang, Xu-pin; Chen, Bing; Huang, Yue-sheng Report 4732
Identification of human tissue kallikrein 6 as a potential marker of laryngeal cancer based on the relevant secretory/releasing protein database. Zhang, Ying; Zhang, Zaixing; Yang, Lei; Xu, Bin; Li, Weihua; Tang, Pingzhang; Zhang, Zongmin; Han, N Report 5328
Immunohistochemical correlation of matrix metalloproteinase-2 and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase-2 in tobacco associated epithelial dysplasia. Bajracharya, Dipshikha; Shrestha, Bijayatha; Kamath, Asha; Menon, Aparna; Radhakrishnan, Raghu Report 5102
Impact of molecular testing in the diagnosis of thyroid fine needle aspiration cytology: data from mainland China. Guo; Hui-qin; Zhao; Huan; Zhang; Zhi-hui; Zhu; Yan-li; Xiao; Ting; Pan; Pan, And Qin-jing Report 3854
Importance of follow-up cerebrospinal fluid analysis in cryptococcal meningoencephalitis. Skripuletz, Thomas; Schwenkenbecher, Philipp; Pars, Kaweh; Stoll, Matthias; Conzen, Josef; Bolat, Se Report 5800
Interleukin-6 and C-reactive protein are overexpressed in the liver of perinatal deaths diagnosed with fetal inflammatory response syndrome. Pereira, Livia Helena M.; Machado, Juliana R.; Olegario, Janainna G.P.; Rocha, Laura P.; Silva, Marc Report 4938
K-ras mutational status in cytohistological tissue as a molecular marker for the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Yang, Jing; Li, Jingjing; Zhu, Rong; Zhang, Huawei; Zheng, Yuanyuan; Dai, Weiqi; Wang, Fan; Shen, Mi Report 6858
Levels of human erythrocyte membrane-bound and cytosolic glycohydrolases are associated with oxidative stress in erectile dysfunction patients. Massaccesi, L.; d'Eril, G.V. Melzi; Colpi, G.M.; Tettamanti, G.; Goi, G.; Barassi, A. Report 4583
Low paraoxonase 1 activity predicts mortality in surgical patients with sepsis. Bojic, Suzana; Kotur-Stevuljevic, Jelena; Kalezic, Nevena; Jelic-Ivanovic, Zorana; Stefanovic, Aleks Report 4630
Mass spectrometric screening of ovarian cancer with serum glycans. Kim, Jae-Han; Park, Chang Won; Um, Dalho; Baek, Ki Hwang; Jo, Yohahn; An, Hyunjoo; Kim, Yangsun; Kim Report 7246
Matrix metalloproteinase-9: its interplay with angiogenic factors in inflammatory bowel diseases. Matusiewicz, Malgorzata; Neubauer, Katarzyna; Mierzchala-Pasierb, Magdalena; Gamian, Andrzej; Krzyst Report 5953
Methylation of DLEC1 promoter is a predictor for recurrence in Chinese patients with gastric cancer. Ye, Xiaobing; Feng, Gang; Jiao, Nanlin; Pu, Chun; Zhao, Guohai; Sun, Guoping Report 3486
MicroRNA expression profiling in PBMCS: a potential diagnostic biomarker of chronic hepatitis C. Chang, Chiu-Chun; Lin, Chun-Che; Hsieh, Wan-Ling; Lai, Hsin-Wu; Tsai, Chia-Hsun; Cheng, Ya-Wen Report 5825
MicroRNA-21 promotes cell growth and migration by targeting programmed cell death 4 gene in Kazakh's esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Liu, Tao; Liu, Qing; Zheng, Shutao; Gao, Xiangpeng; Lu, Mang; Yang, Chenchen; Dai, Fang; Sheyhidin, Report 3355
MicroRNAs-role in lung cancer. Guz, Malgorzata; Rivero-Muller, Adolfo; Okon, Estera; Stenzel-Bembenek, Agnieszka; Polberg, Krzyszto Report 11727
Mig-6 gene knockout induces neointimal hyperplasia in the vascular smooth muscle cell. Lee, Ju Hee; Choung, Sorim; Kim, Ji Min; Lee, Jung Uee; Kim, Koon Soon; Kim, Hyun Jin; Jeong, Jae-Wo Report 4930
Mir-146a expression level as a novel putative prognostic marker for acute promyelocytic leukemia. Xu, Lan; Zhong, Hua; Wan, Haixia; Chen, Fang-yuan; Zhong, Jihua; Xiao, Fei; Liu, Jia; Shen, Lijing Report 4735
Molecular targeted approaches for advanced BRAF V600, N-RAS, c-KIT, and GNAQ melanomas. Giovanni, Ponti; Giovanni, Pellacani; Aldo, Tomasi; Pietro, Loschi; Gabriele, Luppi; Fabio, Gelsomin Report 1755
Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio and platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio: novel markers for diagnosis and prognosis in patients with idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Seo, Young Joon; Jeong, Jun hui; Choi, Jae Young; Moon, In Seok Report 4675
Nuclear p27 expression confers a favorable outcome for nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients. Liu, Zhen; Long, Yufei; Zhang, Yajie; Huang, Wei; Long, Xiaobin; Yang, Huiling; Long, Jie; Cheng, Ch Report 3679
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors family is involved in the response to treatment and mild clinical course in patients with ulcerative colitis. Yamamoto-Furusho, J.K.; Jacintez-Cazares, M.; Furuzawa-Carballeda, J.; Fonseca-Camarillo, G. Report 2877
Pleural fluid mesothelin as an adjunct to the diagnosis of pleural malignant mesothelioma. Creaney, Jenette; Segal, Amanda; Olsen, Nola; Dick, Ian M.; Musk, A. W. "Bill"; Skates, Steven J.; R Report 5105
Potential novel biomarkers for diabetic testicular damage in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats: nerve growth factor beta and vascular endothelial growth factor. Sisman, Ali Riza; Kiray, Muge; Camsari, Ulas Mehmet; Evren, Merve; Ates, Mehmet; Baykara, Basak; Aks Report 3735
Potential uses, limitations, and basic procedures of micronuclei and nuclear abnormalities in Buccal cells. Torres-Bugarin, Olivia; Zavala-Cerna, Maria Guadalupe; Nava, Arnulfo; Flores-Garcia, Aurelio; Ramos- Report 10836
Preoperative serum levels of mesothelin in patients with colon cancer. Bostanci, Ozgur; Kemik, Ozgur; Kemik, Ahu; Battal, Muharrem; Demir, Uygar; Purisa, Sevim; Yavuz, Alp Report 2884
Prognostic and biological significance of microRNA-127 expression in human breast cancer. Wang, Shaohua; Li, Hanjun; Wang, Jingjie; Wang, Dan; Yao, Anlong; Li, Qiurong Report 5382
Prognostic role of MicroRNA-210 in various carcinomas: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Li, Minmin; Ma, Xuelei; Li, Mei; Zhang, Binglan; Huang, Juan; Liu, Lei; Wei, Yuquan Report 5969
Prognostic significance of microRNA-375 downregulation in solid tumors: a meta-analysis. Shao, Yingjie; Geng, Yiting; Gu, Wendong; Huang, Jin; Ning, Zhonghua; Pei, Honglei Report 7085
Prognostic value of Rab27B nuclear expression in gastrointestinal stromal tumors. Wang, Wei; Ni, Qichao; Wang, Hua; Zhang, Shu; Zhu, Huijun Report 3867
Prognostic value of VEGF in patients submitted to percutaneous coronary intervention. Ramos, Catarina; Napoleao, Patricia; Selas, Mafalda; Freixo, Claudia; Crespo, Ana Maria Viegas; Carm Report 4930
Promoter methylation of SFRP3 is frequent in hepatocellular carcinoma. Lin, Ya-Wen; Shih, Yu-Lueng; Lien, Gi-Shih; Suk, Fat-Moon; Hsieh, Chung-Bao; Yan, Ming-De Report 5022
Prostate biopsy sampling causes hematogenous dissemination of epithelial cellular material. Ladjevardi, Sam; Auer, Gert; Castro, Juan; Ericsson, Christer; Zetterberg, Anders; Haggman, Michael; Report 3873
Proteome changes in the plasma of myelodysplastic syndrome patients with refractory anemia with excess blasts subtype 2. Majek, Pavel; Riedelova-Reicheltova, Zuzana; Suttnar, Jiri; Pecankova, Klara; Cermak, Jaroslav; Dyr, Report 5137
Proteomic analysis of serum and urine of HIV-monoinfected and HIV/HCV-coinfected patients undergoing long term treatment with nevirapine. Wongtrakul, Jeerang; Thongtan, Thananya; Roytrakul, Sittiruk; Kumrapich, Benjawan; Janphen, Kanokwan Report 6734
Recipients with in Utero induction of tolerance upregulated MHC Class I in the engrafted donor skin. Chen, Jeng-Chang; Ou, Liang-Shiou; Yu, Hsiu-Yueh; Kuo, Ming-Ling; Chang, Pei-Yeh; Chang, Hsueh-Ling Report 4411
Red cell distribution width is associated with presence, stage, and grade in patients with renal cell carcinoma. Wang, Fang-Ming; Xu, Gongjun; Zhang, Yan; Ma, Lu-Lin Report 4880
Residual salivary secretion ability may be a useful marker for differential diagnosis in autoimmune diseases. Maeshima, Etsuko; Koshiba, Hiroya; Furukawa, Kanako; Maeshima, Shinichiro; Sakamoto, Wataru Report 3302
RNA-Seq data mining: downregulation of NeuroD6 serves as a possible biomarker for Alzheimer's disease brains. Satoh, Jun-ichi; Yamamoto, Yoji; Asahina, Naohiro; Kitano, Shouta; Kino, Yoshihiro Report 6205
Serum anticholinergic activity: a possible peripheral marker of the anticholinergic burden in the central nervous system in Alzheimer's disease. Hori, Koji; Konishi, Kimiko; Tani, Masayuki; Tomioka, Hiroi; Akita, Ryo; Kitajima, Yuka; Aoki, Mari; Report 4420
Serum clusterin as a tumor marker and prognostic factor for patients with esophageal cancer. Guo, Wei; Ma, Xiao; Xue, Christine; Luo, Jianfeng; Zhu, Xiaoli; Xiang, Jiaqing; Lu, Bo; Li, Hecheng Report 3980
Serum interleukin 17 levels in patients with Crohn's disease: real life data. Sahin, Abdurrahman; Calhan, Turan; Cengiz, Mustafa; Kahraman, Resul; Aydin, Kubra; Ozdil, Kamil; Kor Report 3913
Serum levels of resistin, adiponectin, and apelin in gastroesophageal cancer patients. Diakowska, Dorota; Markocka-Maczka, Krystyna; Szelachowski, Piotr; Grabowski, Krzysztof Report 5617
Serum omentin-1 as a disease activity marker for Crohn's disease. Lu, Yan; Zhou, Li; Liu, Lifeng; Feng, Yan; Lu, Li; Ren, Xiaoyan; Dong, Xinqian; Sang, Weiwei Report 2631
Severity of hepatitis C virus (genotype-3) infection positively correlates with circulating microRNA-122 in patients sera. Kumar, Subodh; Chawla, Yogesh Kumar; Ghosh, Sujata; Chakraborti, Anuradha Report 4035
Soluble IL-2 receptor: a biomarker for assessing myositis activity. Tournadre, Anne; Dubost, Jean-Jacques; Soubrier, Martin; Ruivard, Marc; Souteyrand, Pierre; Schmidt, Report 3369
STAT4 gene polymorphisms are associated with susceptibility and ANA status in primary biliary cirrhosis. Joshita, Satoru; Umemura, Takeji; Nakamura, Minoru; Katsuyama, Yoshihiko; Shibata, Soichiro; Kimura, Report 5328
Stepwise application of urine markers to detect tumor recurrence in patients undergoing surveillance for non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer. Todenhofer, Tilman; Hennenlotter, Jorg; Esser, Michael; Mohrhardt, Sarah; Aufderklamm, Stefan; Bottg Report 5053
Study of leptin and adiponectin as disease markers in subjects with obstructive sleep apnea. Mutairi, Sana Al; Mojiminiyi, Olusegun A.; Alawi, Alia Al; Rammah, Tahani Al; Abdella, Nabila Report 5426
System accuracy evaluation of the GlucoRx Nexus voice TD-4280 blood glucose monitoring system. Khan, Muhammad; Broadbent, Keith; Morris, Mike; Ewins, David; Joseph, Franklin Report 6253
Systemic oxidative stress biomarkers in chronic periodontitis: a meta-analysis. Liu, Zhiqiang; Liu, Yan; Song, Yiqing; Zhang, Xi; Wang, Songlin; Wang, Zuomin Report 7971
The association between bile salt export pump single-nucleotide polymorphisms and primary biliary cirrhosis susceptibility and ursodeoxycholic acid response. Chen, Rui-rui; Li, Yuan-jun; Zhou, Xin-Min; Wang, Lu; Xing, Juan; Han, Shuang; Cui, Li-Na; Zheng, Li Report 4347
The CCR5[DELTA]32 polymorphism in Brazilian patients with sickle cell disease. Lopes, Mariana Pezzute; Santos, Magnun Nueldo Nunes; Faber, Eliel Wagner; Bezerra, Marcos Andre Cava Report 3240
The clinical significance of PR, ER, NF-[kappa]B, and TNF-[alpha] in breast cancer. Zhou, Xian-Long; Fan, Wei; Yang, Gui; Yu, Ming-Xia Report 4828
The clinicopathologic importance of serum lactic dehydrogenase in patients with gastric cancer. Zhao, Zhi; Han, Fanghai; Yang, Shibin; Hua, Lixin; Wu, Jianhai; Zhan, Wenhua Report 3999
The clinicopathological significance of miR-133a in colorectal cancer. Wan, Timothy Ming-Hun; Lam, Colin Siu-Chi; Ng, Lui; Chow, Ariel Ka-Man; Wong, Sunny Kit-Man; Li, Hun Report 4509
The role of haptoglobin genotypes in Chagas disease. Fernandez, Ninomar Mundaray; Fernandez-Mestre, Mercedes Report 3900
The serum glycome to discriminate between early-stage epithelial ovarian cancer and benign ovarian diseases. Biskup, Karina; Braicu, Elena Iona; Sehouli, Jalid; Tauber, Rudolf; Blanchard, Veronique Report 5295
The use of humoral responses as a marker of CMV burden in HIV patients on ART requires consideration of T-cell recovery and persistent B-cell activation. Brunt, Samantha J.; Lee, Silvia; D'Orsogna, Lloyd; Bundell, Christine; Burrows, Sally; Price, Patric Report 4470
Tissue damage markers after a spinal manipulation in healthy subjects: a preliminary report of a randomized controlled trial. Achalandabaso, A.; Plaza-Manzano, G.; Lomas-Vega, R.; Martinez-Amat. A.; Camacho, M.V.; Gasso, M.; H Report 5926
TRIM29 as a novel biomarker in pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Sun, Hongli; Dai, Xianwei; Han, Bing Report 3431
Two polymorphisms in the fractalkine receptor CX3CR1 gene influence the development of atherosclerosis: a meta-analysis. Wu, Jian; Yin, Rui-Xing; Lin, Quan-Zhen; Guo, Tao; Shi, Guang-Yuan; Sun, Jia-Qi; Shen, Shao-Wen; Li, Report 9655
Urinary N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase as an early marker for acute kidney injury in full-term newborns with neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. Cheng, Bangning; Jin, Yulian; Liu, Guanghui; Chen, Zhiheng; Dai, Hongmei; Liu, Min Report 3238
Urine annexin A1 as an index for glomerular injury in patients. Ka, Shuk-Man; Tsai, Pei-Yi; Chao, Tai-Kuang; Yang, Shun-Min; Hung, Yi-Jen; Chen, Jin-Shuen; Shui, Ha Report 6654
Variability of the transferrin receptor 2 gene in AMD. Wysokinski, Daniel; Blasiak, Janusz; Dorecka, Mariola; Kowalska, Marta; Robaszkiewicz, Jacek; Pawlow Report 5225
Xuezhikang therapy increases miR-33 expression in patients with low HDL-C levels. Cao, Ruihua; Bai, Yongyi; Sun, Lan; Zheng, Jin; Zu, Mian; Du, Guanhua; Ye, Ping Report 2849
ZEB1 expression in endometrial biopsy predicts lymph node metastases in patient with endometrial cancer. Feng, Gang; Wang, Xiangming; Cao, Xiaozhi; Shen, Lijuan; Zhu, Jiansheng Report 3743

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