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Dinosaur Atlas: An Amazing Journey Through a Lost World.

DINOSAUR ATLAS: An Amazing Journey through a Lost World JOHN MALAM AND JOHN WOODWARD

Few things capture a child's imagination as dinosaurs do. This atlas covers the prehistoric era, reviewing how life emerged on Earth and how the creatures lived before dinosaurs evolved. Divided into sections for each continent, the atlas gives a detailed overview of the prehistoric climate and descriptions of the dinosaurs that lived in it. At the beginning of each section, a map identifies the habitat, fossil locations, and statistics for each dinosaur, vivid computer generated images recreate how prehistoric Earth looked in each area, and fact boxes show how these areas look today. The book also provides information on famous paleontologists. See-through overlay sheets provide an up-close look at various dinosaur skeletal features. The atlas ends with answers to commonly asked questions and a glossary. An interactive CD-ROM gives a 360-degree look at these famous beasts. For ages 8-12. DK, 2006, 95 p., color images, hardcover, $19.99.
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Publication:Science News
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Date:Sep 30, 2006
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