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Directory of new music & instructional materials.

A.D.G Productions 15517 Cordary Ave. Lawndale, CA 90260 Phone/fax (310) 379-1568 Free catalog available.

Celtic Music for Mandolin (book/CD), by Allan Alexander and Jessica Walsh. In this collection you will find traditional music, pieces by Carolan and pieces that were written for lute and mandora more than 400 years ago. There are forty-six pieces spanning four centuries. The pieces are presented with music notation and tablature. 79 pp. Intermediate. $22.95.

Music of Spain and South America for Guitar (book/CD), by Allan Alexander. This is a collection of twenty-three pieces from Spain and South America. This book contains pieces that fit beautifully on the fingerboard and are accessible to most intermediate guitarists. These pieces are unique and likely not found in most other collections. 86 pp. Intermediate. $24.95.

Latin Solo Workout for Guitar (book/CD), by Andrew D. Gordon. The Latin Solo Workout for Guitar gives guitarists the opportunity to practice improvisational techniques while playing along to rhythm tracks of keyboards, guitar, bass and drums in various different Latin styles including calypso, mambo, salsa and songo. 68 pp. Intermediate. $19.95.

Ultimate Blues Organ Riffs (book/CD), by Andrew D. Gordon. This book covers a wide range of blues organ styles, including blues, funk, gospel, jazz and rock. Intended primarily for the organ, these materials also will appeal to pianists and keyboard players. 86 pp. Moderately difficult. $24.95.

Blues Horn Ensemble Playing for B-flat and E-flat Instruments (book/CD), by Andrew D. Gordon and Frank Villafranca. The CD contains a variety of musical styles, including swing blues, slow blues, funky blues, jazz blues, Latin blues and minor blues. These are based mostly on the standard 12-bar blues chord progression and include four choruses each. 50 pp. Easy. $19.95.

Folk & Country Waltzes for Mandolin (book/CD), by Miles Courtiere. There are fifty well- known waltzes fully notated in the book and played on the CD with a full backing band. The material in this book covers a wide range of tempos and styles, not just slow waltzes. 68 pp. Intermediate. $19.95.

Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. 16320 Roscoe Blvd., Ste. 100 Van Nuys, CA 91406 (818) 891-5999 Fax (818) 893-5560 Free catalog available.

The Well Tempered Clavier, Book 2, by Judith Linder Schneider. Book 2 is newly edited and researched from the most important sources, and it includes commentary, clear engraving and much more. Difficult.

Contest Winners, by various authors. This series is drawn from festival and contest lists, and includes some of Alfred's most popular and effective solos. 32 pp. Intermediate. $6.95.

Finger Foods, by Johnson. This is a collection of nine solos with activity pages to help improve reading, rhythm, technique, musicality and creativity. 32 pp. Easy. $6.95.

Lewis & Clark, by Tom Gerou. Launch a journey of pianistic discovery with Lewis & Clark. It includes maps that diagram the music's formal elements and interpretation. 32 pp. Intermediate. $6.95.

Technique for the Advancing Pianist, by Valerie Cisler and Maurice Hinson. This is an instructional/practice book for developing precision, speed, agility and clarity using targeted exercises and etudes. 96 pp. Difficult. $12.95.

Daily Warm-ups, by Morty Manus and E.L. Lancaster. Designed for five-finger patterns, scales, arpeggios and more, Daily Warm-ups is perfect for auditions and contest preparations. 16 pp. Easy. $4.95.

Alfred's Group Piano for Adults, Second Edition, by E.L. Lancaster and Kenon Renfrow. The newly updated second edition features format improvements and new selections inspired by numerous recommendations from group piano teachers and students. 360 pp. Easy. $44.95.

Beyond the Romantic Spirit, Book 2, by Nancy Bachus. In Beyond the Romantic Spirit, Book 2, students can recapture the spirit of the environment in which composers lived, created and performed, and learn about influential events of this era. 64 pp. Moderately difficult. $8.95.

Jazz, Rags & Blues for Two (1 piano, 4 hands), by Martha Mier. Each duet book includes all new original pieces featuring syncopated rhythms and colorful harmonies of jazz in a variety of styles. 24 pp. Moderately difficult. $6.95.

Keys to Stylistic Mastery, by Ingrid Jacobson Clarfield and Dennis Alexander. Help students learn more effectively with Keys to Stylistic Mastery. Students will learn to apply principles from the five stylistic periods. Intermediate. $9.50. (See advertisement on page 46.)

Amy R. Laurence Music Box 426 Dublin, OH 43017 Phone/fax (614) 764-2775 Free catalog available

Angels' Joy Christmas Medley, arranged by Amy R. Laurence. Christmas Medley includes "Joy to the World" and "Hark! the Herald Angels Sing," and creates full sound, uses pedal and includes a big introduction and end. 2 min. Intermediate. $2.95.

All Hail the Power Piano Solo, arranged by Amy R. Laurence. There are two tunes, "Diadem" and "Coronation," in one medley that is positive, triumphant and melodious. It is a good service prelude. 3 min. Intermediate. $3.95.

Happy BD2U, by Amy R. Laurence. A flashy, boogie version of "Happy Birthday to You," which is all over the keys, this piece is loud and wild. Happy BD2U appeals to all ages. 3 min. Moderately difficult. $3.95.

Heavenly Rags, by Amy R. Laurence. Heavenly Rags includes a ragtime medley of "I'll Fly Away," "Unclouded Day" and "When the Saints Go Marching In." It is a concert crowd pleaser. 3 min., 30 sec. Difficult. $6.95.

Jesus Loves Me Piano Solo, arranged by Amy R. Laurence. This solo is a calm, graceful Asian scale rendition with pedal. It is an early-intermediate piece and serves well as background music. 3 min. Early intermediate. $2.95.

Joy to the World Piano Solo, arranged by Amy R. Laurence. This version of "Joy to the World" is a contemporary toccata setting for prelude, offertory, recital or Christmas Eve service. 3 min. Moderately difficult. $3.95.

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go, arranged by Amy R. Laurence. O Love is a pensive, sweeping, resonant concert-etude-style solo, and is useful for special events, recitals or offertory. 3 min., 30 sec. Difficult. $6.95.

Silent Night Piano Solo, arranged by Amy R. Laurence. Silent Night is a melodious hand-over-hand flowing rendition for Christmas holiday events. 2 min. Intermediate. $2.95.

Thine is the Glory, arranged by Amy R. Laurence. This is Handel's "Maccabeus," for advanced skill and interpretation. It sweeps the full keyboard with bravura. 3 min. Difficult. $5.95.

When Morning Gilds the Skies, arranged by Amy R. Laurence. Also known as "May Jesus Christ Be Praised" and "Laudes Domini," When Morning Gilds the Skies requires advanced skill with demanding control. 3 min., 30 sec. Difficult. $6.95.

Brookside Press P.O. Box 178 Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 (800) 545-2022 Fax (617) 524-7164

2004-2005 Annual Supplement to The Piano Book, by Larry Fine. The Annual Supplement to the Piano Book contains current list prices for more than 2,500 models of new pianos, a cumulative update of manufacturer and product information since publication of the fourth edition of The Piano Book. 160 pp. Easy. $14.95.

C.F. Peters Corporation 70-30 80th St. Glendale, NY 11385 (718) 416-7800 Fax (718) 416-7805 Free catalog available.

24 Preludes on a Bach Chorale, by Fred Hersch. (Peters Edition EP68015 for piano solo.) The chorale used as the basis of these variations is "O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden," from J. S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion. The secular version of the melody became known as "The Peace Chorale (Because All Men are Brothers)" with lyrics by Tom Glazer. 56 pp., 24 min. Moderately difficult. $19.95.

Danny Boy--Meditation on Londonderry Air, arranged by William James Ross. (EP68020 for violin or flute and piano.) (EP68019 for oboe or clarinet and piano.) The arrangement is in two sections. The song is first played in a literal version (Andante expressivo), which then is followed by a section featuring variations of the melody (marked "freely as if improvising"). 6 pp., 5 min. Intermediate. $7.95.

Eine Kleine Mitternacht Musik (A Little Midnight Music), by George Crumb. (EP68044 for amplified piano.) This piece originally was composed as one of the pieces in the "Round Midnight Variations" project. In this project, a number of composers were asked to write pieces based on Theolonius Monk's famous tune. 15 min. Difficult. $30.

Giants in the Night, by David Amram. (EP68000A for flute and piano reduction.) Each of the three movements is dedicated to a specific person--the first movement to Charlie Parker (Allegro con brio), the second to Jack Kerouac (Andante cantabile) and the third to Dizzy Gillespie (Rondo giocoso). 90 pp., 38 min. Difficult. $40.

Variations on a Rococo Theme, Op). 33: Original Version, by Tchaikovsky; edited by Raphael Wallfisch. (EP7673 for violoncello and piano.) This is the first new edition (Urtext) of the Rococo Variations to be published outside of Russia that presents the work in its original form. The new publication is based on the composer's original version as recorded by Steven Isserlis and Raphael Wallfisch. Difficult. $18.95.

Preludes, Op. 28, Op. 45, by Chopin; edited by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger. (EP7532 for piano solo.) This new Urtext edition is the first volume published in the new Peters's complete Chopin edition. The edition contains many interesting features, such as an introductory essay examining the historical background, compositional features, performance practice issues and Chopin's authentic fingerings, among others. Difficult. $15.95.

Romances sans paroles, by G. Faure; edited by Roy Howatt. (EP7711 Urtext edition.) "Romances sans paroles" is French for "Lieder ohne Worte" or "Songs without Words." Faure's only three pieces in the genre, suggesting a youthful homage to Mendelssohn, were his first piano pieces to be published. Moderately difficult. $11.95.

Carl Fischer Music 65 Bleecker St. New York, NY 10012 (212) 777-0900 Fax (212) 477-6996 Free catalog available.

Brushstrokes (w/CD), by Clayton Cameron. This is one of the most comprehensive books on brush technique, with clear and precise notation that includes an encyclopedic survey o brushstrokes. This book will become the standard used by drummers. 128 pp. Intermediate. $24.95.

Exercises for Natural Playing (w/CD), by Dave Weckl. Dave Weckl shares innovative concepts that help players express themselves more freely on the drums. Based on the award-winning best seller, A Natural Evolution DVD series, this book includes exciting new exercises and concepts not covered in the DVDs, as well as complimentary materials. 32 pp. Moderately difficult. $14.95.

Progressive Repertoire: Select Piano Solos for Study, Festivals and Performance, Books 1-6 (w/CD), compiled by Marvin Blickenstaff. This series is designed to enrich students' musical sophistication with exciting and diverse repertoire derived from the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) Syllabus. 16-35 pp. Easy. $9.95-$12.95.

Expressive Etudes for the Flute (w/CD), compiled and edited by Laura Barron. Laura Barron's excellent performance suggestions on virtuosic interpretation of nineteen varied musically challenging etudes will offer inspiration to players of all ages and levels. It is a must on every flute student's bookshelf. 39 pp. Moderately difficult. $19.95.

Complete Method for Snare Drum, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, by Ney Rosauro. This two-volume series is a refreshing and comprehensive approach to teaching the snare drum. Presented in a step-by-step approach, the method gives a complete overview of the rhythmic and musical aspect of the instrument, while focusing on both hands with equal emphasis. Vol. 1, 66 pp. Vol. 2, 75 pp. Both intermediate. Vol 1, $13.95. Vol. 2, $14.95.

Studies on Ornamentation for Trumpet, by Sigmund Hering; edited by Thomas R. Erdmann and Eric Chaiken. This book is a must for trumpet students and teachers everywhere who want a logical, well-organized method for the application of ornamentation by one of the masters in the field. 32 pp. Intermediate. $8.95.

CLEARVUE/eav 6465 N. Avondale Ave. Chicago, IL 60631 (800) 253-2788 Fax (800) 444-9855 Free catalog available.

Exploring Music Two, by Terence Rodbard, Mews Music. This multimedia program, great for intermediate to advanced junior high or high school musicians, prompts students to listen critically to short pieces and then answer questions about musical elements. 63 pp. 40 min. Moderately difficult. $45.

Electronic Courseware Systems/ECSMedia 1713 S. State St. Champaign, IL 61820 (217) 359-7099 or (800) 832-4965 Fax (217) 359-6578 Free catalog available. inForm: A Musical Analysis System 1.0, by Jennifer Sterling. inForm assists with understanding the impact of seeing musical score while listening to music and analyzing its musical structure. Mark up the score, stopping and starting playback as you wish. Moderately difficult. $79.95.

Tap It III 1.0, by G. David Peters. This is a rhythm skills program with tapping drills in 5/8, 7/8 and 10/8 meters. It includes full record keeping, as well as different tempo setting options. Difficult. $39.95.

Tap It 5.0, by G. David Peters. The newest version of this popular rhythmic skills program now includes note heads, quarter notes, beamed eighth notes, eighth-note triplets and quarter rests. Easy. $39.95.

Note Speller 5.0, by Lolita Walker Gilkes. The newest version allows teachers the opportunity to select the number of letters they want to appear in the drill (up to seven). It may now be used in Spanish or English. Intermediate. $39.95.

Listen Hear!, by Iris Thomson and Colin Wyllie. This guide to musical definitions, styles and compositional techniques includes more than 200 definitions, musical scores to see what concepts look like, soundtracks to hear them and video clips that demonstrate instrumental techniques. Intermediate. $69.95.

Clef Notes 4.0, by G. David Peters. Clef Notes now offers teacher customization in selection of notes to be studied, as well as clef selection, accidental inclusion and ledger line inclusion. Easy. $39.95.

Notepad to Finale 1.0 (ebook), by Valerie L. Trollinger and John W. Flohr. This is an electronic workbook written as a step-by-step guide to learn to use the Notepad notation software and Finale notation software formats. 61 pp. Intermediate. $15.

Digital Metro-Tuner 1.0, by ECS, Inc. This software includes a metronome and tuner for instrumentalists and vocalists. Easy. $59.95.

eMedia Music Corp. 644 N.E. Northlake Way Seattle, WA 98105 (206) 329-5657 Fax (206) 329-0235 Free catalog available.

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Educational Edition 1.0, by eMedia. This software includes more than 300 lessons from an instructor who has taught lessons at The Juilliard School of Music. The educator edition manages up to 250 users, provides progress tracking and includes an easy-to-follow teacher's guide. Easy. $99.95.

eMedia Guitar Method 3.0, by eMedia. This CD-ROM contains more than 160 lessons covering everything from the basics through chord strumming, playing melodies and finger picking. This features more than fifty videos and more than seventy songs, including familiar hits from artists such as Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead and Steve Miller. Easy. $59.95.

eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method 1.0, by eMedia. Intermediate Guitar Method has new techniques demonstrated in more than 175 lessons with full-motion video, variable-speed MIDI, recorded audio and an animated fretboard. There also are rhythm and fingerstyle chapters, plus lessons on the basics of improvisation. Intermediate. $59.95.

eMedia Bass Method 1.0, by eMedia. This CD-ROM features mote than 100 step-by-step lessons. Full motion split-screen video shows multiple angles and close-ups. More than 200 songs and exercises teach the skills needed to play triads, fills and syncopation, and create bass lines. Easy. $59.95.

eMedia Guitar Songs 2.0, by eMedia. Guitar Songs teaches the guitar and bass parts for twenty-one hit songs. The animated fretboard shows fingerings synchronized in real time to the music, displaying bends, vibrato and slides. Intermediate. $29.98.

eMedia Blues Guitar Legends 1.0, by eMedia. Legends features ten blues songs by artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King and John Lee Hooker. MIDI audio tracks supplement the master recordings of each song, enabling students to learn at a tempo best suited to their skill level. $29.98. (See advertisement on page 51.)

F & N Enterprise

162 Pinewood Dr. Thornhill, Ontario, Canada L4J 5P5 Phone/fax (905) 882-1233

Jazz & Pop Piano Paradise, by Fishel Pustilnik. This publication includes dozens of melodies featuring blues, jazz/funk, Latin jazz, ragtime and jazz and pop ballad styles. 56 pp. Intermediate. $7.95.

The FJH Music Company, Inc. 2525 Davie Rd., Ste. 360 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317-7424 (954) 382-6061 Fax (954) 382-3073 Free catalog available.

Succeeding with the Masters, Classical Era, Volume 1 (w/CD), compiled and edited by Helen Marlais. This is a collection of twenty-six pieces by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. It provides a complete overview of the classical era and teaches practice strategies and musical concepts. 84 pp. Intermediate. $9.95.

Accelerated Piano Adventures Technique & Artistry, Book 1, by Nancy and Randall Faber. Piano Adventures combines primer and level one "Technique Secrets" with new exercises, and correlates with Accelerated Piano Adventures Lesson Book 1. It provides performance tools, develops foundation and explores expressive playing. 64 pp. $6.95.

Christmas for All Time, Book 1, by Nancy and Randall Faber. This is the first supplementary publication to the Adult Piano Adventures Series. Traditional favorites include "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," "Silent Night," "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and much more. 80 pp. Easy. $9.95.

Expressive Etudes, Book Five, by Suzanne Guy. This includes twenty pieces to supplement upper-intermediate piano literature. These etudes also are a resource for intermediate adults needing additional technique reinforcement, and they serve well as performance repertoire. 48 pp. Moderately difficult. $6.95.

Get Ready for Chord and Arpeggio Duets! Book 2, by Wynn-Anne Rossi and Lucy Wilde Warren. This book introduces students to major/minor chord inversions and two-octave arpeggios. It includes teacher duets for each inversion and arpeggio, instructional pages, a mastery checklist and theory games. 32 pp. Intermediate. $5.95.

My First Recital Book, Volume 2, by Melody Bober. This volume contains fun-to-play solos. Perfect for first performances, these pieces will appeal to both girls and boys. This volume also has optional teacher duets, a wide range of articulations, dynamics and keyboard. 24 pp. Easy. $5.50.

A Patriotic Celebration, Book 3, by Melody Bober. This is an extraordinary collection of patriotic tunes including "The Star Spangled Banner," "You're a Grand Old Flag," "America, the Beautiful" and "My Country 'Tis of Thee." 28 pp. Moderately difficult. $5.95.

A Bird's-Eye View, by Elizabeth Greenleaf. This is a descriptive collection of elementary fun-filled bird pieces with a wide variety of styles, dynamics, tempos and articulations. The songs included are "March of the Penguins," "The Silly Sandpiper," "Struttin' Turkey Blues" and more. 24 pp. Easy. $5.50.

Let's Go Solo! Book 1, by David Karp. These interesting and imaginative solos help develop pianistic skill and musical awareness. "Mysterious Train Ride," "El Burro," "Butterflies, Lupines and Dusk" and others will motivate and challenge students. 24 pp. Intermediate. $5.50.

Picture This! Book 1, by Valerie Roth Roubos. Each picture has an introductory thought. They are written in various styles and cover a broad keyboard. They also are without key signatures and still pianistic--sparsely colored with a few accidentals. Easy. $5.50. (See advertisement on page 1.)

Frederick Harris Music 2250 Military Rd. Tonawanda, NY 14150 (800) 387-4013 Fax (905) 501-0929 Free catalog available.

Celebrate Piano! Lesson and Musicianship 3; Lesson and Musicianship 4, by Cathy Albergo, J. Mitzi Kolar and Mark Mrozinski. Celebrate Piano! Lesson and Musicianship books integrate repertoire--contemporary and classical compositions--and activities to develop technique, reading and theory, rhythm, aural skills and creative skills. 96 pp. each. Easy. Level 3, $16.50. Level 4, $17.95.

Celebrate Piano! Solos 3 and 4, by Cathy Albergo, J. Mitzi Kolar and Mark Mrozinski. Featuring the distinctive styles of more than twenty composers, this album presents elementary students with a rich and varied selection of repertoire corresponding to the Lesson and Musicianship books. 48 pp. Easy. $7.50.

Celebrate Piano! Teacher's Guide, by Cathy Albergo, J. Mitzi Kolar and Mark Mrozinski. This indispensable resource offers insight, overview and teaching suggestions for incorporating and sequencing activities from all four levels of Celebrate Piano!. 88 pp. Easy. $9.95.

Celebrate Chopin, Volume 1, compiled by Reid Alexander, Samuel S. Holland and Marc Widner; edited by Andrew Hisey. This collection of waltzes, mazurkas and nocturnes by Frederic Chopin is ideal for dedicated pianists at various stages of musical development. "Notes for Study and Performance" offer guidance for the practice and interpretation of every piece. 88 pp. Moderately difficult. $19.95.

Celebrate Heller, compiled by Reid Alexander, Samuel S. Holland and Marc Widner; edited by Andrew Hisey. This collection presents a practical selection of studies by Stephen Heller, suitable for early-intermediate through advanced pianists. Each piece is accompanied by informative "Notes for Study and Performance." 78 pp. Intermediate. $17.95.

Guitar Series, Third Edition, by various authors. The newest edition of this highly acclaimed series offers nine books of essential repertoire and technically engaging studies/etudes from all major style periods, as well as a corresponding Guitar Technique book. All intermediate. Introductory, 32 pp. $9.50. Level 1, 40 pp. $9.95. Levels 2-3, 48 pp. each. $10.95 each. Level 4, 56 pp. $11.50. Level 5, 64 pp. $11.50. Level 6, 72 pp. $12.95. Level 7, 82 pp. $12.95. Level 8, 98 pp. $14.50. Guitar Technique, 72 pp. $12.95.

Enchanted Forest, by Mark Mrozinski. Discover the mysteries within an Enchanted Forest populated with a host of magical creatures and whimsical characters in this new album by the coauthor of Celebrate Piano!. 16 pp. Easy. $4.50.

The Sun and the Moon; Planets and Stars; Space Travel by Nancy Telfer. Embark on a musical journey to the farthest reaches of outer space with these three imaginative books for elementary through intermediate piano students. They are perfect for recitals and festivals. 20 pp. each. Intermediate. $5.50 each.

Five Fingers at Play; Five Fingers in Motion, by Samuel Wellman. Give little fingers a workout with these two collections of elementary piano solos with teacher accompaniments. Each album contains appealing pieces written for five-finger positions in a different key. 20 pp. each. Easy. $5.50 each.

Artistic Pedal Technique: Lessons for Intermediate and Advanced Pianists, by Katherine Faricy. The practical lessons and extensive stylistic discussions regarding pedaling make this manual an invaluable resource for pianists. Teachers will welcome the multitude of examples drawn from the music of the masters. 104 pp. Intermediate. $18.95. (See advertisement on page 9.)

Futurific Music 2299 Dundas St. W., Ste. 302 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6R 1X7 Phone/fax (416) 535-1538 Free catalog available.

Lead Yourself to Music: Piano Method Short Version (How to Quick-Start), by Susan Cheung. This single-volume method covers rhythm, intervals, chords and pedaling plus examples from masterworks. With this practice guide, students will develop adequate reading skills to progress to any Easy Piano favorites. 13 pp. Easy. $3.95.

Lead Yourself to Music: Easy Piano Collection 1 (Master Themes from Masterworks), by Susan Cheung. Repertoire of this collection includes Elgar, Faure, Lehar, MacDowell, Moore, Satie, Strauss and Tchaikovsky. The arrangements are neatly presented with helpful hints on how to read. 13 pp. Easy. $3.95. (See advertisement on page 19.)

Greenblatt & Seay Publications The Old Schoolhouse P.O. Box 671 Avoca, NE 68307-0671 (402) 275-3221 Free catalog available.

Danish Fiddle Tunes for Two Basses; Danish Fiddle Tunes for Two Cellos; Danish Fiddle Tunes for Two Mandolins; Danish Fiddle Tunes for Two Violins; Danish Fiddle Tunes for Two Violas, by Deborah Greenblatt. Danish Fiddle Tunes includes thirty-one tunes arranged for two basses, two cellos, two mandolins, two violins or two violas with chords for backup players. 57 pp. each. Intermediate. $15 each.

Ragtime String Collection for String Quartet or String Quintet or String Orchestra, by Deborah Greenblatt. Eleven rags are arranged so everyone gets a chance to play interesting licks. Program notes provide insight about the tunes and explain some of the jokes. 30 min. Moderately difficult. Set of parts: $21, score: $8.

Hal Leonard Corporation 7777 W. Bluemound Rd. P.O. Box 13819 Milwaukee, WI 53213 (414) 774-3630 Fax (414) 774-3259 Free catalog available.

The Piano Student's Guide to Effective Practicing, Second Edition, by Nancy O'Neill Breth; edited by J. Mark Baker. Practice tips are categorized to address issues of accuracy, balance, clarity, continuity, coordination, comfort, evenness, fingering, rhythm and speed. These tips work for students of all stages and levels. $6.95.

Three Odd Meters for One Piano, Four Hands, by Sondra Clark; edited by J. Mark Baker. Pianists and audiences alike will find these imaginative duets immediately appealing. This collection makes outstanding recital fare or studio ensemble pieces for intermediate-level pianists with the requisite technical skills and musical imagination. 32 pp. Intermediate. $6.95.

American Impressions, by Jennifer Linn; edited by J. Mark Baker. The vivid sound images in each of these six pieces keep a pedagogical purpose always at hand, with the pianistic challenges providing practical techniques to prepare the late-intermediate to early-advanced pianist for Debussy, Ravel, Griffes or Copland. 32 pp. Intermediate. $7.95.

Fanciful Waltzes--Five Character Pieces for Piano Solo, by Carol Klose; edited by J. Mark Baker. There's something in this collection to appeal to every early-intermediate student. This music is outstanding teaching material, as well as first-rate recital material. 24 pp. Intermediate. $7.95.

Animal Tone Poems, by Michele Evans; edited by J. Mark Baker. Delightful and imaginative titles are the creative inspiration for the music in this book. Each of the ten solos in this collection of "tone poems" describes a different creature. 24 pp. Intermediate. $6.95.

Portraits in Style--Six Character Pieces for Piano Solo, by Mona Rejino; edited by J. Mark Baker. Using imagery to paint aural pictures encourages pianists to perform artistically. The evocative pieces in this collection include a toccata and romantic, impressionistic, jazz and ragtime styles. 24 pp. Intermediate. $6.95.

Songs Without Words--Nine Character Pieces for Piano Solo, by Christos Tsitsaros; edited by Margaret Otwell and J. Mark Baker. This outstanding collection of pieces aims to introduce piano students to the kinds of challenges present in the late-intermediate and early-advanced literature of the great piano masters, such as Grieg, Chopin, Schumann, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, Debussy and Prokofiev. 40 pp. Intermediate. $7.95.

World Gems--International Folk Songs for Piano Ensemble, by Amy Yamane; edited by J. Mark Baker. The six richly innovative arrangements in this book include "African Noel," "Mexican Hat Dance" and "Sakura." Worksheet format encourages collaboration between students and teacher. 40 pp. Intermediate. $6.95.

Hal Leonard Student Piano Library Christmas Piano Ensembles, Levels 1-5, arranged by Phillip Keveren; edited by Margaret Otwell and J. Mark Baker; orchestrations by Phillip Keveren. This series includes four-part student ensembles arranged for two or more pianos, featuring favorite Christmas carols and hymns in graded books that correspond directly to the five levels of the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library. Level 1, 40 pp.; Level 2, 48 pp.; Levels 3-5, 56 pp. each. Easy-intermediate. Levels 1-5 books $6.95 each; Levels 1-5 CDs, $10.95 each; Levels 1-5 GM disks, $12.95 each. (See advertisement on Cover IV.)

G. Henle USA, Inc. P.O. Box 460127 St. Louis, MO 63146 (314) 514-1791 Fax (314) 514-1269 Free catalog available.

Ludwig van Beethoven--Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61 Piano Reduction, HN 326, edited by S. A. Kojima; preface by E. Herttrich; piano reduction by J. Sommer; cadenzas and lead-ins by R. D. Levin; fingering and bowing by W. Schneiderhan. The origins of the concerto are fairly obscure. Recent studies have shown that Beethoven started to write out the full draft no earlier than the end of November 1806. In other words, he committed the entire piece to paper in five weeks, at most. Preface, 7 pp.; score, 41 pp.; violin part, 29 pp. $27.95.

Felix Mendelssohn--Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64 Piano Reduction, HN 720, edited by U. Scheideler; piano reduction by J. Umbreit; fingerings, bowing and commentary by I. Ozim. On July 30, 1838, the composer decided to produce a violin concerto. Although the initial sketches date from 1841 at the latest, it was not until the summer of 1844 that Mendelssohn actually carried out his plan. Preface, 7 pp.; score, 54 pp.; violin part, 14 pp. $31.95.

Wolfgang A. Mozart--Violin Sonata in E Minor K. 304 (300c) for Violin and Piano, HN 728, edited by W. D. Seiffert; piano fingering by W. Lampe; fingering and bowing by K. Rohrig. This was the first substantial work that Mozart saw into print, preceded only by the fairly insignificant sonatas K. 6-15 and 26-31, for piano and violin or flute (and cello), which already had been published as opus I to IV in the mid-1760s. Preface, 3 pp.; score, 14 pp.; violin part, 4 pp. $8.95.

Gabriel Faure--Theme et Variations, Op. 73 for Piano, HN 745, edited by P. Jost; piano fingering by K. Schilde. Variations for piano are practically unknown in nineteenth-century French music, with the exception of Charles Alkan, and the only noteworthy composers to cultivate variations were foreigners. In this light, the fact that Gabriel Faure decided to take up this genre is especially significant. Preface, 3 pp.; score, 22 pp. $19.95.

Wolfgang A. Mozart--Violin Concerto No. 1 in B-flat Major K. 207 for Violin and Piano, Piano Reduction, HN 706, edited by W. D. Seiffert; piano fingering by S. Petrenz; fingering and bowing by K. Guntner. Mozart wrote a total of five violin concertos, all in Salzburg. The first--his first instrumental concerto altogether--originated in 1773, the others in the second half of 1775. Preface, 2 pp.; score, 25 pp.; violin part, 11 pp. $19.95.

Wolfgang A. Mozart--Clarinet Concerto in A Major K. 622 for Clarinet and Piano, Piano Reduction, HN 729, edited by H. Wise; piano reduction by P.H. Schools. A review published in the Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung of March 1802 informs us that Mozart also composed his final piece of instrumental music, the clarinet Concerto in A Major (K. 622), for basset clarinet. Preface, 9 pp., score, 49 pp.; clarinet, basset clarinet and piano. 15 pp. each. $35.95.

Max Reger--Five Humoresques, Op. 20 for Piano, HN 613, edited by E. Voss; piano fingering by H. Brauss. This is a Henle Urtext edition. Preface, 4 pp.; score, 20 pp. $15.95. Frederic Chopin--Waltz in E Minor, Op. posth, HN 771, edited by Ewald Zimmermann; fingerings by Hans-Martin Theopold. This is an individual edition of Chopin Waltzes (HN 131). 5 pp. $6.95.

Franz Schubert--Piano Sonata in D Major, Op. 53, D 850, HN 751, edited by Paul Mies; fingering by Hans-Martin Theopold. This is an individual edition of Schubert Piano Sonatas Volume I (HN 146). 37 pages. $13.95.

Robert Schumann--Novelettes, Op. 21 for Piano, HN 88, edited by Ernst Herttrich; fingerings by Walther Lampe. This HN 88 (revised edition) includes comments in English. Preface, 7 pp.; score, 78 pp. $20.95. (See advertisement on page 16.)

Heritage Music Press 501 E. 3rd St. Dayton, OH 45402 (937) 228-6118 Fax (937) 223-2042 Free catalog available.

Ask the Professor, by Janet Vogt, Gail Berenson and Judith Strickland Minter. This series offers delightful pieces for young pianists, as well as tips for practicing and performing. Students will enjoy the engaging "question and answer" dialogue that complements each piece. This series is an ideal resource for recitals and supplemental repertoire for any method. Easy. $5.95.

Technique Tune-Ups, Books 1-5, by Janet Vogt and Martha Sherrill Kelsey. This series presents a successful and vital method for mastering technique: a step-by-step approach to building technical skills. Each exercise is presented in gradual steps of increasing challenge as the student learns to master each musical element in preparation for combining them. Easy. $4.95.

Essential Melodies, Vols. 1 and 2, arranged and compiled by Janet Vogt. Presented in late-beginner to early-intermediate levels, these piano reductions capture some of the world's best-known melodies and are especially satisfying for teenagers and adult students. Essential Melodies also are an ideal resource to complement themed recitals featuring specific composers, eras or musical styles. Intermediate. $9.95.

Essential Classics, Vols. 1 and 2, edited and compiled by Janet Vogt. Favorite classical pieces, as well as a few musical surprises, are offered in this two-volume series of works by master composers. This resource offers essential pieces for the young pianist to master and treasure for a lifetime. Intermediate. $9.95.

Essential Duets, arranged and compiled by Janet Vogt. These early intermediate duets will quickly become students' favorites, offering well-known classical works in fun-to-play duets. Vibrant and full of bravura, Essential Duets is filled with exciting recital pieces, as well as excellent duet competition works. Intermediate. $9.95., edited by Janet Vogt. This exciting new sheet music series offers a special musical "extra"--students may log on and listen to each solo they are studying. Our listening site provides an excellent resource for students, helping them evaluate how they might practice and perform each piece. Solos range from Level 1 to Level 4. Easy. $3.50.

High/Scope Educational Research Foundation 600 N. River St. Ypsilanti, MI 48198 (734) 485-2000 Fax (734) 485-0704 Free catalog available.

75 Ensemble Warm-Ups: Activities for Bands, Choirs, and Orchestras (w/CD), by Phyllis Weikart, Beverly Boardman and Elisabeth Bryant. This book is a resource for conductors and directors of a variety of vocal and instrumental ensembles--from upper-elementary choirs, Orff ensembles and beginning bands to middle school and high school choirs, orchestras and bands. 216 pp. Moderately difficult. $34.95.

Movement Plus Rhymes, Songs, and Singing Games, 2nd Edition (w/CD), by Phyllis S. Weikart. This is a revised collection of engaging movement activities that provide age-appropriate movement experience for children. Use them during large-group time, small-group time or transitions. 99 pp. Easy. $29.95.

Movement Plus Music: Activities for Children Ages 3 to 7, 3rd Edition, by Phyllis S. Weikart. This edition outlines movement activities for young children that focus on moving in coordinated ways, following directions, feeling, expression and moving creatively. 40 pp. Intermediate. $14.95.

Movement in Steady Beat, Learning on the Move Series, Ages 3 to 7, 2nd Edition (w/CD), by Phyllis S. Weikart. The activities in this book will keep young children moving to the beat. Infant-toddler caregivers, as well as preschool and kindergarten teachers, will welcome the learning experiences that develop children's basic timing, language, vocabulary, concentration, decision making and leadership abilities. 120 pp. Intermediate. $24.95.

Kendor Music, Inc. P.O. Box 278 Delevan, NY 14042-0278 (716) 492-1254 Fax (716) 492-5124 Free catalog available.

10 Intermediate Timpani Solos, by John H. Beck. This collection of solos ranges in difficulty level from grades 3-4 and is ideally suited to festival, recital and lesson use. Each solo develops both musicality and technique in the timpani student. Intermediate. $10.

Baby Elephant Walk, arranged by Lennie Niehaus. This arrangement features the music of film composer Henry Mancini, as arranged by Lennie Niehaus. The playful nature of this song transmits beautifully to both the saxophone quartet and baritone-tuba quartet. 2 min., 35 sec. Intermediate. $9.

That Old Black Magic, arranged by Jeff Jarvis. Perfect for lighter flute quartet programming or as an encore, this arrangement includes solid jazz voicings, fun rhythms and a few metric shifts for added appeal. 2 min., 30 sec. Moderately difficult. $10.

10 Jazz Sketches, Volume 3, by Lennie Niehaus. These trios include a variety of tempi and key signatures, and all parts are featured throughout. The voicings are spread, often in triads, and some tone dusters are judiciously used. Books are available for alto saxophone trio, tenor saxophone trio, trumpet trio and trombone trio. Moderately difficult. $11.

Satin Doll arranged by John Caponegro. John Caponegro has brought this swing melody to life for trombone and alto saxophone soloists with piano accompaniment. Caponegro's understanding of the range and technical limitations of developing players is apparent in these well-written adjustments. 2 min., 30 sec. Intermediate. $6.

Baby Elephant Walk, arranged by James Christensen. Available for flute solo, clarinet solo and tuba solo, all three publications come with piano accompaniment. They are fun for players and audiences alike. 2 min., 30 sec. Moderately difficult. $6.

Keystroke Publishing P.O. Box 249 Sicamous, British Columbia, Canada B0E 2V0 (250) 836-3992 Free catalog available. Comprehensive Ear Training--Preparatory A&B (w/CD), by Carol Schlosar. This is ear training for pre-grade 1 levels, and includes rhythm and melody exercises in thirty-six practice sessions. It is based on Royal American Conservatory and Royal Conservatory standards. 74 min. Easy. $11.95.

Sight Singing Solution Grade 7 (w/CD; musical score), by Carol Schlosar. See it, sing it and hear it with twenty-six practice sessions and more than ninety melodies. This is for soloists and choral singers, and is based on Royal Conservatory standards. 74 min. Moderately difficult. $13.95. Sight Singing Solution Grade 8 (w/CD; musical score), by Carol Schlosar. Like Grade 7, this also has twenty-six practice sessions and more than ninety melodies for soloists and choral singers. 74 min. Moderately difficult. $13.95.

KITS 9732 Corral Dr. Potomac, MD 20854 (301) 299-8863 Free catalog available.

KITS Music Theory Examinations, Vol. 20, by Christine A. Murow. These examinations cover written, aural and applied theory on seven levels, primary through high school. Test Kits provide all materials, including National Honor Roll registration. Student workbooks also are available. $2 each. (See advertisement on page 111.)

Neil A. Kjos Music Company 4382 Jutland Dr. San Diego, CA 92117 (858) 270-9800 Fax (858) 270- 3507 Free catalog available.

Piano Town, Primer Level-Level 4, by Keith Snell and Diane Hidy. Piano Town is the perfect place to learn to play the piano and combines the best of pedagogy to date with innovative new ideas. The series includes lessons, theory, technic and performance books for each of five levels. 24-64 pp. each. Easy. $5.95-$7.95 each.

Bastien Play-Along Treasury of Solos Books 1 & 2 (w/CD), by Lisa, Jane and Lori Bastien. These collections are perfect for practice, recitals, festivals or just for fun! Each book includes Bastien originals, as well as masterful arrangements of some of your favorites. The accompaniment CDs reinforce a steady tempo, encourage better listening and provide an incentive to practice. 32 pp. Easy. $9.95.

Duet Repertoire, Level 4, by Dallas Weeldey and Nancy Arganbright. Comprised of works by master composers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, this collection will give added confidence to primo player. by providing a solid foundation in the secondo parts. The music is in score format for easy reading. 56 pp. Intermediate. $6.95.

Tango in the Outfield, by Mary Dolen. Here's the perfect solo collection to motivate even the toughest student. The flavors of tango, salsa, boogie and blues offer energy and variety, while reinforcing syncopation and rhythmic security. Each piece features a quote by one of baseball's greatest. 28 pp. Intermediate. $5.45.

Canyon Country, by Ann Buys. Take your students on a tour of the canyon areas of the southwestern United State with this beautiful solo collection. Each of the seven pieces captures a unique facet of a beautiful canyon landscape. 24 pp. Intermediate. $4.95.

Daydreams & Distractions, by Rebecca A. Pulju. This collection of seven solos encompasses a wide range of styles, tempos, keys and meters. From lyrical to bluesy, there's something fun for every student. 20 pp. Intermediate. $4.95.

Party of Two, by Lise V. Gauthier. These eight pieces for one piano, four hands are in a variety of easy major and minor keys, as well as basic meters. The pieces will help refine skills like phrasing, hand independence and reading chromatic lines. Titles appear in English and French. 24 pp. Intermediate. $4.95.

Just We Two, by John Robert Poe. Your young students will adore these new pieces for one piano, four hands. With pieces presented in basic keys and meters, students can practice reading accidentals and gaining more mobility on the keyboard. The jaunty "Trotting Pony" is sure to become a new favorite! 20 pp. Easy. $4.95.

The Stars and Stripes Forever, by Dallas Weekley and Nancy Arganbright. This rousing arrangement of Sousa's famous march is a must-have for your next recital. Written for one piano, six hands, this piece requires the full range of the keyboard, capturing the breadth of this audience favorite. 16 pp. Intermediate. $4.45.

From My Own Backyard by Mary Dolen. This solo collection is imaginative and evocative, describing various features of the night sky. Students can focus on technical skills, such me independence of hands, while maturing in their artistic expression. 24 pp. Intermediate. $5.45. (See advertisements on pages 7 and 15.)

Latham Music, Ltd. 206 Northgate Park Dr. Winston-Salem, NC 27106 (336) 759-3388 Fax (336) 759-9232 Free catalog available.

An American Sampler for Violin and Piano, arranged by Lee Burswold. This is a perfect addition to a patriotic concert and includes "The Little Singing Girl," "The White Cockade," "Lament (Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier)," "Come Buy My Daffodillies," "For Free America," "The Rose Tree" and "Chester." 3-4 min. each. Moderately difficult. $16.95.

Hymns of Grace for 2 Violins and Optional Piano, arranged by Catherine McMichael. Hymns includes "Amazing Grace," "Be Thou My Vision," "Come Christians," "Join to Sing," "Jesus Loves Me," "Come Thou Long Expected Jesus," "Kingsfold," "Love Divine, All Loves Excelling" and "O Waly, Waly." 3-4 min. each. Intermediate. $16.95.

Sailing to America for String Orchestra, by Paul Seitz. A Grade 2.5, violin one uses minimal third position and natural harmonics. Harmonically modal, in A minor, this was played at the Midwest Clinic 2003.4 min. Intermediate. $35.

Overture in F for String Orchestra, by J.H. Roman; arranged by Philip Clark. This is a Grade 3.5, with active parts for all, especially basses and celli. It includes an interesting French overture from this unknown German baroque composer--a nice find. 6 min. Moderately difficult. $40.

Ballet Classes for String Quartet, arranged by Carole Rabinowitz. Contents include "The Swan" (from Carnival of the Animals), "Czardas, Mazurka and Valse Lent" (from Delibes' Coppelia), "Czardas, Dance of the Swans and Pas de deux" (from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake) and "Divertissement Pizzicati" (from Delibes's Sylvia). 4-8 min. each. Moderately difficult. $18.95.

Wedding Album for Trumpet and String Quartet, arranged by Lynne Latham. This requires C and piccolo trumpets and is for professional players only. Some of the contents include Bach, "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"; Wagner, "Bridal Chorus"; Mendelssohn, "Wedding March"; and many others. 3-6 min. each. Moderately difficult. $19.95.

Fifteen Duets for Viola and Cello, arranged by Lynne Latham. The viola part goes to third position and the cello part through fourth position. Fifteen Duets is good for sight-reading practice. 1-4 min. each. Intermediate. $11.95.

Fiocco Festival for Violin and Piano, by Fiocco; arranged by Philip Clark. Eight short pieces utilizing through third position are included in Fiocco Festival. It is a great teaching tool, with contents including Gavotte, Adagio, Gigue, Rondeau, L'Italiene, L'Inconstante, La Legere and Vivace. 3-4 min. each. Intermediate. $14.95.

Fiocco Festival for Viola and Piano, by Fiocco; arranged by Philip Clark. Eight short pieces utilizing through third position are included in Fiocco Festival. It is a great teaching tool, contents including Gavotte, Adagio, Gigue, Rondeau, L'Italiene, L'Inconstante, La Legere and Vivace. 3-4 min. each. Intermediate. $14.95.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame for Violin Quartet, by Tilzer and Norwith; arranged by Jon Grief. This is a comedic theater piece for four violins, where the players dress as ball players and an umpire and act out a baseball game, complete with a batting episode. 10 min. Intermediate. $12.95.

The Lorenz Corporation 501 E. 3rd St. Dayton, OH 45402 (937) 228-6118 Fax (937) 223-2042 Free catalog available.

Stickers. These oversize composer stickers are available in four different series including Create Your Own, Bravissimo, Rave Reviews and Contemporary Classics. What better way to say "Well Done!" to your students than to have Bach say it for you? Several stickers have room to write your own message. 48 stickers per package. $2.95.

Musician's Record Keeper---Classic Size. Now in a larger 81/2" x 11" size, this customizable planner has been designed to keep private lesson times, attendance, assignments, student addresses and information, income and expenses in a user-friendly, at-a-glance format. 85/1042MA blue marble cover; 85/1043MA black leatherette cover. $9.95.

Keyboard Award Certificate. Ideal for use by keyboard teachers, these 81/2" x 11" certificates will appeal to all age groups. The certificates can be imprinted on any laser printer. 30 certificates per package. $5.50. Music Survival Kit. This CD-ROM is jam-packed with support materials--downloadable samples of manuscript paper, letterhead, expense reports, lesson schedule charts, copyright information, letters to parents, award certificates and numerous games and exercises, many that are reproducible for use by your students. $19.95.

Lorie Line Music, Inc. 222 Minnetonka Ave. S. Wayzata, MN 55391 (800) 801-5463 Fax (952) 475-1224 Free catalog available.

Music From the Heart, Solo Piano Arrangements, by Lorie Line. This book features solo piano arrangements of the greatest cover hits. It includes seventeen of the most requested contemporary standards from movies and Broadway in Lorie's recognizable style, such as "Hymne," "Music of the Night" and "Tears in Heaven." 113 pp. Intermediate. $35.

Mel Bay Publications, Inc. #4 Industrial Dr. Pacific, MO 63069 (636) 257-3970 Fax (636) 257-5062 Free catalog available.

Four Centuries of Women Composers, by Gall Smith. This collection of compositions for piano solos spans four centuries, including a rarely heard piece by Gottchalk's sister, Clara. Other composers include Madame Dussek, Teresa Carreno, Amy Beach, Clara Schumann, Fanny Mendelsohn and others. 112 pp. Easy. $17.95. Jazz Piano Scales & Modes, by Misha Stefanuk. Following the best-selling

Jazz Piano Chords, this informative volume provides a scale reference and practice tool for any pianist wanting to learn to play jazz. 104 pp. Easy. $14.95.

Keyboard Wisdom: Theory & Technique (w/CD), by Steven Goomas. This book/CD set presents piano theory with technical and creative ideas to enhance your keyboard knowledge and improvisation skills through practical approaches and applications. 136 pp. Easy. $22.95.

Play Jazz, Blues & Rock Piano by Ear, Book One, by Andy Ostwald. Above all, Piano by Ear will help you explore and develop your ability to improvise. It offers easy-to-understand explanations of music theory and guides you step by step as you develop your skills. 112 pp. Easy. $19.95.

Play Jazz, Blues & Rock Piano by Ear, Book Two, by Andy Ostwald. Building on the fundamentals introduced in Book One, Book Two introduces a whole new world of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic possibilities. 112 pp. Easy. $19.95.

Play Jazz, Blues & Rock Piano by Ear, Book Three, by Aody Ostwald. Book Three will acquaint you with a number of common chord sequences, which, in turn, will help you play literally thousands of songs. 112 pp. Easy. $19.95.

Sunday Morning Pianist, by Gall Smith. This collection of thirty-four hymns is separated into five groups: treasured hymns with a story; pentatonic hymns; hymns by women composers; gospel, ragtime, patriotic and jazz hymns; and variations of hymns. 128 pp. Intermediate. $14.95.

MiBAC Music Software, Inc. P.O. Box 468 Northfield, MN 55057 (507) 645-5851 or (800) 645-3945 Fax (507) 645-2377 Free catalog available.

Music Lessons I Fundamentals 4.0, by John Ellinger. This upgrade of Music Lessons I for Macintosh adds support for Mac OS X (a Windows version also is available). Drills cover note reading, circle of fifths, key signatures, scales, modes, intervals, note/rest durations and scales and intervals ear training. Easy to intermediate. $149, single; $447, five pack; $999, site license.

Music Lessons II, Chords and Harmony 2.0, by John Ellinger. Version 2.0 of Music Lessons H (Windows/Macintosh hybrid) adds support for Mac OS X. Drills cover chord elements, triads, triads ear training, seventh chords, seventh chords ear training, roman numerals, secondary dominants, neapolitan chords and augmented sixth chords. Moderately difficult to difficult. $149, single; $447, five pack; $999, site license. (See advertisement on page 55.)

MusicBag Press P.O. Box 866953 Piano, TX 75086-6953 (800) 558-4461 Fax (972) 758-1179 Free catalog available.

Just the Facts Answer Sheets for Books 10, 11 and 12, by Ann Lawry and Regina Roper. At last, these are the answers to the newly revised original series Just The Facts books 10, 11 and 12. The sheets are presented in an easy-to-read format and are three-hole punched to place in a binder. 24 pp. Moderately difficult. $7.95.

Just for Fun Early Intermediate, by Ann Lawry and Regina Roper. This is the fourth book in the Music Game Book series, Just For Fun. "Composer Corner," "Funny Money" and "Inspector Dexter" are just three of the fifty-three games in this music book. 24 pp. Intermediate. $6.95.

Mini Activity Book 3 Notes & Intervals, by Regina Roper. This is the third in a series of Mini Activity books designed to reinforce core concepts in a manner that captures the student's interest. 17 pp. Easy. $3.75.

Mini Music Flash Cards--Beginner Level, by Ann Lawry. This is a set of fifty flash cards in a mini size for a mini price. They are bound with a key ring for easy access to each card. They're perfect for students to carry in their backpacks or on belt loops. Easy. $3.75.

Mini Music Flash Cards Elementary Level, by Ann Lawry. Same description as Beginner Level. 50 cards. Easy. $3.75.

Music Educators' Marketplace 442 N. Maple St, Trenton, IL 62293 (618) 224-7102 Fax (559) 961-4642 or Free catalog available.

Songs Without Yawns: Music for Teaching Children Through Daleroze Eurhythmics, by Monica Dale. These are forty-two fresh, amusing songs for preschool to upper-elementary singing and movement activities from around the world and across time. Teaching ideas and a chart of general concepts and sources are included. 48 pp. Easy. $12.95.

(See advertisement on page 103.)

Music Together LLC 66 Witherspoon St. Princeton, NJ 08542 (800) 728-2692 Fax (609) 924-8457 Free catalog available.

Drum Collection (Songbook and CD), by Kenneth K. Guilmartin and Lili M. Levinowitz. Music Together songs are joyful collections of traditional and original songs, rhythmic chants, songs without words and "play-alongs" in a rich variety of tonalities and meters chosen to stimulate optimal music development. The), are ideal for families and anyone who works with children ages newborn to kindergarten. 52 pp., 64 min. Easy. $17.50 each.

Tambourine Collection (Songbook and CD), by Kenneth K. Guilmartin and Lili M. Levinowitz. See description below. 52 pp., 58 min. $17.50 each.

(See advertisement on page 51.)

Myklas Music Press 387 Corona St. Denver, CO 80218 (303) 778-8003 Fax (303) 778-8082 Free catalog available.

Images (piano solo), by Robert D. Vandall. Ten late-elementary original piano solos give delightful diversity to this collection in styles with that wonderful Vandall touch. The variety and fun in this collection will motivate students for a long time. 24 pp., 25 min. Easy. $6.95.

Caliente del sol (piano solo), by Betty Lea Martocchio. The Spanish title translates to "Warm Sunshine." A gentle C-major melody is tightly syncopated. The B section offers contrast in the relative A minor. 3 min. Easy. $2.50.

Drifting (piano solo), by Robert D. Vandall. This warm sounding solo is based on broken chords with damper pedal that are easy to play and memorize. Subtle seventh chords add to the harmonic texture. 3 min. Easy. $2.50.

Majestic Mountain (piano solo), by Mike Springer. This is a showy recital piece with big sounds. The damper pedal is used with rich chords. There are easy position shifts for the left hand. 3 min. Easy. $2.50.

Wizard's Rhapsody (piano solo), by Robert Cento. Dramatic contrasts characterize this recital solo. A bombastic opening moves to a dark melody accompanied by broken chords. The piece concludes with a return to the bombastic opening. 3 min. Intermediate. $3.

Gossamer's Groove (piano solo), by Mike Springer. Contemporary sounds with off-beat accents combine with a Latin beat to give an attractive appealing solo in D minor. 3 min. Intermediate. $3.

Perpetual Motion III (piano solo), by Robert D. Vandall. Right-hand sixteenth notes push the motion forward accompanied by an articulate left hand. Familiar scale passages are helpful. 3 min. Intermediate. $3.

Interlude (piano solo), by Robert D. Vandall. A contemplative right hand is accompanied by a left-hand broken chord pattern. Wonderful chord progressions add to the richness of sound. 3 min. Intermediate. $3.

Moonlit Ripples (piano solo), by Ronald Bennett. The melody of this nocturne is voiced in double thirds over an arpeggiared bass with pedal. Showy scale passages bring the music back to the opening introduction. 3 min. intermediate. $3.

Rejoice! (piano duet), by Robert D. Vandall. This upbeat duet exudes excitement and joy from the beginning to the end. It is fun for performers and audiences alike. The two parts are equal in difficulty. 5 min. Intermediate. $4.95.

Santorella. Publications, Ltd. 13 Pleasant Ave. Danvers, MA 01923 (877) 600-0049 Fax (978) 750-0572 Free catalog available.

Essential Jazz Standards (w/CD), by Jonathon Robbins. Jazz Standards is arranged for a piano vocal collection. Contents include "It Had to Be You," "Melancholy Baby" and "Alexander Ragtime Band," among others. 128 pp. 60 min. Intermediate. $19.95.

Best of Wedding Piano Vocal (w/CD), by Craig Stevens. This includes all the most requested wedding classics arranged in piano vocal format, including Pachelbel's "Canon," "Simple Gifts," "Romeo and Juliet," "Ave Maria" and "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring." 128 pp. 60 min. Intermediate. $19.95.

Keyboard Kids Flashcards, Volume 1, by Tony Santorella and Craig Stevens. These are four- color, heavy card stock pages with large print. They are 51/2" x 81/2", as opposed to index cards seen in the marketplace. Simple terms in Volume 1 gradually increase in difficulty through other volumes. 40 cards. Easy. $10.95.

Keyboard Kids Flashcards, Volume 2, by Tony Santorella and Craig Stevens. Volume 2 continues concepts necessary to have a foundation of musical terms. They are clearly visible in card stock pages, perforated to display in the classroom or at home. 40 cards. Easy. $10.95.

Keyboard Kids Flashcards, Volume 3, by Tony Santorella and Craig Stevens. These gradually move to more complex terms including altered chord symbols. All cards are indexed in all three books, so terms available in all three books are listed in each one. 40 cards. Intermediate. $10.95.

Jazz Piano Cocktails, Volume 3 (w/CD), by Craig Stevens. This volume includes "Bill Bailey," "Bye Bye Blackbird," "Maria Elena," "Margie," "Yes, Sir That's My Baby," "Amapola," "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" and more. 48 pp. Intermediate. $14.95.

Moonlight Sonata, Complete Edition (w/CD), by Beethoven. This classic sonata in all three movements was transcribed from original 1802 archived editions. There are only four systems pet page, which are printed on extremely heavy cream stock. All original performance notes can be found at the Santorella website. 48 pp. 60+ min. Difficult. $14.95.

Sonata Pathetique, Complete Edition (w/CD), by Beethoven. All three movements of one of Beethoven's greatest sonatas are included, as well as all fingerings, phrase markings and suggestive notes from the original. All performance notes are available at the Santorella website. 56 pp. 60+ min. Difficult. $14.95.

Schaum Publications, Inc. 10235 N. Port Washington Rd. Mequon, WI 53092 (800) 786-5023 Fax (262) 241-5013 Free catalog available.

Masters of Technic, Levels 1, 2 and 3, arranged by Jeff Schaum and Wesley Schaum. Each book of short etudes by the masters emphasizes melody, changes key signatures and hand positions and develops both hands equally. Phrase marks are used to help eyes find patterns. 24 pp. each. Intermediate. $6.50 each.

Making Music Method, Level 2, by John W. Schaum; edited by Wesley Schaum. This method helps improve music reading habits, combines eye, ear and finger training, emphasizes rhythm patterns and forms, and utilizes motivational psychology. It includes stories about composers and their music. 48 pp. Intermediate. $6.50.

Fingerpower, Primer Level, by John W. Schaum; edited by Wesley Schaum. This is very easy, effective technic suitable for beginners of all ages. Short, progressive exercises help develop finger strength in both hands, and new music notation is framed with colorful, eye-catching page layouts. 24 pp. Easy. $6.50.

Alien Yard Sale, Level 1, by Larry Rapshaw. Clever lyrics focus on weird space gear, including an atom shuffler, space ship muffler, moon boots, vortex travel bags, hover crafts and telepathic beams! 2 pp. Easy. $2.50.

Animal Antics, Level 3, by Jan Mittelstaedt. This is an energetic romp with short phrases and staccato notes punctuated with saucy dissonance and chromatic snippets, dramatically joined by a long chromatic scale. 2 pp. Intermediate. $2.50.

Jazz Western, Level 5, transcribed by Myra Brooks Turner. This clever, jazzy medley of "Home on the Range" and "O Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie" has a bouncy accompaniment, many twists and turns and surprise key changes. 3 pp. Moderately difficult. $2.50.

Moonlit Garden Walk, Level 2, by Al Rita. An easygoing, gentle melody brings to mind a tranquil evening setting. Expressive nuances suggest images of strollers finding a moonlit highlight leading to a quiet ending. 2 pp. Intermediate. $2.50.

Waterspout, Level 4, by Robert Donahue. The splashy, playful fountain is full of unexpected tonal surprises portrayed by lots of staccato and wide melodic leaps in sections alternating between E minor and G major. 2 pp. Moderately difficult. $2.50.

Silent Night, Primer Level, arranged by Wesley Schaum. A super easy arrangement with big notes, it has lyrics for two verses. The melody is treated primarily with hands separately with occasional added notes and very simple afterbeats. 2 pp. Easy. $2.50.

Londonderry Air (Danny Boy), Level 5, transcribed by Myra Brooks Turner. The revered Irish folk song is transcribed with sensitivity and beauty. Gentle dissonances enhance the harmonic treatment to create a refreshing version that is satisfying and attractive. 3 pp. Moderately difficult. $2.50.

Scranton Gillette Communications, Inc. 380 E. Northwest Hwy., Ste. 200 Des Haines, IL 60016 (847) 391-1045 Fax (847) 390-0408

The Diapason 2004 Resource Directory, by Jerome Butera. This resource is a listing of providers of services and products for the organ and church music fields. 48 pp. Easy. $5.

SDG Press 3402 Woolworth Ave. Omaha, NE 68105 (402) 341-4111 Fax (402) 341-9381 Free catalog available.

Black is the Colour (mixed chorus), by Jackson Berkey. This was commissioned by Richard Kvam and The Choral Arts Ensemble of Rochester, Minnesota, for their "Americana" concert in the Spring of 2002. Unexpected turns of mode and melody characterize this new setting of the familiar Appalachian folk song. 5 min. Intermediate. $5.95.

Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus (Male Chorus), by Jackson Berkey. This is an Advent hymn arrangement, which was cathartic to the composer's death. The hymn's pleading for the coming of Christ paralleled her anxiousness to be released from suffering into the new life. 4 min., 30 sec. Intermediate. $1.35.

Il est ne le divin enfant (Male Chorus), by Jackson Berkey. This arrangement is somewhat "macaronic," including French and English. The setting compares nicely with the old Normandy hunting tune's 6/8 meter, and the snare drum "bolero" figure seemed immediately appropriate. 20 pp. 4 min. Intermediate. $2.40.

Joy to the World (Male Chorus), by Jackson Berkey. In this arrangement, the third verse words appear at the outset in a modal treatment, which is fast overcome by twentieth-century rhythms and a polymeteric combination of ostinato and hymn tune. 2 min., 50 sec. Intermediate. $1.35.

Kyrie (Trebel Chorus), by Jackson Berkey. Kyrie is an ABA form with multiple divisi in the A sections coupled with an exciting, bravura middle section, which offers highly rhythmic writing in the tenor and bass parts against legato, chant-like singing in the soprano and alto parts. 3 min., 50 sec. Intermediate. $1.50.

Cape May Solitudes (Piano Solo), by Jackson Berkey. This is a collection of five pensive piano pieces dedicated to past friends and remembrances. Titles include "Fire and Snow," "Jackson Cove Moonrise," "Sweet Jaro," "Sakura" (with optional wind chimes) and "The Last Goodbye." 15 min. Intermediate. $9.95.

Shawnee Press, Inc. P.O. Box 1250 9 Dartmouth Rd. Marshalls Creek, PA 18335 (570) 476-0550, ext. 349 Fax (570) 476-5247 Free catalog available.

Invitations in Ivory, arranged by Robert M. Vandervliet, Jr. This collection of eleven new hymn arrangements for piano was chosen for its invitational nature. These arrangements work well as repertoire for students of moderate ability, or preludes/offertories for Sunday services. 43 pp. Difficult. $12.95.

Reflection and Praise, arranged by Kenneth Mays. This collection for solo piano consists of ten well-known hymns that reflect on situations throughout life and range from late-intermediate to advanced levels. The words of each hymn have been included. 39 pp. Intermediate. $12.95.

SpiritSong, arranged by Shirley Brendlinger. This is the third in her distinctive series of arrangements for solo piano. Fans of the composer's earlier compilations, WinterSong and SpringSong, will find her special touch perfectly suited to African-American spirituals. 32 pp. Difficult. $12.95.

Moments Divine, by Jimbo Stevens. Arranger/composer Jimbo Stevens understands hymns and sacred songs that speak to the congregation. His original melodies touch the heart. This will be a useful worship resource for years to come. 32 pp. Intermediate. $12.95.

Under a Starry Bethlehem Sky, arranged by Robin Thomas. With this premier collection, Robin Thomas sets some of our most beloved carols with exquisite care. These arrangements give the pianist much to consider while still being practical for service. 52 pp. Moderately difficult. $14.95.

Ukrainian Bell Carol, arranged by Mark Hayes. This exciting work for multiple pianos is a must for keyboard festivals--especially seasonal concerts. The composer takes the unique characteristics of this famous folk carol and makes it his own. 48 pp. Intermediate. $29.95.

Shelley Music Publishers 1731 Red Bud Bolingbrook, IL 60490 (630) 378-2033 shelleymusicpub/smpmain.htm

D.L. Shelley, New Age Impressions: An Introduction to the Works, by D.L. Shelley. This is a great introduction for students and teachers who are interested in an easier approach to new age pieces. 23 pp. Intermediate. $10.

D.L. Shelley, New Age Impressions, Book Two, by D.L. Shelley. These are more challenging pieces than the previous book. These are lovely, melodic pieces and great for left-hand development. 32 pp. Moderately difficult. $10.

D.L. Shelley, New Age Impressions, Book Three, by D.L. Shelley. Book Three has more great performance pieces for recitals or concerts, and it has a very nice variety of pieces. 29 pp. Moderately difficult. $10.

Sher Music Co. P.O. Box 445 Petaluma, CA 94953 (800) 444-7437 Fax (707) 763-2038 Free catalog available.

The Real Easy Book, Volume 2, by Chuck Sher and Michael Zisman. This is an intermediate-level jazz fakebook with scales for soloing, bass lines, choir voicings, guitar diagrams and more across from each tune. This comes in C, B-flat, E-flat and bass clef. 265 pp. Intermediate. $29.

Stipes Publishing 204 W. University Ave. Champaign, IL 61820 (217) 356-8391 Fax (217) 356-5753

Keyboard Musicianship: Piano for Adults, Book Two, 8th Edition, by James Lyke, Tony Caramia, Reid Alexander and Geoffrey Haydon. This book provides a comprehensive set of materials for college and university music majors who are enrolled in second-year piano courses. 382 pp. Moderately difficult. $42.80.

SWATH Publishing Box 758, Ste. 105 150 Crowfoot Cres. N.W. Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3G 3T2 Free catalog available.

Mountain Spring, Arranged for String Orchestra, by Dean Marshall; arranged by Arthur Bachmann. Mountain Spring is a moving ballad, and the complete score and parts are a must-have for any orchestra library. 6 min. Intermediate. $60.

Calypso Jam, Arranged for String Orchestra, by Dean Marshall; arranged by Arthur Bachmann. Calypso Jam is a real crowd pleaser--energetic and enthusiastic music! The arrangement includes score, drum kit and percussion parts. Intermediate. $60.

Trillenium Music Co. Inc. P.O. Box 51059 Sarasota, FL 34232-0329 Phone/fax (802) 889-3354 Free catalog available.

A Treemonisha Sampler (for Ragtime Band), by Scott Joplin; arranged by Daniel Paget. The great melodies of Joplin's opera are transcribed for a small band. It includes the score and parts for clarinet, three trumpets, horn, two trombones, tuba, percussion and piano. 25 min. Moderately difficult. $150.

A Suite of Fugues (for Wind Quintet), by J.S. Bach; transcribed by C.H. Weait and Don Stewart. Included are four of Bach's best-loved fugues transcribed for wind quintet. 25 pp. 15 min. Moderately difficult. Score, $25; Parts, $35.

A Watch in the Night (for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Piano), by Thomas L. Read. This is a beautiful, simple piece written to commemorate September 11, 2001.15 min. Intermediate. $20. Guitarbook II, compiled by William Ghezzi. There are two versions of this collection of classic works, fingered for guitar; they are Standard Notation and Tablature Notation. 25 pp. Intermediate. $20.

A Quartet of Flutes, Op. 44, by Don Stewart. This music for four flutes has contrasting styles, using piccolo and alto flute. 20 min. Difficult. Score and parts, $45.

W. W. Norton & Co. 500 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 10110 (800) 233-4830 Fax (212) 869-0856

Harmonic Practice in Tonal Music, Second Edition, by Robert Gauldin. Conceptually sophisticated and exceptionally musical, Harmonic Practice in Tonal Music takes a linear, functional approach to provide thorough treatment of harmony and voice-leading principles in tonal music. Ancillaries: workbook, CD-ROM. 771 pp. Moderately difficult. $62.50.

The Singing Book, by Meribeth Bunch and Cynthia Vaughn. Designed for anyone who wants to learn how to sing, The Singing Book combines an easy-to-read text with an anthology of seventy diverse and exciting songs. Ancillaries: 2-CD set. 335 pp. Easy. $41.25.

The Musician's Guide to Theory and Analysis, by Jane Piper Clendinning and Elizabeth West Marvin. The Musician's Guide to Theory and Analysis teaches the skills of complete musicianship, integrating theory and analysis, aural training and performance in one comprehensive pedagogical program. Ancillaries: workbook, anthology, recordings, IM, companion Musician's Guide to Aural Skill 700 pp. Intermediate. Price TBD.

The Musician's Guide to Aural Skills, Vols. 1 & 2, by Joel Phillips, Jane Piper Clendinning and Elizabeth West Marvin. Along with The Musician's Guide to Theory and Analysis, The Musician's Guide to Aural Skills teaches the skills of complete musicianship, integrating theory and analysis, aural training and performance in one comprehensive pedagogical program. Ancillaries: anthology, recordings, instructor's edition. 400 pp. Intermediate. Price TBD.

Warner Bros. Publications 15800 N.W. 48th Ave. Miami, FL 33014 (305) 521-1700 Fax (305) 521-1768 Free catalog available.

Movie Hits, Level 5 (w/CD and MIDI), arranged by Tom Roed, Gait Lew and Eugenic Isle, by Beatrice A. Miller. A mood of enchantment, where the melodies weave in and out throughout the piece, is created with gorgeous broken-chord harmonies, chord clusters and a haunting melody; a truly mesmerizing experience! 4 pp. Intermediate. $3.95.

Momentos, by Eugenic Rocherolle. The composer has created an impressive collection of musical mementos featuring exciting rhythms and playful melodies that sound much more difficult than they are. Sparkling recital fare for early-intermediate players include "Not So Blue," "Petite Promenade," "Minuetto," "A Little Prelude" and "Time to Tango." 16 pp. Intermediate. $5.95.

Down the Road, by Joycc Grill. This material will be invaluable in bridging the gap between method books and standard literature. Sixteen preparatory pieces, such as preludes, etudes, bagatelles, barcarolles, nocturnes and polonaises, present, reinforce and prepare students for what is coming next. 40 pp. Intermediate. $6.95.

Miniature Concerto, by B.J. Rosco. Rosco's clever and creative writing makes this concerto a perfect first concerto to learn and perform. The orchestral part is reduced for the second piano, but Rosco has kept each part easy enough for early-intermediate players. 24 pp. Intermediate. $8.95.

Autumn Days, by Susan Alcon. Here are creative character pieces in the rich romantic tradition of music that communicates feelings and paints scenes. Dynamic markings, together with pedaling and fingering suggestions, offer expressive clues for interpretive performances. 20 pp. Intermediate. $5.95.

Rachmaninoff Piano Works (w/CD), edited by Joseph Banowetz. This definitive collection of original masterworks by Sergei Rachmaninoff features a comprehensive preface, composer biography, vintage photographs, detailed performance notes on the solos and a full concert performance CD. 70 pp. Moderately difficult. $14.95.

(See advertisement on Cover IIL)

Wickes, Inc. 111 Oak Meadow Dr. Simpsonville, SC 29681 (888) 298-6857 www.pianovir

Piano Virtuoso, 1.0 Instructor Edition. Designed exclusively for music educators, the Virtuoso Learning System improves theory skills taught during lessons. Students learn quickly on their home computer, freeing lesson time for style and technique. Included are two Student Editions and an Instructor Edition. $59.95.

Piano Virtuoso, Studio Edition. The clear, easy-to-understand approach of the Instructor Edition is now available for use in the music studio. It is perfect for students before or after lessons, for home school and ideal for placing transfer students. $49.95.

(See advertisement on page 14.)

World Library Publications 3825 N. Willow Rd. Schiller Park, IL 60176-2353 (800) 621-5197 Fax (847) 671-5715 Free catalog available.

Voices as One CD-ROM. This program allows you to choose more than 100 contemporary songs from the Voices as One hymnal. It also includes easy-to-use graphics, text files and audio MIDI files to help with selecting and inserting music into desktop publishing documents. Easy. $49.95.

The Clown of God DVD, by Peter Hesed and Thomas Kavanaugh. The performance presented on this DVD was filmed at St. William Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, as part of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians convention in July 2003.40 min. $34.95.

The Clown of God Ensemble Score, by Peter Hesed and Thomas Kavanaugh. Scored for ensemble, this is the story of Giovanni, a poor boy whose ability to entertain brings him renown. Through the use of mime, simple settings and costumes, an orchestra and a chorus, the people be meets on his journey come alive. $29.95.

The Clown of God Vocal Score, by Peter Hesed and Thomas Kavanaugh. This includes all vocal parts for The Clown of God production, along with a rehearsal piano part. It is for use with the Orchestra Conductor Score and the Small Ensemble Conductor Score. $9.

The Clown of God Rehearsal CD, by Peter Hesed and Thomas Kavanaugh. This is an audio recording of the music from The Clown of God production, without narration. It is a useful tool for narrator, vocalists and actors to use as they practice their parts and movement. $10.
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