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Daniel Cerda almost made good an escape after breaking into an occupied house in Aurora, Illinois--not a "clean escape," however, because the homeowner managed to shoot Cerda in both legs, but an escape nonetheless. Unfortunately for Cerda, his bullet wounds, combined with the help of an alert citizen, proved to be his undoing.

Cerda earned his bullet holes on March 21 when he broke into a house that be evidently believed was unoccupied. The incident began when Cerda and a companion repeatedly rang the doorbell on the house. By the time the homeowner got to the door, Cerda and friend were walking away from the house, but that was only temporary.

Moments later, Cerda returned to the house and began trying to kick down the front door. The homeowner got a gun and called the police. When Cerda bashed in the door and entered the house, "the homeowner fired two shots," reported the Beacon News. Cerda fled before police could respond.

Later that afternoon a good citizen who was at a Chicago hospital overheard Cerda explaining to police how he got shot, and the police responding by saying his story didn't make sense. When our good citizen was driving home that day, he listened to commentary about a shooting in Aurora, and he put two and two together. He called the Aurora police, and Cerda was subsequently arrested.
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Author:Williamsen, Kurt
Publication:The New American
Date:Jul 9, 2007
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