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Dining out on weekends just got more exciting.

If you have a Philippine issued Citi card, dining out on weekends in Metro Manila may be a real treat.

Until Jan. 28, Weekends with Citi gives you the chance to win back the amount you paid for your meal, up to P5,000.

And there is no need to register or fill out raffle entries. You are automatically qualified for the promotion when you pay for your meal with your Citi card.

An SMS (short message service or text) will let you know instantly if you are one of the 60 lucky winners per weekend (a total of 1,200 winners for the duration of the promo) as soon as your Citi card is swiped.

No minimum spend

In the provinces, the promo is available in major national chains.

No minimum spend is required to be eligible for the promotion. Cardholders can dine anywhere - a fine dining restaurant or a coffee shop - and still get the chance to win. The promotion covers any restaurant as long as you dine on weekends.

Aside from the weekend promotion, several dining establishments are also offering discounts of at least 20 percent for Citi cardholders.

While the weekend promo is available only to clients with Philippine-issued cards, David B. Stoughton, director, credit payment products head, Citi global consumer group, says the discounts are available to everyone with a Citi card, whether issued here or abroad.

The dining rewards accommodate the perceived preference of Citi cardholders. Stoughton says dining is the next most popular reward program, after airline freebies. 'Each year, we design exciting promotions around dining because we recognize that no milestone is complete for our cardholders without sharing a meal. Unlike travel where one can say there are peak seasons, dining is a year-round popular activity here in the Philippines,' he says.

According to Stoughton, 'Citi continues to be the preferred credit card of Filipinos, especially when they dine out with family and friends because of our year-round offers. With the Citi dining program, our key strategy is to allow our cardholders to dine out more and pay a lot less.'

Weekends with Citi, as well as significant discounts given by partner establishments, gives cardholders 'the best reason to use your Citi credit through the holiday season,' says Stoughton. 'Our offers cover a wide range of benefits from exclusive discounts as generous as 50 percent off the total food bill to curated menus offered at special prices to raffles with a chance of winning back a variety of prizes from brand new cars to getting your bill wiped out.'

Curated promotions

Stoughton says, 'Our cardholders particularly like our curated dining promotions, where we design exclusive set meals featuring best sellers of partner restaurants.'

He adds that dining offers are available at over 400 outlets right now. Stoughton says Citi campaigns are designed 'with the cardholders in mind, to keep our clients engaged.'

Through Citi's partnerships with several restaurants, cardholders can enjoy as much as 50 percent discount on their total food bills. He says 'more mouthwatering offers' will be introduced in the coming months.

'We like to say no celebration is complete without your Citi credit card, and we will continue to launch generous offers at popular restaurants and places frequented by our cardholders,' Stoughton says.

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Jan 21, 2018
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