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Articles from Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society (January 1, 2017)

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[L.sup.p] Estimates for Weak Solutions to Nonlinear Degenerate Parabolic Systems. Wei, Na; Ge, Xiangyu; Wu, Yonghong; Zhao, Leina 4672
A 3D Fractional-Order Chaotic System with Only One Stable Equilibrium and Controlling Chaos. Shen, Shiyun; Ke, Meihua; Zhou, Ping Report 2675
A Branch and Bound Algorithm for Agile Earth Observation Satellite Scheduling. Chu, Xiaogeng; Chen, Yuning; Xing, Lining Report 9279
A Combined Weighting Method Based on Hybrid of Interval Evidence Fusion and Random Sampling. Yan, Ying; Suo, Bin Report 4853
A Conservation Difference Scheme of Generalized Boussinesq Equation. Jiang, Xiaoli; Wang, Xiaofeng Report 3516
A Decentralized Partially Observable Markov Decision Model with Action Duration for Goal Recognition in Real Time Strategy Games. Jiao, Peng; Xu, Kai; Yue, Shiguang; Wei, Xiangyu; Sun, Lin Report 8958
A Dynamic Programming Model for Internal Attack Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks. Shi, Qiong; Qin, Li; Song, Lipeng; Zhang, Rongping; Jia, Yanfeng Report 5864
A Dynamic Stackelberg Game of Supply Chain for a Corporate Social Responsibility. Ferrara, Massimiliano; Khademi, Mehrnoosh; Salimi, Mehdi; Sharifi, Somayeh Report 5441
A Flexible Logistics Distribution Hub Model considering Cost Weighted Time. Ran, Wenxue; Zhang, Zhe; Liu, Sen Report 6895
A Frame-Based Conjugate Gradients Direct Search Method with Radial Basis Function Interpolation Model. Fang, Xiaowei; Ni, Qin Report 5674
A Hierarchical Allometric Scaling Analysis of Chinese Cities: 1991-2014. Chen, Yanguang; Feng, Jian Report 9593
A Hybrid Lightning Search Algorithm-Simplex Method for Global Optimization. Lu, Yuting; Zhou, Yongquan; Wu, Xiuli Report 12768
A Modified Total Crossing Time Model of Bidirectional Pedestrians at Signalized Crosswalks. Wang, Zhanzhong; Zhao, Liying; Cao, Ningbo; Lu, Yue; Chen, Mingtao 6243
A Multistep Look-Ahead Deadlock Avoidance Policy for Automated Manufacturing Systems. Gu, Chao; Li, Zhiwu; Ahmari, Abdulrahman Al- Report 9806
A New Augmented Lagrangian Method for Equality Constrained Optimization with Simple Unconstrained Subproblem. Zhang, Hao; Ni, Qin Report 6391
A New Method for Solving Multiobjective Bilevel Programs. Ji, Ying; Qu, Shaojian; Yu, Zhensheng 6787
A New Method to Extract CSP Gather of Topography For Scattered Wave Imaging. Pan, Zhao; Mei-gen, Zhang Report 3518
A Nonhomogeneous Dirichlet Problem for a Nonlinear Pseudoparabolic Equation Arising in the Flow of Second-Grade Fluid. Ngoc, Le Thi Phuong; Nhan, Truong Thi; Long, Nguyen Thanh Report 8324
A Novel Computer Virus Propagation Model under Security Classification. Zhu, Qingyi; Cen, Chen Report 5946
A Novel Condition to the Harmonic of the Velocity Vector Field of a Curve in [R.sup.n]. Altin, Ayse; Koroglu, Canan Report 1946
A Parameter Estimation Method for Nonlinear Systems Based on Improved Boundary Chicken Swarm Optimization. Chen, Shaolong; Yang, Renyu; Yang, Renhuan; Yang, Liu; Yang, Xiuzeng; Xu, Chuangbiao; Xu, Baoguo; Zh Report 5522
A Perspective of Evolution for Carbon Emissions Trading Market: The Dilemma between Market Scale and Government Regulation. Zhu, Qi 4238
A PLS Approach to Measuring Investor Sentiment in Chinese Stock Market. He, Gang; Zhu, Shuzhen; Gu, Haifeng 4527
A Queuing Network Based Optimization Model for Calculating Capacity of Subway Station. Pan, Hanchuan; Liu, Zhigang Report 3711
A Simple Hybrid Synchronization for a Class of Chaotic Financial Systems. Zheng, Jiming; Li, Xiaoshuang; Qiu, Yang Report 4614
A Singular Sturm-Liouville Problem with Limit Circle Endpoints and Eigenparameter Dependent Boundary Conditions. Cai, Jinming; Zheng, Zhaowen Report 4906
A Study on the Generalized Approximation Modeling Method Based on Fitting Sensitivity for Prediction of Engine Performance. Lin, Lin; Wang, Fang; Zhong, Shisheng Report 7465
A Traffic Restriction Scheme for Enhancing Carpooling. Ding, Dong; Shuai, Bin Report 5701
A Viral Product Diffusion Model to Forecast the Market Performance of Products. Jiang, Ping; Yan, Xiangbin; Wang, Liyan Report 6919
A Visibility Graph Approach to CNY Exchange Rate Networks and Characteristic Analysis. Yao, Can-Zhong; Lin, Ji-Nan Report 7569
About a Class of Positive Hybrid Dynamic Linear Systems and an Associate Extended Kalman-Yakubovich-Popov Lemma. De la Sen, M. Report 16097
Algebro-Geometric Solutions for a Discrete Integrable Equation. Tao, Mengshuang; Dong, Huanhe Report 2956
Almost Automorphic Functions on the Quantum Time Scale and Applications. Li, Yongkun 6333
An Analysis of Discrete Stage-Structured Prey and Prey-Predator Population Models. Wikan, Arild Report 6655
An Efficient Series Solution for Nonlinear Multiterm Fractional Differential Equations. Srihin, Moh'd Khier Al-; Refai, Mohammed Al- Report 4272
An Enhanced Dynamic User Optimal Passenger Flow Assignment Model for Metro Networks. Pan, Hanchuan; Liu, Zhigang; Hu, Hua Report 4912
An Enhanced Supervisory Control Strategy for Periodicity Mutual Exclusions in Discrete Event Systems Based on Petri Nets. Jiang, Zhongyuan; Wang, Huan; Chen, Xiaoliang; Tang, Mingwei; Ye, Jianhong 12361
An Identity in Commutative Rings with Unity with Applications to Various Sums of Powers. Andjic, Miomir; Mestrovic, Romeo Report 4478
An Improved Apriori Algorithm Based on an Evolution-Communication Tissue-Like P System with Promoters and Inhibitors. Liu, Xiyu; Zhao, Yuzhen; Sun, Minghe Report 8118
An Improved Unscented Kalman Filter for Discrete Nonlinear Systems with Random Parameters. Wang, Yue; Qiu, Zhijian; Qu, Xiaomei Report 5744
An Iteration Scheme for Contraction Mappings with an Application to Synchronization of Discrete Logistic Maps. Ding, Ke; Kim, Jong Kyu; Lu, Qiang; Du, Bin Report 4406
An Optimization Model and Modified Harmony Search Algorithm for Microgrid Planning with ESS. Jiao, Yang; Wu, Jing; Tan, Qing-kun; Tan, Zhong-fu; Wang, Guan Report 7459
An Orderly Untangling Model against Arching Effect in Emergency Evacuation Based on Equilibrium Partition of Crowd. Jin, Lianghai; Xiang, Mingzhang; Chen, Shu; Zheng, Xiazhong; Yao, Ruojun; Chen, Yangao 4609
Analysis of a Class of Fractional Nonlinear Multidelay Differential Systems. Gao, Zhuoyan; Wang, JinRong; Zhou, Yong Report 6120
Analysis of Nonlinear Duopoly Games with Product Differentiation: Stability, Global Dynamics, and Control. Askar, S.S.; Al-khedhairi, A. 6434
Analysis on Time Window of Shared Parking in Hospitals Based on Parking Behaviors. Chen, Qin; He, Peng; Chen, Jun Report 5925
Application of BSDE in Standard Inventory Financing Loan. Zhang, Hui; Meng, Wenyu; Wang, Xiaojie; Zhang, Jianwei 3976
Arbitrary Order Fractional Difference Operators with Discrete Exponential Kernels and Applications. Abdeljawad, Thabet; Mdallal, Qasem M. Al-; Hajji, Mohamed A. Report 5458
Assessment of Seismic Vulnerability of Steel and RC Moment Buildings Using HAZUS and Statistical Methodologies. Mansouri, Iman; Hu, Jong Wan; Shakeri, Kazem; Shahbazi, Shahrokh; Nouri, Bahareh 7054
Assigning Passenger Flows on a Metro Network Based on Automatic Fare Collection Data and Timetable. Hong, Ling; Li, Wei; Zhu, Wei Report 6157
Asymptotic Solutions of Time-Space Fractional Coupled Systems by Residual Power Series Method. Li, Wenjin; Pang, Yanni Report 3852
Bifurcation Analysis and Chaos Control in a Discrete-Time Parasite-Host Model. Chen, Xueli; Ren, Lishun Report 6965
Bifurcation Analysis and Chaos Control in a Discrete-Time Predator-Prey System of Leslie Type with Simplified Holling Type IV Functional Response. Rana, S.M. Sohel; Kulsum, Umme Report 4682
Bifurcation of a Delayed SEIS Epidemic Model with a Changing Delitescence and Nonlinear Incidence Rate. Liu, Juan 3321
Bifurcations and Synchronization of the Fractional-Order Bloch System. Liu, Xiaojun; Hong, Ling; Dang, Honggang; Yang, Lixin Report 3281
Centralized Data-Sampling Approach for Global O([t.sup.-[alpha]]) Synchronization of Fractional-Order Neural Networks with Time Delays. Zhang, Jin-E Report 4250
Certain Nonlinear Integral Inequalities and Their Applications. Tian, Yazhou; Fan, Min; Sun, Yuangong Report 3099
Chaos Control and Anticontrol of the Output Duopoly Competing Evolution Model. Li, Zhaoqing; Zhang, Yongping; Zhang, Tongqian Report 7172
Chaotic Dynamics and Control of Discrete Ratio-Dependent Predator-Prey System. Rana, Sarker Md. Sohel Report 5911
Class of Quadratic Almost Bent Functions That Is EA-Inequivalent to Permutations. Zhang, Xinyang; Zhou, Meng Report 1817
Classical and Impulse Stochastic Control on the Optimization of Dividends with Residual Capital at Bankruptcy. Chen, Peimin; Li, Bo 9320
Coevolution of Interorganizational Psychological Contract and Interorganizational Relationship: A Case Study of Manufacturing Company in China. He, Wei Case study 10140
Coexistence for an Almost Periodic Predator-Prey Model with Intermittent Predation Driven by Discontinuous Prey Dispersal. Luo, Yantao; Zhang, Long; Teng, Zhidong; Zheng, Tingting Report 7807
Collaboration and Evolution of E-Commerce and Express Delivery Industry Supply Chain. Xu, Ying; Zhang, Xuemei; Cao, Jian; Chen, Ya; Ye, Xuhong Report 7146
Comment on "Unilateral Global Bifurcation from Intervals for Fourth-Order Problems and Its Applications". Aliyev, Ziyatkhan Letter to the editor 2072
Compact Implicit Integration Factor Method for the Nonlinear Dirac Equation. Zhang, Jing-Jing; Li, Xiang-Gui; Shao, Jing-Fang Report 4303
Complex Dynamics and Chaos Control on a Kind of Bertrand Duopoly Game Model considering R&D Activities. Tu, Hongliang; Zhan, Xueli; Mao, Xiaobing Report 4778
Complexity and Application of Tobacco Manufacturer Pricing Game considering Market Segments. Guo, Shubing; Ma, Junhai; Zhan, Xueli Report 6527
Component Importance Measure Computation Method Based Fuzzy Integral with Its Application. Lin, Shuai; Wang, Yanhui; Jia, Limin; Li, Yang Report 9487
Conditional Stability and Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Weakly Delayed Linear Discrete Systems in [R.sup.2]. Diblik, Josef; Halfarova, Hana; Safarik, Jan Report 5738
Consensus Analysis of Fractional-Order Multiagent Systems with Double-Integrator. Yang, Chunde; Li, Wenjing; Zhu, Wei Report 4006
Consensus of Fractional-Order Multiagent Systems with Double Integrator under Switching Topologies. Shen, Shiyun; Li, Wenjing; Zhu, Wei Report 3187
Controlling Chaos and Bifurcations in Discrete-Time Population Models. Din, Qamar; Elsadany, A.A.; Khalil, Hammad 1533
Convergence of a Logistic Type Ultradiscrete Model. Sekiguchi, Masaki; Ishiwata, Emiko; Nakata, Yukihiko Report 3951
Corrigendum to "A Fractional Trust Region Method for Linear Equality Constrained Optimization". Correction notice 147
Corrigendum to "Cross-Shareholdings Structural Characteristic and Evolution Analysis Based on Complex Network". Correction notice 139
Corrigendum to "Forecasting Method for Urban Rail Transit Ridership at Station Level Using Back Propagation Neural Network". Li, Junfang; Yao, Minfeng; Fu, Qian Correction notice 147
Crash Risk Prediction Model of Lane-Change Behavior on Approaching Intersections. Li, Yingshuai; Lu, Jian; Xu, Kuisheng Report 7671
Cross-Shareholdings Structural Characteristic and Evolution Analysis Based on Complex Network. Chang, Xiaohong; Wang, Haiyun Report 4351
Data-Driven Networked Optimal Iterative Learning Control for Discrete Linear Time-Varying Systems with One-Operation Bernoulli-Type Communication Delays. Geng, Yan; Ruan, Xiaoe; Ahn, Hyo-Sung Report 6483
Decomposition Technique and a Family of Efficient Schemes for Nonlinear Equations. Shah, Farooq Ahmed; Darus, Maslina; Faisal, Imran; Shafiq, Muhammad Arsalan Report 3556
Derivative-Extended Time Domain Reduction for Coupled Systems Using Chebyshev Expansion. Wang, Xiaolong; Jiang, Yaolin; Liu, Jun Report 5629
Deterministic and Stochastic Study for an Infected Computer Network Model Powered by a System of Antivirus Programs. Ansari, Youness El; Myr, Ali El; Omari, Lahcen Report 6348
Discrete Models of Disease and Competition. (Research Article). de la Parra, R. Bravo; Marva, M.; Sanchez, E.; Sanz, L. Report 11033
Discrete Waveform Relaxation Method for Linear Fractional Delay Differential-Algebraic Equations. Liu, Hongliang; Fu, Yayun; Li, Bailing Report 3460
Double Push Strategy of Knowledge for Product Design Based on Complex Network Theory. Li, Xue-rui; Yu, Sui-huai; Chu, Jian-jie; Chen, Deng-kai; Wu, Lin-jian 8012
Dynamic Consistent NSFD Scheme for a Delayed Viral Infection Model with Immune Response and Nonlinear Incidence. Xu, Jinhu; Geng, Yan 5268
Dynamic VaR Measurement of Gold Market with SV-T-MN Model. Li, Fenglan; Wang, Jie; Su, Liyun; Yang, Bao Report 5563
Dynamical Analysis of a Computer Virus Propagation Model with Delay and Infectivity in Latent Period. Zhang, Zizhen; Bi, Dianjie 4258
Dynamics of a Duopoly Game with Two Different Delay Structures. Jiang, Shumin; Xu, Fei; Ding, Zhanwen; Yang, Chen; Liu, Huanhuan 5885
Dynamics of a Higher-Order System of Difference Equations. Wang, Qi; Zhang, Qinqin; Li, Qirui Report 4284
Dynamics of Endomorphism of Finite Abelian Groups. Jinxing, Zhao; Jizhu, Nan Report 5919
Effects of Common Factors on Dynamics of Stocks Traded by Investors with Limited Information Capacity. Wu, Songtao; He, Jianmin; Wang, Chao Report 8095
Electricity Demand Projection Using a Path-Coefficient Analysis and BAG-SA Approach: A Case Study of China. Wu, Qunli; Peng, Chenyang Case study 5915
Epidemic Processes on Complex Networks. Yang, Lu-Xing; Deng, Yong; Piqueira, Jose Roberto Castilho Editorial 496
Estimation of Container Traffic at Seaports by Using Several Soft Computing Methods: A Case of Turkish Seaports. Gokkus, Umit; Yildirim, Mehmet Sinan; Aydin, Metin Mutlu 10091
Evaluating Operational Effects of Bus Lane with Intermittent Priority under Connected Vehicle Environments. Wu, Dingxin; Deng, Wei; Song, Yan; Wang, Jian; Kong, Dewen 7426
Evolution of Bounded Confidence Opinion in Social Networks. Xie, Hui; Li, Guangjian; Yan, Yongjie; Shu, Sihui Report 2638
Existence and Exponential Stability of Solutions to Stochastic Neutral Functional Differential Equations. Hu, Ling; Wu, Zheng; Wei, Zhangzhi; Wang, Lianglong 3087
Existence and Uniqueness of Positive and Bounded Solutions of a Discrete Population Model with Fractional Dynamics. Macias-Diaz, J.E. Report 4595
Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions to the Wage Equation of Dixit-Stiglitz-Krugman Model with No Restriction on Transport Costs. Tabata, Minoru; Eshima, Nobuoki Report 4464
Existence of Random Attractor for Stochastic Fractional Long-Short Wave Equations with Periodic Boundary Condition. Liu, Na; Xin, Jie Report 6400
Exponential Stability of Linear Discrete Systems with Variable Delays via Lyapunov Second Method. Diblik, Josef Report 3423
Exponential Stability of Traveling Waves for a Reaction Advection Diffusion Equation with Nonlinear-Nonlocal Functional Response. Yan, Rui; Liu, Guirong Report 5946
Factor Analysis Model Based on the Theory of the TOPSIS in the Application Research. Luo, Guowang; Liu, Yanmin; Mo, Xiaoling Report 4906
Finite Element Method of BBM-Burgers Equation with Dissipative Term Based on Adaptive Moving Mesh. Lu, Changna; Gao, Qianqian; Fu, Chen; Yang, Hongwei Report 7360
Finite-Time Bounded Synchronization of the Growing Complex Network with Nondelayed and Delayed Coupling. Xu, Yuhua; Zhang, Jincheng; Zhou, Wuneng; Tong, Dongbing Report 3021
Finite-Time Passivity and Passification Design for Markovian Jumping Systems with Mode-Dependent Time-Varying Delays. Ma, Chao Report 5115
Finite-Time Stabilization for a Class of Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic Systems Subject to Disturbance. Mo, Xiaohui; Niu, Huawei; Lan, Qixun Report 8507
Fractional Stochastic Differential Equations with Hilfer Fractional Derivative: Poisson Jumps and Optimal Control. Rihan, Fathalla A.; Rajivganthi, Chinnathambi; Muthukumar, Palanisamy Report 5453
Generalized Characteristic Polynomials of Join Graphs and Their Applications. Lu, Pengli; Gao, Ke; Yang, Yang 4861
Geometric Mappings under the Perturbed Extension Operators in Complex Systems Analysis. Wang, Chaojun; Cui, Yanyan; Liu, Hao Report 5532
Global Asymptotic Stability for Discrete Single Species Population Models. Bilgin, A.; Kulenovic, M.R.S. Report 11735
Global Attractivity in a Discrete Mutualism Model with Infinite Deviating Arguments. Xie, Xiangdong; Xue, Yalong; Wu, Runxin 4007
Global Dynamics and Optimal Control of a Viral Infection Model with Generic Nonlinear Infection Rate. Gan, Chenquan; Yang, Maobin; Zhang, Zufan; Liu, Wanping Report 4456
Global Dynamics for a Novel Differential Infectivity Epidemic Model with Stage Structure. Jin, Yunguo Report 3175
Global Dynamics of Rational Difference Equations [x.sub.n+1] = ([x.sub.n] + [x.sub.n-1])/(q + [y.sub.n][y.sub.n-1]) and [y.sub.n+1] = ([y.sub.n] + [y.sub.n-1])/(p + [x.sub.n][x.sub.n-1]. Liu, Keying; Li, Peng; Zhong, Weizhou 7521
GPU-Based Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization Methods for Graph Drawing. Qu, Jianhua; Liu, Xiyu; Sun, Minghe; Qi, Feng 8124
Hartman-Wintner-Type Inequality for a Fractional Boundary Value Problem via a Fractional Derivative with respect to Another Function. Jleli, Mohamed; Kirane, Mokhtar; Samet, Bessem Report 4630
Improved RIP Conditions for Compressed Sensing with Coherent Tight Frames. Wang, Yao; Wang, Jianjun Report 4724
Interval Forecasting of Carbon Futures Prices Using a Novel Hybrid Approach with Exogenous Variables. Zhang, Lu; Zhang, Junbiao; Xiong, Tao; Su, Chiao Report 7343
Investment Policies to Extend the Life of Expressways in Japan. Noda, Hideo; Osano, Yuichi Report 10006
Iterative Methods and Dynamics for Nonlinear Problems. Kim, Y.I.; Cordero, A.; Sharma, J.R.; Soleymani, F.; Torregrosa, J.R.; Wang, X. Editorial 406
Lane-Based Optimization for Macroscopic Network Configuration Designs. Wong, C.K.; Liu, Yi 10311
Laplace Transform Methods for a Free Boundary Problem of Time-Fractional Partial Differential Equation System. Zhou, Zhiqiang; Gao, Xuemei Report 4705
Learning to Detect Traffic Incidents from Data Based on Tree Augmented Naive Bayesian Classifiers. Li, Dawei; Hu, Xiaojian; Jin, Cheng-jie; Zhou, Jun Report 6366
Local Stability in 3D Discrete Dynamical Systems: Application to a Ricker Competition Model. Luis, Rafael; Rodrigues, Elias Report 11683
MABC: Power-Based Location Planning with a Modified ABC Algorithm for 5G Networks. Sachan, Ruchi; Muhammad, Zahid; Jeong, Jaehoon "Paul"; Ahn, Chang Wook; Youn, Hee Yong Report 10101
Manufacturer's R&D Investment Strategy and Pricing Decisions in a Decentralized Supply Chain. Zhang, Hengyun; Hong, Dingjun Report 7465
Mathematical Model and Algorithm for the Reefer Mechanic Scheduling Problem at Seaports. Zhang, Jiantong; Song, Yujian Report 9303
Mining Important Nodes in Directed Weighted Complex Networks. Yang, Yunyun; Xie, Gang; Xie, Jun Report 4821
Mixed Carbon Policies Based on Cooperation of Carbon Emission Reduction in Supply Chain. Cheng, Yongwei; Mu, Dong; Zhang, Yi Report 8211
Modeling Multilevel Supplier Selection Problem Based on Weighted-Directed Network and Its Solution. Wei, Chia-Te; Zuo, Hong; Jiang, Chang-Bing; Li, Shu-fang Report 7731
Modelling and Metaheuristic for Gantry Crane Scheduling and Storage Space Allocation Problem in Railway Container Terminals. Zeng, Ming; Cheng, Wenming; Guo, Peng Report 9547
Modified Function Projective Synchronization for a Partially Linear and Fractional-Order Financial Chaotic System with Uncertain Parameters. Yang, Yehong; Cao, Guohua 4190
Multifractal Analysis of Hydrologic Data Using Wavelet Methods and Fluctuation Analysis. Zhao, Tongzhou; Wu, Liang; Li, Dehua; Ding, Yiming 10893
Multiobjective Location Routing Problem considering Uncertain Data after Disasters. Chang, Keliang; Zhou, Hong; Chen, Guijing; Chen, Huiqin 5088
Multispecies Coevolution Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Previous Search History. Wang, Danping; Hu, Kunyuan; Ma, Lianbo; He, Maowei; Chen, Hanning Report 10655
Multistep High-Order Methods for Nonlinear Equations Using Pade-Like Approximants. Cordero, Alicia; Hueso, Jose L.; Martinez, Eulalia; Torregrosa, Juan R. Report 3731
Mutual Information Based Analysis for the Distribution of Financial Contagion in Stock Markets. Wang, Xudong; Hui, Xiaofeng Report 7134
Myopic versus Far-Sighted Behaviors in Dynamic Supply Chain Coordination through Advertising with Reference Price Effect. Zu, Yafei; Chen, Lianghua Report 9063
Neimark-Sacker Bifurcation and Chaos Control in a Fractional-Order Plant-Herbivore Model. Din, Qamar; Elsadany, A.A.; Khalil, Hammad Report 5588
Neimark-Sacker Bifurcation in Demand-Inventory Model with Stock-Level-Dependent Demand. Hachula, Piotr; Nockowska-Rosiak, Magdalena; Schmeidel, Ewa Report 4647
New JLS-Factor Model versus the Standard JLS Model: A Case Study on Chinese Stock Bubbles. Hu, Zongyi; Li, Chao Case study 12418
Nonlinear Reduced-Order Observer-Based Predictive Control for Diving of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. Yao, Xuliang; Yang, Guangyi; Peng, Yu Report 7095
Nonnegative Periodic Solutions of a Three-Term Recurrence Relation Depending on Two Real Parameters. Chang, Yen Chih; Cheng, Sui Sun; Yeh, Wei Chang Report 15597
Nonstationary and Chaotic Dynamics in Age-Structured Population Models. Wikan, Arild; Kristensen, Orjan 7180
Nontrivial Solutions for Time Fractional Nonlinear Schrodinger-Kirchhoff Type Equations. Nyamoradi, N.; Zhou, Y.; Tayyebi, E.; Ahmad, B.; Alsaedi, A. Report 3988
Novel Concepts of Bipolar Fuzzy BCK-Submodules. Alghamdi, M.A.; Muthana, N.M.; Alshehri, N.O. 5527
Numerical Analysis of Fractional Order Epidemic Model of Childhood Diseases. Haq, Fazal; Shahzad, Muhammad; Muhammad, Shakoor; Wahab, Hafiz Abdul; ur Rahman, Ghaus Report 2804
Numerical Approach Based on Two-Dimensional Fractional-Order Legendre Functions for Solving Fractional Differential Equations. Huang, Qingxue; Zhao, Fuqiang; Xie, Jiaquan; Ma, Lifeng; Wang, Jianmei; Li, Yugui Report 4694
Numerical Feedback Stabilization with Applications to Networks. Gottlich, Simone; Schillen, Peter Report 6552
On a New Epidemic Model with Asymptomatic and Dead-Infective Subpopulations with Feedback Controls Useful for Ebola Disease. De la Sen, M.; Ibeas, A.; Alonso-Quesada, S.; Nistal, R. Report 12306
On Consensus of Star-Composed Networks with an Application of Laplacian Spectrum. Huang, Da; Jiang, Haijun; Yu, Zhiyong; Huang, Qiongxiang; Chen, Xing Report 8365
On Some Relations between Accretive, Positive, and Pseudocontractive Operators and Passivity Results in Hilbert Spaces and Nonlinear Dynamic Systems. De la Sen, M. 14808
On Stability of Periodic Solutions of Lienard Type Equations. Yin, Zijian; Chen, Hongbin Report 5775
On Subdirect Decompositions of Finite Distributive Lattices. Chen, Yizhi; Tian, Jing; Liu, Zhongzhu Report 4451
On the Optimal Dynamic Control Strategy of Disruptive Computer Virus. Bi, Jichao; Yang, Xiaofan; Wu, Yingbo; Xiong, Qingyu; Wen, Junhao; Tang, Yuan Yan Report 5671
On the Periods of Biperiodic Fibonacci and Biperiodic Lucas Numbers. Tasci, Dursun; Kizilirmak, Gul Ozkan Report 2014
On the Stochastic Dynamics of a Social Epidemics Model. Wang, Xun-Yang; Zhang, Peng-Zhan; Yang, Qing-Shan Report 6265
Opportunity Loss Minimization and Newsvendor Behavior. Xu, Xinsheng; Yan, Hong; Chan, Chi Kin Report 7756
Optimal and Nonlinear Dynamic Countermeasure under a Node-Level Model with Nonlinear Infection Rate. Zhang, Xulong; Gan, Chenquan 5811
Optimized Distribution of Beijing Population Based on CA-MAS. Liang, Haoguang; Wang, Zhong Report 4544
Output Feedback Stabilization for Stochastic Nonholonomic Systems under Arbitrary Switching. Liu, Xianjun; Zhao, Yinghui; Yue, Ye; Zhang, Dongkai Report 2908
Path Planning and Vehicle Scheduling Optimization for Logistic Distribution of Hazardous Materials in Full Container Load. Chai, Huo; He, Ruichun; Ma, Changxi; Dai, Cunjie; Zhou, Kun Report 8571
Periodic Solutions and S-Asymptotically Periodic Solutions to Fractional Evolution Equations. Mu, Jia; Zhou, Yong; Peng, Li 9264
Positive Solutions of Three-Order Delayed Periodic Boundary Value Problems. Wang, Na Report 2996
Predicting Social Unrest Events with Hidden Markov Models Using GDELT. Qiao, Fengcai; Li, Pei; Zhang, Xin; Ding, Zhaoyun; Cheng, Jiajun; Wang, Hui Report 7866
Preventing Noise-Induced Extinction in Discrete Population Models. Bashkirtseva, Irina Report 4738
Pricing and Warranty Decisions of Substitutable Products for a Fuzzy Two-Echelon Supply Chain. Wang, Yongzhao Report 6366
Pricing Collar Options with Stochastic Volatility. Li, Pengshi; Yang, Jianhui Report 4022
Pricing Formula for Exotic Options with Assets Exposed to Counterparty Risk. Yan, Li Report 2934
Pricing Mining Concessions Based on Combined Multinomial Pricing Model. Xiao, Chang; Zhou, Jinsheng 6811
Pricing Strategies of a Three-Stage Supply Chain: A New Research in the Big Data Era. Liu, Pan Report 11204
Pricing Zero-Coupon Catastrophe Bonds Using EVT with Doubly Stochastic Poisson Arrivals. Ma, Zonggang; Ma, Chaoqun; Xiao, Shisong Report 8875
Prophet: A Context-Aware Location Privacy-Preserving Scheme in Location Sharing Service. Qu, Jiaxing; Zhang, Guoyin; Fang, Zhou Report 7309
Proximal Point Algorithms for Vector DC Programming with Applications to Probabilistic Lot Sizing with Service Levels. Ji, Ying; Qu, Shaojian Report 5807
Qualitative Stability Analysis of an Obesity Epidemic Model with Social Contagion. Lozano-Ochoa, Enrique; Camacho, Jorge Fernando; Vargas-De-Leon, Cruz 8087
Recurrence Based Similarity Identification of Climate Data. Bai, Anita; Hira, Swati; Parag, S. Deshpande Report 9739
Research on Modeling Intrahousehold Interactions from the Perspective of Space-Time Constraints. Gao, Liangpeng; Ji, Yanjie; Liu, Yang; He, Baohong 6932
Research on the Method of Traffic Organization and Optimization Based on Dynamic Traffic Flow Model. Li, Shu-bin; Wang, Guang-min; Wang, Tao; Ren, Hua-ling Report 5117
Risk Assessment of Drought in the Yangtze River Delta Based on Natural Disaster Risk Theory. Fan, Gaofeng; Zhang, Yong; He, Yue; Wang, Kuo Report 4552
Robust Active MPC Synchronization for Two Discrete-Time Chaotic Systems with Bounded Disturbance. Zhang, Longge Report 2933
Robust Linear Neural Network for Constrained Quadratic Optimization. Liu, Zixin; Liu, Yuanan; Xiong, Lianglin Report 6132
Set-Valued Haezendonck-Goovaerts Risk Measure and Its Properties. Feng, Yu; Dong, Yichuan; Liu, Jia-Bao Report 4642
Sharp Bounds for the General Sum-Connectivity Indices of Transformation Graphs. Wang, Haiying; Liu, Jia-Bao; Wang, Shaohui; Gao, Wei; Akhter, Shehnaz; Imran, Muhammad; Farahani, Mo 3073
Sharp Bounds of the Hyper-Zagreb Index on Acyclic, Unicylic, and Bicyclic Graphs. Gao, Wei; Jamil, Muhammad Kamran; Javed, Aisha; Farahani, Mohammad Reza; Wang, Shaohui; Liu, Jia-Bao Report 3123
Should a Manufacturer Encroach on Its Retailer's Operations with Quality Differentiated Products? Chai, Junwu; Chen, Huan; Huang, Qilin; Yan, Wei Report 9144
Simulation of Pedestrian Behavior in the Collision-Avoidance Process considering Their Moving Preferences. Yuan, Zhilu; Jia, Hongfei; Zhang, Linfeng; Bian, Lei Report 6998
Simulation of Pedestrian Crossing Behaviors at Unmarked Roadways Based on Social Force Model. Ningbo, Cao; Wei, Wei; Zhaowei, Qu; Liying, Zhao; Qiaowen, Bai Report 9097
Simulation-Based Dynamic Passenger Flow Assignment Modelling for a Schedule-Based Transit Network. Yao, Xiangming; Han, Baomin; Yu, Dandan; Ren, Hui 9228
Socioeconomic Drivers of Environmental Pollution in China: A Spatial Econometric Analysis. Liu, Jianmin; Chen, Xia; Wei, Runchu Report 8959
Solutions for a Class of Nonperiodic Superquadratic Hamiltonian Elliptic Systems Involving Gradient Terms. Duan, Shengzhong; Wu, Xian Report 11029
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