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Diplomate theses on file available for loan.

Following are theses on file and their authors. Members may take them out of the library on loan for 30 days by sending $25 to the central office, 2651 Oak Grove Rd., Walnut Creek, CA 94598. There is a surcharge of $10/week after 30 days.

J. Thomas Howard, D.D.S. Multi-Technique Approach for Treating
Jack L. Hockel, D.D.S. Goal Setting and Treatment Planning
 for Crozat Orthopedic Gnathology
Jack Clark, D.D.S. Correction of the Dental Arches and
Terry E. McRoberts, D.D.S. Differential Diagnosis Treatment
 Planning and Techniques for The
 Class I Malocclusion Utilizing
 Crozat Appliances
Doyle Beavers, D.D.S. Evaluation and Suggestions in
 Treatment of Crossbites
Paul G. Rydell, D.D.S. Myofunctional Therapy--An adjunct to
 Crozat Treatment of Class II,
 Division 1 Malocclusion
James M. Jecmen, D.D.S. Cranial Osteopathic Interpretation of
 Three Classifications of Class II
 Malocclusion, and Suggested
 Approaches for Dental and Skeletal
Glen S. Shugars, D.D.S. The Development of a Philosophy:
 Technique for Full Mouth
John G. Baranko, D.D.S. Relevance of The Second Premolar in
 Organic Occlusion
Darryl H. Mailander, D.M.D. Function and Its Relation To Bone
 Remodeling ... A Literature Review
Berne M. Howard, D.M.D. Modified Orthodontic Techniques To
 Achieve Gnathologic Function
Robert P. Kemott, D.D.S. A Three Dimensional Differential
 Diagnosis System
Dean Richardson, D.D.S. Bringing the Cuspids Into Proper
 Position In Organic Occlusion
William E Runyon, D.D.S., M.S.D. The Biobloc Philosophy
James W. McDowell, D.D.S. The Oral-Facial Musculature and Its
 Importance in Gnathologic
John S. Miller, D.M.D. Anterior Repositioning of the Maxilla
Roy T. Bonk, D.D.S. Maxillary Expansion and Its Effect on
 Nasal Respiration
Tom Caldwell, D.D.S. Three-Dimensional Computerized
 Measurement in Gnathological
Lawrence M Willis Technique and Philosophy for the
 Treatment of Class II Skeletal and
 Dental Malocclusions
Tom Ponto Attractive Teeth by the Golden
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Publication:American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics Journal
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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