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Direct deposition of fluid materials.

Corporations and research institutes that require materials deposition to develop and test processes and prototypes, as well as conduct low-volume manufacturing of products, can now get a boost from a bench-top printer.

The Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP), produced by Dimatix, Santa Clara, Calif., is a cartridge-based system for high-precision jetting of functional fluids--including nano-particle-based metallic and organic materials--on any type of surface, including flexible substrates, plastic, metal sheets, silicon, and paper.

Building on ink jet technology

Dimatix combined its piezoelectric ink jet technology and MEMS fabrication processes with its ink jet product and system knowledge to create this R&D and feasibility materials testing printer.

The MEMS-based cartridge-style print head allows users to fill their own fluids and print immediately with the DMP in their own laboratory.

The DMP-2800 series bench-top printer allows the deposition of fluidic materials on an 200-by-280-mm or A4 substrate. Moreover, the system is purely additive; no subtractive methods such as masking, etching, or lithography are required.

"The printer can create and define patterns over an area of about 200-by-300-mm and handle substrates up to 50-mm thick. It is capable of depositing 10-pL-size micro-droplets of fluid for printing feature sizes or line widths as small as 50 microns," says a representative from Dimatix.

The DMP system includes control software with a graphical user interface. It offers a variety of pre-loaded pattern templates as well as a pattern editor program. Users can also control the built-in cleaning station that includes an automatic capping mechanism.

Countless applications

Precise printing of nano-particle fluids has many applications from electronics to bioscience. Electronic printed circuits, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, flat panel and flexible displays, and circuit boards are all examples of products that can be manufactured with the DMP system.

Prototypes can be made and tested in the laboratory, which can bring significant improvements to new product development and manufacturing.

Deposition of biological fluids including cell patterning, DNA arrays, and proteomics can also be achieved with the system. Furthermore, researchers using the DMP system can precisely monitor the amount and location of the materials that are deposited onto their substrates.

Developers: Dimatix Materials Deposition Division

What's new: The deposition of functional fluids onto any type of surface using a cartridge-based ink jet printing system.

How it works: Users fill cartridge with their own fluids and use the DMP system to print directly onto their substrate.

Applications: RFID tags, circuits, flat panel displays, flexible displays, cell patterning, DNA arrays, and proteomics.

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