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Articles from Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society (January 1, 2020)

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A Full Stage Data Augmentation Method in Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Natural Image Classification. Zheng, Qinghe; Yang, Mingqiang; Tian, Xinyu; Jiang, Nan; Wang, Deqiang 6423
A new global stable conclusion on a diffusive Leslie-Gower predator-prey system with additive Allee effect. Yang, Liu 1671
An optimization method for the train service network design problem. Xiao, Jie; Xie, Yi; Yu, Haowei; Yan, Hongying 12389
Bifurcation Analysis of a Discrete-Time Two-Species Model. Khan, A.Q. 3380
Constraint Consensus Based Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Constrained Optimization Problems. Sun, Liling; Wu, Yuhan; Liang, Xiaodan; He, Maowei; Chen, Hanning 10650
Coordination of a Green Supply Chain with One Manufacturer and Two Competing Retailers under Different Power Structures. Wang, Wei; Liu, Xiujuan; Zhang, Wensi; Gao, Ge; Zhang, Hui 7941
Dynamics of a Discrete Allelopathic Phytoplankton Model with Infinite Delays and Feedback Controls. Zhao, Liang; Qin, Bin; Chen, Fengde 5120
Effects of Urban Density and City Size on Haze Pollution in China: Spatial Regression Analysis Based on 253 Prefecture-Level Cities [PM.sub.2.5] Data. Liu, Xiaohong 5346
Event-triggered average consensus of multiagent systems with switching topologies. Dong, Gaosen; Yang, Chunde; Zhu, Wei 3988
Fractional Hybrid Differential Equations and Coupled Fixed-Point Results for a -Admissible F(ψ [sub.1],ψ [sub.2])-Contractions in M-Metric Spaces. Karapinar, Erdal; Moustafa, Shimaa I.; Shehata, Ayman; Agarwal, Ravi P. 5338
General Six-Step Discrete-Time Zhang Neural Network for Time-Varying Tensor Absolute Value Equations. Sun, Min; Liu, Jing 6464
Improvement of different types of environmental regulations on total factor productivity: a threshold effect analysis. Lei, Xubin; Wu, Shusheng 8325
Innovation Efficiency of High-Tech SMEs Listed in China: Its Measurement and Antecedents. Liu, Lixia; Hou, Yaming; Zhan, Xueli; Wang, Zongxian 6874
Long Term Behavior for a Class of Stochastic Delay Lattice Systems in [X.sub.[rho]] Space. Zhang, Yijin; Lin, Zongbing 5809
Mathematical Modeling, Analysis, and Optimal Control of Abstinence Behavior of Registration on the Electoral Lists. Balatif, Omar; Khajji, Bouchaib; Rachik, Mostafa 6186
Modeling and Analysis on Teacher-Student Relationship. Xu, Li; Yang, Qi 5189
On an Impulsive Food Web System with Mutual Interference and Distributed Time Delay. Wang, Zhen; Liu, Liwei; Su, Guangwang; Shao, Yuanfu Report 8533
On the Stability of Self-Adjointness of Linear Relations. Liu, Yan 3447
Optimal contracts for agents with ddverse selection. Li, Chao; Qiu, Zhijian 8035
Pricing Stock Loans with the CGMY Model. Fan, Congyin; Zhou, Chunhao 6424
Pricing strategy and carbon emission abatement under cap-and-trade regulation considering social learning. Che, Bin; Yu, Man 10686
Research on the Influence of Bounded Rationality and Product Differentiation on the Stability of Steel Industry Market. Duan, Ye; Han, Zenglin; Mu, Hailin; Yang, Jun; Li, Yonghua 10851
Research on Urban Rainfall Runoff Pollution Prediction Model Based on Feature Fusion. Yao, Junping; Sun, Tianle 5114
Rough hperfilters in po-LA-semihypergroups. Bouaziz, Ferdaous; Yaqoob, Naveed 7136
Stability Analysis of an Alcoholism Model with Public Health Education and NSFD Scheme. An, Zhaofeng; Zhang, Suxia; Xu, Jinhu 5806
The Effectiveness of Environmental Policy Mix: Evidence from the Zhejiang Sewage Treatment Policy. Wu, Peng; Cheng, Huifang; Li, Hongyi 8655
The Generalized Pomeron Functional Equation. Shi, Yong-Guo 1862
The Influence of Three Statistical Variables on Self-Similarity in Complex Networks. Lei, Mingli; Liu, Lirong; Wei, Daijun 10022
The shrinking of Beijing and the rising of Xiong'an: optimize population migration in terms of transport service. Lin, Hongzhi 4302

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