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Discouraging smoking and declaring war on drugs.

The news item 'Solons back Mighty on tax bill' (Business, 12/6/16) shows that tobacco importers-and their backers in government-will continue to engage in their usual obfuscating tactics to ensure that their profits are not affected.

The fact that low-taxed, low-priced cigarette brands continue to flood the market proves that the government's mealy-mouthed pronouncements about protecting the people's health is just a lot of hogwash.

Trying to stamp out unhealthy practices while doing nothing about removing the grip of capitalist manufacturers on their flunkies is a useless exercise. It's like declaring war on drugs while coddling drug lords and their backers in government.

The entire system of governance in this country is skewed toward failure, thanks to a spineless leadership which puts its priorities in the wrong places. Shame on President Rodrigo Duterte, the corrupt importers and developers who only worry about their private agendas! The ordinary people cannot expect any help from such mendacious leaders.

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Dec 10, 2016
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