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Discover and learn your guts.

Young scientists will delight in learning all about the digestive system in GUTS: Our Digestive System (HarperCollins). Contained in the book are nineteen stunning, full-color photographs of various parts of the digestive tract. Ranging from the microscopic view of a salivary gland to the wonderfully nauseating shot of a mucus-covered esophagus, these pictures help explain how pizza, broccoli, cheeseburgers, and other food you eat result in energy, nutrients, and waste.

This book will take the mystery out of something that happens to everyone, every day, while at the same time sharing a sense of wonder about the human body.

The School Library Journal describes GUTS as "large, detailed, breathtaking photos ... students will find the book fascinating as well as a bit gross." Children's Digest definitely agrees with this description--especially the gross part!
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Title Annotation:GUTS: Our Digestive System; book
Publication:Children's Digest
Article Type:Children's Review
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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