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MoHR to ensure implementation of 'The Transgender Act 2018'. Sep 20, 2021 519
MoHR to ensure implementation of 'The Transgender Act 2018'. Sep 20, 2021 520
Senior female doctor facing harassment, discrimination at major Karachi public hospital. Sep 19, 2021 369
Report of US Commission on Int'l Religious Freedom is biased - head of Azerbaijani State Committee. Sep 18, 2021 456
MoHR to ensure implementation of 'The Transgender Act 2018'. Sep 16, 2021 520
MoHR to ensure implementation of "The Transgender Act 2018". Sep 16, 2021 520
Group tells home minister to end discrimination against Malaysian mothers seeking citizenship for children born abroad. Sep 16, 2021 394
Minority leaders press home for commission, end to discrimination. Sep 16, 2021 381
US 'must acknowledge post-9|11 backlash against Arabs': says legal expert. RAY HANANIA Sep 10, 2021 941
Jewish family 'kicked out of tearoom after requesting non-kosher food be removed'; The tearoom owner has denied claims of discrimination, after refusing to remove non-kosher chicken sandwiches as they couldn't accommodate 'individual preferences' in the 1940s themed restaurant. By, Kate Buck Sep 5, 2021 929
CHR warns segregation of vaccinated, unvaccinated may cause 'discrimination'. Aug 31, 2021 565
US organizations demand Biden pressure Bennett to end systematic violations of Palestinian rights. Aug 27, 2021 998
Singapore's Workers' Party renews calls for minimum wage, retrenchment benefits, anti-discrimination laws ahead of National Day Rally. Aug 27, 2021 359
Yousaf court threat over nursery 'discrimination' LAWYER SAYS RESPONSE HAS NO EXPLANATION Spaces 'available' for non-ethnic names. ANNIE BROWN Aug 25, 2021 402
Israeli forces attack rally condemning opening of settler-only road in Nablus-area town. Aug 25, 2021 214
Domestic Violence: The Shadow Epidemic. Aug 24, 2021 1514
Let's use Paralympics to celebrate athlete's difference and tolerance. Aug 23, 2021 622
UAE to host international humanitarian summit during Expo 2020 Dubai. Arab News Aug 19, 2021 459
Delhi told to ensure safety of minorities living in India. Aug 19, 2021 602
The Multifaceted Pathways Linking Populism to Ethnic Minority Health: Comment on "A Scoping Review of Populist Radical Right Parties' Influence on Welfare Policy and its Implications for Population Health in Europe". Stronks, Karien; Agyemang, Charles Aug 18, 2021 2475
Intl. organizations: Pride March a symbol of equality and non-discrimination. Aug 15, 2021 276
Women migrant workers' face discrimination, says UN. Aug 13, 2021 335
Ghana's anti-LGBTI draft bill a 'recipe for violence' - UN experts. Aug 12, 2021 391
Pakistan's constitution provides equal rights to all: Minister. Aug 11, 2021 160
Scottish Muslim politician launches legal action over alleged nursery discrimination. Arab News Aug 10, 2021 482
Mum who breastfed for four years refuses to call shop 'breastfeeding friendly'; Rachel Harvey, 40, has refused to display stickers in her pottery studio The Paint Box to advertise that it is 'breastfeeding friendly' because she doesn't want to encourage discrimination. By, Luke Green & Ryan Merrifield Aug 9, 2021 479
Sinti and Roma demand equality and participation. Sheila Mysorekar Aug 6, 2021 1303
Threatening Catholic migrant shelters threatens religious liberty. Editorial Aug 6, 2021 561
Harassed Fundraisers: Half don't report anti-DEI behavior. Clolery, Paul Aug 1, 2021 1293
Teacher of the Year recipient claims she faced discrimination by American Airlines in Huntsville Airport. Jul 29, 2021 920
Indonesia's ethnic resentments. Jul 27, 2021 1082
FG's Attack On Bishop Kukah Proves Religious Discrimination - Ogebe. Jul 25, 2021 319
The church's complicity in dehumanizing the LGBTQ community in Ghana. Horan, Daniel P. Column Jul 23, 2021 1223
Bodily autonomy and sexual and reproductive health are basic human rights. Jul 23, 2021 934
Supreme Court dismisses 25-year-old discrimination case. Jul 18, 2021 535
Warring sides in Afghanistan should cease fire in Eid: UNAMA. Jul 14, 2021 170
Warring sides in Afghanistan should cease-fire in Eid: UNAMA. Jul 14, 2021 198
'Gender ministry's role essential in eradicating discrimination'. Jul 14, 2021 332
Exiled Kashmiris urge UNHRC to act against Pakistan, accuse ISI of targeting judges, journalists. Jul 12, 2021 463
No more benefits for families with more than two children. Jul 10, 2021 222
Action Coalition for the progress towards gender equality launched in BiH. Jul 9, 2021 670
600 academics call for an end of Israel's apartheid. Jul 9, 2021 227
600 academics call for an end of Israel's apartheid. Jul 8, 2021 236
Translation and cross language validation of human immunodeficiency virus stigma scale in a Pakistani context. Nayyer, Faiza; Batool, Iffat Report Jul 5, 2021 1598
Turning tables: Protest is not only part of a healthy democracy--it is a part of discipleship. Clark, Meghan J. Jul 1, 2021 757
Accessibility Legislation Across Canada: The current situation. McKay-Panos, Linda Jul 1, 2021 1030
Missouri AG asks Supreme Court to uphold 2019 law banning "discrimination-based" abortions. Andrusko, Dave Jul 1, 2021 853
COVID-19-related Mental Health Burden and Minority Stress, Marginalized Social Identities, and Experiences of LGBTQ+ Discrimination. Gordon, Alison Jul 1, 2021 3439
Potential Application of Bostock v. Clayton County to Other Civil Rights Statutes. Back, Christine J.; Cole, Jared P. Jul 1, 2021 25108
Bad Faith: Inequality and discrimination within UK healthcare regulation. Macqueen, Dominic Jul 1, 2021 4570
Stigma towards leprosy: A systematic review. Ihsan Fachry Arba, Afif Nurul Hidayati, Soetjipto and Damayanti Jun 30, 2021 5015
Debate arises over whether academic background is factor of discrimination. Jun 28, 2021 597
Debate arises over whether academic background is factor of discrimination. Jun 28, 2021 284
UN rights chief calls for 'systemic racism' to be dismantled. Jun 28, 2021 349
School is first in Wales to sign code to protect children from discrimination based on their hair; "This champions our pupils' right to their identity and culture in a way that will be embedded solidly in our policies and practices," said headteacher Rhian Carbis. By, Abbie Wightwick Jun 27, 2021 661
European Council, 24-25 June 2021. Jun 25, 2021 1778
Cyprus backs criticism of Hungary's anti-LGBTI bill. Gina Agapiou Jun 24, 2021 718
Anastasiades signs EU letter against LGBT discrimination. fm Jun 24, 2021 226
Opposition protests budget 'discrimination' in KP Assembly. Jun 23, 2021 571
Plateau youths protest injustice, discrimination against Daniel Kim, community by Karl Kum Varsity. Jun 22, 2021 1018
Nepal must do much more to protect most vulnerable community. Rukamanee Maharjan Jun 22, 2021 1193
RELIGIOUS LIBERTY ISN'T MORE SACRED THAN OTHER RIGHTS. Speckhardt, Roy; Uesugi, Kate Jun 22, 2021 1784
OIC body addresses plight of displaced on World Refugee Day. Arab News Jun 20, 2021 363
Harassment & discrimination may come with access to data. Jun 18, 2021 293
Religious groups prevail in Philly gay rights case. Associated Press Jun 18, 2021 842
Say no to discrimination. Jun 16, 2021 334
US Justice Department says to crack down on voting discrimination. Jun 11, 2021 353
CoE: Retention of the present discriminatory election system a clear violation. Jun 10, 2021 507
We're dubbed 'bossy' or 'shrill' Ushna Shah on discrimination in Pakistan's entertainment industry. Jun 10, 2021 294
Appetite is shown to boost equality. COREENA FORD Business writer @Scoopford Jun 7, 2021 613
Israeli violence, hate speech, discrimination against Palestinian minority must stop -- UN expert. Jun 2, 2021 362
Tory MP was once rejected as candidate because he was Muslim; ex-home secretary tells of discrimination. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Jun 1, 2021 386
HHS prohibits discrimination against LGBTQ patients. Ault, Alicia Jun 1, 2021 650
Stress-related growth of HIV/AIDS patients: Role of religion and self-esteem in mitigating perceived discrimination. Maqsood, Fauzia; Baneen, Ummel; Maqsood, Sidra Report May 30, 2021 3292
Palestinian territories: Tunisia welcomes establishment of commission of inquiry. May 29, 2021 203
HJPC: Protect human rights of all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. May 28, 2021 340
Dr. Shuaib Suddle calls on Governor Balochistan. May 27, 2021 173
Dr. Shuaib Suddle calls on Governor Balochistan. May 27, 2021 173
Anti-poor. May 26, 2021 648
Party accepts findings in full. May 26, 2021 361
Party accepts findings in full. May 26, 2021 361
Islamophobia still an issue for Tories. DAVID HUGHES May 26, 2021 658
Boris 'made party look insensitive to Muslims'. DAVID HUGHES Political editor, Press Association May 26, 2021 626
'Anti-Muslim sentiment a problem in Tory Party'. DAVID HUGHES Press Association Political editor May 26, 2021 633
Boris's comments about burkas make Tories seem anti-Muslim, says report; The inquiry found anti-Muslim sentiment was seen at local association and individual levels but claims of "institutional racism" were not borne out. By, Neil Shaw May 25, 2021 926
Koome proof women can go to highest level. May 21, 2021 480
Woman CJ is a major leap towards parity. May 21, 2021 338
Comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Bill gets House panel OK. May 20, 2021 346
Cyprus among 14 EU states to sign declaration on respect for LGBTI rights. Antigoni Pitta May 18, 2021 195
Justice Minister condemns LGBT rights abuses. fm May 17, 2021 250
Progress but LGBTI discrimination remains 'a tragic reality'. Staff Reporter May 17, 2021 385
Mum says her children have been forced out of three schools due to racist torment; Charmaine Abdul-Karim has opened up about the discrimination gypsies and travellers face in 21st century Britain, which she says she endured while giving birth. By, Richard Hansen May 17, 2021 605
US chides Nigeria over religious intolerance, insecurity. May 14, 2021 1143
Biden administration restores transgender health protections. RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR Associated Press May 11, 2021 563
Vaccines a global public good, says President Ramaphosa. May 10, 2021 776
EU Resolution and holistic strategies for Pakistan. Dr Mehmood-ul-Hassan Khan May 8, 2021 1149
Govt fails to strike out Malaysian mothers' lawsuit seeking citizenship for their overseas-born children, court asks for justification of discrimination. May 6, 2021 1867
Anti-Arab bigotry 'getting worse' in US as 20th anniversary of 9|11 approaches. RAY HANANIA May 6, 2021 1046
Asian American business leaders seek to fight discrimination. May 4, 2021 516
COVID HAS LEFT MY PLAYERS DRAINED OF ENERGY; SM1 02.05.2021 SUNDAY wolves Sunday Mirror Sport is proud to stand in solidarity with everyone who faces hate and discrimination online. Our sports social media accounts will be silent from 3pm on Friday April 30 to midnight on Monday May 3. We stand with football against hate. Boss Nuno blames virus side-effects for struggling stars. NEIL MOXLEY May 2, 2021 532
UNRWA disappointed by the EU Parliament language adopted in its 2019 discharge resolution on EU budget implementation. May 1, 2021 763
Transgender plight in Pakistan | By M Hussain Hunarmal. May 1, 2021 681
ECOSOC Chief Munir Akram calls for policies that tackle inequality and ensure justice. Apr 30, 2021 600
Arab Americans demand respect. Apr 28, 2021 963
EU mulls ban on AI-assisted mass surveillance. Kyriacos Nicolaou Apr 19, 2021 694
Respect right to religious freedom, avoid prejudice, discrimination, says minister. Apr 17, 2021 782
Two Catholic bishops assure transgender people: 'God resides in you'. Davison, Madeleine Apr 16, 2021 821
We must reject anti-Asian discrimination, violence. Apr 16, 2021 731
'Stigma and discrimination' fears deter mentally-handicapped persons to seek professional help - CHR. Apr 15, 2021 309
Covid-19 vaccine passports could breach discrimination laws, ministers warned; The Equality and Human Rights Commission has told the Cabinet Office they risk creating a "two-tier society". By, Ben Glaze Apr 15, 2021 356
This is a defining moment for children's rights in Scotland - Rhona Love; On Tuesday, 16 March, 2021, amidst many bleak stories and statistics, a ray of hope surfaced in Scotland's news. Historically unprecedented, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) was incorporated into Scots Law. Rhona Love Apr 13, 2021 529
Toward more tolerant US Navy. Apr 13, 2021 652
Discrimination against Roma remained prevalent, Amnesty International says. Apr 13, 2021 565
SejdiA: Roma people face discrimination in all spheres of life. Apr 8, 2021 469
Sign up to help fight for lepers' rights. Apr 7, 2021 275
Joey hoping his TikTok mission can bring change to transgender attitudes; 22-YEAR-OLD IS KEEN TO TACKLE DISCRIMINATION ISSUES. LOUISE LAZELL Apr 7, 2021 1431
Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeals on Workplace Religious Bias. Andrew Chung and Lawrence Hurley Apr 6, 2021 594
Out of a total of 16,660 police officers in BiH, only nine percent are women. Apr 5, 2021 308
Man Utd launch SEE RED campaign to tackle racism and discrimination; After players including Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Fred were racially abused on social media, Man Utd launch campaign encouraging fans to call out the perpetrators when they see it. By, David McDonnell Apr 2, 2021 516
Why We Should Rethink Voting Rights From the Ground Up. Ahmed, Amel Apr 1, 2021 1205
Beijing pressures Taiwan media deemed anti-China: US State Department. Mar 31, 2021 535
Six sue government over post-election violence. Mar 28, 2021 739
'The dead cannot cry out for justice' March: Speakers tell of discrimination. Christopher Placek Mar 27, 2021 524
The Difference between Afghan Democracy and its Western Prototype. Mar 25, 2021 954
Chinese discrimination. Ishrat Hussain - Karachi Mar 25, 2021 198
Observatory for Defence of Right to Difference urges parliament to enact relevant laws. Mar 24, 2021 213
Europe must wake up to racism, Afrophobia. Mar 23, 2021 731
Groups Pushing Auto Insurance Reform to 'End Discrimination Against Lower-Wage Californians'. Mar 23, 2021 414
Rising Violence against Muslims in India Under Modi and BJP Rule. Werleman, C.J. Mar 22, 2021 3664
Muslims still face discrimination, human rights violations -- Sangcopan. Mar 21, 2021 378
Immediate change needed to prevent gender-based violence; Wales should be free from gender discrimination says Catherine Fookes, director of WEN Wales. Mar 20, 2021 937
To drive UHC, mind youth. Mar 15, 2021 263
Revised draft resolution on Sri Lanka published by UNHRC. Mar 13, 2021 1832
Women demand to amend laws to end discrimination. Mar 12, 2021 580
Retention of present electoral system a clear violation of European Convention. Mar 12, 2021 451
Cleveland Police accused of sex discrimination; inspector claims she was treated differently on grounds of age and disability after menopause. KRISTY DAWSON @kristy_dawson07 Mar 11, 2021 1267
Pakistan stresses gender equality to accomplish global development goals. Mar 11, 2021 380
High Court quashes govt's 1986 ban on 'Allah' use by Christians, affirms Sarawakian Bumiputera's right to religion and non-discrimination. Mar 10, 2021 2956
Our View: A lot more pressure needed to ensure gender equality. CM: Our View Mar 9, 2021 474
Current Law Not Protecting Victims Of Domestic Abuse. Mar 9, 2021 361
Sindh Assembly calls to end violence, discrimination against women. Tahir Siddiqui Mar 9, 2021 893
International Women's Day: Ogun Commissioner Tasks Women On Leadership Roles In Nation-Building. Mar 8, 2021 308
Law on Ensuring Gender Equality discussed in Baku. Mar 5, 2021 234
International Women's Day, opportunity to reaffirm right to equal opportunities and non-discrimination (Ministry. Mar 5, 2021 170
Voting barriers may stand. Associated Press Mar 3, 2021 334
'The more acute a crisis is, the more discrimination increases', UN Women official. Noha El Tawil Mar 2, 2021 614
Chinese communities in Cambodia condemn certain citizens' wreckless behavior, fear outbreak may bring discrimination. Mar 2, 2021 1159
How to Foster Empathy in Anti-discrimination Initiatives? Implication for Social Interventions--A Qualitative Approach. Janezic, Isidora; Arsenault, Stephanie Report Mar 2, 2021 9760
Education to youth vital to eradicate discrimination. Mar 2, 2021 254
Chinese nationals encounter occasional discrimination after C-19 cluster outbreak. Mar 1, 2021 1930
The Importance of Indeterminate and Unknown Factors in Nourishing Crime: A Case Study of South Africa Using Neutrosophy. Wajid, Mohd. Saif; Wajid, Mohd Anas Case study Mar 1, 2021 6184
Perceived Devaluation and Discrimination toward mental illness Scale (PDDs): Its association with sociodemographic variables and interpersonal contact in a Mexican sample. Mora-Ríos, Jazmín; Ortega-Ortega, Miriam Mar 1, 2021 5653
Love Jihad Laws: Yet Another Face of Fascist Agenda. AMIR ZIA Feb 28, 2021 1751
Chinese nationals in Cambodia encounter occasional discrimination since latest COVID-19 cluster outbreak. Feb 27, 2021 1650
US House passes legislation advocating for LGBTQ rights. Feb 26, 2021 248
Qatar stresses equality in addressing pandemic. Feb 23, 2021 385
Council fairness and equality survey. Feb 22, 2021 161
President urges France 'not to entrench discrimination against Muslims into laws'. Feb 21, 2021 839
President urges France 'not to entrench discrimination against Muslims into laws'. Feb 20, 2021 826
Reducing inequality, eliminating racism at the heart of UN Agenda 2030 FM. SHAFQAT ALI Feb 19, 2021 779
FATF discrimination and Indian terrorist financing. Senator Rehman Malik Feb 19, 2021 1386
HM the King's Humanist and Co-existence Guidelines Are Internationally Recognized and Praised - Ambassador. Feb 19, 2021 485
Stop discrimination vs. people with intellectual disabilities - CHR. Feb 17, 2021 225
Biden's reality test: Kashmir inching towards genocide. Feb 17, 2021 1180
Almost 90% convinced women more frequent victims of discrimination. Staff Reporter Feb 17, 2021 619
Scottish police equality probe should be 'priority', says Humza Yousaf; Justice secretary Humza Yousaf has said an independent review into equality issues in Police Scotland should be "prioritised". Scott Macnab Feb 15, 2021 465
Women's struggle remembered on eve of Pakistan's National Day for Women Pro-women legislation needs implementation to ensure basic rights: Experts. Feb 14, 2021 306
FJWU organizes program to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day. Feb 12, 2021 333
Campaigners lose High Court battle to declare EU vote unlawful; "Proving systemic discrimination in court is incredibly hard to achieve". By, Neil Shaw Feb 12, 2021 233
Travellers cry foul as guards 'imprison' them on own site; COUNCIL SAYS MEASURES NEEDED AS SOME RESIDENTS REFUSED TO SELF-ISOLATE. ANDREW FORGRAVE Countryside and Tourism Editor Feb 10, 2021 452
DepEd: Modules 'discriminatory' to Igorots 'mistakenly reproduced in good faith'. Feb 10, 2021 304
Fashion designer Mohsin Naveed Ranjha addresses discrimination in fashion fraternity of Pakistan. Feb 9, 2021 389
65% of transgender people experience discrimination. Feb 9, 2021 311
Siraj declares education system based on class discrimination as main cause behind problems of country. Feb 7, 2021 355
Environmental complaint leads to federal discrimination probe. TIM KIRSININKAS Capitol News Illinois Feb 6, 2021 1116
Pakistan calls for combating Islamophobia on first-ever International Day of Human Fraternity. Feb 6, 2021 623
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Prevalence of Stress and Worry, Mental Health Conditions, and Increased Substance Use Among Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic--United States, April and May 2020. McKnight-Eily, Lela R.; Okoro, Catherine A.; Strine, Tara W.; Verlenden, Jorge; Hollis, NaTasha D.; Survey Feb 5, 2021 3290
UN supports the rights of survivors to speak publicly and report sexual violence. Feb 5, 2021 507
Amnesty, UN raise alarm over Iran minority executions. Arab News Feb 4, 2021 411
House unanimously approves anti-discrimination bill on final reading. Feb 2, 2021 520
House passes bill vs discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion. Feb 2, 2021 388
House passes bill banning discrimination on basis of race, ethnicity, religion. Feb 2, 2021 387
Rights commission calls for better textbook screening to prevent discrimination. Feb 1, 2021 455
Barrister who refused to delete tweet calling pupil 'stroppy teen of colour' sacked; Jon Holbrook is no longer working at Cornerstone Barristers after he refused to delete a tweet criticising the Equality Act and schoolgirl Ruby Williams. By, Milo Boyd Feb 1, 2021 864
Facing up to the ugly reality of hate crime and racism in Wales; The past 12 months have highlighted the ongoing discrimination faced by BAME communities in Wales, says Aliya Mohammed. Here she discusses what has led communities to say'enough is enough'- and what Wales needs to do to tackle the ugly reality of racism. Jan 30, 2021 827
Pandemic exposes labour market discrimination. Beth Farhat Jan 25, 2021 374
Govt to ensure medical facility across the country without any discrimination: Murad Saeed. Jan 25, 2021 269
Govt to ensure medical facility across country without any discrimination: Murad. Jan 25, 2021 256
Govt to ensure medical facility across country without discrimination: Murad. Jan 25, 2021 270
Dawoodi Bohra Jamat is serving education sector without any discrimination: Governor Sindh. Jan 23, 2021 842
Dawoodi Bohra Jamat serves education sector without any discrimination: Governor. Jan 23, 2021 880
At UN, Pakistan rebuffs India's accusations, exposes its discrimination against Muslims. Jan 23, 2021 412
Fine, jail term for racism proposed under House bill. Jan 23, 2021 554
Mohr starts social inclusion of transgenders in twin cities. Jan 21, 2021 254
Religious leaders vow to seek inter-Korean religious exchanges, tackle discrimination. Jan 20, 2021 542
UNRWA reviews self-learning material to ensure full adherence to highest UN principles. Jan 17, 2021 474
India's ruthless persecution of minorities echoed in UK parliament. Jan 16, 2021 1102
It's time for legislation to end source-of-income discrimination. Jan 13, 2021 619
HRW on BiH: Concerns over ethnic divisions, discrimination, migrant crisis. Jan 13, 2021 1469
'Hugely offensive and a disgraceful accusation': Celtic answer after being criticised by anti-discrimination charity; Celtic have defiantly answered accusations by an anti-discrimination charity of failing to condemn racial abuse directed at Nir Bitton. Craig Fowler Jan 7, 2021 425
KC Concepcion recalls bad experience while shopping abroad. Interview Jan 6, 2021 556
Celtic and SFA slammed for failing to condemn racial abuse of Nir Bitton; Celtic and the Scottish FA have both been heavily criticised by an anti-discrimination group for failing to condemn racial abuse directed at Nir Bitton in the wake of Saturday's Old Firm clash. Craig Fowler Jan 5, 2021 416
LuAiA:Violence against women and social discrimination increased during pandemic. Jan 3, 2021 463
Promotion of brotherhood, mutual respect, religious tolerance essential for durable peace: Governor Balochistan. Jan 1, 2021 251
Religious tolerance and harmony become essential. Jan 1, 2021 270
STIRRING THE POT WITH TURMOIL: "... The challenges to equality of opportunity are far more complex than university admission or outright discrimination....". Marsh, Gerald E. Jan 1, 2021 1534
The Jews of Central and South America. Mariaschin, Daniel S. Jan 1, 2021 1717
Document - Religion and Freedom of Expression in the European Context. Dec 31, 2020 9844
Scarlett Letter: A study based on experience of stigma by COVID-19 patients in quarantine. Nazish Imran, Hadia Afzal, Irum Aamer, Ali Hashmi, Bilquis Shabbir, Aftab Asif and Saeed Farooq Dec 31, 2020 4629
Allegations of rampant discrimination against basketball federation. Dec 27, 2020 1558
FM felicitates Christmas to Christian community, says minorities have equal rights. Dec 26, 2020 268
FM felicitates Christmas to Christian community, says minorities have equal rights. Dec 26, 2020 268
Terrible misconceptions: Why we need the Sogie Equality Bill. Dec 18, 2020 600
Migrant women call for 'equal pay for equal work'. Dec 17, 2020 618
Indiana School District Pay $70K to Resolve Disability, Age Discrimination Case. Stephanie K. Jones Dec 15, 2020 336
Int'l Human Rights Day and the Fate of Kashmiri People. Dec 13, 2020 739
Seoul vows to rid discrimination against multicultural families. Dec 11, 2020 602
HANDS Pakistan observes International Human Rights Day in Shahdadkot. Saleh Khoso Dec 11, 2020 169
What is the Halo Code? New UK guidelines to protect black people with afro textured hair from discrimination explained; Unilever has adopted the guidelines created by The Halo Collective to protect workers. Jenna Macfarlane Dec 11, 2020 656
DOJ to probe resort over alleged discrimination vs child with special needs. Dec 11, 2020 422
Equality, Non-Discrimination A Must For A Post-COVID World. Dec 10, 2020 644
USA to Pakistan - discrimination in the air. Imran Jan Dec 10, 2020 701
Hope for Children marks Human Rights Day. Gina Agapiou Dec 10, 2020 235
Pakistan upholds UDHR and committed to fullfil it's obligations under it. Dec 10, 2020 365
Slovakia still lacks better education for Roma and anti-discrimination legislation for LGBTI people. Dec 9, 2020 899
Cebu resort probed over child discrimination. Dec 9, 2020 316
US. designates Nigeria among violators of religious freedom. Dec 8, 2020 493
Discrimination and Violence against Women in Afghanistan. Dec 8, 2020 988
The Civil Rights Act of 1964: Eleven Titles at a Glance. Back, Christine J. Dec 1, 2020 1651
Supreme Court Hears Foster Care Discrimination Case. Dec 1, 2020 301
Cosmetic camouflage of visible skin lesions enhances life quality indices in leprosy as in vitiligo patients: an effective stigma reduction strategy. Rao, P. Narasimha; Vellala, Manogna; Potharaju, Arun Raghav; Kiran, K. Udaya Report Dec 1, 2020 4377
Leprosy in Kiribati: the lived experience. Thompson, Lee; Ioteba, Nabura; Chambers, Steve Report Dec 1, 2020 7921
Mamba apologizes for 'Muslim' remark. Nov 26, 2020 607
Violence against women: civil society calls for approach based on prevention and human rights education. Nov 25, 2020 517
The world must hold 'democratic' Myanmar to account. Dr. Azeem Ibrahim Nov 23, 2020 593
Children day celebrated to mark curb child abuse, violence, discrimination. Nov 21, 2020 749
Pakistan expresses commitment to protect human rights of all children. Nov 21, 2020 241
Children day celebrated to mark curb child abuse, violence, discrimination. Nov 21, 2020 749
Pangilinan deplores wrong portrayal of farmers in DepEd module. Nov 20, 2020 589
Solon stands ground vs SOGIE in anti-discrimination bill. Nov 19, 2020 791
'I cringe!': Roman hits initial removal of SOGIE in proposed anti-discrimination bill. Nov 19, 2020 960
World Day for Tolerance marked. Nov 17, 2020 170
Each Life Counts. Nov 16, 2020 1514
FO asks India to look inwards over minorities' issues. Nov 14, 2020 373
India in no position to pontificate on terrorism, minority rights: FO. Nov 14, 2020 286
India in no position to pontificate on terrorism, minority rights: FO. Naveed Siddiqui Nov 13, 2020 304
Labour probes comments on antisemitism; councillor backs corbyn over suspension row. GEORGE MORGAN Local Democracy Reporter @GMorg01 Nov 11, 2020 598
Violation of Human Rights - A Blow to Democracy. Nov 11, 2020 801
Commission frowns at customers' discrimination, stereotyping over gender, social class. Nov 10, 2020 358
Pakistan warns against perils of inciting hatred based on religion. Nov 7, 2020 507
Pakistan warns against perils of inciting hatred based on religion. Nov 7, 2020 507
Caste discrimination taints corporate India. Nov 6, 2020 833
Duterte backs gender equality bill but still opposes same sex marriage. Nov 5, 2020 390
Filipino BL, GL stars champion SOGIE bill passage. Nov 5, 2020 638
High Court: Why should marital rape not be declared illegal? Nov 3, 2020 635
Moderating role of hope in the relationship between perceived discrimination and life satisfaction among left-behind children in China. Zhang, Ran; Zhao, Luming; Han, Xiaochen; Wu, Shengjun; Liu, Xufeng Report Nov 1, 2020 3847
Message-H.E. Mr. Palitha Mahipala-Country Representative, World Health Organization. Oct 31, 2020 1097
There is now a full-blown civil war in Labour - Ayesha Hazarika; One of the proudest achievements of my life was to have helped draft the landmark Equality Act in 2010 which was the last piece of legislation the last Labour government passed. Ayesha Hazarika Oct 30, 2020 526
Starmer faces a battle to 'clean up extremists'. PETER MADELEY Oct 30, 2020 291
Starmer faces a battle to 'clean up extremists'. PETER MADELEY Oct 30, 2020 291
Corbyn fights suspension from Labour. DAVID HUGHES Oct 30, 2020 438
Labour suspends former leader on a 'day of shame'. DAVID HUGHES AND SAM BLEWETT Reporters Oct 30, 2020 623
Labour suspends Corbyn as anti-Jewish failings are found. DAVID HUGHES AND SAM BLEWETT PA reporters Oct 30, 2020 899
Labour suspends ex-leader Corbyn. Oct 30, 2020 311
Zero tolerance for discrimination against bus passengers with disabilities in Taiwan. Oct 29, 2020 201
Mayor Isko signs ordinance protecting LGBTQI community from discrimination. Oct 29, 2020 688
Damning report concludes Labour broke equality law in its handling of anti-Semitism; The investigation found evidence of 'political interference' by then leader Jeremy Corbyn's office in the complaints process. By, PA reporters & Victoria Jones Oct 29, 2020 624
Labour antisemitism report: key findings from EHRC inquiry as former party leader Jeremy Corbyn is suspended; Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended from the Labour Party following the publishing of a damning report on anti-semitism in the party. Finlay Greig Oct 29, 2020 823
Sir Keir Starmer apologises to Jewish community on 'day of shame' as antisemitism report published; Sir Keir Starmer has apologised to the Jewish community on a "day of shame" after the antisemitism report was published. Alexander Brown Oct 29, 2020 639
Watchdog finds Labour guilty of 'inexcusable failure' to tackle anti-semitism; Labour broke equality law in its handling of anti-Semitism, an investigation by the human rights watchdog has concluded. The Newsroom Oct 29, 2020 1028
Damning review finds 'decades of discrimination' behind Covid deaths of BAME people; The review led by Labour peer Doreen Lawrence, whose son Stephen was killed in a racist attack in 1993, says Covid-19 'thrived on' structural inequalities in the system. By, Ben Glaze Oct 27, 2020 486
Restaurant responds to discrimination claims from customers with face mask exemptions; village bar says it has to consider everyone's safety. GREGORY FORD @FordWrit Oct 22, 2020 532
Ex-Arlington Hts. cop alleges discrimination Sues: Police department brought complaints against officer last year. Christopher Placek Oct 22, 2020 544
COVID 19 Amplifying Threats to Migrant Workers, Religious Minorities, Experts Tell Third Committee, as Delegates Debate Questions of Bias in Their Findings. Oct 21, 2020 3256
Man Utd join forces with Kick It Out to tackle discrimination in Greater Manchester; Man Utd have teamed up with Kick It Out to fight racism and discrimination as they look to tackle the problem throughout the local area. By, David McDonnell Oct 15, 2020 457
Stopping teen pregnancies. Oct 14, 2020 819
Siraj asks govt to end discrimination towards religious seminaries. Oct 13, 2020 291
CAMAC Advocates Elimination Of Discrimination Against Girls. Oct 11, 2020 546
SalkiA urges intl. community to end systemic discrimination against Bosniaks. Oct 11, 2020 703
Youths urge government to stop violence, ensure law and order. Oct 10, 2020 535
Denied The Right To Care: Supreme Court To Decide If Publicly Supported Foster Care Agencies Can Engage In Religious Discrimination. Hayes, Liz Oct 1, 2020 1525
Faith BEHIND BARS: Incarcerated Sikhs Face Special Challenges--And Discrimination In U.S. Prisons And Jails. O'Connor, Katherine Oct 1, 2020 830
No greater form of discrimination than snuffing out a life in a mother's womb. Gallagher, Maria V. Oct 1, 2020 307
Addressing racism and discrimination: The AOP has established a new team to help members respond to experiences of discrimination in practice. Oct 1, 2020 437
JLR issues apology to former employee after discrimination; non-binary worker was victim of harassment. ENDA MULLEN Business Reporter Sep 30, 2020 421
Women's Vulnerability to Social and Political Harm. Sep 30, 2020 913
Crying discrimination, jeepney drivers turn to Supreme Court. Sep 30, 2020 868
SalkiA: Discrimination of Bosniak children in RS on European Day of Languages. Sep 25, 2020 314
PS27m lottery winner to pay employee PS30k over religious discrimination; Ex-boss loses appeal after humiliating man. ALAN ERWIN Sep 24, 2020 523
Social distancing when you can't see around you; Mark O'Donnell - Remember visually impaired in Covid crisis. Sep 24, 2020 624
The Incoherence of Identity Politics. Reinsch, Richard M. Sep 22, 2020 1889

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