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Disability in the workplace.

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Although this Web site is about general discrimination in the workplace, it has all the legal information you might need--whether you're an employer or an employee. Look up national disability legislation, find out how to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 or learn about filing a charge of employment discrimination. Additionally, you can find employment statistics, national news, workplace training information, commission task force reports and more. This site isn't flashy or full of interesting images, but it does have the legal facts you just might need one day.

The New Freedom Initiative's "Online Resource for Americans with Disabilities" looks sharp and appears to be just as informative. This site truly is a resource, with information on everything from travel to tax information. Clicking on State & Local Resources will bring up a wealth of links to associations, services and programs in your area. The Employment section appears fairly balanced, with information for both employers and employees. The Cultural section was a nice surprise, containing information about and links to museums, documentaries, art centers and more--most all of which focus on promoting awareness about the contributions, abilities and history of individuals with disabilities.

Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy

The ODEP was authorized by Congress in 2001 to create and shape policy for employees with disabilities. Although this Web site has links for employees, a lot of the information on the site is geared toward employers. If you want to know more about recruiting, hiring and accommodating employees with disabilities, this is the place for you. ODEP's research projects also can be found here, including an evaluation of disability employment policy programs. Additionally, there is a special section just for youth that focuses on transitioning to adulthood and getting prepared for the working world.

Job Accommodation Network

At first glance, this Web site appears to be an advertisement for some kind of headhunter group. The first clue that a valuable service awaits is the small banner at the top of the screen letting you know this group is sponsored by none other than the U.S. Department of Labor. The JAN has an annual training conference with year-round Webcasts for employers for a small fee. The real find here, however, is the free consulting service JAN provides--helping workers with disabilities understand their rights and getting the workplace accommodations they need to improve their work environment.

The three individuals in this story never asked for accommodations from their employers, but not all R.T.s with disabilities have had the same experience or support. One, who asked to remain anonymous, had this advice for program directors and supervisors: Be aware that some people have disabilities you may not be able to see. If they request a stool because they suffer from a back injury, please do not treat them as though they are lazy. You might not understand the impact of their disability, but you can help them by focusing on their strengths and letting them do what they do best. Ultimately, that works best for everyone.
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