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Directorate of Environmental Integration (DEI). (Engineering Update).

Army Proponent for Environmental Integration. Because of the 1 December 2000 approved Army Environmental Campaign Plan and Operational Directive, signed by the Undersecretary of the Army and the Army's Vice Chief of Staff, the Engineer School was designated the Army's (and branch's) proponent for the integration of environmental considerations across doctrine, training (military and civilian), leader development (military and civilian), organization (design), materiel (requirements development), and soldier (and civilian) (DTLOMS) support and within military operations. DEI represents the Engineer School in the day-to-day execution of this mission. In this role, DEI will develop, integrate, evaluate, standardize, and synchronize environmental considerations into and across DTLOMS to increase awareness and knowledge of soldiers and civilians. The objective is to positively affect environmental efficiencies and effectiveness in conducting military training and operations. This will ensure sustainable Army training areas and ranges; environmentally considerate leaders, soldiers, and units when operationally deployed; and a program synchronized with the Army's other four areas of environmental concentration--research, development, and acquisition; installation management; operations; and public outreach. Additionally, the Engineer School (DEI) is charged with collecting and disseminating environmental lessons learned.

POC is COL Robert Kirsch, 34119; DSN -4119; or e-mail; or Dr. Rebecca Johnson, 34119; DSN-4119; or e-mail
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Publication:Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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