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Dionysalexandros; essays on Aeschylus and his fellow tragedians in honour of Alexander F. Garvie.


Dionysalexandros; essays on Aeschylus and his fellow tragedians in honour of Alexander F. Garvie.

Ed. by Douglas Cairns and Vayos Liapis.

Classical Press of Wales


312 pages




Garvie's career, before and after his retirement, has spanned 47 years in all but a few he published books, articles and reviews. Here his admirers continue in his tradition of considering the text, interpretation and cultural context of Greek tragedy with such topics as the entry of tragedy into a celebration culture, the quality of "cragginess," the elements of the King and Demos in Aeschylus, tragic persons in existing fragments and as a whole piece, critical responses from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries, drama and enactment, the Danaid Trilogy, paradoxes of the Ajax, the death of Oedipus and what happens next, stars and heroines in Euripedes's Helen and an instance of his "modernism" in Orestes 1-3, the first lines of Euripedes's Archleus, Orestes as revenant, rape and consent, the social function of tragedy, and medical analogies in Aristotle. Distributed in North America by The David Brown Book Co.

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