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Articles from Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society (July 31, 2020)

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A Crash Severity Prediction Method Based on Improved Neural Network and Factor Analysis. Zhang, Chen; He, Jie; Wang, Yinhai; Yan, Xintong; Zhang, Changjian; Chen, Yikai; Liu, Ziyang; Zhou, 7682
A Mathematical Model for Calculating the "Brittleness-Ductility" Drop Coefficient of Sandstone in Mining Zones. Shi, Guodong; Cheng, Baoquan; Li, An 4704
A New Framework to Evaluate Sustainable Higher Education: An Analysis of China. Geng, Yuqing; Zhu, Hongwei; Zhao, Nan; Zhai, Qinghua 8702
Analysis and Identification of Students with Financial Difficulties: A Behavioural Feature Perspective. Ma, Yong; Zhang, Xingxu; Di, Xiaoqiang; Ren, Tao; Yang, Huamin; Cai, Binbin 11542
Analysis of Dynamic Cournot Game in a Coopetition Supply Chain. Mai, Fengxia; Zhang, Jianxiong; Sun, Xiaojie 6990
Analytical and Approximate Solutions of a Novel Nervous Stomach Mathematical Model. Sanchez, Yolanda Guerrero; Sabir, Zulqurnain; Gunerhan, Hatira; Baskonus, Haci Mehmet 4192
Aspect-Level Sentiment Analysis Based on Position Features Using Multilevel Interactive Bidirectional GRU and Attention Mechanism. Wang, Xiaodi; Chen, Xiaoliang; Tang, Mingwei; Yang, Tian; Wang, Zhen 9455
Comparative Analysis of Drones and Riders in On-Demand Meal Delivery Based on Prospect Theory. Jiang, Hong; Ren, Xinhui 10699
Complex Network of Scientific Talent Migration in Discrete Dynamics from 2001 to 2013. Wang, Yinqiu; Luo, Hui; Shi, Yunyan 6849
Convergence Results on the Boundary Conditions for 2D Large-Scale Primitive Equations in Oceanic Dynamics. Li, Yuanfei 4063
Day-to-Day Traffic Assignment Model considering Information Fusion and Dynamic Route Adjustment Ratio. Li, Manman; Lu, Jian; Sun, Jiahui 6111
Deep Learning-Based Amplitude Fusion for Speech Dereverberation. Liu, Chunlei; Wang, Longbiao; Dang, Jianwu 10096
Design of Computational Model for Cyanobacterial Pollutant Diffusion Change in Chaohu Lake of China Based on Large Data. Yao, Junping; He, Guilan 4788
Deterministic Epidemic Models for Ebola Infection with Time-Dependent Controls. Okyer, Eric; Ankama, Johnson De-Graft; Hunkpe, Anthony Kodzo; Mensah, Dorcas Report 5076
Dynamic Analysis and Chaos Control of Bertrand Triopoly Based on Differentiated Products and Heterogeneous Expectations. Zhao, Liuwei 6432
Dynamical Modeling, Analysis, and Control of Information Diffusion over Social Networks: A Deep Learning-Based Recommendation Algorithm in Social Network. Cheng, Kefei; Guo, Xiaoyong; Cui, Xiaotong; Shan, Fengchi 4947
Flip and Neimark-Sacker Bifurcations in a Coupled Logistic Map System. Mareno, A.; English, L.Q. 6301
Fractal Dynamics and Control of the Fractional Potts Model on Diamond-Like Hierarchical Lattices. Sun, Weihua; Liu, Shutang 3381
Fractional Hybrid Differential Equations and Coupled Fixed-Point Results for a-Admissible F([[psi].sub.1], [[psi].sub.2])--Contractions in M--Metric Spaces. Karapinar, Erdal; Moustafa, Shimaa I.; Shehata, Ayman; Agarwal, Ravi P. 6304
Global Dynamical Properties of Rational Higher-Order System of Difference Equations. Khan, A.Q.; Qureshi, S.M. 3376
How Does Foreign Equity Right Impact Manufacturing Enterprise Innovation Behaviors? Mediation Test Based on Technology Introduction. Cen, Shan; Li, Lianshui; Cui, Weijun 7470
How to Contract a Vertex Transitive 5-Connected Graph. Qin, Chengfu; Yang, Weihua; Guo, Xiaofeng 15148
Impact of the Adjustment of Maximum Order Volume on Pricing Efficiency of Stock Index Futures in China. Wang, Liang; Xu, Tingjia; Qin, Longhao; Xiong, Xianyan 15395
Iterative Approximations for a Class of Generalized Nonexpansive Operators in Banach Spaces. Abdeljawad, Thabet; Ullah, Kifayat; Ahmad, Junaid; Mlaiki, Nabil 4051
Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Social Ties in D2D Collaborative Video Transmission. Zhang, Qi; Zhang, Zufan; Zeng, Tian; Li, Xiaoke 4120
On Computation of Face Index of Certain Nanotubes. Ye, Ansheng; Javed, Aisha; Jamil, Muhammad Kamran; Sattar, Kanza Abdul; Aslam, Adnan; Iqbal, Zahid; 3088
On the Minimum Variable Connectivity Index of Unicyclic Graphs with a Given Order. Yousaf, Shamaila; Bhatti, Akhlaq Ahmad; Ali, Akbar 3120
Passivity Analysis of Markov Jumping Delayed Reaction-Diffusion Neural Networks under Different Boundary Conditions. Li, Ziwei; Wang, Xuelian; Kong, Qingkai; Wang, Jing 5592
Passivity and Synchronization of Multiple Multi-Delayed Neural Networks via Impulsive Control. Wang, Yong; Yang, Zhichun; Liu, Tonglai; Tang, Hong-An 6390
Perturbation Analysis of Population Growth Rates in Taiwan. Hsieh, Shun-Chieh 6462
Political Connections, Debt Restructuring, and Enterprise Investment: Evidence from China. Mo, Xinlin; Jiang, Jinglu 9284
Regulator-Based Risk Statistics for Portfolios. Deng, Xiaochuan; Sun, Fei 4048
Research on Innovation Efficiency of Listed Companies in Development Zone Based on the Three-Stage DEA-Tobit Model: A Case Study of Hubei Province. Xu, Peng; Luo, Fan; Zhang, Ziyue; Xu, Hongyi Case study 9614
RGBD Scene Flow Estimation with Global Nonrigid and Local Rigid Assumption. Li, Xiuxiu; Liu, Yanjuan; Jin, Haiyan; Cai, Lei; Zheng, Jiangbin 4874
Some Properties and Distribution of the Zeros of the q-Sigmoid Polynomials. Kang, Jung Yoog 3505
Stackelberg Game Model of Railway Freight Pricing Based on Option Theory. Guo, Jingwei; Xie, Zhongqi; Li, Qinglin 6251
The Singularity Formation on the Coupled Burgers-Constantin-Lax-Majda System with the Nonlocal Term. Li, Linrui; Wang, Shu 3751
Travelling Wave Solutions of Wu-Zhang System via Dynamic Analysis. Zheng, Hang; Xia, Yonghui; Bai, Yuzhen; Lei, Guo 4454

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