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Disease Diagnosis and Control in North American Marine Aquaculture.

The second edition of Disease Diagnosis and Control in North American Marine Aquaculture," edited by Carl J. Sindermann and Donald V. Lightner, has been published by Elsevier Science Publishers, P.O. Box 330, 1000 AH Amsterdam, The Netherlands, as volume 17 in their series "Developments in Aquaculture and Fisheries Science." Sindermann is with the NMFS Northeast Fisheries Center, Woods Hole, Mass., and the University of Miami, Fla., and Lightner is with the University of Arizona's Environmental Research Laboratory in Tucson.

The control of diseases depends on correct diagnosis, proper preventive measures, and proper treatment, and this vastly updated second edition should be a big help to aquaculturists and others involved in the detection, prevention, and treatment of fish diseases. It includes excellent summaries of current information on the diseases of cultivated marine fishes and their prevention, considerably broadened now with the addition of 28 diseases of penacid shrimps. It is very well illustrated with many photos and photomicrographs needed in identifying disease problems.

Included are contributions from 22 experts which cover the diseases of cultured marine crustaceans, mollusks, finfishes, and turtles. In addition another chapter is devoted to chemotherapy, vaccines and disease resistance, and disease problems created by introduced species. Each chapter presents specific additional references; a basic list of general disease references is presented as Appendix I. Appendix II lists chemotherapeutants for marine aquaculturists.

For each disease is given the common name (and synonyms), species affected are listed, as is the cause of the disease, gross symptoms, and method of diagnosis. Also given are the life history, biology, and epizootiology, along with the effects on the host, treatment, preventive measures, and the known geographic distribution of the disease and, finally, key references on it.

The volume is an excellent handbook to the diseases problems in North American mariculture and an excellent reference for aquaculturists, students and others wherever these diseases occur around the world. The first edition of this book was published in 1977 and in this edition, much has been rewritten and much has been added, making it even more useful. Hardbound, the 43 1 -page volume is available from the publisher at Dft. 200.00 or, in the United States, from Elsevier at P.O. Box 1663, Grand Central Station, New York NY 10163 for $105.25.
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
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Date:Jan 1, 1989
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