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The Power of Justice: How Procedural Justice Concerns Affect the Legitimacy of International Institutions. Dembinski, Matthias; Peters, Dirk Report Jan 1, 2019 8518
Opening the Doors of Justice: Group Litigation and Claims of Systemic Discrimination. Schoenholz, Jean-Simon Sep 22, 2017 11087
Arbitrator bias in the United States: a patchwork of decisions. Lathrop, Mitchell L. Apr 1, 2013 4084
The Casey Anthony trial and wrongful exonerations: how "trial by media" cases diminish public confidence in the criminal justice system. Battaglia, Nicholas A. Mar 22, 2012 15983
Child and Family Law Quarterly: '"Bright line rules may be appropriate in some cases, but not where the object is to promote the welfare of the child": barring in the best interests of the child?'. Reece, Helen Reprint Mar 22, 2011 141
Clarifying the implied bias doctrine: bringing greater certainty to the voir dire process in the military justice system. Staten, Philip Mar 1, 2011 16202
Ten rules for great jury selection: with some lessons from Texas case law. Harrison, Cliff Jan 1, 2011 9702
Implicit bias and the illusion of mediator neutrality. Izumi, Carol Jun 22, 2010 31987
Convicts in court: felonious lawyers make a case for including convicted felons in the jury pool. Binnall, James M. Jun 22, 2010 26951
Opening the door for bias: the problem of applying transferee forum law in multidistrict litigation. Hill, Mark A. Nov 1, 2009 11127
Untruthful jurors in the federal courts: have we become comfortably numb? Press, Joshua S. Jan 1, 2009 13371
Back to the future: how Rodriguez v. Lagomasino got it right in 2008 and why modern voir dire should be guided by 1929's Johnson v. Reynolds. Luhrsen, Jeffrey Nov 1, 2008 6397
There goes the neighbourhood. Mitchell, Teresa Sep 1, 2008 233
Hard time out: five-year-olds in handcuffs, eighth-graders detained for doodling: The prison boom comes to the schools. Goodman, David Jul 1, 2008 909
Implied bias: a suggested disciplined methodology. Puleo, Louis J. Mar 1, 2008 8528
Bias on the bench: raising the bar for U.S. immigration judges to ensure equality for asylum seekers. Vaala, Lindsey R. Dec 1, 2007 13078
Forgotten racial equality: implicit bias, decisionmaking, and misremembering. Levinson, Justin D. Nov 1, 2007 33821
Voir dire: new research challenges old assumptions: research shows that 1) judge-directed voir dire can be less revealing of juror prejudice than lawyer questioning and 2) attitudes toward hot-button issues like tort reform are better predictors of juror bias than race, class, and other demographic factors. Andreano, Frank P. Sep 1, 2007 2894
Lack of movement in judicial complaint frustrates leaders. (Ottawa). Petten, Cheryl Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 1003
New study shows anti-plaintiff bias in federal civil appeals. Holt, Janet L. Apr 1, 2001 608
Anti-gay bias revealed in survey on California courts. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Apr 1, 2001 413
Bandits in Black Robes. RASKIN, JAMIN B. Mar 1, 2001 2796
Was justice served? KIRBY, DAVID Feb 27, 2001 1149
Juror studies show bias, discontent. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Jan 1, 2001 807
What, me? Prejudiced? Absolutely not! Jensen, Gretchen Dec 1, 2000 4131
American drug laws: the new Jim Crow. Glasser, Ira Mar 22, 2000 9810
Pretext stops and racial profiling after Whren v. United States: the New York and New Jersey responses. Abramovsky, Abraham; Edelstein, Jonathan I. Mar 22, 2000 11670
Legal planning for gay, lesbian, and non-traditional elders. Dubois, Matthew R. Sep 22, 1999 34506
The effect of the federal sentencing guidelines on inter-judge sentencing disparity. Hofer, Paul J.; Blackwell, Kevin R.; Ruback, R. Barry Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 1999 30554
Diversity challenges the legal profession, conference finds. Porter, Rebecca Aug 1, 1999 488
On Treating Like Cases Alike. DE JASAY, ANTHONY Jun 22, 1999 5868
Federal circuit examines report on court bias. Dilworth, Donald C. Brief Article Sep 1, 1997 522
California courts address perception of racial and ethnic bias. Dilworth, Donald C. Brief Article Apr 1, 1997 407
Straightjacketing professionalism: a comment on Russell. Wilkins, David B. Feb 1, 1997 13787
Sex on the docket: reports of state task forces on gender bias. Kearney, Richard C.; Sellers, Holly Nov 1, 1996 4785
Judges urged to crack down on courtroom bias expressed against gays, lesbians. Dilworth, Donald C. Brief Article Aug 1, 1996 441
True lies: the role of pretext evidence under Batson v. Kentucky in the wake of St. Mary's Honor Center v. Hicks. Sutphen, David A. Nov 1, 1995 12111
Gender-based juries? Chemerinsky, Erwin Aug 1, 1995 2718
Hidden biases among jurors in accounting malpractice cases. Genevie, Louis Mar 1, 1995 570
Scrutiny of gender bias gets more intense in New York courts. Brienza, Julie Brief Article Oct 1, 1994 441
Texas task force finds gender bias hurts both sexes. Sargeant, Georgia Jul 1, 1994 522
High court bans sex-based jury strikes. Shoop, Julie Gannon Jun 1, 1994 814
High court asked to bar gender-based jury strikes. Shoop, Julie Gannon Jan 1, 1994 518

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