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Articles from Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society (January 1, 2014)

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[H.sub.[infinity]] ILC design for discrete linear systems with packet dropouts and iteration-varying disturbances. Xuhui, Bu; Hongwei, Zhang; YunZhong, Song; Fashan, Yu Report 4463
A bilevel programming model to optimize train operation based on satisfaction for an intercity rail line. Huang, Zhipeng; Niu, Huimin Report 5119
A case-based reasoning method for remanufacturing process planning. Zhou, Fan; Jiang, Zhigang; Zhang, Hua; Wang, Yan Report 5421
A conceptual architecture for adaptive human-computer interface of a PT operation platform based on context-awareness. Xue, Qing; Han, Xuan; Li, Mingrui; Liu, Minxia Report 4098
A constrained algorithm based [NMF.sub.[alpha]] for image representation. Yang, Chenxue; Li, Tao; Ye, Mao; Liu, Zijian; Bao, Jiao Report 7585
A constraint programming method for advanced planning and scheduling system with multilevel structured products. Peng, Yunfang; Lu, Dandan; Chen, Yarong Report 4695
A determination method of optimal customization degree of logistics service supply chain with mass customization service. Liu, Weihua; Wang, Qian; Zhu, Donglei; Liu, Yang Report 9802
A Dufort-Frankel difference scheme for two-dimensional sine-Gordon equation. Liang, Zongqi; Yan, Yubin; Cai, Guorong Report 6278
A heuristic algorithm for solving triangle packing problem. Wang, Ruimin; Luo, Yuqiang; Dong, Jianqiang; Liu, Shuai; Qi, Xiaozhuo Report 4209
A hybrid artificial bee colony algorithm for the service selection problem. Zhang, Changsheng; Zhang, Bin Report 7859
A large-scale network data analysis via sparse and low rank reconstruction. Lu, Liang Fu; Huang, Zheng-Hai; Ambusaidi, Mohammed A.; Gou, Kui-Xiang Report 5194
A method to transit the rotor-to-stator rubbing to normal motion using the phase characteristic. Xu, Jieqiong; Li, Qunhong; Wang, Shimin Report 3546
A new accident analysis method based on complex network and cascading failure. Luo, Ziyan; Li, Keping; Ma, Xin; Zhou, Jin Report 4959
A new feigenbaum-like chaotic 3D system. Zhao, Huitao; Lin, Yiping; Dai, Yunxian Report 2671
A nonparametric operational risk modeling approach based on Cornish-Fisher expansion. Zhu, Xiaoqian; Li, Jianping; Chen, Jianming; YangHuo, Yingqi; Gao, Lijun; Feng, Jichuang; Wu, Dengsh Report 5396
A numerical simulation of extratropical storm surge and hydrodynamic response in the Bohai Sea. Ding, Yumei; Ding, Lei Report 4117
A scatter search approach for multiobjective selective disassembly sequence problem. Guo, Xiwang; Liu, Shixin Report 6146
A simple Gaussian measurement bound for exact recovery of block-sparse signals. Han, Zhi; Wang, Jianjun; Jing, Jia; Zhang, Hai Report 5221
A stochastic dynamic programming approach based on bounded rationality and application to dynamic portfolio choice. Bi, Wenjie; Tian, Liuqing; Liu, Haiying; Chen, Xiaohong Report 6575
A study on high-speed rail pricing strategy in the context of modes competition. Yao, Enjian; Yang, Qirong; Zhang, Yongsheng; Sun, Xun Report 3595
Activity-trip chaining behavior of urban low-income populations in Nanjing, China: a structural equations analysis. Chu, Zhaoming; Chen, Hui; Cheng, Lin; Chen, Xuewu; Zhu, Senlai Report 8400
Adaptive fractional fuzzy sliding mode control for multivariable nonlinear systems. Luo, Junhai; Liu, Heng Report 4604
Adaptive Kalman estimation in target tracking mixed with random one-step delays, stochastic-bias measurements, and missing measurements. Chen, Sujuan; Li, Yinya; Qi, Guoqing; Sheng, Andong Report 4587
Adaptive synchronization between fractional-order chaotic real and complex systems with unknown parameters. Tian, Xiaomin Report 3896
Agent-based modeling and simulation for the bus-corridor problem in a many-to-one mass transit system. Xie, Qinmu; Ma, Shoufeng; Jia, Ning; Gao, Yang Report 8193
Allocating freight empty cars in railway networks with dynamic demands. Zhao, Ce; Yang, Lixing; Li, Shukai Report 7965
An allometric algorithm for fractal-based Cobb-Douglas function of geographical systems. Luo, Hongyu; Chen, Yanguang Report 6185
An approach for simple linear profile gauge R&R studies. Shi, Liangxing; Chen, Wei; Lu, Liang Fu Report 4336
An effective privacy-preserving algorithm based on logistic map and Rubik's cube transformation. Yao, Wenbin; Ye, Pengdi; Li, Xiaoyong Report 7576
An EPQ Inventory model with allowable shortages for deteriorating items under trade credit policy. Molamohamadi, Zohreh; Arshizadeh, Rahman; Ismail, Napsiah Report 6739
An extended SISa model for sentiment contagion. Liu, Zhifeng; Zhang, Tingting; Lan, Qiujun Report 4432
An immunization strategy based on propagation mechanism. Zhu, Yixin; Zhang, Fengli; Guo, Wenqiang Report 3999
An improved algorithm in porosity characteristics analysis for rock and soil aggregate. Wu, Yanfang; Li, Xiao; Wang, Yu; Zhang, Bo Report 5184
An innovative architecture of UTC GPS/INS system with improved performance under severe jamming. Wang, Xueyun; Zhang, Jingjuan; Wang, Wei; Gao, Pengyu Report 4217
An operation optimization for express freight trains based on shipper demands. Zhang, Yuzhao; Yan, Yusong Report 5320
Analysis of price stackelberg duopoly game with bounded rationality. Shi, Lian; Le, Yun; Sheng, Zhaohan Report 4065
Analysis on the impact of the fluctuation of the international gold prices on the Chinese gold stocks. Jin, Jiankang; Jie, Chen; Zhang, Quanda Report 4184
Analytic continuation of Euler polynomials and the Euler zeta function. Ryoo, C.S. Report 2166
Ananlysis of carbon emission reduction and power dominance between single manufacturer and single retailer in regulatory cap and trade system. Xia, Liang-jie; Zhi, Hua-wei Report 7105
Automated generation of traffic incident response plan based on case-based reasoning and Bayesian theory. Ma, Yongfeng; Zhang, Wenbo; Lu, Jian; Yuan, Li Report 4319
Behavior of an exponential system of difference equations. Khan, A.Q.; Qureshi, M.N. Report 3882
Bifurcation in a discrete competition system. Xu, Li; Zou, Lianjun; Chang, Zhongxiang; Lou, Shanshan; Peng, Xiangwei; Zhang, Guang Report 3787
Bifurcations and dynamics of cancer signaling network regulated by MicroRNA. Zheng, Qianqian; Shen, Jianwei Report 3179
Canard limit cycle of the Holling-tanner model. Zheng, Chongwu; Zhang, Fengqin; Li, Jianquan Report 2674
Capacity estimation for on-ramp merging section of urban expressway based on time headway loss. Xue, Xing-jian; Shi, Feng; Chen, Qun Report 4623
Carbon market regulation mechanism research based on carbon accumulation model with jump diffusion. Guo, Dongmei; Hu, Yi; Zhang, Bingjie Report 4649
Chaotic behavior of one-dimensional cellular automata rule 24. Bie, Zujie; Han, Qi; Liu, Chao; Huang, Junjian; Song, Lepeng; Pei, Yangjun Report 5898
Chaotic characteristics and application of cooperative game and evolutionary game. Yang, Yujing; Ma, Junhai; Tu, Hongliang Report 5459
Cluster synchronization of stochastic complex networks with Markovian switching and time-varying delay via impulsive pinning control. Zhou, Xuan; Luo, Kui Report 5107
Codynamics of four variables involved in dengue transmission and its control by community intervention: a system of four difference equations. Awerbuch-Friedlander, T.; Levins, Richard; Predescu, M. Report 4396
Collaborative policy of the supply-hub for assemble-to-order systems with delivery uncertainty. Li, Guo; Liu, Mengqi; Guan, Xu; Huang, Zheng Report 6484
Comparison of electric vehicle's energy consumption factors for different road types. Yao, Enjian; Yang, Zhiqiang; Song, Yuanyuan; Zuo, Ting Report 3610
Complex network analysis of Pakistan railways. Mohmand, Yasir Tariq; Wang, Aihu Report 3215
Complexity quantification for overhead transmission line emergency repair scheme via a graph entropy method improved with Petri net and AHP weighting method. Zhou, Jing; Li, Cunbin; Shen, Weihua; Zhang, Ye Report 4262
Computing singular points of projective plane algebraic curves by homotopy continuation methods. Luo, Zhongxuan; Feng, Erbao; Zhang, Jielin Report 5773
Confusion analysis and detection for workflow nets. Chen, Xiao-liang; Jiang, Zhong-yuan; Ye, Jian-hong Report 10645
Congestion behavior under uncertainty on morning commute with preferred arrival time interval. Xiao, LingLing; Liu, Ronghui; Huang, HaiJun Report 5957
Convergence in bucket brigades in a tree-shaped picking system. Xu, Xiangbin; Xu, Caige; Shi, Feng Report 5899
Coordinating three-level supply chain by revenue-sharing contract with sales effort dependent demand. Pang, Qinghua; Chen, Yuer; Hu, Yulu Report 7112
Correlation and spectral properties of a coupled nonlinear dynamical system in the context of numerical weather prediction and climate modeling. Soldatenko, Sergei; Chichkine, Denis Report 6266
Critical blow-up and global existence for discrete nonlinear p-Laplacian parabolic equations. Chung, Soon-Yeong Report 5332
Damping coefficient induces stochastic multiresonance in bistable system with asymmetric dichotomous noise. Wu, Juan; Xu, Yong Report 5066
Development of a safety evaluation model for provincial highway. Yuan, Li; Yuan, He-wei; Ma, Yong-feng; Ren, Ying-wei Report 6001
Diagnosing and predicting the Earth's health via ecological network analysis. Zhang, Zi-Ke; Sun, Ye; Zhang, Chu-Xu; Fang, Kuan; Xu, Xiang; Liu, Chuang; Wang, Xueqi; Zhang, Kui Report 4904
Discrete weighted pseudo asymptotic periodicity of second order difference equations. Xia, Zhinan Report 5019
Distributed asynchronous fusion algorithm for sensor networks with packet losses. Chu, Tianpeng; Qi, Guoqing; Li, Yinya; Sheng, Andong Report 5414
Dynamic analysis of a phytoplankton-fish model with biological and artificial control. Wang, Yapei; Zhao, Min; Pan, Xinhong; Dai, Chuanjun Report 9364
Dynamic behaviors of an SEIR epidemic model in a periodic environment with impulse vaccination. Yan, Mei; Xiang, Zhongyi Report 4075
Dynamic behaviors of holling type II predator-prey system with mutual interference and impulses. Li, Hongli; Zhang, Long; Teng, Zhidong; Jiang, Yaolin Report 6311
Dynamic CGE model and simulation analysis on the impact of citizenization of rural migrant workers on the labor and capital markets in China. Wu, Qi; Xiao, Hao Report 5366
Dynamic network design problem under demand uncertainty: an adjustable robust optimization approach. Sun, Hua; Gao, Ziyou; Zhao, Fangxia Report 8526
Dynamic prediction of financial distress based on Kalman filtering. Zhuang, Qian; Chen, Lianghua Report 4584
Dynamic pricing based on strategic consumers and substitutes in a duopoly setting. Bi, Gongbing; Li, Lechi; Yang, Feng; Liang, Liang Report 6217
Dynamic traffic network model and time-dependent Braess' paradox. Zhao, Chunxue Report 4211
Dynamical analysis in a delayed predator-prey system with stage-structure for both the predator and the prey. Zhang, Zizhen; Yang, Huizhong Report 5974
Dynamical analysis of a Plateau Pika with cross-diffusion under contraception control. Wang, Xiaoyan; Yang, Junyuan; Zhang, Fengqin Report 7156
Dynamics Analysis of game and chaotic control in the Chinese fixed broadband telecom market. Liu, Jia; Liu, Guoliang; Li, Na; Xu, Hongliang Report 3881
Dynamics of an SIR epidemic model with information variable and limited medical resources revisited. Yan, Caijuan; Jia, Jianwen; Jin, Zhen Report 4011
Dynamics of foreign exchange networks: a time-varying copula approach. Wang, Gang-Jin; Xie, Chi; Zhang, Peng; Han, Feng; Chen, Shou Report 5975
Effect of height on pedestrian route choice between stairs and escalator. Li, Qian; Ji, Changxu; Jia, Limin; Qin, Yong Report 3766
Effectiveness of variable message signs on driving behavior based on a driving simulation experiment. Yan, Xuedong; Wu, Jiawei Report 5820
Effects of empty sites on cooperation in the prisoner's dilemma game based on social diversity. Liming, Wang; Wu, Feng Report 5078
Efficient iterative methods with and without memory possessing high efficiency indices. Lotfi, T.; Soleymani, F.; Noori, Z.; Kilicman, A.; Haghani, F. Khaksar Report 5457
Efficient processing of continuous Skyline query over smarter traffic data stream for cloud computing. Hanning, Wang; Weixiang, Xu; Yang, Jiulin; Wei, Lili; Chaolong, Jia Report 5778
Efficient simulation budget allocation for ranking the top m designs. Xiao, Hui; Lee, Loo Hay Report 5454
Empirical evidence on time-varying hedging effectiveness of emissions allowances under departures from the cost-of-carry theory. Chang, Kai Report 5525
Equilibrium customer strategies in the Geo/Geo/1 queue with single working vacation. Wang, Fang; Wang, Jinting; Zhang, Feng Report 4770
Event-based control for average consensus of wireless sensor networks with stochastic communication noises. Ji, Chuan; Zhou, Wuneng; Liu, Huashan Report 3375
Existence of positive periodic solutions for n-dimensional nonautonomous system. Liu, Youjun; Zhao, Huanhuan; Yan, Jurang Report 5147
Exp-function method for a generalized MKdV equation. Chai, Yuzhen; Jia, Tingting; Hao, Huiqin; Zhang, Jianwen Report 3648
Fare optimality analysis of urban rail transit under various objective functions. Deng, Lianbo; Zhang, Zhao; Liu, Kangni; Zhou, Wenliang; Ma, Junfeng Report 5579
Forecasting return volatility of the CSI 300 index using the stochastic volatility model with continuous volatility and jumps. Gong, Xu; He, Zhifang; Li, Pu; Zhu, Ning Report 8179
Forecasting uranium resource price prediction by extreme learning machine with empirical mode decomposition and phase space reconstruction. Yan, Qisheng; Wang, Shitong; Li, Bingqing Report 5660
Functional principal components analysis of shanghai stock exchange 50 index. Wang, Zhiliang; Sun, Yalin; Li, Peng Report 3369
Fuzzy adaptive prescribed performance control for MIMO uncertain chaotic systems in nonstrict feedback form. Sun, Yeguo; Liu, Heng Report 3357
Game theoretic analysis of carbon emission reduction and sales promotion in dyadic supply chain in presence of consumers' low-carbon awareness. Xia, Liangjie; He, Longfei Report 8298
Global dynamic behavior of a multigroup cholera model with indirect transmission. Li, Ming-Tao; Sun, Gui-Quan; Zhang, Juan; Jin, Zhen Report 6372
Global dynamics of a predator-prey model with stage structure and delayed predator response. Wang, Lili; Xu, Rui Report 6477
Global dynamics of infectious disease with arbitrary distributed infectious period on complex networks. Zhang, Xiaoguang; Song, Rui; Sun, Gui-Quan; Jin, Zhen Report 5217
Global exponential stability of discrete-time neural networks with time-varying delays. Udpin, S.; Niamsup, P. Report 2357
Global period-doubling bifurcation of quadratic fractional second order difference equation. Kalabusic, Senada; Kulenovic, M.R.S.; Mehuljic, M. Report 7162
Global stability of a stage-structured predator-prey model with stochastic perturbation. Yang, Liu; Zhong, Shouming Report 3461
Group consensus with a dynamic leader for multiagent systems via sampled-data control. Xia, Hong; Huang, Ting-Zhu; Shao, Jin-Liang; Yu, Jun-Yan Report 5441
Heterogeneous fundamentalists in a continuous time model with delays. Gori, Luca; Guerrini, Luca; Sodini, Mauro Report 3160
Hierarchical artificial bee colony optimizer with divide-and-conquer and crossover for multilevel threshold image segmentation. He, Maowei; Hu, Kunyuan; Zhu, Yunlong; Ma, Lianbo; Chen, Hanning; Song, Yan Report 12065
Hopf bifurcation in a cobweb model with discrete time delays. Gori, Luca; Guerrini, Luca; Sodini, Mauro Report 4521
Horizontal coalition stability analysis of supply chain entities based on sequential game. Wang, Shizhao; Luo, Yong Report 6180
How do sociodemographics and activity participations affect activity-travel? Comparative study between women and men. Yang, Min; Wang, Wei; Yu, Feifei; Ding, Jian Report 7127
Improvement of power flow calculation with optimization factor based on current injection method. Wang, Lei; Chen, Chen; Shen, Tao Report 2887
Incorporating overconfidence into real option decision-making model of metal mineral resources mining project. Huang, Jian-bai; Tan, Na; Zhong, Mei-rui Report 7657
Interaction between different cells in olfactory bulb and synchronous kinematic analysis. Xu, Ailei; Du, Ying; Wang, Rubin; Cao, Jinde Report 3561
Intuitionistic fuzzy planar graphs. Alshehri, Noura; Akram, Muhammad Report 7955
Joint optimal production planning for complex supply chains constrained by carbon emission abatement policies. He, Longfei; Xu, Zhaoguang; Niu, Zhanwen Report 11157
Lag synchronization in coupled multistable van der Pol-Duffing oscillators. Dudkowski, Dawid; Kuzma, Patrycja; Kapitaniak, Tomasz Report 3196
Lattice methods for pricing American strangles with two-dimensional stochastic volatility models. Gao, Xuemei; Deng, Dongya; Shan, Yue Report 4000
Left-turning vehicle trajectory modeling and guide line setting at the intersection. Wei, Fulu; Guo, Weiwei; Liu, Xin; Liang, Chunyan; Feng, Tianjun Report 4159
Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for Mackey-Glass chaotic time series prediction. Zhao, Junsheng; Li, Yongmin; Yu, Xingjiang; Zhang, Xingfang Report 3416
Lifecycle-based swarm optimization method for numerical optimization. Shen, Hai; Zhu, Yunlong; Liang, Xiaodan Report 5605
Linear control of fractional-order financial chaotic systems with input saturation. Luo, Junhai; Li, Guanjun; Liu, Heng Report 3642
Local fractional Laplace variational iteration method for solving linear partial differential equations with local fractional derivative. Yang, Ai-Min; Li, Jie; Srivastava, H.M.; Xie, Gong-Nan; Yang, Xiao-Jun Report 2383
Macroscopic model and simulation analysis of air traffic flow in airport terminal area. Zhang, Honghai; Xu, Yan; Yang, Lei; Liu, Hao Report 8455
Measuring contagion of subprime crisis based on MVMQ-CAViaR method. Ye, Wuyi; Luo, Kebing; Du, Shaofu Report 8998
Mixture augmented lagrange multiplier method for tensor recovery and its applications. Tan, Huachun; Cheng, Bin; Feng, Jianshuai; Liu, Li; Wang, Wuhong Report 6167
Model for dynamic multiple of CPPI strategy. Xing, Guangyuan; Xue, Yong; Feng, Zongxian; Wu, Xiaokang Report 4824
Modeling and application of pedestrian safety conflict index at signalized intersections. Cheng, Wei; Zhang, Ning; Li, Wei; Xi, Jianfeng Report 3265
Modeling and simulation of synchronous threshold in vent collective behavior. Zhang, Yaofeng; Xiao, Renbin Report 4590
Modeling of a small transportation company's start-up with limited data during economic recession. Fang, Xiaoping; Ansell, Jake; Chen, Weiya Report 5299
Modeling the equilibrium bus line choice behavior and transit system design with oblivious users. Zhao, Chuan-Lin; Huang, Hai-Jun Report 3179
Modeling the joint choice decisions on urban shopping destination and travel-to-shop mode: a comparative study of different structures. Ding, Chuan; Xie, Binglei; Wang, Yaowu; Lin, Yaoyu Report 6212
Modeling transmission dynamics of Streptococcus suis with stage structure and sensitivity analysis. Shen, Chaojian; Li, Mingtao; Zhang, Wei; Yi, Ying; Wang, Youming; Hou, Qiang; Huang, Baoxu; Lu, Chen Report 5075
Modified differential transform method for solving the model of pollution for a system of lakes. Benhammouda, Brahim; Vazquez-Leal, Hector; Hernandez-Martinez, Luis Report 5100
Modified projective outer synchronization between two fractional order complex networks via adaptive control. Liu, Hong-juan; Liu, Guo-qi; Yu, Hai; Zhu, Zhi-liang Report 4936
Motivation mechanism prevents adverse selection in industrial technology innovation strategic alliance. Zhao, Mingxia; Li, Changhong Report 6554
Movement control in recovering UUV based on two-stage discrete T-S fuzzy model. Yan, Zheping; Hao, Bing; Liu, Yibo; Hou, Shuping Report 5420
Moving target detection and active tracking with a multicamera network. Zhao, Long; Liu, Li Fei; Wang, Qing Yun; Li, Tie Jun; Zhou, Jian Hua Report 4770
Multinomial logit model of pedestrian crossing behaviors at signalized intersections. Zhou, Zhu-Ping; Liu, Ying-Shun; Wang, Wei; Zhang, Yong Report 5378
Multiobjective network optimization for soil monitoring of the Loess Hilly region in China. Liu, Dianfeng; Liu, Yaolin; Wang, Mingze; Zhao, Xiang Report 5751
Noise and synchronization analysis of the cold-receptor neuronal network model. Du, Ying; Wang, Rubin; Qu, Jingyi Report 4600
Nonlinear analysis on traffic flow based on catastrophe and chaos theory. Gu, Jian; Chen, Shuyan Report 6167
Note on the persistence of a nonautonomous Lotka-Volterra competitive system with infinite delay and feedback controls. Shi, Chunling; Wang, Yiqin; Chen, Xiaoying; Chen, Yuli Report 4954
Note on the stability property of a cooperative system incorporating harvesting. Xie, Xiangdong; Chen, Fengde; Xue, Yalong Report 2435
Oil well characterization and artificial gas lift optimization using neural networks combined with genetic algorithm. Monyei, Chukwuka G.; Adewumi, Aderemi O.; Obolo, Michael O. Report 4937
On finite-time feedback control for switched discrete-time systems under fast and slow switching. Xiao, Liaoliang; Yu, Mingyang Report 5955
On the steady-state system size distribution for a discrete-time Geo/G/1 repairable queue. Liu, Renbin; Deng, Zhaohui Report 5102
Optimal order strategy in uncertain demands with free shipping option. Meng, Qing-Chun; Zhang, Teng; Li, Ming; Rong, Xiao-Xia Report 4285
Optimal road toll design from the perspective of sustainable development. Cheng, Lin; Han, Fei Report 4560
Optimal time-consistent investment strategy for a DC pension plan with the return of premiums clauses and annuity contracts. Sheng, De-Lei; Rong, Ximin Report 4443
Optimization based high-speed railway train rescheduling with speed restriction. Wang, Li; Mo, Wenting; Qin, Yong; Dou, Fei; Jia, Limin Report 10086
Optimization of the actuarial model of defined contribution pension plan. Li, Yan; Huang, Yuchen; Zhou, Yancong Report 4853
Optimization solution of Troesch's and Bratu's problems of ordinary type using novel continuous genetic algorithm. Abo-Hammour, Zaer; Arqub, Omar Abu; Momani, Shaher; Shawagfeh, Nabil Report 10373
Optimizing the joint replenishment and channel coordination problem under supply chain environment using a simple and effective differential evolution algorithm. Wang, Lin; Qu, Hui; Liu, Shan; Chen, Can Report 7625
Options procurement policy for option contracts with supply and spot market uncertainty. Xue, Weili; Xu, Xiaolin; Ma, Lijun Report 5564
Output feedback adaptive dynamic surface control of permanent magnet synchronous motor with uncertain time delays via RBFNN. Luo, Shaohua; Wang, Jiaxu; Shi, Zhen; Qiu, Qian Report 5019
Parking pricing and model split under uncertainty. Zhu, Chengjuan; Jia, Bin; Han, Linghui; Gao, Ziyou Report 5049
Particle swarm optimization based on local attractors of ordinary differential equation system. Yang, Wenyu; Wu, Wei; Fan, Yetian; Li, Zhengxue Report 6647
Passenger flow prediction of subway transfer stations based on nonparametric regression model. Sun, Yujuan; Zhang, Guanghou; Yin, Huanhuan Report 3661
Pattern analysis of driver's "pressure-state-response" in traffic congestion. Qi, Weiwei; Pei, Yulong; Song, Mo; Bie, Yiming Report 4039
Pedestrian detection and tracking for counting applications in metro station. Yan-yan, Chen; Ning, Chen; Yu-yang, Zhou; Ke-han, Wu; Wei-wei, Zhang Report 5533
Pedestrian guiding signs optimization for airport terminal. Lin, Jianxin; Song, Rui; Dai, Jifeng; Jiao, Pengpeng Report 6563
Periodicity and permanence of a discrete impulsive Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model concerning integrated pest management. Tan, Chang; Cao, Jun Report 5848
Permanence for a discrete ratio-dependent predator-prey system with Holling type III functional response and feedback controls. Chen, Jiangbin; Yu, Shengbin Report 2938
Popularity evaluation model for microbloggers online social network. Zhang, Xia; Xia, Zhengyou; Bu, Zhan Report 6145
Positive switched system approach to traffic signal control for oversaturated intersection. Du, Lin; Zhang, Yun Report 6098
Powertrain matching and optimization of dual-motor hybrid driving system for electric vehicle based on quantum genetic intelligent algorithm. Wang, Yong; Sun, Dongye Report 6418
Precommitted investment strategy versus time-consistent investment strategy for a dual risk model. Zhang, Lidong; Rong, Ximin; Du, Ziping Report 4795
Price and service competition of dual-channel supply chain with consumer returns. Ren, Lili; He, Yong; Song, Houfei Report 6457
Pricing American options using a nonparametric entropy approach. Yu, Xisheng; Yang, Li Report 13271
Pricing decision under dual-channel structure considering fairness and free-riding behavior. Liu, Yongmei; Ding, Chunjie; Fan, Chen; Chen, Xiaohong Report 5895
Pricing options based on trinomial Markov tree. Xiaoping, Hu; Jiafeng, Guo; Tao, Du; Lihua, Cui; Jie, Cao Report 4506
Pricing scheme of ocean carrier for inbound container storage for assistance of container supply chain finance. Yu, Mingzhu; Tian, Xin; Yu, Lean Report 7980
Radial basis function neural network with particle swarm optimization algorithms for regional logistics demand prediction. Hu, Zhineng; Zhang, Yixin; Yao, Liming Report 7826
Realized jump risk and equity return in China. Chen, Guojin; Liu, Xiaoqun; Hsieh, Peilin; Zhao, Xiangqin Report 8821
Reconstruction of dynamical forecasting model between western pacific subtropical high area index and its summer monsoon impact factors based on the improved self-memorization principle. Hong, Mei; Zhang, Ren; Chen, Xi; Ge, Shanshan; Bai, Chengzu; Singh, Vijay P. Report 8628
Reliability analysis of random fuzzy unrepairable systems. Liu, Ying; Li, Xiaozhong; Li, Jianbin Report 8345
Research and application of the Beijing road traffic prediction system. Li, Ruimin; Ma, Hongliang; Lu, Huapu; Guo, Min Report 4268
Research on dynamic integrity measurement model based on memory paging mechanism. Chang, Chaowen; Chen, Xin; Wang, Shuai; Xiao, Qinghai Report 4962
Research on MAS-based supply chain resilience and its self-organized criticality. Geng, Liang; Xiao, Renbin; Xu, Xing Report 8364
Research on overconfidence in decision-making for the capacity recovery of damaged power systems. Bao, Xing Report 6087
Research on the architecture of a basic reconfigurable information communication network. Wang, Ruimin; Zhuang, Lei; Luo, Yuqiang; Chen, Hongchang Report 3219
Reviewing the literature of inventory models under trade credit contact. Molamohamadi, Zohreh; Ismail, Napsiah; Leman, Zulkiflle; Zulkifli, Norzima Report 17115
Risk measurement for portfolio credit risk based on a mixed Poisson model. Chen, Rongda; Yu, Huanhuan Report 5111
Road assessment model and pilot application in China. Zhang, Tiejun; Tang, Chengcheng; Smith, Greg; Wu, Lingtao Report 3750
Routing optimization of intelligent vehicle in automated warehouse. Zhou, Yan-cong; Dong, Yong-feng; Xia, Hong-mei; Gu, Jun-hua Report 6581
Rumor-propagation model with consideration of refutation mechanism in homogeneous social networks. Zhao, Laijun; Wang, Xiaoli; Wang, Jiajia; Qiu, Xiaoyan; Xie, Wanlin Report 5374
Sampled-data consensus for high-order multiagent systems under fixed and randomly switching topology. Jie, Niu; Zhong, Li Report 6848
Set of oscillation criteria for second order nonlinear forced differential equations with damping. Salhin, Ambarka Abdalla; Din, Ummul Khair Salma; Ahmad, Rokiah Rozita; Noorani, Mohd Salmi Md Report 4942
Shifting control algorithm for a single-axle parallel plug-in hybrid electric bus equipped with EMT. Yang, Yunyun; Wu, Sen; Fu, Xiang Report 5563
Smolyak-grid-based flutter analysis with the stochastic aerodynamic uncertainty. (Research Article). Dai, Yuting; Yang, Chao Report 4938
Solving the Caputo fractional reaction-diffusion equation on GPU. Liu, Jie; Gong, Chunye; Bao, Weimin; Tang, Guojian; Jiang, Yuewen Report 5163
Spectral methods in spatial statistics. Chen, Kun; Zhang, Lianmin; Pan, Maolin Report 2563
Stability analysis of a system of exponential difference equations. Din, Q.; Khan, K.A.; Nosheen, A. Report 4355
Stability and Hopf bifurcation in an HIV-1 infection model with latently infected cells and delayed immune response. Wang, Haibin; Xu, Rui Report 4877
Stability of a class of fractional-order nonlinear systems. Li, Tianzeng; Wang, Yu Report 5162
Stabilization with internal loop for infinite-dimensional discrete time-varying systems. Gan, Nai-feng; Lu, Yu-feng; Gong, Ting Report 4886
Statistical analysis of traffic accidents in Shanghai river crossing tunnels and safety countermeasures. Lu, Linjun; Lu, Jian; Xing, Yingying; Wang, Chen; Pan, Fuquan Report 3764
Structural analysis and total coal demand forecast in China. Zhu, Qing; Zhang, Zhongyu; Li, Rongyao; Lai, Kin Keung; Wang, Shouyang; Chai, Jian Report 6554
Study on the departure process of discrete-time Geo/G/1 queue with randomized vacations. Luo, Chuanyi; Huang, Xiaoying; Ding, Chuan Report 4507
Synchronization of fractional-order hyperchaotic systems via fractional-order controllers. Li, Tianzeng; Wang, Yu; Yang, Yong Report 5494
Synchronization of the coupled distributed parameter system with time delay via proportional-spatial derivative control. Yuan, Kun; Alofi, Abdulaziz; Cao, Jinde; Al-Mazrooe, Abdullah; Elaiw, Ahmed Report 2968
The bifurcation and control of a single-species fish population logistic model with the invasion of alien species. Zhang, Yi; Zhang, Qiaoling; Li, Jinghao; Zhang, Qingling Report 6004
The chaos dynamic of multiproduct cournot duopoly game with managerial delegation. Wu, Fang; Ma, Junhai Report 3329
The closed-loop supply chain network equilibrium with products lifetime and carbon emission constraints in multiperiod planning horizon. Zhang, Guitao; Sun, Hao; Hu, Jinsong; Dai, Gengxin Report 10511
The complex dynamics of Bertrand-Stackelberg pricing models in a risk-averse supply chain. Ma, Junhai; Li, Qiuxiang Report 5936
The effects of the tractor and semitrailer routing problem on mitigation of carbon dioxide emissions. Li, Hongqi; Li, Yanran; Lu, Yue; Song, Qiang; Zhang, Jun Report 11760
The evolution of the strategies of innovation cooperation in scale-free network. Zhu, Bing; Wang, Wenping Report 5535
The optimal replenishment policy under trade credit financing with ramp type demand and demand dependent production rate. Qin, Juanjuan; Liu, Weihua Report 10958
The oscillation of a class of the fractional-order delay differential equations. Lu, Qianli; Cen, Feng Report 4269
The profit distribution of supply chain under e-commerce. Zhang, Jiang-Hua; Yin, Rui-Rui; Zhang, Jin; Nie, Meng-Jiao Report 4057
The research of the driver attention field modeling. Tao, Pengfei; Hu, Hongyu; Gao, Zhenhai; Liu, Xin; Song, Xianmin; Xing, Yan; Duan, Yuzhou; We, Fulu Report 6794
The research on low carbon logistics routing optimization based on DNA-Ant colony algorithm. Zhang, Liyi; Wang, Ying; Fei, Teng; Ren, Hongwei Report 7279
The role of constraints in a segregation model: the asymmetric case. Radi, Davide; Gardini, Laura; Avrutin, Viktor Report 10082
Three-level supply chain coordination under disruptions based on revenue-sharing contract with price dependent demand. Pang, Qinghua; Chen, Yuer; Hu, Yulu Report 6675
Topological properties of a 3-regular small world network. Jia, Huanshen; Hu, Guona; Zhao, Haixing Report 2401
Torque split strategy for parallel hybrid electric vehicles with an integrated starter generator. Fu, Zhumu; Gao, Aiyun; Wang, Xiaohong; Song, Xiaona Report 5626
Tour route multiobjective optimization design based on the tourist satisfaction. Han, Yan; Guan, Hongzhi; Duan, Jiaying Report 4597
Transit station congestion index research based on pedestrian simulation and gray clustering evaluation. Wang, Shu-wei; Sun, Li-shan; Rong, Jian; Yang, Zi-fan Report 3546
Unsupervised SAR image segmentation based on a hierarchical TMF model in the discrete wavelet domain for sea area detection. Wang, Jiajing; Jiao, Shuhong; Shen, Lianyang; Sun, Zhenyu; Tang, Lin Report 4788
Using improved ant colony algorithm to investigate EMU circulation scheduling problem. Zhou, Yu; Zhou, Leishan; Wang, Yun Report 7609
Valuing convertible bonds based on LSRQM method. Liu, Jian; Yan, Lizhao; Ma, Chaoqun Report 6429

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