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Digital artists add colour to excavation discoveries; Fascinating finds from lockdown digs are digitally reimagined. KATHRYN WYLIE Sep 22, 2020 667
Ancient settlement discovered in Sheki. Sep 22, 2020 328
Egypt discovers limestone coffin, shabti figures in Minya's Al-Gharafa archaeological area. Nihal Samir Sep 21, 2020 181
10 most prominent archaeological discoveries in Egypt over 2 decades. Mustafa Marie Sep 8, 2020 1241
What are the most important Egyptian archaeological discoveries made by the Swedish archaeological mission? Mustafa Marie Aug 30, 2020 295
BOOKS Inside the royal Welsh court destroyed by an English queen; AUTHOR'S NOTES A new book reveals the fascinating history of Llangorse Crannog - Wales' unique artificial island that was once home to the kings of Brycheiniog. One of its authors, Cardiff University academic Alan Lane, told Jenny White what he discovered there. Aug 29, 2020 1196
Biblical village 'cursed to destruction by Jesus' discovered by archaeologists; Bethsaida -- the hometown of the disciples Peter, Andrew and Philip -- was reputedly where Christ performed two miracles: feeding the multitude and helping a blind man see. By, Michael Havis & Shivali Best Aug 26, 2020 729
Metal detectorist finds hoard of Bronze Age artefects in 'significant' discovery; Among items found in Scottish Borders were a complete horse harness -- preserved by the soil -- and a sword estimated to date from 1000 to 900 BC. By, Brett Gibbons Aug 10, 2020 416
Archaeologists made a 1,600-year-old discovery at SpiA! Aug 4, 2020 609
Egypt's Ancient Pharaohs, the first to discover gold. Angy Essam Jul 28, 2020 683
Egypt announces new archaeological discovery from Ramses II era. Daily News Egypt Jul 28, 2020 350
What you need to know about Abydos discovery. Angy Essam Jul 25, 2020 577
Abydos archaeological mission discovers Ptolemaic-era 'offerings rooms'. Daily News Egypt Jul 25, 2020 297
New archaeological discovery west of Abydos. Mustafa Marie Jul 14, 2020 581
Roman statue of ancient Egyptian deity Isis discovered in Germany. Mustafa Marie Jun 8, 2020 252
Unique late Ancient Egyptian cemetery discovered in Minya Governorate. Bassant Mohammed May 18, 2020 338
'Stunning' discovery is unearthed; History: Pictish hill settlement found. KIRSTEN ROBERTSON May 15, 2020 387
International archaeological team ready to discover secrets of AlUla. Arab News May 15, 2020 316
Team digs up finds from home. DAVID BANNER May 13, 2020 412
Team digs up finds from home. DAVID BANNER May 13, 2020 412
Exciting historic discoveries are shedding new light on 14th century life in Coventry. ENDA MULLEN May 11, 2020 853
Egypt reveals 100% of embalming secrets after last archaeological discovery. Angy Essam May 4, 2020 297
Egypt announces new discoveries, studies at the Mummification Workshop Complex at Saqqara. Angy Essam May 3, 2020 786
First archaeological cave discovered in North Sinai's Wadi El-Zolmat. Daily News Egypt Apr 25, 2020 252
In pics: Egypt announces the discovery of coffin containing a mummy dating back to the 17th dynasty in Luxor. Angy Essam Apr 24, 2020 530
All you need to know about latest discoveries in Saqqara. Mustafa Marie Apr 22, 2020 406
Egypt reveals archaeological discovery online. Mohamed El-Shamaa Apr 21, 2020 676
New archaeological discovery made during sterilization of Sphinx region. Mustafa Marie Mar 31, 2020 169
Ministry unveils results of archaeological explorations. Times News Service Mar 15, 2020 596
New discoveries at Bhambore. Feb 22, 2020 347
Bone discovery reveals oldest resident of city. KALI LINDSAY Reporter @KALIALINDSAY Feb 11, 2020 550
Bone discovery reveals city's oldest resident. KALI LINDSAY Reporter @KALIALINDSAY Feb 11, 2020 419
Archaeologists unearth 'incredibly rare' grave of an Iron Age 'warrior'; The grave was discovered during excavations ahead of the building of 175 new homes near Chichester. Victoria Jones Jan 29, 2020 426
Archaeologists unearth 'incredibly rare' grave of an Iron Age 'warrior'; The grave was discovered during excavations ahead of the building of 175 new homes near Chichester. Victoria Jones Jan 29, 2020 426
Archaeologists unearth 'incredibly rare' grave of an Iron Age 'warrior'; The grave was discovered during excavations ahead of the building of 175 new homes near Chichester. Victoria Jones Jan 29, 2020 426
Archaeologists unearth 'incredibly rare' grave of an Iron Age 'warrior'; The grave was discovered during excavations ahead of the building of 175 new homes near Chichester. Victoria Jones Jan 29, 2020 426
Archaeologists unearth 'incredibly rare' grave of an Iron Age 'warrior'; The grave was discovered during excavations ahead of the building of 175 new homes near Chichester. Victoria Jones Jan 29, 2020 426
Archaeologists unearth 'incredibly rare' grave of an Iron Age 'warrior'; The grave was discovered during excavations ahead of the building of 175 new homes near Chichester. Victoria Jones Jan 29, 2020 426
'Incredibly rare' grave of 2,000-year-old Iron Age warrior armed with sword found; The 'incredibly rare' grave was discovered during excavations ahead of the building of 175 new homes near Chichester, West Sussex. By, Michael Drummond & Shivali Best Jan 29, 2020 422
Most prominent archaeological discoveries in Jableh city over past year. ghossoun Jan 26, 2020 310
New archaeological discovery to be announced in Minya Governorate on Jan. 30. Mustafa Marie Jan 26, 2020 504
Skeleton found dating back to Roman times. JOSHUA KNAPMAN Reporter Jan 24, 2020 193
Roman remains found in city. Jan 24, 2020 203
New archaeological discoveries found in Amrit and Safita in Tartous. ghossoun Jan 20, 2020 303
Min. of Antiquities' discoveries of 2019. Mustafa Marie Dec 22, 2019 690
Archaeologists Discover Table on which Ark of Covenant May Have Once Sat. Dec 20, 2019 2089
Tattooed children's skulls found in spooky ancient Moche cemetery; The clearly marked remains were unearthed in an ancient Moche cemetery in the Lambayeque region of Peru and experts says the strange discovery raises some vital questions. By, Sam Elliott Dec 20, 2019 332
Two large-scale palace relics discovered in north China's Inner Mongolia. Dec 16, 2019 278
Two large-scale palace relics discovered in north China's Inner Mongolia. Dec 16, 2019 237
Egyptian civilian triggers discovery of ancient temple. MOHAMMED SHAMAA Dec 11, 2019 466
Khuwy tomb, one of the 10 most important archaeological discoveries in 2019. Angy Essam Dec 7, 2019 403
Archaeologists discover Iron Age artefacts in Oman's Musandam. Times News Service Dec 4, 2019 419
Dr. Al-Zahrani: The Kingdom is one of the developed countries in the field of archaeological researches and discoveries. Dec 3, 2019 247
In pics: New discovery unearthed in Luxor. Mustafa Marie Nov 27, 2019 260
Pics: Saqqara discovery never ceases to amaze. Mustafa Marie Nov 25, 2019 468
Min. of Antiquities to officially announce discoveries in Saqqara on Nov. 23. Mustafa Marie Nov 13, 2019 327
Press conference on significant Saqqara discoveries Nov. 23. Mustafa Marie Conference news Nov 13, 2019 327
First Roman-era cemetery discovered in Saqqara. Mustafa Marie Nov 6, 2019 305
Archaeologists discovers 2000 years old remains of Buddhist civilization. Nov 5, 2019 446
IUB, KFUEIT to jointly explore archaeological sites of Cholistan. Nov 4, 2019 187
IUB, KFUEIT to jointly explore archaeological sites of Cholistan. Nov 4, 2019 187
Clay seals found from Achaemenid are trade. Nov 1, 2019 289
Tiny plants trace ice man's travels; Archaeology: Scottish researchers hail discovery. NEIL DRYSDALE Oct 31, 2019 442
The fascinating historical discoveries made while building Crossrail; They may have caused delays, but they're pretty incredible. Ellie McKinnell Oct 29, 2019 1289
New archaeological discovery to be announced in November. Egypt Today Oct 24, 2019 154
Mysterious skeletons of woman and girl discovered in the Tower of London; Archaeologists at Historic Royal Palaces discovered two skeletons during a recent excavation outside the Tower's Royal Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula. By, Shivali Best Oct 24, 2019 360
The rare discovery of 30 coffins at Assasif necropolis in Luxor. Egypt Today staff Oct 19, 2019 791
Anany: Assasif discovery the most important in modern era, coffins to be placed at GEM. Angy Essam Oct 19, 2019 558
Rare discovery of 30 coffins at Assasif necropolis in Luxor. Angy Essam Oct 19, 2019 791
Egypt unveils biggest ancient coffin find in over a century. Reuters News Service Oct 19, 2019 288
Mummies of children among Egypt's biggest ancient coffin find in 100 years; The 30 wooden coffins with mummies of "men, women and children" inside were found at Al-Asasif cemetery in Luxor. By, Bradley Jolly Oct 19, 2019 405
Discovery of Turki Shahi temple in Swat attracts archaeologists. Fazal Khaliq Oct 14, 2019 488
New archaeological discovery announced in Luxor. Mustafa Marie Oct 10, 2019 261
TN: 2,600-year-old walls discovered at Keeladi archaeology site. ANI Oct 2, 2019 359
Discover artifacts at Homestead Prairie Farm. Submitted by Rock Springs Oct 2, 2019 190
Archaeological discovery presented in Australian university lecture. Sep 12, 2019 231
Ancient rock carvings discovered in hard-to-reach area of Uzbekistan. Sep 11, 2019 347
Ancient rock carvings discovered in hard-to-reach area of Uzbekistan. Sep 11, 2019 404
Archaeologists discovered parts of Roman mosaic in Skelani. Sep 10, 2019 203
Ancient archaeological artifacts discovered in Shabran. Aug 30, 2019 337
Archaeologists discover intriguing figurine at Kopilo site near Zenica. Aug 30, 2019 417
Archaeologists explore Iron Age farmstead site. Aug 29, 2019 567
New finds at Paphos site inhabited for thousands of years. Aug 23, 2019 602
Experts digging up secrets from history; Open day planned for public to view latest discoveries. Aug 22, 2019 497
Artifacts Found On Mount Zion Prove Babylonian Conquest Of Jerusalem. Aug 12, 2019 381
Monumental discovery at Newgrange... 40 Bronze Age sites found by dig team. Aug 7, 2019 216
Ancient archaeological finds discovered in Nakhchivan. Aug 1, 2019 362
Archeological 'Megasite' Found Near Jerusalem. Jul 17, 2019 669
Caged monkey in formal burial found in Burnt City. Jun 14, 2019 263
New discoveries made in Tuna el-Gebel area. May 30, 2019 376
Sakkara dazzles the world as new discovery unfolds. May 9, 2019 340
Bronze Age canoe found at road site. May 8, 2019 259
CANOE BELIEVE IT? Archaeologists discover rare '3,500-year-old timber vessel' at roadworks site. May 8, 2019 643
Beaker returns to mark 40 years since discovery; Archaeology: Remarkable clay pot will be welcomed back to Gardenstown. May 8, 2019 416
Egyptian archaeologists discover Neolithic royal inscriptions in Aswan. May 8, 2019 149
Chinese archaeologists find 5,000-year-old mysterious tomb. May 1, 2019 216
Daily Mail highlighted Tjt tomb discovery. Apr 29, 2019 570
Daily Mail highlights Tjt tomb discovery. Apr 29, 2019 570
Archaeologists discover 2,000 years-old artefacts in Peshawar. Apr 26, 2019 216
Archaeologists discover '2,200-year-old workshop from Indo-Greek era' in Peshawar. Apr 25, 2019 369
An Archaeological Mission From The University of Chicago Begins Exploration At Nippur In Diwaniyah, Southern Iraq. Apr 21, 2019 139
Iraq's Ambassador to Rome Attends Press Conference on New Italian Archaeological Discoveries In Iraq. Apr 19, 2019 179
Egypt announces tomb discovery at Luxor's Draa Abul Naga necropolis. Apr 18, 2019 433
'Man who dug deeper': UP professor leads discovery of 'Homo luzonensis'. Apr 11, 2019 805
Fossils of new human species discovered in Philippines cave. Apr 11, 2019 943
Archaeologists want better protection for cave where new human species found. Apr 11, 2019 822
8,000-year-old archeological discovery in UAE. Apr 2, 2019 476
Saudi Arabia's largest eastern archaeological site explored. Mar 28, 2019 344
KSA's largest eastern archaeological site explored. Mar 28, 2019 343
In Pics: Min. of antiquities announces discovery of Ramses II's royal lobby. Mar 28, 2019 253
The largest archaeological site explored in the east of KSA. Mar 27, 2019 438
Group is breaking new ground searching for history of Wales; It was intended to be a society which would meet once a month to listen to a talk on a topic from the past. Now it is at the heart of one of the largest archaeological projects in Wales and has already discovered hundreds of new sites, including some really rare finds. Laura Clements reports. Mar 18, 2019 866
In Pics: Several marine discoveries made in Marsa Matrouh. Mar 18, 2019 196
Discovery of One of Oldest Archaeological Sites in Sudan. Mar 6, 2019 440
Press Conference about Latest Discoveries at Salut Archaeological Site. Mar 6, 2019 475
Italian archaeologist announces new discoveries at Salut Fort. Mar 6, 2019 489
Oldest tattoo tool discovered. Mar 3, 2019 571
Royal priest tomb discovery grabs attention of international media. Dec 17, 2018 770
Archaeology magazine lists Egypt's unearthed mummification workshop among top 10 discoveries in 2018. Dec 16, 2018 505
'Vampire' skeleton that was speared after death uncovered in Yorkshire burial site; The 'completely unprecedented' discovery in East Yorkshire will be the focus of BBC Four's Digging for Britain. Dec 9, 2018 424
Remains of Roman settlement found near HS2 rail line. Nov 22, 2018 330
The amazing long-lost Roman settlement found on HS2 line; Amazing video shows what could be found near the line. Nov 18, 2018 370
Archaeological research in Figakovo brought about discoveries of European importance. Nov 17, 2018 432
Eminent Egyptologist leads team to discovery of 'vital ramp system' at Great Pyramids. Nov 7, 2018 521
'Passageway to the underworld' found beneath Mexico's Pyramid of the Moon; Archaeologists say a secret tunnel beneath the ancient landmark could contain a treasure trove of deformed remains and artifacts. Oct 27, 2018 521
Marine Archaeologists Discovers World Oldest Shipwreck. Oct 24, 2018 133
Yevlakh continues to amaze with archaeological discoveries. Oct 22, 2018 335
3000-year-old relics discovered in KSA's Jarash archaeological site. Oct 14, 2018 185
Uncovering hidden secrets; exciting discovery as the centuries are rolled back in newcastle's west end. Oct 9, 2018 693
Explore some of tastiest dishes in Masalli. Oct 5, 2018 480
Cook ship found on ocean's floor; Experts close in on voyage-of-discovery vessel. Sep 20, 2018 271
60 graves of Karakhanids discovered during archaeological excavations in Osh region. Sep 18, 2018 159
Ancient historical monument discovered in Gakh. Sep 13, 2018 433
UAE announces discovery of millennium-old mosque. Sep 8, 2018 839
Bronze Age village found under site of new car park. Aug 28, 2018 401
Massive 5000-Year-Old Cemetery Discovered In Kenya. Aug 21, 2018 506
Submerged Stone Age Settlement From 8000-Years Ago Found. Aug 9, 2018 508
Archaeological discoveries at park; IN BRIEF. Aug 8, 2018 165
4,000-year-old burial cairn found next to Neolithic passage tomb. Jul 19, 2018 260
QM's discovery of new rock carvings transform Qatar's archaeological map. Jul 15, 2018 446
Emirati archaeologist part of UAE's 8,000-year-old discovery. Jun 29, 2018 740
8,000-year-old village discovered in UAE. Jun 26, 2018 598
2000-Year-Old Mummy Discovered In Siberia. Jun 25, 2018 477
Inchinnan burial stones 'go back beyond medieval' DISCOVERY Find at ancient church site delights archaeologists. Jun 14, 2018 504
The secrets of Chester's Grosvenor Park revealed; Archaeologists have made some interesting discoveries. Jun 2, 2018 447
1000-Year-Old Mummy Discovered In Peru. May 25, 2018 493
Importance of archaeological discovery in Saudi Arabia's Nefud desert highlighted. May 18, 2018 144
Looking for a day out which is fun, educational and engaging? Visit Vindolanda; Visit Vindolanda near Hexham this summer for a fun filled and educational day out. You might even witness its next big archaeological discovery! May 14, 2018 204
SCTH, Japanese university to explore Saudi heritage. May 13, 2018 374
Archaeological Discoveries Qumaira/Wilayat of Dhank. Apr 28, 2018 748
Archaeologists in Peru discover mass child sacrifice site. Apr 28, 2018 569
Seminar in US on archaeological excavations and discoveries in Oman. Apr 25, 2018 232
Chinese Ambassador visits Saudi-Chinese exploration team at Al-Serrian archaeological site. Apr 17, 2018 250
Saudi-Chinese exploration team at Al-Serrian. Apr 17, 2018 221
Uzbek archaeologists discover unique panel of pre-Islamic era. Apr 16, 2018 226
QSAP discovers over 6,000 archaeological sites in Sudan. Apr 10, 2018 259
Ancient Big Dipper temple found in central China. Mar 31, 2018 256
Ancient big Dipper Temple found in Central China. Mar 31, 2018 255
Ancient 600-year-old path uncovered by archaeologists could reveal SECRETS of mystery monument; The discovery of a new set of steps could change everything historians thought they knew about Huaca Toledo in South America. Mar 16, 2018 373
7000-Year-Old Native American Burial Site Discovered By Archaeologists. Mar 1, 2018 561
Road is devil of a mystery; DAVE MORTON on how North East archaeologists discovered a 'lost' Roman 'Devil's Causeway' in deepest Northumberland. Feb 26, 2018 928
'Signature' of Biblical Prophet Isaiah Found? Feb 23, 2018 585
Castle midden gives up its ancient secrets; BIG DIG GreatWar Austrian belt buckle among exciting finds. Feb 21, 2018 560
Ancient human remains found in giant Mexican cave. Feb 20, 2018 329
Oldest Bronze Age tower, workshop found in Oman. Feb 20, 2018 359
Oldest Bronze Age towers and copper workshops discovered in Oman. Feb 18, 2018 203
9 places in the Gulf to spend last days of winter. Feb 17, 2018 575
Slovak archaeologists discover a key to understanding the Maya. Feb 16, 2018 477
Italian archeological experts finish exploration work at Bhambhore. Jan 27, 2018 233
Ancient finding in Peru sheds light on desert society. Jan 9, 2018 348
2,700-year-old relics discovered in NW China. Jan 1, 2018 102
Mammoth discoveries changed timeline Babowice: Mammoth discoveries show different migration routes. Dec 20, 2017 684
2,700-year-old relics discovered in NW China. Dec 19, 2017 136
Huge archaeological site discovered near Manjhand. Dec 16, 2017 484
Diplomats laud efforts of KP Archaeology Department for discovering historic sites. Nov 16, 2017 247
Archaeologists Find Ancient Roman Ruins In Jerusalem. Oct 16, 2017 595
'Important' discovery of Roman remains is made on homes site. Aug 29, 2017 519
Roman remains found on site for housing; 'important' artefacts discovery is made in benwell. Aug 29, 2017 496
'Giant' skeletons found in China's Shandong. Jul 7, 2017 416
Archaeological discoveries at Salut, Sumhuram sites of exceptional historical value: Expert. May 22, 2017 1083
Archaeologists to Report on Projects and Present Discoveries. Nov 9, 2016 375
'Uncle Tom' uncovered: an anthropology professor has discovered a small Maryland town as the likely birthplace of Josiah Henson, the alleged inspiration behind the classic novel. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Interview Oct 6, 2016 1091
Archaeologists digging deep to find treasures at Auckland Castle; Archaeologists have uncovered a series of finds during their explorations at Auckland Castle in County Durham. Sep 3, 2016 548
Mayans Made Major Discovery in Math, Astronomy. Aug 17, 2016 1310
Lost and found! Archives have finally gone digital. Jul 16, 2016 628
Exciting discovery in Holy Island dig. Jul 16, 2016 535
Vale 'prehistoric landscape' found. Jun 10, 2016 456
Diggers to explore Binchester Time Team site in County Durham; Archaeologists have made a return to the County Durham Roman fort where burial buildings were found. Jun 8, 2016 711
New discoveries unearthed at Buddhist monastery of Badalpur. May 30, 2016 380
Discoveries made in archaeological dig inspire blog on soldiers' stories. May 7, 2016 644
30 bodies found on PS11m road project; ARCHAEOLOGISTS DISCOVER GRAVES OF AN 'EARLY CHRISTIAN CEMETERY'. Apr 28, 2016 453
New Archaeological Site Discovery in Sohar. Mar 7, 2016 241
Findings from WallQuest archaeology project along Hadrian's Wall to go on public display; [pounds sterling]10,000 grant for information panels will highlight volunteers' discoveries along Hadrian's Wall. Feb 29, 2016 577
3,000-year-old wheel discovered at Britain's "Pompeii" site. Feb 19, 2016 384
Important archaeological discoveries at Al-Khandaq unearthed. Jan 6, 2016 131
Stonehenge's origin pinpointed in Preseli; Archaeologists and geologists are excavating Welsh quarries to discover the origin of Stonehenge's bluestones, reports Martin Shipton. Dec 8, 2015 941
Archaeologists discover relics of Sindhi civilization in D.I. Khan. Nov 19, 2015 348
Archaeologists discover relics of Sindhi civilization in DIKhan. Nov 19, 2015 344
DIGGING UP OUR PAST; More than 2,000 artefacts at Anglesey site of largest Neolithic discovery in Wales. Oct 16, 2015 684
Saxons did make it to Wales, dig discovers. Sep 10, 2015 416
The 130M-year-old rock that could solve the meaning of life; How recently discovered fossils caan unlock our planet's deepest mysteries. Aug 23, 2015 1550
The 130M-year-old rock that could solve the meaning of life; How recently discovered fossils can unlock our planet's deepest mysteries. Aug 23, 2015 1541
The 130M rock that the mea M-year-old t could solve ning of life; How recently discovered fossils caan unlock our planet's deepest mysteries. Aug 23, 2015 1575
French archaeology students find 560,000 year old tooth. Jul 30, 2015 133
Archaeologists discover ancient settlement in Russia's Far East. Jul 17, 2015 198
Newly discovered rare gold spirals from Bronze Age on display in Denmark. Jul 15, 2015 493
Archaeologists discover 42 mounds in Iran. Jun 2, 2015 137
Ritual cannibalism occurred in prehistoric England: archaeologists discover gnaw and butcher marks on 14,700-year-old human bones. Bower, Bruce May 30, 2015 613
Millennium-Old Hindu temple discovered in Bangladesh. May 17, 2015 105
Roman treasures to remain unearthed as 'Pompeii of the North' project draws to a close; Binchester Roman Fort was heralded as one of the most important discoveries but the dig ends this year with areas left undiscovered. Mar 20, 2015 561
Ancient shipwrecks discovered in Jeddah. Mar 7, 2015 326
The discovery of the century; The story of the King and the car park fascinated people worldwide. TONY HENDERSON talks to the man who played a key role in the astonishing discovery of the grave of Richard III. Mar 6, 2015 1187
Archaeologists discover secret room in ancient Sidon temple. Feb 24, 2015 706
Archaeologists discover ancient inscriptions in Karakalpakstan. Jan 15, 2015 206
4 discoveries made this week by archaeologists. Jan 7, 2015 619
Australian Archaeologist Dr Stephen Munro Discovers Earliest Human Engravings Discovered On 400,000-Year-Old Fossilised Shell. Dec 4, 2014 391
Red Sea Archaeologists Discover Remains of Egyptian Army from the Biblical Exodus. (Or Did Hollywood Pay Off the Egyptians So As To Promote December's Opening of 'Exodus?'). Nov 11, 2014 471
Canada finds explorer's ship in Arctic; Franklin expedition most sought-after prizes in marine archaeology. Gillies, Rob Sep 10, 2014 819
Parts of the Bodhisattva found in Koi-Tangay. Jun 26, 2014 205
Archaeological Heritage of Oman, India, Pakistan explored. Apr 10, 2014 304
Archaeologists discover earliest example of human with cancer. Apr 5, 2014 303
Secret tunnel exploration to last an extra month. Mar 7, 2014 185
Ancient remains found in Sinaw. Feb 13, 2014 181
Mankind's giant steps; FIND THAT CHANGES EUROPE'S HISTORY... When mammoths and cannibals roamed the UK: 900,000-year-old footprints, the oldest outside Africa, found in Norfolk... and he was a Size 8. Feb 8, 2014 851
A giant step for mankind; FIND THAT CHANGES EUROPE'S HISTORY; When mammoths and cannibals roamed the UK: 900,000-year-old footprints, the oldest outside Africa, found in Norfolk... and he was a Size 8. Feb 8, 2014 862
A giant step for mankind; FIND THAT CHANGES EUROPE'S HISTORY When mammoths and cannibals roamed the UK: 900,000-year-old footprints, the oldest outside Africa, found in Norfolk... and he was a Size 8. Feb 8, 2014 864
A giant step for mankind; FIND THAT T CHANGES EUROPE'S HISTORY When mammoths and cannibals roamed the UK: 900,000-year-old footprints, the oldest outside Africa, found in Norfolk... and he was a Size 8. Feb 8, 2014 864
Chief of brewers' tomb discovered in Luxor. Jan 5, 2014 327
A brief overview of the last 10 years of major late Pleistocene discoveries in the old world: Homo floresiensis, Neanderthal, and Denisovan. Neubauer, Fernanda Jan 1, 2014 5705
Nigeria: Nok has more wonders yet for the world: Nok terracotta artwork dating back to 1500 BC, which was discovered in modern-day central Nigeria in the 1940s by a British archaeologist, is now famous the world over. But more is on the way. Current research by German archaeological teams on Nok sites covering 240 sq kms northeast of the capital Abuja. is bound to unearth yet more wonders from the Nok world. Curtis Abraham reports. Abraham, Curtis Dec 1, 2013 2895
Intoxicating discovery: 3,600-year-old wine cellar found in Galilee. Nov 1, 2013 442
1,000-year-old Muslim mausoleum discovered in Armenia. Oct 17, 2013 415
Archaeologists discover ancient archives in the capital city of Greater Armenia. Oct 16, 2013 143
Experts call ancient settlements in Ararat Valley a sensational discovery. Oct 16, 2013 198
Cash for young to discover the past. Oct 14, 2013 237
Talk's grave subject. Sep 17, 2013 174
Ancient Chinese female PM's tomb discovered. Sep 14, 2013 171
Families living near Fort asked to move. Sep 10, 2013 381
2,500-year-old human bones found at hillfort. Sep 3, 2013 124
Oldest Hunter-Gatherers' Settlements Found in Bolivia's Amazonian Rainforest [PHOTOS]. Aug 30, 2013 321
New antiquities discovered in Sidon to be put on display. Aug 29, 2013 613
Stone Head Of Roman God Discovered Under Ancient Bath House Debris. Jul 5, 2013 411
In Shiloh, an intriguing discovery alludes to the tabernacle. Jul 1, 2013 397
"Gate to Hell" Found in Turkey by Francesco D'Andria's Archaeologists. Apr 2, 2013 391
Oldest known circumpolar umiak. Apr 1, 2013 531
Bronze Age find; Why bits of old pottery became a historic discovery on the hills. Mar 22, 2013 515
Putting the accent on king's DNA; The discovery of the body of King Richard III has led to much speculation about which county could rightfully claim him as their own. Feb 21, 2013 941
35 Ancient Pyramids Found In Sudanese Ruins. Feb 6, 2013 336
Unique 2,000-year-old Roman theatre discovered in Britain. Dec 26, 2012 151
Socotra: An island rife with discovery. Nov 26, 2012 405
Rare Roman altar found at Maryport dig site. Aug 13, 2012 300
Most mysterious dig I've been on, in 55 years, says archaeologist; DISCOVERIES COULD BE MUCH OLDER THAN THE PYRAMIDS. Jul 24, 2012 590
Oldest known pottery discovered in China. Jun 29, 2012 458
Into the rock art groove; Long before Michelangelo, Rodin and Henry Moore picked up their chisels, prehistoric sculptors were at work in the North East cutting mysterious carvings in rocks. Many are still there today, while new discoveries are being made by amateur archaeologists such as Paul Brown. MIKE KELLY spoke to him. Jun 11, 2012 1449
First prehistoric Iberian twins found in Barcelona. Jun 1, 2012 534
Exploring methods of faunal analysis; insights from California archaeology. Book review Jun 1, 2012 159
Ancient tomb and artifacts discovered in E China. Apr 24, 2012 369
Digging history: embassy Rome makes archaeological discovery. Brunori, Valeria Mar 1, 2012 791
Oregon discovery turns back the wheels of time. Feb 19, 2012 674
Lankan research team discover prehistoric man. Nov 4, 2011 267
2,000-year-old Mayan palace discovered in Mexico. Sep 3, 2011 191
First century B.C. Roman shipwreck that carried wine jars found. Survey Aug 26, 2011 303
EL OF A FIND; Divers discover Armada vessel off Donegal coast. Aug 6, 2011 452
Discovering the formal garden before the Garden; ARCHAEOLOGISTS DIG TO FIND SITE'S ORIGINAL MANSION. Jul 21, 2011 730
'Amazing discovery' of Roman treasure on display. Jul 7, 2011 157
Israeli archaeologists discover house dating back to Kingdom of Israel period. Jul 6, 2011 375
900-year-old Quran manuscript 'written on Papyrus' found in Pakistan. May 22, 2011 271
Remains of historic city found in Al Ain. May 2, 2011 353
Welsh archaeologists reveal how the Pharaohs went to the dogs to please the gods; ACADEMICS EXPLORE TOMB OF MUMMIFIED CANINES. Apr 2, 2011 649
New discovery revives ancient China's 'blood-sweating' horse legend. Feb 25, 2011 275
Remains of largest Stone Age building discovered in NW China. Jan 26, 2011 185
New Williamson tunnel discovery sparks row with city flats developer. Jan 20, 2011 559
Roman bathhouses discovered in Southern Syria. Jan 18, 2011 369
Archaeological site, dating back to Iraq's Ancient Sumerian Era, discovered in Nassiriya:. Jan 2, 2011 374
Russian archaeologists discover ancient city in Socotra Island. Dec 25, 2010 275
The top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2010. Dec 16, 2010 237
Hieroglyphics discovered at ancient oasis in Tabuk. Nov 7, 2010 355
Pharaonic inscription found in Saudi Arabia. Nov 7, 2010 358
Venezuela's Island of Treasures and Tragedies: the iridescent pearl played prominently in Cubagua's history and in the early years of discovery, conquest, and colonization in the Americas. Nov 1, 2010 1949
Amateur archaeologists discover lost medieval village. Oct 12, 2010 221
ANALYSIS: Newly found Koguryo tomb has unique architectural, mound structure. Aug 16, 2010 356
1600-year-old Mayan King's tomb discovered in Guatemala. Jul 17, 2010 447
Archaeologists discover oldest written document ever found in Jerusalem. Jul 13, 2010 619
Bone discovery could be earliest archaeological evidence for pet tortoises. Jul 13, 2010 358
Egypt unveils discovery of 4,300-year-old tombs. Jul 8, 2010 419
The Hakaea Beach site, Marquesan colonisation, and models of East Polynesian settlement. Allen, Melinda S.; McAlister, Andrew J. Report Jul 1, 2010 9200
The Onemea site (Taravai Island, Mangareva) and the human colonization of Southeastern Polynesia. Kirch, Patrick V.; Conte, Eric; Sharp, Warren; Nickelsen, Cordelia Report Jul 1, 2010 11191
Soil nutrient analysis of Rapa Nui gardening. Ladefoged, Thegn N.; Stevenson, Christopher M.; Haoa, Sonia; Mulrooney, Mara; Puleston, Cedric; Vito Report Jul 1, 2010 5075
Marae reflections: on the evolution of stratified chiefdoms in the Leeward Society Islands. Wallin, Paul; Solsvik, Reidar Report Jul 1, 2010 5191
Archaeologists discover Roman gladiator cemetery near York city centre. Jun 8, 2010 348
'Gladiator cemetery' found in York. Jun 7, 2010 136
Archaeologists find evidence of lavish lifestyle enjoyed by medieval Irish monk. Feb 16, 2010 405
New tomb discovery shines light on ancient Egypt's middle class. Jan 9, 2010 334
Sophisticated human behavior found half-million years earlier than previously thought. Dec 23, 2009 420
Remains of Hammurabi seal discovered in Cairo. Nov 22, 2009 340
Archaeologists discover three Byzantine era tombs in Syrian cave. Nov 16, 2009 221
Missing legs of 900-year-old Buddhist statue found in Cambodian jungle. Nov 7, 2009 342
Japanese archaeologists discover new Roman grotto in south. Oct 6, 2009 399

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