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Direct steam injection heaters.

Direct steam injection heaters provide a cost-effective way to rapidly and accurately heat water and water-based slurries by injecting steam directly into the fluid. Designed to handle a wide range of flow rates, the unit provides precise temperature control, conserving energy and assuring product quality. The machine can more efficiently transfer heat energy than the traditional shell and tube heat exchangers, sparge pipes and valves. Other product features include:

* Precise temperature control

* Instant hot water or other fluid

* Large turn-down ratio

* Low vibration and low noise level

Benefits include:

* Improved process reliability

* Enhanced process flexibility

* High-efficiency energy utilization

* Low maintenance costs

Kadant Johnson, Inc. (978) 776-2000

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Title Annotation:PRODUCT REVIEW
Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:Jul 1, 2011
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