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Dino Jaws exhibition's set to be roaring success.

Byline: Gordon Barr Reporter

DINO Jaws, the new dinosaur exhibition at the Centre For Life in Newcastle, has roared into action.

It was opening from 10am today - just in time for the school holidays.

The exhibition, which has travelled to Newcastle from the Natural History Museum in London, features amazing dinosaur models, including lifelike animatronic heads, intriguing fossil evidence and hands-on exhibits that reveal the secrets of the dinosaurs' diets.

Brave visitors to Dino Jaws can look the terrifying T. rex in the eye, stand face-to-face with a velociraptor and explore the different strategies dinosaurs used to catch their prey. Explore the sometimes gruesome, always fascinating, subject of dinosaurs and their food. From the notorious flesh-eating habits of T. rex to the vegetarian tastes of Iguanodon, dinosaurs had many interesting ways of catching their meals and eating them.

See up close how their teeth and jaws moved together to tear, grind and chew food. You can also explore intriguing fossil evidence, hands-on exhibits and fascinating scientific insights that reveal everything we know about what and how dinosaurs ate.

Dig for virtual fossil evidence to discover what Baryonyx munched on, examine a huge poo to find traces of Euoplocephalus' last meal and discover the chilling theory about the deadly Coelophysis' dinner.

"Dinosaurs have always been a firm favourite at Life, so we are thrilled to be welcoming them back!" said Linda Conlon, chief executive of the Centre for Life.

"There's something about dinosaurs that people find fascinating, and we're sure that Dino Jaws will be a big hit with visitors of all ages - not just the kids."

It runs until January 7, and the visit should take around an hour.

Entry is included in your admission ticket to Life Science Centre. | Life Science Centre admission prices: Family (2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children): PS34.00, Adults (18+): PS13.00, Concessions (OAP, Student, unwaged): PS10.00, Child (aged 5 - 17yrs): PS7.50, Child (aged 4 and under): Free.

FEATURED DINOSAURS | Tyrannosaurus head | Edmontosaurus head | Brachiosaurus head | Baryonyx | Ceolophysis | Velociraptor | Protoceratops | Iguanodon | Euoplocephalus | Oviraptor

Dinosaurs have always been a firm favourite at Life, so we are thrilled to be welcoming them backLinda Conlon


A chance to get up close to some amazing dinosaur models in the Dino Jaws exhibition Tim McGuinness

Preview of The Dino Jaws exhibition at the Life Science Centre. Pictured with the terrifying T Rex figure is Amy Patterson

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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 27, 2017
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