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Direct Reporting Units.

11th Wing Headquarters: Belling AFB, Washington, D.C. Web address:


The 11th Wing, "The Chief's Own," deploys Air and Space Expeditionary Force combat support forces and is a direct reporting unit to Headquarters Air Force, serving a customer base of over 40,000. Provides comprehensive wartime base operation support to all Air Force personnel in the National Capital Region. Provides major command-level personnel, programming and comptroller support and Uniform Code of Military Justice authority for the HAF and Air Force elements worldwide. Provides flagship ceremonial and musical support worldwide for the Secretary of the Air Force, Air Force Chief of Staff, DoD and White House. Maintains DoD, Navy and Coast Guard tenant units.

Active duty 1,718
 Officer 215
 Enlisted 1,503
Civilians 895

Total 2,613

Air Force Doctrine Center Headquarters: Maxwell, AFB, Ala. Web address:


Directly responsible to the Air Force Chief of Staff for developing, publishing and disseminating Air Force basic and operational doctrine and providing the Air Force input to joint and multinational doctrine. Stewards the Air Force Doctrine working group made up of major command and air staff representatives, and hosts symposiums, wargames and the annual Air and Space Power Doctrine Summit. Supports the doctrinally correct use of air and space power in key joint campaign models and exercise scenarios used throughout the world. Investigates the doctrinal implications of future concepts and emerging technologies. Provides operational and organizational doctrine support to senior Air Force leadership. Coordinates with the doctrine development efforts of the other military services.

Active duty 50
 Officer 44
 Enlisted 6
Civilians 17

Total 78

Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center Headquarters: Kirtland AFB, N.M. Web address:


Assesses the capability of new systems to meet warfighter needs by planning, executing and reporting independent operational evaluations. From concept development through system employment, provides effectiveness, suitability and operational impact expertise in the battlespace environment.

Active duty 598
 Officers 425
 Enlisted 173
Civilians 225
Contractors 363

Total 1,186

Air Force Studies and Analyses Agency Headquarters: Pentagon, Washington, D.C. Web address:


Reports directly to the Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force. Provides analysis to the Air Force Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Air Force that sharpens the warfighter's edge, illuminates the Air Force role in emerging DoD issues, empowers decisions, highlights risk-mitigating options and fireproofs resource investment decisions. Community lead for Air Force-wide Centers of Analytic Excellence. Ensures the quality of Air Force analysis in defense reviews, force structure and resource allocation processes and air expeditionary force capability enhancement. Oversees Air Force operational and combat analyst career development programs.

Active duty 70
 Officer 64
 Enlisted 6
Civilians 28

Total 98

U.S. Air Force Academy Headquarters: Colorado Springs, Colo. Web address:


To educate, train and inspire men and women to become officers of character motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service to our nation.


The United States Air Force Academy ... the nation's premier institution for developing leaders of character.

Active duty 2,165
 Officer 888
 Enlisted 1,280
AFRC 160
Cadets 4,360
Men 3,580
Women 780
Civilians 1,340

Total 8,025


Cessna-150 flying team competition plane, Diamond DA20-C1 introductory flight trainer, Piper Super Cub tow plane, TG-10B basic glider trainer, TG-10C acrobatic trainer, TG-10D cross-country grider, TG-14 basic motor gilder, TG-15 A/B advanced cross-country glider, T-41D/C-172 introductory flight training aircraft, UV-18B parachuting jump plane.
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