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Measuring Trunk Stability for Wheelchair Basketball Classification: A New Field Test. Rehm, Jared M.; Jagodinsky, Adam E.; Wilburn, Christopher M.; Smallwood, Lorraine L.; Windham, Jerro Report Mar 22, 2019 3984
Social services - Disability - Lyme Disease. Mar 5, 2019 686
Administrative - SSDI - SSI - Appeal. Mar 4, 2019 964
Social services - Disability - Vocational expert. Mar 4, 2019 1026
Former Redskins' practice squad player denied benefits. Feb 23, 2019 635
Administrative - Social Security - Benefits. Feb 18, 2019 492
Social services - Appeal of denial of benefits - SSDI - SSI. Feb 11, 2019 713
Social Security ALJ's opinion lacked reasoning. Feb 5, 2019 724
Challenge claiming too much weight on medical opinion fails. Oct 9, 2018 736
Court rejects employer's challenge to workers' comp commission decision. Oct 9, 2018 736
Judicial conduct board proposes change to appointed counsel in disability cases. Olson, Kris Oct 4, 2018 530
Cleft Lip and Palate Assessment Form: Medical History, Oral-peripheral Characteristics, Speech Problems. Unal-Logacev, Ozlem; Kazanoglu, Deniz; Balo, Eren; Nemutlu, Ayse Oct 1, 2018 5732
Judge faults retirement panel in accidental disability case. Bridges, Barry Sep 20, 2018 1600
Remand ordered in disability benefits appeal. Egan, Tom Aug 16, 2018 1344
4th Cir.: Student's attitude outweighed school's IDEA violation. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 3, 2018 1047
4th Cir.: Corporate structure didn't change plan administrator. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 3, 2018 1023
Denial of disability benefits reversed. Egan, Tom Aug 2, 2018 1178
Self-Reported Hip Problems in Professional Ballet Dancers: The Impact on Quality of Life. Gross, Claire; Rho, Monica; Aguilar, Daniel; Reese, Maria Report Jul 1, 2018 2746
Validity and Reliability of the Korean Version of the Utrecht Scale for Evaluation of Rehabilitation-Participation. Lee, Joo-Hyun; Park, Ji-Hyuk; Kim, Yeong Jo; Lee, Sang Heon; Post, Marcel W.M.; Park, Hae Yean Report Jan 1, 2017 3468
Health worker's screening chart. Apr 1, 2016 365
A study of proportion of disability and its determinants among leprosy patients. Kavya, Shree K.L.; Raghu, M.T.; Karinagannanavar, Aravind; Manjunatha, S. Report Aug 3, 2015 1568
Using surveys to calculate disability-adjusted life-years. Wiedermann, Wolfgang; Frick, Ulrich Jun 22, 2013 5109
Doctor's orders: a new prescription for ADHD medication abuse. Rigney, Erinn L. Dec 1, 2012 12280
Disability insurance: residual/recovery benefit. Noca, Joe; Wood, Josh Jan 1, 2012 991
Profile difference between male and female psychiatric patients seeking certificate of disability. Balhara, Yatan Pal Singh; Gauba, Deepak; Deshpande, Smita N. Report Nov 1, 2011 3873
Recent veterans can request military physical disability review. Brief article May 1, 2011 262
All in your head: a comprehensive approach to somatoform disorders in adult disability claims. Flatt, Gregory C. Oct 5, 2010 14067
Fix the backlog. Thor, Richard Brief article May 1, 2010 102
The Army Physical Disability Evaluation System. Dorotheo, Lakandula Duke Jan 1, 2010 10114
Medical illustrations are worth a thousand words. Mader, Stephen R. Reprint Jul 1, 2008 1424
Determining disability. Brief article Nov 1, 2007 131
"Functional Vision Screening for Severely Handicapped Children.". Lueck, Amanda Hall Nov 1, 2006 627
Lesbians with physical disabilities: a qualitative study of their experiences with counseling. Hunt, Brandon; Matthews, Connie; Milsom, Amy; Lammel, Julie A. Mar 22, 2006 9406
Critiquing the vocational analysis: a well-prepared expert uses disability statistics to round out the presentation of future lost earnings for people who have suffered a disabling injury. Gibson, David S. Feb 1, 2006 2211
Cancer tops long-term disability claims. Green, Meg Jun 1, 2005 354
The impact of diabetes on workforce participation: results from a national household sample. Vijan, Sandeep; Hayward, Rodney A.; Langa, Kenneth M. Dec 1, 2004 6350
Web tool helps docs understand disability claims. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 138
From disability to minority: hearing people are always keen to give deaf people the 'gift' of hearing, but who says they need to be 'cured'? Uniacke, Michael Aug 1, 2004 3529
The new permanent total disability standard in Florida workers' compensation cases: a framework for evaluating capability to engage in sedentary employment. Gonzalez, Rafael May 1, 2004 3915
Combined ratings. Ivas, Paul Column Mar 1, 2004 774
Disability and service separation. Chucala, Steven Oct 1, 2003 1020
Nomogram predicts disability in adults with diabetes: clinical assessment tool. McNamara, Damian Sep 15, 2003 411
SCI and SSA disability. (On the Job). Apr 1, 2003 403
The latex allergy crisis: proposing a healthy solution to the dilemma facing the medical community. Cherne-Breckner, Lynn Mar 22, 2003 20147
DD-SNAP. Hennike, J. Michael Sep 1, 2002 959
Attention to detail is crucial for workers' compensation evaluations. (Avoid Preconceived Conclusions). Finn, Robert Jun 1, 2002 665
Supreme Court narrows disability's definition. (Government Relations). Vollmer, Douglas Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 392
Disability as a moving target. (AIDS). Adams, Bob Brief Article Feb 19, 2002 124
And vigorous measures need to be taken to prevent working-age persons from leaving the labour force prematurely. (Assessment and Recommendations). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 326
It's a battle for benefits. (Shrewd Moves). Ambler, Beth Rothstein Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 1233
Theoretical approaches to disability content in social work education. Gilson, Stephen French; DePoy, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2002 5878
Some new killing trick: Welfare reform and drug markets in a US. Urban Ghetto. Tourigny, Sylvie C. Dec 22, 2001 10507
Money lost to addictions: Over $3 billion in losses to Ontario companies annually. (Health). Plouffe, Kim-Dominique Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 654
Healthy Talk. Vosburgh, Andrew J. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 227
BILL WOULD BAN GENE TESTING. Silverman, Jennifer; Peters, Sally Jul 15, 2001 114
The effects of adding dynamic assessment components to a computerized preschool language screening test. Jambs, Ellen L. Report Jun 22, 2001 6328
Appealing insurance rejections: a well-worded letter of medical necessity from the rehabilitation team can make insurance companies think twice about denying coverage for a back-up wheelchair. (Mobility 2001: enhances daily living activities). Lange, Michelle L. Apr 1, 2001 644
An Instrumental Variables Approach to Measuring the Effect of Body Weight on Employment Disability. Cawley, John Dec 1, 2000 7679
TN: Surgical Nurse Knocked Down by Patient: `Certainty of Causation' Not Required for Comp. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 543
Worker's Comp Reference. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 105
Physician Evaluation Crucial to HIV Patient's Disability Claim. BOSCHERT, SHERRY Brief Article May 1, 2000 779
How do you finish all the paperwork required for special education students? Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 614
Workers' Comp Turns The Millennium. MYSHKO, DENISE Dec 1, 1999 1779
Not disabled enough: the ADA's "major life activity" definition of disability. Friedland, Michelle T. Nov 1, 1999 15546
NO DISABILITY FOR OBESITY. Kostreski, Farah; Zwillich, Todd Oct 15, 1999 130
General Counsel. Nelson, Robert Sep 1, 1999 1054
Government Relations. VOLLMER, DOUGLAS Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 1999 1411
Employer's `innocent mistake' is no defense in ADA suit. Brienza, Julie Aug 1, 1999 772
Disability retirement among German men in the 1980s. Riphahn, R.T. Jul 1, 1999 9200
Establishing medically determinable impairments. Foley, Kevin F. Apr 1, 1999 3857
The prevalence of diagnoses, impairments, disabilities and handicaps in a population of elderly people living in a defined geographical area: the Gospel Oak project. HARWOOD, ROWAN H.; PRINCE, MARTIN J.; MANN, ANTHONY H.; EBRAHIM, SHAH Nov 1, 1998 4925
Functional limitations to daily living tasks in the aged: a focus group analysis. Rogers, Wendy A.; Meyer, Beth; Walker, Neff; Fisk, Arthur D. Mar 1, 1998 8317
Diagnosis: reduced disability costs. Hendler, Nelson Oct 1, 1997 1652
Functional assessment scales in detecting dementia. Juva, Kati; Makela, Matti; Erkinjuntti, Timo; Sulkava, Raimo; Ylikoski, Raija; Valvanne, Jaakko; Til Sep 1, 1997 3911
The effect of chronic diseases on physical function. Comparison between activities of daily living scales and the Physical Performance Test. Rozzini, Renzo; Frisoni, Giovanni B.; Ferrucci, Luigi; Barbisoni, Piera; Bertozzi, Bruno; Trabucchi, Jul 1, 1997 3247
Unstable disability and the fluctuations of frailty. Campbell, A. John; Buchner, David M. Jul 1, 1997 2392
Disability Discrimination Act: the DIY route to compliance. Nov 1, 1996 328
Longitudinal postschool outcomes of youth with disabilities: findings from the National Longitudinal Transition Study. Blackorby, Jose; Wagner, Mary Mar 1, 1996 3522
Assessment of activities of daily living in dementia: development of the Bristol Activities of Daily Living Scale. Bucks, R.S.; Ashworth, D.L.; Wilcock, G.K.; Siegfried, K. Mar 1, 1996 5622
Predictive validity of a postal questionnaire for screening community-dwelling elderly individuals at risk of functional decline. Hebert, Rejean; Bravo, Gina; Korner-Bitensky, Nicol; Voyer, Louis Mar 1, 1996 5651
Proving partial loss of earning capacity: a commonsense aid. Halstrom, Frederic N. Oct 1, 1995 2401
Managing off-the-job injuries. Patterson, David K. Sep 1, 1995 1132
Prevalence of disabilities and associated health conditions - United States, 1991-1992. Oct 14, 1994 1344
Taking control of case management. Sep 1, 1994 3629
Models for reducing workers' compensation litigation. Boden, Leslie I.; Victor, Richard A. Sep 1, 1994 7024
The value of service officers. Huffman, Robert May 1, 1994 606
Person-first disability language: a pilot analysis of public perceptions. Groombridge, Laurie Apr 1, 1994 3646
An integrated approach to disability management. Juliff, Ronald J.; Polakoff, Phillip L. Apr 1, 1994 2199
Mental disabilities under the ADA. Marcus, Eric E. Feb 1, 1994 2469
Making the workplace safer and more productive. Kurland, Orin M. Jan 1, 1994 1408
How a VA exam affects benefits. Oswald, David F. Jan 1, 1994 402
Permanent partial disability in workers' compensation: probability and costs. Thomason, Terry Dec 1, 1993 7517
VA and bias. Dec 1, 1993 606
Medical evidence. Adams, Neil Nov 1, 1993 399
Basic fair play. Creager, William B. Nov 1, 1993 544
Temporary total evaluations. Latterell, Tammie S. Aug 1, 1993 497
Hypothesis: healthy active life expectancy (HALE) as an index of effectiveness of health and social services for elderly people. Evans, J. Grimley Jul 1, 1993 2455
Standardized functional assessment scales for elderly patients. Rodgers, H.; Curless, R.; James, O.F.W. May 1, 1993 1753
The Barthel ADL index: scoring by the physician from patient interview is not reliable. Ranhoff, Anette H.; Laake, Knut May 1, 1993 1363
Your personal hearing. Marinelli, Bonnie Apr 1, 1993 314
Ideal disability management practices: a survey of disability management advocates and practitioners. Decelles, Paul G. Dec 22, 1992 4473
Identification of characteristics of specific learning disabilities as a critical component in the vocational rehabilitation process. Dowdy, Carol A. Jul 1, 1992 2781
Changing practices. Klein, Stanley D.; Schleifer, Maxwell J. Editorial Jun 1, 1992 799
Test child, real child. Moon, Elizabeth Jun 1, 1992 1304
The changing definition of disability. O'Leary, Stephanie Column Dec 1, 1991 499
Uncovering the hidden costs of long-term disability. Henry, William, Jr.; Smoller, Bruce M.; Rodgers, James W. Dec 1, 1991 1814
COVA upholds aggravation charge. Hagel, Lawrence B.; Nelson, Robert column Jun 1, 1991 341
Heather's story; the long road for a family in search of a diagnosis. Wilcox, Diane Mar 1, 1991 1169
Disability and life insurance in the individual insurance portfolio. Cox, Larry A.; Gustavson, Sandra G.; Stam, Antonie Mar 1, 1991 3569
VA must follow its own regs. Nelson, Robert column Feb 1, 1991 464
Profiles in safety and health: roofing and sheet metal work. Personick, Martin E. Sep 1, 1990 4416
New formula measures tissue damage. Travers, Joseph P. Jun 1, 1990 814
Nursing home aides experience increase in serious injuries. Personick, Martin E. Feb 1, 1990 5163
Taking the pain out of diagnosing back pain. Nov 1, 1989 449
Wanted: a diagnosis for my son. Gundry, Mary Nov 1, 1989 818
Balancing human and economic costs in disability management. Ewing, Martha E. Oct 1, 1989 2534
Early interference. Cooper, Marianne Leone Sep 1, 1989 1389
Delayed recovery: Taking another look. Headley, Barbara J. Jul 1, 1989 3049
Compensation alternatives for occupational disease and disability. Hansen, Ronald W.; MacAvoy, Paul W.; Smith, Clifford W., Jr. Jun 1, 1989 8916
The evaluation of pain. Feb 1, 1989 813
The relation of age to workplace injuries. Mitchell, Olivia S. Jul 1, 1988 2647
Medical Improvement Standard. Geraty, C. Cooper, III Jan 1, 1984 402

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