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Discover and Preserve Your Family History With New Version 3.0 of Family Tree Maker.

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 24, 1995--In today's society, many people yearn for a connection to their family and its history, but they simply don't have time to track down the details. Family Tree Maker's popularity has boomed over the past year because it actually helps people find their ancestors -- and now version 3.0 of Family Tree Maker(TM) Deluxe Edition includes even more time-saving features to help people with their research! In addition, millions of new names have been added to the FamilyFinder(TM) Index, making it even easier to identify the historical records that include information on your relatives.

Not only does Family Tree Maker help you quickly find invaluable details about your family, it allows you to enjoy and preserve your heritage. You can print beautiful family trees and create multimedia a Scrapbook albums that include photos, written stories, and home videos.

FamilyFinder Uncovers the Details of Your Family History

Many people don't have the time or energy to search through microfilm libraries for clues to their family's past. But a project that otherwise involves weeks of library visits and letter writing is both much faster and much easier with the Family Tree Maker Deluxe Edition. Its FamilyFinder Index now lists over 115 million individuals who appear in state and federal records, including millions of names contributed from our customers as part of the World Family Tree(TM) Project.

Even if you don't know the intricacies of searching historical records, the new Search Expert(TM) does. It searches the FamilyFinder Index for only those records that span the lifetime of the specified individual, looks for both married and maiden names, plus uses a process called "Soundex" searching to find similar sounding names. Although the actual records are far too vast to be included on just one CD-ROM, the FamilyFinder does tell you exactly where to find information about each person in the list. Once you know where to look, you can easily go to these sources to get more information about ut your ancestors. Consult them at a library -- or purchase them on CD-ROM from Family Tree Maker's Family Archives to save even more time and hassle.

Family Archive CDs Bring Historical Records To Your Desktop

Our collection of more than 45 Family Archive(TM) CDs is packed with valuable information, including U.S. Census Records Indexes, Social Security Death Benefits Records, selected State Marriage Records Indexes, the new World Family Tree -- even some international data, such as an Irish Census Index.

Once you know which CDs include information on your relatives, you can purchase and use them in the comfort of your own home, at your convenience. This drastically reduces the time needed for travel to distant county offices or working your busy schedule around library hours. You'll spend less time cranking rolls of microfilm and digging through musty books. The easy-to-use Family Archive CDs often contain as much information as the original records themselves.

Plus, you can now access the information on the CDs directly from Family Tree Maker. Unlike previous versions, you won't need to use a separate DOS program to view the CDs. Just click on the "FamFinder" button, and follow the program's prompts to search your Family Archive CD. One more click of a button copies information directly into your Family Tree Maker family file.

World Family Tree -- Thousands Team Up to Share Their Family Trees

Finding your ancestors in federal and state records yields important facts and official documentation. But what if you wanted to jump-start your research? What if you wanted a way to find not just one person, but several generations? Our customers have asked for a way to do this, so we've undertaken a massive project to compile the family trees of thousands of our customers. The result is the most exciting group of Family Archive CDs yet -- the World Family Tree CDs. Using these CDs will dramatically reduce the amount of time needed for research, since finding the name of just one of your ancestors may lead you to uncover an entire new branch of your family tree! (See World Family Tree press release.)

Record Favorite Memories in Multimedia Scrapbook

We all know that there's a lot more to a family than just names and dates. That's why Family Tree Maker preserves all kinds of memories. You can embellish your family file with cherished family stories, and catalog all the details behind each individual and marriage. Plus, each person in Family Tree Maker has their own multimedia Scrapbook to preserve favorite memories, including photos, scanned documents such as birth certificates, images from Photo CDs, sound clips, and even home video clips. "Play" the Scrapbook in an on-screen slide show to bring your family history to life with multimedia!

Other Exciting New Features Requested by Customers


-- We've broken the 110" print limit -- now, print family trees the size of a football field.

-- Save or delete any selected group of individuals -- makes it easy to share files with others.

-- New Merge and Append features automate the process of combining files.

-- Check the accuracy of your data with new features that search for typographical and other errors.

-- Supports multiple sets of parents and non-traditional families.

-- Easily open and convert Personal Ancestral File (a popular DOS genealogy program) files.

-- New Direct Descendant Trees show the bloodline relationships from one person to another.

-- Easily back up your valuable data onto multiple floppy disks. -0-

Family Tree Maker Windows 95 Native Version Coming Soon

To maintain its leadership position in the consumer software market, Family Tree Maker version 3.0 will be designed for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95. Of course, the Windows 95 native version of Family Tree Maker (available in early 1996) will fully support Windows 95's unique functionality. Customers who purchase Family Tree Maker version 3.0 and register will receive a free upgrade to the native version when it is available.

System Requirements, Pricing, and Availability

System requirements for Family Tree Maker Deluxe Edition are: Windows 3.1 running in enhanced mode, or Windows 95; 386 IBM PC or compatible (486 or higher recommended); 4 MB RAM (8 MB highly recommended); VGA monitor running in at least 16 colors; Microsoft-compatible mouse; 9 MB free hard disk space; CD-ROM drive. Optional: video capture board and sound board (for video and audio clips); scanner (for scanned images). Version 3.0 will be available in mid-October for approximately $60. Family Tree Maker's Family Archive CDs (including the World Family Tree Archives) contain data which can only be viewed either by the Family Tree Maker Deluxe Edition or the FamilyFinder Index program. The CDs range from $19.99 - $49.99. An additional 4 MB of hard disk space is recommended for the World Family Tree Archive CDs.

Broderbund Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:BROD) is a diversified consumer software company that offers a broad selection of award-winning products for use in homes, schools, and small businesses. The Banner Blue Division of Broderbund develops the Family Tree Maker product line which includes Windows versions on floppy diskette and CD-ROM, plus a DOS version. A collection of more than 45 Family Archive CDs containing information from historical genealogical records is also available. -0-

Note to Editors: Family Tree Maker, FamilyFinder, Family Archive, Search Expert, and World Family Tree are trademarks, and Broderbund is a registered trademark, of Broderbund Software Incorporated. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other product names are trademarks of their respective holders.

CONTACT: Broderbund Software

Claire LaBeaux, 510-494-2754 (Banner Blue Division)
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