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Articles from Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society (June 30, 2020)

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A Holling Type II Discrete Switching Host-Parasitoid System with a Nonlinear Threshold Policy for Integrated Pest Management. He, Mengqi; Tang, Sanyi; Cheke, Robert A. 7619
A New Method to Find the Wiener Index of Hypergraphs. Li, Yalan; Deng, Bo 2184
A Novel 2-Stage Fractional Runge-Kutta Method for a Time-Fractional Logistic Growth Model. Arshad, Muhammad Sarmad; Baleanu, Dumitru; Ria, Muhammad Bilal; Abbas, Muhammad 3338
A Novel User Selection Strategy with Incentive Mechanism Based on Time Window in Mobile Crowdsensing. Sun, Xuemei; Yang, Xiaorong; Wang, Caiyun; Wang, Jiaxin 9260
A Robust Two-Machine Flow-Shop Scheduling Model with Scenario-Dependent Processing Times. Hsu, Chia-Lun; Lin, Win-Chin; Duan, Lini; Liao, Jan-Ray; Wu, Chin-Chia; Chen, Juin-Han 13512
A Study on Risk and Expense Evaluation of Agility Supply Management of Machinery. Heydari, Mohammad; Lai, Kin Keung 13729
An Improved Spectral Clustering Community Detection Algorithm Based on Probability Matrix. Ren, Shuxia; Zhang, Shubo; Wu, Tao 3855
Analysis and Comparison of Queue with N-Policy and Unreliable Server. Ma, Qing; Zhang, Xuelu 4164
Analysis of a Deterministic and a Stochastic SIS Epidemic Model with Double Epidemic Hypothesis and Specific Functional Response. Naim, Mouhcine; Lahmidi, Fouad 4829
Chinese Tone Recognition Based on 3D Dynamic Muscle Information. Wang, JianRong; Wan, Li; Zhang, Ju; Fang, Qiang; Yang, Fan; Hu, Jing 5259
CNID: Research of Network Intrusion Detection Based on Convolutional Neural Network. Liu, Guojie; Zhang, Jianbiao 6884
Complex Network Filtering and Compression Algorithm Based on Triangle-Subgraph. Ren, Shuxia; Wu, Tao; Zhang, Shubo 3494
Continuous Dependence on a Parameter of Exponential Attractors for Nonclassical Diffusion Equations. Wang, Gang; Hu, Chaozhu Report 7057
Decision-Making of a Dual-Channel Closed-Loop Supply Chain in the Context Government Policy: A Dynamic Game Theory. Zhang, Xuemei; Li, Qianwen; Qi, Guohu 11445
Deep Learning-Based Network Security Data Sampling and Anomaly Prediction in Future Network. Liu, Lan; Lin, Jun; Wang, Pengcheng; Liu, Langzhou; Zhou, Rongfu 5159
Discrete Dynamics-Based Parameter Analysis and Optimization of Fuzzy Controller for Inverted Pendulum Systems Based on Chaos Algorithm. Xia, Xingguo; Xia, Jianwei; Gang, Mingyi; Zhang, Qingfeng; Wang, Jing 4338
Dispatching-Rule Variants Algorithms for Used Spaces of Storage Supports. Alquhayz, Hani; Jemmali, Mahdi; Otoom, Mohammad Mahmood 6608
Efficient Coded-Block Delivery and Caching in Information-Centric Networking. J, Yan Liu; Cai, Jun; Zhao, Huimin; Yu, Shunzheng; Ruan, JianLiang; Lu, Hua 9656
Existence Theory and Novel Iterative Method for Dynamical System of Infectious Diseases. Ali, Gauhar; Nazir, Ghazala; Shah, Kamal; Li, Yongjin 4248
Exploring the Novel Continuum-Cancellation Leal-Method for the Approximate Solution of Nonlinear Differential Equations. Vazquez-Leal, Hector 9830
Fire Evacuation Process Using Both Elevators and Staircases for Aging People: Simulation Case Study on Personnel Distribution in High-Rise Nursing Home. Chen, Yameng; Wang, Chen; Yap, Jeffrey Boon Hui; Li, Heng; Hu, Hong Song; Chen, Chih-Cheng; Lai, Kue 9584
Forecasting Stock Market Volatility: A Combination Approach. Dai, Zhifeng; Zhou, Huiting; Dong, Xiaodi; Kang, Jie 8100
Fuzzy Matching Template Attacks on Multivariate Cryptography: A Case Study. Li, Weijian; Huang, Xian; Zhao, Huimin; Xie, Guoliang; Lu, Fuxiang Case study 6492
Global Dynamics of Delayed Sigmoid Beverton-Holt Equation. Khyat, Toufik; Kulenovic, M.R.S. 10463
Global Dynamics of Some Exponential Type Systems. Khan, A.Q.; Arshad, H.M.; Younis, B.A.; Osman, Kh.I.; Ibrahim, Tarek F.; Ahmed, I.; Khaliq, A. 3490
Half-Logistic Xgamma Distribution: Properties and Estimation under Censored Samples. Bantan, Rashad; Hassan, Amal S.; Elsehetry, Mahmoud; Kibria, B.M. Golam 9020
Hartman-Type and Lyapunov-Type Inequalities for a Fractional Differential Equation with Fractional Boundary Conditions. Bachar, Imed; Eltayeb, Hassan 2491
Hyers-Ulam Stability for Quantum Equations of Euler Type. Anderson, Douglas R.; Onitsuka, Masakazu 5083
Hyers-Ulam-Mittag-Leffler Stability for a System of Fractional Neutral Differential Equations. Ahmad, Manzoor; Jiang, Jiqiang; Zada, Akbar; Ali, Zeeshan; Fu, Zhengqing; Xu, Jiafa 3523
Lower Bound for the Blow-Up Time for the Nonlinear Reaction-Diffusion System in High Dimensions. Ouyang, Baiping; Fan, Wei; Lin, Yiwu 2476
Maximum Principle of Discrete Stochastic Control System Driven by Both Fractional Noise and White Noise. Han, Yuecai; Li, Zheng 2752
Minimal Wave Speed in an Integrodifference System of Predator-Prey Type. Sun, Baoju; Wu, Fuzhen 4309
Modeling Financial Intraday Jump Tail Contagion with High Frequency Data Using Mutually Exciting Hawkes Process. Yu, Chao; Bi, Jianxin; Zhao, Xujie 6365
Nontrivial Solutions for a Class of p-Kirchhoff Dirichlet Problem. Hu, Xian; Lan, Yong-Yi 4054
Optimal Reinsurance-Investment Problem under Mean-Variance Criterion with n Risky Assets. Yang, Peng 7782
Optimizing Ontology Alignment through Improved NSGA-II. Huang, Yikun; Xue, Xingsi; Jiang, Chao 5180
Point-Symmetric Extension-Based Interval Shannon-Cosine Spectral Method for Fractional PDEs. Xing, Ruyi; Li, Yanqiao; Wang, Qing; Wu, Yangyang; Mei, Shu-Li 4391
Public Preference Analysis and Social Benefits Evaluation of River Basin Ecological Restoration: Application of the Choice Experiments for the Shiyang River, China. Xu, Tao; Ni, Qi; Yao, Liu-yang; Qiao, Dan; Zhao, Min-Juan 8949
Research on Partial Least Squares Method Based on Deep Confidence Network in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Xiong, Wang-Ping; Li, Tian-Ci; Zeng, Qing-Xia; Du, Jian-Qiang; Nie, Bin; Chen, Chih-Cheng; Zhou, Xia 7028
Segmentation of the Fabric Pattern Based on Improved Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm. Ding, Gang; Pei, Xiaoyuan; Yang, Yang; Huang, Boxiang 4754
The Evaluation Model of Network QoS Based on Intelligent Water Droplets Algorithm. Li, Fang; Wang, Yunlan; Li, Peng 4342
The Topological Sensitivity with respect to Furstenberg Families. Wang, Tengfei; Jing, Kai; Yin, Jiandong 9458
The User Participation Incentive Mechanism of Mobile Crowdsensing Network Based on User Threshold. Su, Hua; Wu, Qianqian; Sun, Xuemei; Zhang, Ning 4735
Three-Dimensional Path Planning of Constant Thrust Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based on Artificial Fluid Method. Qi, Yongqiang; Li, Shuai; Ke, Yi 6035
Two Parallel-Machine Scheduling Problems with Function Constraint. Hsu, Chia-Lun; Liao, Jan-Ray 3890
Urban Regional Logistics Distribution Path Planning Considering Road Characteristics. Ren, Chuanxiang; Wang, Xiaoqi; Gao, Ge; Li, Juntao 10684

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