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Dioptase, cerussite and other minerals from the Mammoth-St. Anthony mine, Tiger, Pinal County, Arizona.

The Mammoth-St. Anthony mine at Tiger has produced not only large amounts of gold, molybdenum and copper but also more than 90 different mineral species since Frank Schultz staked the first claims in 1879. The mine began as several separate workings that ultimately were consolidated, but to the collector the locality is known simply as "Tiger." Prior to its closure in 1953 the mine was an incredible producer of both ore and mineral specimens. Famous for cave-ins, fires and other catastrophes, Tiger has never been a place where amateurs were able to collect freely. Mineral collectors thus owe a debt of gratitude to the miners who brought specimens home in their lunch pails, and to the various company officials who supported specimen recovery efforts. The locality is well-known for fine examples of common secondary minerals such as cerussite, dioptase and wulfenite, and also for rarer species such as diaboleite, caledonite, bideauxite and leadhillite which represent some of the finest known examples of their species.


Specimen owners:

Arizona Mineral and Mining Museum Foundation

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

University of Arizona Mineral Museum

Smithsonian Institution

Rock Currier

Paul S. Harter

Mark Hay

Bob and Evan Jones

Dick Morris

Tony Potucek

Les and Paula Presmyk

Chapter authors: Les Presmyk, Robert W. Jones and Tony Potucek

Showcase organizers: Les Presmyk and Tony Potucek

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Author:Presmyk, Les; Jones, Robert W.; Potucek, Tony
Publication:The Mineralogical Record
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:May 1, 2008
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