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Disc-Go-Tech Partners With ClareStow to Create Disc-Go-Check and Disc-Go-Check MAX; Leaders in Disc Repair Technology, Celebrating Their Tenth Anniversary, Offer Disc Checking Devices for the First Time With New Line of Disc-Go-Check Machines.

LANGLEY, British Columbia -- Disc-Go-Tech, the decade long leading provider of disc repair solutions, has partnered with ClareStow Corporation, creators of world class disc verification products, to create the new Disc-Go-Check line of disc checking machines. The new Disc-Go-Check and Disc-Go-Check MAX disc checking machines use Clear Scanning Technology to compare scratch patterns with media player capabilities in order to determine whether a disc is playable using a simple pass or fail rating system.

Unlike other laser based checking machines that will often automatically fail a disc if any scratches are detected (many discs remain playable with a number of scratches), the new Disc-Go-Check and Disc-Go-Check MAX are programmed with different algorithms based on certain scratch patterns and the functionalities of different media players (from DVD players to CD players) to accurately determine whether the disc is playable or not. The user friendly, single drive Disc-Go-Check scans each disc in as little as 30 seconds, and the dual drives of the Disc-Go-Check MAX scan two discs in as little as 30 seconds -- doubling the disc scanning throughput.

Ideal for various retail and reseller applications such as home video, game and music retailers, libraries and pawnbrokers, the Disc-Go-Check and Disc-Go-Check MAX take the guesswork out of the equation. Discs that aren't damaged can go back on the shelf, while damaged discs can be repaired as necessary. The Disc-Go-Check and Disc-Go-Check MAX provide the user with a guaranteed answer regarding playability -- increasing the level of customer service, eliminating customer false product claims and saving time and money. Both machines feature plug-and-play functionality and quick, easy-to-read results.

"We are proud to be partnering with ClareStow to add disc checking to our line of unparalleled disc repair solutions," says Mark Chaplin, president and CEO of Disc-Go-Tech. "We feel that we have found a product that will be the market leader in disc checking as well as a company that upholds the values of the Disc-Go-Tech family. Like Disc-Go-Tech's existing products, the Disc-Go-Check and Disc-Go-Check MAX will save retailers time and money and add assurance that their products are free from damage."

"The synergy created in this partnership completes the portfolios of both Disc-Go-Tech and ClareStow," says Jonathan Gulas, president of ClareStow Corporation. "Our clear scanning methodology is a natural fit for Disc-Go-Tech's outstanding disc repair, and the solution created for the user streamlines costs and adds quality control. One simply doesn't exist without the other. The benefits of this partnership will only continue to grow."

The Disc-Go-Check and Disc-Go-Check MAX read DVDs, audio CDs and game discs for PS1 and PS2. Game Cube, Xbox and Xbox 360 discs will be compatible with the machines in the first upgrade, which Disc-Go-Tech will provide free of charge to existing units. Available now at, the Disc-Go-Check retails for $1495 USD, and the Disc-Go-Check MAX retails for $1995 USD with extended warranties and financing options available for both. For more information, contact Disc-Go-Tech at (866) 237-3724 or

About Disc-Go-Tech

Disc-Go-Tech, celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year, is a privately-held corporation that specializes in commercial disc detection and repair solutions -- offering a wide variety of consumer, light commercial, commercial and heavy industrial products to their consumers. Its signature line of disc repair machines is available worldwide. For more information, visit or call (866) 237-3724.

About ClareStow Systems

ClareStow designs and produces world class products that verify DVDs, video games and CDs based on viewing, playing and listening experience for Home Video Retailers, Libraries and Pawnbrokers. ClareStow has an ongoing commitment to provide their customers with products to simplify the management of their inventory and reduce operating costs. For more information, visit
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Date:Jan 17, 2006
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