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Disastrous unpreparedness.

Of course, the thuggish attack on the Karachi airport shows up big chinks in the state\'s security armour. But that is no new chilling phenomenon. This debility of the state has come to the fore over and over again as has the disastrous unpreparedness of the nation as a whole on the front of combating prowling terrorism. Not once but many a time have the thuggish brigands intruded into the supposedly highly-secured sensitive areas where, what they euphemistically say, not a bird would dare to fly in.

Defence establishments, security installations, military training centres, police training academies, higher defence staff colleges and even paramilitaries\' residential quarters have come under their attacks. And it is not for the first time that they have targeted viciously an airport. They have done this more than once before. And their targets were no civilian airport but air bases of the air and naval forces. Notably, in each case it was the laxity of preventive security measures that they had cashed in on to carry out their vile strikes.

A similar debility has stood them in good stead in attacking soft targets like markets, shopping malls, places of worship, courts and public places. Those are, in the first place, not adequately protected. And whatever protection has been mounted, that too is not kept under watch to keep it ready for fight. Not infrequently, the CCTV cameras of the hit-targets have been found dysfunctional. Quite often, the security detail at the struck-target is noted for its absence when it was attacked. And it is not unusual to hear that the security personnel of the assaulted place had at best only ordinary guns, definitely no match at all to the most deadly sophisticated weaponry the thugs carry under their arms for perpetrating their thuggish errands.

All this adds up to a very a terrifying conclusion. That, even as this nation has been in the throes of a very vile terrorism for decades, it is as yet not prepared to face up to this monstrosity as should it have been. That is why the thugs find it so easy to strike whatever they want and whenever they want. And the crux of the matter is that the political leaderships that should have made for this national preparedness have spectacularly failed in injecting it animatedly and vigorously in the polity across the spectrum. The outgoing PPP lot and their allies only fiddled with this blood-thirsty beast. It had drawn up no policy or strategy to come to grips with it. It indeed didn\'t bother much about it, even as it turned out their such an Achilles\' heel ultimately as to smite it into an electoral debacle of the most humiliating order.

But the incumbent PML (N) \"galaxy\" is proving no better. It indeed is turning out far more disastrous than its inept predecessors were. At least, they had left it largely to the security establishment to tackle the monstrosity, though making thereby an admission of their inherent incapability that in reality has been very baneful to the safety and security of this land\'s people in the long run. But this hierarchy has shown neither the realisation of how villainous is this monstrosity nor the vision on how to go about prostrating it. All it has shown so far is the bunkum of dialogue, which it has kept yapping over these past twelve months unthinkingly and thoughtlessly. Visibly, it has not bothered even to understand what it is up there that it has to tackle. How a hierarchy so ignorant and so insensitive itself can reasonably be expected to sensitise animatedly a rather tepid public to a ravaging malevolent thuggish monstrosity and thus keep it in a state of preparedness to respond vigorously to its rampages? And what pep up could it really afford to the security apparatuses and intelligence behemoths to get their act together and pounce on this killer beast fatally?

Nevertheless, it is the media and certain other segments that have dumbed, if not sapped altogether, the public sensitivities on this score on a huge scale and with their recklessness they have even tended to impair the security establishment\'s capability to take on the roaming thugs thirsting for the innocent blood of our people. For the first thing, whether for fear or hero worship, the media networks and celebrities give prominent high-key coverage to the terrorist dons and their henchmen in a positive adulatory tones. More banefully, they latch on unsubstantiated allegations of rights\' infringements by the security forces in their operations.

This assailment on them is no lesser widespread on other forums. Indeed, on some it is more caustic and acerbic than that of the media\'s. The net result of these wholesale irrational tirades is the acute demoralisation of the security forces on a large scale. What preparedness could reasonably be expected from such a demoralised state security apparatus?

But the things must change. The nation\'s neck is verily in the deadly jaws of a shark. And pace for it has to be set by none else but the incumbent PML (N) galaxy. It must act. The obverse of it is very disastrous for the nation without a shred of doubt.
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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Date:Jun 12, 2014
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