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Realtor Barbecue Invitation

Institution: Middleburg Bank, Middleburg, Va.

Assets: $482 million; six locations.

When the bank planned to hold a barbecue for Realtors who provided mortgage referrals to the financial institution, Middleburg knew that the direct mail invitation would have to grab attention--since Realtors typically receive a large volume of invitations and other mail.

The bank printed the invitation on a plastic bib. Directions were printed on a paper napkin that accompanied the bib. For greater impact, the invitations were hand-delivered to the 150 invitees.

The barbecue was held in a tent in a field adjacent to the bank president's home. A country and western band entertained while the ribs were cooked on-site.

Despite inclement weather, 50 percent of the invitees attended. "Considerable goodwill and networking were generated," says Janet Dewey, vice president of marketing. "Our ties with area Realtors have been strengthened and should pay off over time."
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Date:Mar 1, 2004
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