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Dino days.


Were there any meat eaters in Australia?

Andrew Clark, Age 8


Yes, scientists found fossils of a large meat eater there. They think it looked like Allosaurus (AL-uh-SAW-rus), which lived in North America. Also, scientists Tom and Patricia Rich found fossils of a small ostrich-like dinosaur. They named it Timimus (tim-MYmus) after their son, Tim, who was also small at the time.


Dinosaurs were sometimes peaceful, right?

Madeline Clark, Age 8


We don't know what dinosaurs thought or felt. But if we think of peaceful as "not fighting," then the dinosaurs had some peaceful times. Meat eaters hunted other dinosaurs, and plant eaters must have fought among themselves over food, territory, and mates. But dinosaurs had many times when they were not hunting or fighting. Most dinosaurs were plant eaters, and they probably fed peacefully much of their lives.

By "Dino Don" Lessem Dinosaur Editor
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