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Discover your destiny 2000; Find out the secrets of your career, wealth and happiness over the next decade, match up the colours in our grid with your star sign.

MY at-a-glance guide to your future will give you an idea of the changes to happen in your life over the next decade.

The guide is simple and easy to use.

At the lowest corepoint of your rainbow, the colour ORANGE marks years where you are going through phases of big change in your life.

It could be that you are dealing with adjustment to new parenthood, changed partnership situations.

Or perhaps your career is going through big transitions, or you are moving into a new area and need time to adjust.

The orange times are often the character-shaping years, when challenges can be exhilarating and stimulating, but just as frustrating and as tough.

They will not be easy, but that is no bad thing because not many of us tend to learn anything through the easy-flowing times.

Orange times are akin to climbing up a big flight of stairs - they're hard work, but there will be a reward in the end and you can take great credit from your achievements.

Continuing up the rainbow the next arch is your BLUE period.

This represents times when you can or should try hard to build your career and income and be a solid, responsible citizen - so no crazy ideas such as selling the house and going off to gamble the proceeds in Las Vegas for you in your blue years.

You are intended to take life at a realistic pace and, although this isn't sounding like a bundle of fun, these years can bring you great rewards for the future, too, as well as bringing some extra cash.

In the blue years, security becomes all-important. You could be buying a house or starting a family and there is a greater demand for financial stability.

You might even be starting out a new business and that could mean money is tight and lots of overtime.

If there is also a yellow arc in that year, you could be living on a limited income as a student, but if you see a green arc following on in the next year, you might be saving all that money for a round-the-world trip.

The student tie-in is because the YELLOW arch depicts the years when you are intended to take advantage of chances to study.

This is the time when you learn about subjects which will bring you greater understanding and knowledge which can be used so well in your work.

Yellow years are also times when you have something to learn about the most important person of all - yourself.

Maybe you have had some relationship experiences which need working out. You can and will enrich your life, though, so don't doubt the future's potential.

When you arrive at the PINK rainbow, this is a year to remember. Love makes the news with all sorts of highs and, yes, maybe a few lows along the way.

Heaven knows it's never totally plain sailing, but your pink years have great potential to bring happiness and celebration into your life.

These are the times when there are weddings and births and when you appreciate the strength of unity in partnership, too.

Be happy, count blessings and know that you are destined to know joy.

And last, but far from least, we reach the top of your rainbow - and this one just had to be GREEN for "go for it!".

These are years when the cosmos is opening so many doors you'll get dizzy just wondering which one to choose.

You need to try to keep your feet on the ground and think long-term where you can, because making the most of your talents and opportunities in your green years will bring some rich and wonderful rewards for the future.

Travel opportunities could come along now, which really open your eyes to exciting possibilities, and you seem to pass tests with flying colours.

Sometimes green will signal a release from great burdens, a time when you have to find your feet again as there will probably have been some storms before this rainbow arc appears.

But the green light phase is linked in many ways to the cycle of Jupiter, the bringer of luck, opportunity and advancement.

Career opportunities can turn safe plans into something adventurous and you can try your hand at something you'd normally be shy about.

So go to it and really spread your wings with confidence when you see that green arc on your rainbow.
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Author:Ewart, Lynne
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 5, 2000

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