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Discovery of the Nova Zembla!

The Search for the Nova Zembla expedition, jointly funded by the Arctic Institute of North America and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS), went ahead in August 2018 and succeeded in discovering evidence of the 1902 wreck of the Scottish whaling vessel Nova Zembla. Partnering with OneOcean Expeditions, Drs. Michael Moloney and Matthew Ayre joined the Akademik Sergey Vavilov on its Northwest Passage and Greenland voyage from Kugaaruk, Nunavut, on 24 August.

Debarking via zodiac from the Vavilov, the pair, along with OneOcean employees Ted Irniq and Kelson Rounds-MacPherson, deployed near the suspected wreck site on the east coast of Baffin Island at 6:00 a.m. on 31 August. In the final hours of their seven-hour search window, numerous ship timbers contemporaneous with the Nova Zembla, including planking and masts, were identified via drone along the coastline. Directly offshore, anomalies were discovered underwater, including a clearly identifiable anchor. The finds are consistent with historical accounts from the rescued crew members. Arrangements are currently being made to return, with the assistance of the RCGS and OneOcean, to conduct a full survey of this newly discovered site, and a SSHRC proposal to further investigate the site through excavation is also being prepared.

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Title Annotation:AINA NEWS; expedition funded by Arctic Institute of North America and Royal Canadian Geographical Society
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Date:Dec 1, 2018
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